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Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas In July

What To Do In Cabo San Lucas In December

July 4th Cabo san Lucas fishing report

Cabo in December is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. The weather in December in Cabo is mild enough so you can spend hours outside doing what you love, whether its relaxing at the beach, or enjoying some of the many Cabo Adventures available. Need some ideas of what to do on your trip to Cabo San Lucas in December? These activities are great to schedule for your December trip to Cabo:

Discover Charming San Jos Del Cabo

Soak up the small-town vibe of San José del Cabo, as you stroll through the laid-back city streets. For your history fix, head to Plaza Mijares in the heart of the old district and admire the colorful colonial buildings.

Best explored on foot, San José is the place to go for art galleries, street entertainment and outdoor dining on locally caught seafood.

Enjoy The Vibrant And Exciting Nightlife

For the younger crowd, the Los Cabos nightlife is bustling with new things to do. Dozens of nightclubs light up the beaches in the evening. If you are the type to stay up late to party, Cabo San Lucas is the spot. You could visit the famous Cabo Wabo.

Are you a fan of the nightlife? Here are a few Cabo adventures to be had at night:

  • Find your new favorite bar and drink.
  • See a band live at one of the large venues.
  • Follow the local DJs.
  • Rent a private boat, and have a party on the water.
  • Go bar hopping in Downtown Cabo.
  • Visit Pink Kitty, Nowhere Bar, Sanchos Bar, or Coco Bongo Los Cabos.
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    The Hot Springs Of El Chorro And Santa Rita

    Cool mountain waterfalls like Fox Canyon arent the only inland wonders found in the East Cape. The region is also home to hot springs that draw in-the-know travelers seeking an escape from their resorts. El Chorro is the most famous and more easily accessible than Santa Rita Hot Springs, though travelers who make the trek to the latter will often have the place to themselves. Santa Rita is also surrounded by naturally occurring cold water pools the perfect back-to-the-earth alternative to your resorts hydrotherapy circuit.

    Places To Eat In Cabo San Lucas

    Top 5 Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    I wasnt impressed with any of the food we had here, but the locals we asked said Los Claros and Las Guacamayas are the best local spots to eat. They werent bad, but they werent great either. Given the short amount of time, we didnt get to try many others.

    These are some of the places recommended on eater and yelp.

    Let me know if you found some good eats we need to know about!

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    Explore San Jose Del Cabo

    Im always so surprised to hear people say that they have been to Cabo San Lucas several times and yet theyve never been down the road to San Jose del Cabo.

    San Jose del Cabo is actually where the airport is that you fly into, so youre driving straight past it to get to Cabo San Lucas.

    If you are set on spending your whole trip in Cabo San Lucas, I recommend at least doing a day trip to San Jose del Cabo. The downtown area has a stunning Art district, a beautiful plaza with the first mission church, and so many incredible restaurants.

    Take a walking tour with Cabo City Tours to learn more about the history of the area. Its absolutely fascinating and Kristian is an engaging and passionate guide.

    In a city where less than 10% of the residents are actually locals born in Baja Sur, its also a wonderful project which is bringing education and community to the local kids here. You can read more about their project here on their website.

    A few places you dont want to miss while youre in San Jose del Cabo are La Lupita for tacos and mezcal, Tamarindos Coffee Roasters for a great coffee . For seafood tacos look nowhere else besides Tacos Rossy, however, Claros Jr is closer to town and also quite good.

    The main beach strip in Cabo San Lucas

    Take A Day Trip To Todos Santos

    If you’re an art lover, there’s no better day trip than Todos Santos. It’s a bit of a contrast from the beach life, since the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range is tucked behind the area, but it features beauty in a different way. The town is most famously known for the original Hotel California, for which the song by the Eagles was written. You can stay at this iconic destination for a night or two, or just visit, making your way through cafes and other attractions.

    Those who have an eye for fine art will enjoy browsing countless galleries and visiting the Professor Nestor Agundez Martinez Cultural Center, which offers a bit of history immersion. Todos Santos is still considered a hidden gem, with small beaches and local experiences, so you might not battle too many tourists as you explore.

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    Jog Or Stroll Around The Marina

    The Cabo San Lucas Marina is Cabos central hub.

    Go for a stroll or jog on the waterfront promenade skirting the marina. Check out the luxury yachts moored in the water while youre at it.

    Maybe do some shopping too? Or kick back with a beer, ice cream or cappuccino and enjoy some people watching.

    We also love the pelicans that hang out at the marina.

    Take A Whale Watching Cruise

    July 24th Cabo San Lucas fishing report

    The Sea of Cortez is one of the best places in this part of the world to get up close and personal with a mighty humpback whale, and you can jump on a whale watching tour straight out of Cabo San Lucas.

    The best time to go to Mexico for whale watching is as early as November, but generally runs from December to April each year.

    The waters the surround Cabo are known to be a hotspot for breeding and are also a migratory stop for humpback whales, so your chances of spotting one of these majestic animals are very high.

    We were lucky enough to spot a pod of 4 whales playing with each other and jumping in and out of the water several times. Seeing these whales in the wild is one of the most incredible things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

    Book yourself a spot on one of Cabo Adventures Whale Watching Cabo Safaris. Starting from $89 USD for an adult , these guys know how to find the whales from the sounds and vibrations of the ocean.

    Not for the faint of heart, the boats are tiny to ensure minimal disruption to the whales, so you will get wet! The day also includes round trip transportation from your hotel, light snacks and bottled water throughout the day. This is a Cabo San Lucas excursion you wont want to miss.

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    Taqueria Rossy And Panaderia 1 De Mayo

    Cabo is becoming a destination for foodies, with trendy new joints opening up, but youd be foolish to skip the time-tested local spots. Step away from the tourist-friendly center of San Jose and make a beeline for these two establishments: Taqueria Rossy and Panaderia 1 de Mayo. The former is located along a busy highway in a part of town that wont win any charm awards, but the food here is legendary. Fresh salsas, savory fillings, and a constantly buzzing vibe are the main draws here. Meanwhile, if youre after traditional pan dulce,Panaderia 1 de Mayo is the go-to spot. Here, homemade conchas, ojo de buey, and when the season is right pan de muerto are the order of the day. Youll be elbow-to-elbow with locals loading up huge metal trays with these sweet treats no matter what time you arrive.

    San Jose Del Cabos Historic Gallery District

    Surrounded by flag-lined streets, the San Jose del Cabo gallery district is a cant-miss! One of the best ways to explore the various art galleries that are within the historic gallery district is by taking part in a walking tour. Join the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk and take a stroll down the quaint cobblestone streets and view artworks displayed in some of the most famous galleries in the area including La Sacristia, Patricia Mendoza Gallery, and Corsica. Of course, you can also explore on your own!

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    Here Are A Few Of The Most Popular Beaches In Los Cabos:

  • Playa Monumentos This beach sits between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. It works well for long walks and surfers. Tourists have a view of El Arco and the rock formations on Lands End.
  • Playa Del Amor This is a public beach that allows a free-range for walking. Also known as Lover Beach, Playa Del Amor is famous for couples.
  • Medano Beach Medano is a popular swim spot for visitors. Many visitors think of Medano as one of the first things to do in Cabo San Lucas.
  • Chileno Beach Because it sits so close to hotels, Chileno is another popular spot for tourists. The calm waters make it a great area to bring your family.
  • Cerritos Beach This spot is safe but not too calm for surfers to have their fun in the Pacific Ocean. There are tons of activities in the area, including horseback riding, boating, and fishing.
  • Keep this in mind. Not every beach in Los Cabos is safe. If you want safe Cabo adventures, keep track of the best beaches throughout the year. Some of the beaches have strong undercurrents and drop-offs that go hundreds of feet down.

    Go On One Of The Famous Boat Tours In Cabo San Lucas

    Top 5 Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    One of the first things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take a tour. Boat tours are a great way to get familiar with the land. A tour guide shows you the best hotspots and tells you where to eat, the best places to stay, and more. Book an adventure tour today.

    After your tour, you know more about Los Cabos. You may even find a new spot that piques your interest. For those interested in other areas, one or two day trips to Todos Santos is only 15 minutes away. If you are new to Los Cabos, a boat tour is a way to go.

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    Dont Waste Your Money Renting A Car

    For the most part, if you are staying in Cabo San Lucas, you wont need a car. The exception would be if you have plans to travel to areas such as Todos Santos or La Paz. If this is the case, only rent a car for the actual days you need it or just kick back and relax and let a tour company drive you.

    Y By The Pool At The Blue Marlin Ibiza

    This sizzling beach club really packs a punch when it comes to location. Overlooking the iconic rock arch and sitting beside the best swimmable beach in Cabo, the Blue Marlin Ibiza is the place to party in the sun.

    Enjoy leisurely lunches and cocktails by the pool, as cutting-edge DJs work their musical magic.

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    Catch The Whale Migration

    The sheer awe of spotting a massive whale as it gradually makes its way across the waters surface will leave your jaw dropped and your senses stimulated. From roughly October to March thousands of Grey whales make their way around the Bajaâs tip and many swim past the shores of Cabo and into the Sea of Cortez. On one of the many boat tours, or if you are lucky just by watching the water, you might be able to see these creatures of beauty enjoying their natural habitat.

    Go Wild In The San Jose Estuary

    QUIVIRA Golf Course | Cabo San Lucas| July 2020

    Avid bird watchers and nature fans will love exploring the depths of the tropical San Jose Estuary. Home to an astonishing array of bird species, this special sanctuary is a haven for wildlife too.

    Peel your eyes away from the binoculars to enjoy a relaxing kayak journey along the meandering waterways, or hike along the shore at sunset.

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    Miraflores And Boca De La Sierra

    Another out-of-town excursion that pairs traditional Baja life with beautiful natural scenery can be found in Miraflores and Boca de la Sierra. Miraflores is best known for its exquisite leather goods, which are sold in a few shops around town, as well as the July festival that celebrates the dragon fruit harvest. Head west after grabbing some tacos in town and youll find Boca de la Sierra, yet another gorgeous landscape where small lakes and streams hide amid rocky terrain and lush greenery. Its a far cry from the scene back in San Jose and San Lucas, but the trek is definitely worth it.

    Sister resort to the equally beautiful Esperanza down the coast, Chileno Bay is one of our favorite new properties in Los Cabos. Not only does it offer direct access to one of the few swimmable beaches in Cabo, but the vibe is unpretentious, luxurious, and cool. Rooms are spacious and beach-chic, and the views of the sea from the multilevel pool are nothing short of stunning. An amazing spa, great fitness program, and excellent locavore dining all add to the escape-from-it-all atmosphere. Whats more? The quaint center of San Jose is only a 15-minute drive from the resort by car.

    Visiting The Gallery District In San Jose Del Cabo

    Mexican art preserves traditions of the past and embraces the creativity of the future, and theres no better place to see an array of local art than in San Jose del Cabo. In this neighboring city to Cabo San Lucas, the art gallery district opens its doors every Thursday evening from 5-9pm during the winter for one of the best cultural activities to do in winter: the San Jose Art Walk. As you stroll the charming streets, youll hear live music and see local artists giving talks in galleries. Soaking up all this culture is one of the best winter vacation activities.

    Grab a swimsuit and some sunblock for these tropical activities to do in winter, and youll have a refreshing escape from the frigid winds and ice. As you enjoy these different winter vacation activities, youll be soaking up the fresh air and taking in the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas.

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    Feel The Thrills On A Wild Canyon Zip Line

    One of the most electrifying things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take on the Wild Canyon zip line.

    Feel the adrenaline build as you hurtle through the air, soaring over ravines in the middle of the desert. Fly with your friends on tandem lines, with the glittering Sea of Cortez providing a magical backdrop to your aerial adventure.

    Where To Stay In Cabo San Lucas

    10 Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas is home to some of the most elite and expensive resorts in Mexico. Ive listed one or two of these beautiful spots below, but I personally love a small boutique hotel run by people who really love Cabo and want to share that passion with their guests.

    Enjoying the pool at Los Milagros Hotel

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    Splash Out On A Splurgey Hotel

    Cabo is the place to go to pamper yourself silly at a fabulous hotel.

    Over the years, weve stayed at many of the swankiest hotels in Cabo.

    Theres the fabled One & Only Palmilla.

    Once the holiday getaway for a Mexican presidents son, it now spoils privileged guests with Mexican-inspired beachfront suites, a drop-dead gorgeous beach and a restaurant run by a Michelin-star chef.

    We also love The Cape, a Thompson Hotel think splendid views of Cabos 200-foot-high rock Arch and a hip contemporary vibe.

    For an all-inclusive hotel, you cant beat the luxurious Grand Velas Los Cabos. It blew us away with its stylish suites and foodie-worthy restaurants.

    See our reviews of 20+ Cabo hotels! These are the best hotels in Los Cabos

    Race Buggies Along The Beach

    Delve deep into the wild outdoors on an exhilarating buggy tour from Cabo San Lucas. This next-level adventure will have you powering along desert tracks and dry riverbeds, either solo or tandem. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife as you fly past.

    Race your friends through the dunes before hurtling along the beach at full throttle if you dare.

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    Go On A Baja Brewery Tour

    Craft beer is all the rage, and nowhere more so than here in Cabo San Lucas. Join a brewery tour to discover just what goes on behind the scenes and the history behind the process.

    Of course, no brewery tour is complete without sampling the goods, so tastings are all part of the fun. Youll be a true beer connoisseur by the time you leave.

    When Is The Best Time To Visit Cabo

    Traveling to Cabo San Lucas during the pandemic!

    The best time to visit Cabo is from November to May. This is the high season in Baja California Sur and all of Mexico. I stayed in Cabo all summer and man, it was really hot. I dont think that a foreigner can take this kind of heat.

    However, I also lived in the mainland and I noticed the difference in the summers in Mexico. Cabo has dry heat while the mainland has humid heat.

    Personally, I prefer dry heat because there is still wind coming from the sea. I never really suffered during the summer here in Cabo but remember that I am used to hot weather. Ive almost never lived in cold countries!

    The summer season in Cabo falls from June to October where you experience super dry heat. Take note that Cabo is located in the deserts of Baja California so thats the kind of heat you will experience.

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