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Things To Do In Camden Nj

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CAMDEN, New Jersey Is Literally A TRASH DUMP

The venue, formerly known as Susquehanna Bank Center, BB& T Pavilion is an amphitheater positioned next to the Delaware River. The indoor/outdoor facility, which offers views of the Philadelphia skyline, accommodates 25,000. In the summertime, there is outdoor seating. In cold weather months, the venue is converted into an enclosed theater where concerts, theater productions and family-friendly entertainment is offered for 7,000.

Located on the Camden Waterfront, Adventure Aquarium ) features more than 15,000 aquatic animals, including the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast, Little Blue penguins and Nile hippos.

There are attractions such as the Shark Bridge, Shark Tunnel and touch tanks. The aquarium features daily shows and offers up-close animal encounters.

At Diggerland USA , billed as the only construction theme park in America, families can drive, ride and operate specially engineered real machines. At Water Main, visitors can swim, slide and soak in a construction-themed water park. Here, there are 40 attractions with names including Shake n Roll, Excavator Express, Digger Derby and Jackhammer Bay.

The Camden Childrens Garden is operated by the Camden City Garden Club. The mission of the club is to inspire and educate people of all ages by providing opportunities to improve their quality of life, health and community through horticulture.

Second Half Of The 20th Century

After close to 50 years of economic and industrial growth, the city of Camden experienced a period of economic stagnation and deindustrialization: after reaching a peak of 43,267 manufacturing jobs in 1950, there was an almost continuous decline to a new low of 10,200 manufacturing jobs in the city by 1982. With this industrial decline came a plummet in population: in 1950 there were 124,555 residents, compared to just 84,910 in 1980.

The city experienced white flight, as many White residents left the city for such segregated suburbs as Cherry Hill. In the 1960s, 1,289 families were displaced due the construction of the North-South Freeway, 85% of which were nonwhite families. During the period between 1963 and 1968, about 3,000 low-income units in Camden were destroyed , while only around 100 low-income housing units were built during the same period. The 1970 United States Census showed a loss of 15,000 residents, which reflected an increase of almost 50% in the number of Black residents, which grew from 27,700 to 40,000, and a simultaneous decline of 30% in the city’s white population, which dropped from 89,000 to 61,000. Cherry Hill saw its population double to 64,000, which was 98.7% White. The city’s population, which had been 59.8% White and 39.1% Black in 1970, was 30.6% White, 53.0% Black and 15.7% Other Race in 1980. By 1990, the balance was 19.0% White, 56.4% Black and 22.9% were other races.

Industrial decline

Civil unrest and crime

Browse Rarities At The Camden County Historical Society

If you are up for learning more about the history of Camden, then the Camden County Historical Society is the perfect spot.

The Society has preserved the history of Camden County since 1899.

Through the histories and memories of the residents of Camden County, the Camden County Museum documents 170 years of the country’s history.

The exhibit galleries feature a rotating selection of exhibits on topics such as the history of Camden, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

The Camden County Historical Society also offers a variety of educational programs for school groups, including self-guided and docent-led tours.

The museum is inside Pomona Hall, at the corner of Park Boulevard and Euclid Avenue.

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Top Restaurants In Camden

Visit the Battleship New Jersey!

Camden is a city in Camden County, New Jersey. Camden is located directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of 77,344. Camden is the 12th most populous municipality in New Jersey. The city was incorporated on February 13, 1828. Camden has been the county seat of Camden County since the county was formed on March 13, 1844. The city derives its name from Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden. Camden is made up of over twenty different neighborhoods.

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First Half Of The 20th Century

At the turn of the 20th century, Camden became an industrialized city. At the height of Camden’s industrialization, 12,000 workers were employed at RCA Victor, while another 30,000 worked at New York Shipbuilding.Camden Forge Company supplied materials for New York Ship during both world wars. RCA had 23 out of 25 of its factories inside Camden, and the Campbell Soup Company was also a major employer. In addition to major corporations, Camden also housed many small manufacturing companies as well as commercial offices.

From 1899 to 1967, Camden was the home of New York Shipbuilding Corporation, which at its World War II peak was the largest and most productive shipyard in the world. Notable naval vessels built at New York Ship include the ill-fated cruiser USS Indianapolis and the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. In 1962, the first commercial nuclear-powered ship, the NS Savannah, was launched in Camden. The Fairview Village section of Camden is a planned European-style garden village that was built by the Federal government during World War I to house New York Shipbuilding Corporation workers.

Between 1929 and 1957, Camden Central Airport was active during the 1930s, it was Philadelphia’s main airport. It was located in Pennsauken Township, on the north bank of the Cooper River. Its terminal building was beside what became known as Airport Circle.

Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park #1

The 51-acre Ulysses S. Wiggins Waterfront Park can be found on the Delaware River in Camden. You will pass some of Camdens most popular attractions, such as the Marina, Battleship New Jersey and the Susquehanna Ban Center. It is located adjacent to Campbells Stadium which houses the Camden RiverSharks minor-league baseball team and the Camden Childrens Garden with four acres of interactive educational exhibits.

More Details About Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park


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Contamination In Waterfront South

Camden’s Waterfront South neighborhood, located in the southern part of the city between the Delaware River and Interstate 676, is home to two dangerously contaminated areas, Welsbach/General Gas Mantle and Martin Aaron, Inc., the former of which has been emanating low levels of gamma radiation since the early 20th century. Several industrial pollution sites, including the Camden County Sewage Plant, the County Municipal Waste Combustor, the world’s largest licorice processing plant, chemical companies, auto shops, and a cement manufacturing facility, are present in the Waterfront South neighborhood, which covers less than one square mile. The neighborhood contains 20% of Camden’s contaminated areas and over twice the average number of pollution-emitting facilities per New Jersey ZIP Code.

On December 12, 2018, renovation of Phoenix Park in Waterfront South was completed. The renovation was done by the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority as well as the Camden Stormwater Management and Resource Training Initiative. According to officials, the park will improve air quality and stormwater management. Additionally, the park features walking trails providing a view of the Delaware River. Due to the project’s success, it was named one of the 10 most innovative uses of federal water infrastructure funding in the country by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Council of the United States.

Celebrate A Birthday At The Millennium Skate World

Camden, NJ – Driving Downtown Camden, New Jersey 2021- United States

Boasting cutting-edge technology, Millenium Skate World is the go-to place in Camden for a birthday party.

The skating rink is on Camran Street and offers a variety of activities for all ages.

The facilities at Millenium Skate World include arcade games, a cafe, and a snack bar.

You might hear your favorite songs played across more than 12,000 square feet of seamless enjoyment with ample seating for rest and contemporary art light to inspire you to get moving.

There are also adjustable skates to help kids learn to skate faster while you guide them.

Otherwise, you can let your kids use the Skate mates to gain confidence faster and learn how to balance.

Millenium Skate World also features the Stuff Shop, a one-stop shop for all your skating needs.

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Peter Pan Sculpture At Johnson Park

While Camden is far from Neverland, Peter Pan does have a permanent home at Johnson Park on Cooper Street. This statue is one of only five in the world. The others are located in Liverpool, Brussels, Newfoundland and Kensington Gardens in London. Sir George Framptons sculpture features a bronze Peter Pan surrounded by bunnies, fairies and other little creatures. Maybe those fairy penguins would like to take a walk to see Tinker Bell?Johnson Park received a makeover as part of The Cooper’s Ferry Development Association and Rutgers Universitys Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project.

Charter And Renaissance Schools

In 2012, The Urban Hope Act was signed into law, allowing renaissance schools to open in Trenton, Newark, and Camden. The renaissance schools, run by charter companies, differed from charter schools, as they enrolled students based on the surrounding neighborhood, similar to the city school district. This makes renaissance schools a hybrid of charter and public schools. This is the act that allowed Knowledge Is Power Program , Uncommon Schools, and Mastery Schools to open in the city.

Under the renaissance charter school proposal, the Henry L. Bonsall Family School became Uncommon Schools Camden Prep Mt. Ephraim Campus, East Camden Middle School has become part of Mastery Charter Schools, Francis X. Mc Graw Elementary School and Rafael Cordero Molina Elementary School have become part of the Mastery charter network. The J.G Whittier Family school has become part of the KIPP Public Charter Schools as KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy.Students were given the option to stay with the school under their transition or seek other alternatives.

In the 20132014 school year, Camden city proposed a budget of $72 million to allot to charter schools in the city. In previous years, Camden city charter schools have used $52 million and $66 million in the 20122013 and 20132014 school years, respectively.

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Spend The Day At The Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park

The Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park is an expansive green space with a total area of 51.22 acres where locals and tourists go to relax and have fun.

This park gets its name from Dr. Ulysses Simpson Wiggins, a well-known medical professional in the early 1900s.

Besides its generous outdoor space and verdant grass, the Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park also has a Riverstage where concerts and other live performances and cultural events occur.

Bicyclists and hikers can go directly from the Ben Franklin Bridge Pedestrian Walkway to the Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park Promenade.

The path stretches for 1.2 miles from the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Battleship New Jersey see breathtaking views of Philadelphia.

The Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Park is also within walking distance of the Adventure Aquarium and Battlefield New Jersey, making it a convenient place to spend a day if you’re visiting those attractions.

Chill Out At Wiggins Park And Marina

THE BEST Camden Theaters (with Photos)

Perched on Riverside Drive and Martin Luther King Boulevard, Wiggins Park Marina is a picturesque deep-water harbor with a 12-foot regulating depth at average low tide.

You can find it on the Delaware River just south of the Adventure Aquarium.

Open from April to October, the Wiggins Park and Marina serve as a docking facility for both temporary and seasonal vessels.

The marina also boasts several on-site amenities, including a ship store, laundry facilities, a salon and spa, restrooms, and showers.

Wiggins Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery while visiting Camden.

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St Joseph Polish Catholic Church

Overall Ratings

4.0 based on 1,447 reviews

Adventure Aquarium is just minutes from downtown Philadelphia on the Camden Waterfront and features one-of-a-kind exhibits with more than 15,000 aquatic species throughout two million gallons of water. The Aquarium is home to the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark on exhibit in the United States, the only aquarium in the world to exhibit hippos, one of only six facilities in the US to have Little Blue penguins as permanent residents and exhibits the longest Shark Bridge in the world, a unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge just inches over Shark Realm. Adventure Aquarium is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums , and is held to the absolute highest standards in animal care and exhibition.

Reviewed By 1BSHICKS1995 – Maryland, United States

While in Philly, we drove the quick ride over the Ben Franklin Bridge to Camden, NJ for the aquarium. Although we are going through COVID, we were able to see live animals like penguins and even hippos. They even have an auditorium where u can sit and see the fish swimming. If you are adventurous like me , you can walk on the shark bridge where you are real close to the water to go over them. It is very sturdy and well netted so you cant accidentally drop anything. You can also touch stingrays. They group you with who you are with to maintain the 6 ft distance.

Camden Childrens Garden #2

Camden Childrens Garden was designed for families and children. Its a unique place to discover and explore the natural world. It offers horticultural experiences that encourage creativity and imagination. Three indoor attractions are featured in the Garden: the Philadelphia Eagles Four Seasons Butterfly House and the tropical Plaza de Aibonito. Ben Franklins Secret Workshop is another. The Garden also features a Maze, Tree House and Picnic Garden. You can also ride the Spring Butterfly Ride, Train, and Carousel to complete your visit.ets and showers are available in the zoos new restrooms.

More Details About Camden Childrens Garden

34 ha

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Visit The Walt Whitman House

Travel back to Walt Whitman’s House, a National Historic Landmark.

Walt Whitman owned this tiny Greek Revival-style wooden-framed house, built in 1848.

Walt Whitman lived in this house when he wrote the poem “Leaves of Grass,” which gained worldwide recognition.

The poet also hosted guests from around the world, including authors Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, while working on his final poetry collection before passing in 1892.

The restored Walt Whitman House now serves as a New Jersey State Historic Site and receives tourists who want to see where the “Poet of Democracy” lived his final days.

The House contains Walt Whitman’s letters, personal things, and bed, all preserved.

Walt Whitman House also features 19th-century photos, including that of Walt Whitman, taken in 1848.

Wiggins Park And Marina

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey

Located at the Camden Waterfront, Wiggins Park and Marina is a perfect place to visit all year round. Stroll the promenade along the Delaware River and take in the Philadelphia skyline. In warmer weather, the park features festivals and outdoor concerts on its Riverstage, including its annual Sunset Jazz Series. Its 50-slip deep water marina is open seasonally April through October.

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Camden Shipyard And Maritime Museum

The Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum features displays and educational programs about the rich history of shipbuilding locally and in the region. Housed in the newly restored and historic Church of Our Savior in South Camden, the museum also focuses on African-American explorer Matthew Henson, who accompanied Admiral Robert Pearys expedition to the North Poll in 1909. A sculpture of Henson by RutgersCamden professor emeritus of art John Gianotti stands outside the museum.

Walk Down Memory Lane At Pomona Hall

The Camden County Historical Society runs Pomona Hall, a colonial mansion at 1900 Park Boulevard and Euclid Avenue.

The Cooper family founded Camden County and lived in Pomona Hall in the 18th century.

According to historical evidence, Joseph Cooper, Jr. constructed the first section of Pomona Hall.

He was the son of William Cooper William Cooper arrived in the American colonies from England in the 1670s.

Although it was uncertain when the house became known as Pomona Hall, Pomona Hall was already on Hill’s Map of Philadelphia and Environs, printed in 1809.

Pomona Hall depicts the eighteenth-century home life of the affluent Cooper family through the year 1788.

Pomona Hall tours connect contemporary Camden County citizens with European, African, and Native American traditions.

You’ll learn all of these concepts during the guided tour, which lasts for about an hour.

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Fire Station Locations And Apparatus

Below is a list of all fire stations and company locations in the city of Camden according to Battalion. The Station on Kaighns Ave. is not usable as a fire station anymore due to the fact that the flooring is too weak so Squad 7 is now relocated at the fire station at 1301 Broadway. There is an apparatus fleet of 5 Engines, 1 Squad , 1 Rescue Company, 1 Haz-Mat Unit, 1 Collapse Rescue Unit, 3 Ladder Companies, 1 Fireboat, 1 Air Cascade Unit, 1 Chief of Department, 3 Deputy Chiefs, 1 Chief Fire Marshall and 2 Battalion Chiefs Units. Each shift is commanded by two Battalion Chiefs and one Deputy Chief.

Engine company or Squad Company Ladder Company

One of the most popular attractions in Camden is the city’s waterfront, along the Delaware River. The waterfront is highlighted by its three main attractions, the USS New Jersey, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, and the Adventure Aquarium. The waterfront is also the headquarters for Catapult Learning, a provider of K12 contracted instructional services to public and private schools in the United States.

The Adventure Aquarium was originally opened in 1992 as the New Jersey State Aquarium at Camden. In 2005, after extensive renovation, the aquarium was reopened under the name Adventure Aquarium. The aquarium was one of the original centerpieces in Camden’s plans to revitalize the city.

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