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Things To Do In Cancun Family

Rainy Day Fun At Plaza Las Americas Mall

Top Things To Do In Cancun, Mexico

Its good to have something lined up for the kids to do on those inevitable rainy days.

The modern Las Americas Mall is large enough to burn off some energy just walking around, and theres also a food court, movie theater , and a noisy arcade where kids can play.

Our kids loved the Zooriders, where they got to scoot around on stuffed animals.

Catch A Lucha Libre Show

Another part of the Mexican culture that you should try to seek out and experience on your trip to Cancun is Lucha Libre.

Essentially a fight between the bad and the good, there are two fighters that take part in this show, which is a combination of intricate theatrics, wrestling and acrobatics.

Elaborate masks and getups are usually a part of this event, which consists of fights with three rounds each.

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Swim With Whale Sharks

If you are planning to visit between July and September, it is possible to swim with whale sharks. In fact, there are whale sharks to be seen in the area as early as mid-March.

You can easily book a tour for swimming with whale sharks, either before you arrive at Cancun or even once you have reached. Chances are that any hotel you are staying at can guide you through this and may even have a tie up with some of these tour companies.

These tours are typically from Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and Holbox and there are ferries and boats that will take you there.

This is one of the experiences in Cancun that I would stress on and highly recommend.

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See Captain Hooks Pirate Show

This family-friendly pirate ship tour includes dinner and all-you-can-drink beverages. The Captain Hook Pirate Show starts at 6:15 pm from Cancuns famous Puente Calinda, which is a bridge that joins the mainland to the Hotel Zone Island. The ride features a pirate show, music and fireworks! The best part? Kids under 6 years are free.

Recommended for: Kids from 5 to 12 years.

Plan A Day Trip To Islas Mujeres

Best Things to Do in Cancun With Kids  Family Fun Guide

This beautiful island is just a fifteen-minute boat ride from Cancun and is an adventure that can be enjoyed by all. Rent a golf cart or bikes to get around the island and enjoy some of the best snorkeling around in the pristine waters of Islas Mujeres. The minimum age for the Isla Mujeres Sailing tour is 8 years old.

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Venture Into Riviera Mayas Eco Theme Parks

Some of the best eco-adventure parks in the world are just a couple hours from Cancun, in the Riviera Maya: Xcaret features over 50 attractions including underground rivers, a nighttime spectacle and an archaeological site. Xelha, Xenses, Selvatica and Emotions are some other fabulous options for families who seek an action packed vacation.

Recommended for: Kids & teens from 7 to 17 years.

Best Things To Do In Cancun With Kids Fun Family Activities

  • Emily Appelbaum

Cancun is one of the most stunning destinations in Mexico and if you are visiting the country, this is a city you must make a trip to.

In fact, this is also a great place to travel to with your children and I would highly recommend it for the little ones.

There are a variety of different activities you can enjoy with the kids here. You can try snorkeling, leisure days at the beach, off roading in the jungles and even swimming with whale sharks.

And if youre staying at one of the best all inclusive resorts in Cancun for families, you can usually book these trips through the concierge.

The beauty of this destination is that you can enjoy the perks of a city while at the same time also soak yourself in nature and local flora and fauna.

The activities that you can partake in are usually inexpensive and even if they are on the slightly more expensive side, they are certainly experiences that are worth having.

The best time to visit Cancun is July through September and you should pack enough light clothes, though a windbreaker for the evening wont hurt. You may also want to pack a few more extra sets of clothes, in case you want to go for a last-minute dip in the sea.

Cancun is also an interesting city with a very vibrant history and culture.

You can get the perks of being close to the water and the Caribbean Sea while at the same time, you would also be able to trek up through the forest.

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Best Things To Do With Kids In Cancn

BY Kristin BusseCancún Local Expert

Family vacations provide experiences that educate our children about the world around them and create memories that last a lifetime. Cancun, once considered the “Spring Break Capital of the World” has evolved into a world-class vacation destination that offers tours and activities for all ages.

The whole family will love a day trip to Isla Mujeres, which includes a ferry ride and if you’re smart, a golf cart tour around the island followed by swimming and lunch on North Beach, where the water is calm and bright turquoise blue. A visit to Crococun Zoo is educational, economical and fun. At Dolphin Discovery, kids can get up close and personal with the ocean’s friendliest inhabitants.

Cancun is home to two water parks, All Ritmo, the smaller of the two, and Ventura Park, which also includes zip lines and a small roller coaster. All Ritmo is better for younger children while the whole family can enjoy Ventura Park. The Interactive Aquarium, located in the Hotel Zone in La Isla shopping mall, provides a couple of hours of fun after the beach and before dinner.

A day trip to Xcaret, located in the Riviera Maya, is an experience that the entire family will enjoy. Parque las Palapas, located in downtown Cancun, is the closest thing the city has to a town square. On weekend evenings there are activities for children and quite often, free performances. This gives kids an idea of what life is like for local children.

Top 7 Things To Do In Cancun When Traveling With Kids

XCARET ALL-INCLUSIVE HOTEL in CANCUN / BEST Family Vacation with Teens 2021 / Do’s & Don’ts / Q& A

With gorgeous beaches, natural wonders, archaeological ruins, and adventure parks, there’s no shortage of activities for kids of all ages in Cancun, a perfect destination for families looking to explore, relax, and have some fun in the sun. Check out the ultimate Top 7 Things to Do in Cancun when Traveling with Kids.

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How To Explore Cancun On A Budget

I like you already, because youre here, doing your research.

Most travelers dont even bother to do that, they just throw some cash at the first vendor they meet and hope that they dont get ripped off.

So without further ado and in no particular order

Here are the best low budget or no cost Cancun activities that you and your family can enjoy on your vacation.

Time to create memories that last a lifetime!

Pay A Visit To The Crococun Zoo

Almost all of the wild animals on display at Croco Cun Zoo today were brought to Croco Cun as gifts or rescues by local environmental authorities. Croco Cun Zoo is a place where you can get up close and personal with reptiles and other furry companions! Visitors can get up close with a wide range of wild creatures from the nearby area. Croco Cun Zoos guides also educate visitors on how to safeguard endangered creatures making it one of the exciting things to do in Cancun with kids.

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See The Ruins At Tulum Chichen Itza And Coba

At first thought, ancient ruins may not seem like the most exciting things for kids. However, at first glance, the many Mayan ruins near Cancun are nothing short of spectacular no matter how old you are. Located just minutes from Cancun along the beach, the ruins at Tulum are home to the clifftop Castillo castle overlooking the sea and the beautiful Templo de las Pinturas. Chichen Itza, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, has several breathtaking structures to explore, including the famous El Castillo pyramid, the Temple of the Warriors, and the Great Ball Court.

In addition, the ruins at Coba give visitors the chance to climb the impressive Nohoch Mul: the tallest Mayan pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula. All of these incredible sites, views, and experiences can make Cancun with kids an enjoyable, unique experience that your family will treasure for years to come. Follow the links in this section to check out the tours offered by our team at Cancun Adventures to each of these ancient sites. The minimum age for the tour to Tulum is 4 years old, and for the tours to Chichen Itza and Coba is 8 years old.

Explore Cancuns Underwater Museum

9 Amazing Things To Do In Cancun To Guarantee The Perfect ...

Cancun underwater museum is a noble effort to draw attention away from the natural reefs and thus preserving them.

This underwater museum has more than 450 statues that have now grown their own corals and other marine life.

The tour is 3 hours long and includes 45 minutes of snorkeling at the underwater museum and 20 minutes of snorkeling at El Farito.

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Heres A Breakdown Of The 6 Worlds:

  • Wetn Wild Water Park Expect waterslides, an ultramodern wave pool, a semi-submerged water playground, a relaxing lazy river, and a climbable wet dome. Perfect for kids wanting to make a splash!
  • 2. Aaah! Ventura Fly like a bird through the air on exhilarating zip lines, swing like Tarzan on a bungee-swing, or traverse a hanging aerial bridge. Adrenaline junkies will love this!

    3. Fun World the endless fun starts here! Your kids will love the roller-coaster, merry-go-round, crazy chairs and kids playground.

    4. Underworld a high tech arcade with the latest in virtual reality technology as well as laser-tag inspired bumper cars!

    5. Grand Prix race against the whole family at a seaside go-kart track.

    6. Dolphinaris enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience to interact with amazing dolphins. Swim alongside them, shake their fin, pet their smooth and soft skin, and even getting a peck on the cheek while learning all about the parks important research efforts.

    Check out their currents offers here and save even more money!

    Race An Exotic Sports Car

    Not all of us can have our own sports cars but that shouldnt keep us from driving an exotic luxury car on vacation.

    With options like Exotic Rides Cancun, you get the chance to rent some fantastic cars and take them out for a ride on a racing track.

    Choose from among a range of high-end options like the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and others to get the adrenaline pumping.

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    Cancun Vs Cabo San Lucas: Things To Do With Family


    Play With Dolphins

    This is a great activity for families with kids. Dolphins are extremely social creatures that youngsters and kids adore. There are many places in Cancun where your children can swim with dolphins and interact with them, including Playa Mujeres and Punta Cancun. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

    Captain Hook Pirate Dinner Cruise

    The Captain Hook Pirate Dinner Cruise is a wonderful way for families to spend an evening in Cancun. This exciting experience will take you on a tour of the Caribbeans magnificent seas onboard a replica Spanish galleon from the 18th century. This trip includes food, beverages, and pirate acts loaded with fascinating historical tales enjoyed by children.

    The Xcaret Natural Park

    The Xcaret Natural Park is Cancuns well-kept secret. This site offers an abundance of family-friendly activities. This park is home to Mayan ruins, endless water activities, and an abundance of animals and ecosystems.

    Visit Cenotes

    Cenotes are quite popular among Cancun tourists. They are natural sinkholes found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun. The Mayans believed that Cenotes possessed healing abilities. Cenotes are an excellent place to visit for a families since you may swim and dive into the refreshing water in a tranquil and pleasant setting.

    Whale Watching Tour

    Take ATV Tour

    Visit Marina

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    Visit Xcaret With Kids

    Best Things To Do in Cancun 2021 | Mexico Travel Guide

    One of the best known eco adventure parks in the area is Xcaret Cancun, an eco-archaeological theme park with over 50 attractions. Plan on spending an entire day at this park which features a snorkeling tour, swimming in underground rivers, and archaeological sites. There are also traditional Mayan performances, animals, food, and a night time light show. Something for everyone!

    Xel-Ha is another adventure park in Riviera Maya located on the Caribbean Sea. The park offers snorkeling in its cove and cenotes , cliff jumping, zip lines, and a kid friendly obstacle course. There are manatee and sting ray encounters as well as snuba activities. Definitely a full day of adventure for families.

    Xplor is located right next to Xcaret, but focuses more on exploring underground. Visitors can zip-line, ride in amphibious vehicles, swim in underground rivers, and try spelunking. At night the park transforms into Xplor Fuego with fun adventures like zip lining in a hammock and swimming on a lava stream!

    Our favorite Xcaret tour is Xenotes. This one is definitely better for older kids with an adventurous streak. Visitors will zip line, jump from cliffs, kayak, and swim in cenotes. This is one of the best tours in Cancun for families!

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    Best Activities For Kids In Cancun

    Kids will go wild seeing the turtles up close at in Akumal Beach. Translated from the Mayan language, Akumal means place of the turtles. Your family will have a biologist guide and the opportunity to swim in what is called a cenote, a natural sinkhole filled with crystal clear water. Snorkeling equipment and snacks included in this memorable family vacation activity.

    May 19, 2019 at 9:15am PDT

    Interactive Aquarium has something unique for your more adventurous teens. The Sea Trek is a specially developed bubble for your head that allows you to breathe and see just like on land. Wearing this cool bubble helmet lets your family walk through a giant aquarium!

    Along with certified divers, youll interact with shad, orange tail triggerfish, sea robins, pepper surgeon fish, moorish idol, African surgeon fish, blackspotted puffer, filefish, foxface rabbitfish, ring-tailed surgeon fish, cownose ray, yellowtail kingfish and longfin spadefish. Woah.

    The foxface rabbitfish sounds cute but keep that pufferfish away from us. Those things are freaky, Plus, were puffy enough.

    Play On The Beach For A Day

    Dont think this day at the beach is going to be just like every other. Try out the famous Playas Tortugas beach or go explore on your own with your kids to discover your own stretch of beach! Playas Tortugas is famous for its small waves and shallow water, perfect for children to enjoy. Parents can watch their kids enjoy the beautiful sand and water from the comfort of lounge chairs set up around the area.

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    Walking Tour & El Rey Ruins

    When many tourists think of Cancun they picture some of the best all inclusive resorts in Cancun and going to places like Chichén Itzá.

    However, if you want to get your fill of historic Mayan ruins, there are other ruins that may be more accessible to you, thanks to their location in the Hotel Zone.

    Spend some time exploring the El Rey Ruins, formerly the center for maritime trade going back to 1200 AD. This is also a fantastic destination for getting up and close to iguanas, as the animals have made these ruins their home.

    El Rey Ruins + Museo Maya De Cancun

    Things To Do in Xcaret

    Mexico is celebrated for its rich history and culture. While youre here it would be criminal of you not to immerse yourself in the countrys enchanting Mayan secrets.

    You dont have to trek with your kids all the way to Chichen Itza or Tulum to get your slice of the action, for just a few dollars you can visit some of the greatest wonders of the world right here in Cancun. You dont even need to leave the hotel zone!

    The El Rey Ruins are located in the Hotel Zone and El Meco Ruins are found just north of Cancun.

    Both cost just 50 pesos to visit which is the equivalent of $2. Bargain!

    Thats not all, for just $4 you can also visit Museo Maya de Cancun where you can find an extensive collection of Mayan artifacts. Its the perfect rainy day activity, here you will also have access to the San Miguelito ruins included in the price. These ruins are located onsite at the Museum.

    Things we LOVE about El Rey Ruins + Museo Maya de Cancun:

    • Great rainy day activity.

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    Take A Trip To Las Coloradas

    There are a few pink lakes in a fishing community called Las Coloradas, or the red ones. Amazing pink water comes from a salt processing plant, one of the areas primary businesses other than fishing. Red plankton and shrimp are responsible for the lakes distinctive pink hue. Visitors who want to stay the night might opt for lodging near Rio Lagartos, around 30 minutes away. There are also flamingo trips available from Rio Lagartos.

    Cancun Vs Cabo San Lucas For Families An Honest Comparison To Help You Decide

    Cancun vs Cabo for families?Many people face this dilemma when planning a family vacation to Mexico. Both of these destinations are excellent places for a family vacation. Both of these destinations are beautiful in their own ways and offer quite different experiences.

    In this article, we have compared these two destinations with different parameters in order to help you to choose a right destination for your family vacation.

    Cancun is an excellent family vacation destination if you value beaches and want access to a variety of water activities as well as a lively atmosphere. If youre looking for a relaxing beach vacation with plenty of sightseeing options and authentic Mexican vibes, Cabo is the place to go.

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