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Social Media Roi In A Nutshell

Breckenridge, Colorado | Things To Do In Summer/Fall in 4K | Sapphire Point, Blue Lakes, Boreas Pass

The concept of social media ROI can appear a tough nut to crack. But once you break it down, and align your business goals and objectives to your social media metrics, then you can measure and prove the value of your social media investment to your boss.

Follow the guidelines above to prove your social media ROI once and for all.

Fly Straight To Telluride

Strikingly beautiful Telluride is one of Colorado’s favorite mountain towns, but the long drive can deter some travelers. However, there are flights from Denver to the smaller Telluride Regional Airport. The flight between the two destinations takes about an hour.

Check out the Telluride Ski and Golf Resort, which offers some of the best golf terrains in the country. Don’t miss Bridal Veil Falls for an exquisite waterfall view about 20 minutes from town.

Look for hotel specials in Telluride every fall, as the ski town works to draw in more travelers during the off-season before the snow falls and the lifts begin running.

Social Media Roi% Calculation

Revenue/investment X 100 = social media ROI%

For example, if you invested $1,000 and made a sale of $2,000 out of it through social media, you gain $1,000

Based on the above formula, you will calculate the percentage as:

$1000 gain / $1,000 investment X 100 = 100% ROI.

However, it is not necessary that your ROI will always be calculated in the form of profit, but it can be in terms of engagement, reach, customer loyalty, reach, and leads.

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Why Is It Important To Measure Your Social Media Roi

When you effectively measure your social media ROI, youre able to get valuable insight into how to drastically improve your social campaigns. It helps you better understand how to attract and convert followers into customers, and how to engage with your audience. More importantly, it points out where your efforts and resources are being used effectively so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

Essentially, measuring your social media ROI is an opportunity for you to grow your business and stand out from your competitors.

Set Goals And Objectives For Each Campaign And Include Partnering With Influencers In Them

Breckenridge, CO in October

Setting goals is an important part of any marketing campaign. Without setting clear goals early on in your campaign, youre setting yourself up for a frustrating cycle of wondering how well your efforts are working, and what they are actually doing for you.

While goal setting isnt difficult, it needs to be practical. If youre rolling out a new software system, having people click through to see or schedule a demo is a much better metric of how well a campaign is working rather than gauging sales. Getting sales is important, but the reality is social media users arent on social to find a new piece of software. So, a legit win would be getting them to click through.

Yes, people are becoming more comfortable with buying online, but many are buying as a result of the positive experiences they are having online with different brands. Im not saying that sales goals arent good to set. What I am saying is that you cant convert customers unless you first grab their attention long enough to close the deal.

Consider the usefulness of these social media goals:



In a brand awareness campaign, reach becomes really important. So, if youre going to partner with influencers to announce a new product launch, a new store, or your spring line, youll want to target larger influencers because they will be able to reach more people with the announcement.

Donald J Pliners #ArtofFun

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Best Practices For Measuring Social Media Roi

The first step in measuring your social media ROI will be to define what your goals are for your social media campaign. Is your priority to increase brand awareness? Or improve brand reputation? To attract more traffic to your website? Or boost online sales?

The next step is to establish social media KPIs that you can use to focus on social media monitoring efforts and measure your progress in meeting your goals. Your KPIs help you collect and analyze the social media data necessary for measuring social media ROI. You can then use web analytics tools, social networking services built-in analytics tools, or more sophisticated social listening toolsets to track the relevant KPIs.

You will also need to track your spending on social media, focusing on a specific period of time and/or campaign, and calculate or estimate how much-added value is being produced for your business as a result of those expenditures. Some KPIs will provide you with a dollar amount while others are more abstract. For the latter, you will have to assign approximate monetary values based on historical data and the lifetime value of the customer to calculate social media ROI.

How To Measure Social Media Roi In 4 Easy Steps

Now that weve discussed what social media marketing is and why its important, its time to put these ideas into action. Unsure of how to get started? Ive broken it down into three simple steps that even the most analytically-challenged can follow.

STEP #1: Set A Goal

If theres one thing you should take away from this guide, its that goals are important! Setting measurable, attainable and quantifiable goals is the best way to optimally progress your social media strategy. Buffer published a great list of social media goals you can set for your business including:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Boost brand engagement

In order to achieve the most accurate ROI, you want select goals that are directly related to converting casual browsers to leads . A well-defined goal serves as a framework for growth and makes the remainder of the ROI process much easier.

STEP #2: Track Your Goals

Once youve set up your goals, the next step is to track them. This is why its so important to establish well-defined and measurable goals. The more informed you are about customer behavior on your social channels, the more likely you are to retain and convert your audience.

There are great tools online that can assist in goal-tracking.

STEP #3: Determine Your Investments

STEP #4: Calculate Your Results

Once youve totaled both earnings and costs, you can calculate your ROI with this simple formula:

x 100

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Social Media Roi Calculator

Despite all its popularity, social media marketing is still an enigma to business owners and in some cases even marketing teams themselves. As per a Social Sprout report, every 1 in 2 marketer feels that calculating social media RoI is their number one challenge.

So we built this social media RoI calculator to solve this problem:

  • Use this calculator to predicate RoI on social media campaigns based on previous benchmark data.

  • Estimate RoI of the current campaigns based on the data points available.

Define Roi For Your Stakeholders


As Christopher Penn points out in his Social Media Examiner interview, its appropriate to present social media ROI differently to different people. That means ROI is likely presented as attributed dollars for the CFO, and as a selection of marketing KPIs with the CMO.

Determine what you need to measure, then build a definition that works for your brand.

Step 2:

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Latest Research From Smartinsights Members

New research SmartInsights has conducted in partnership with TFM and eCommerce expo has revealed what marketers think of social media ROI in 2017. We asked senior marketers across the world about what channels they see the most and least ROI from, and the 609 marketers who took the survey showed that social media is far from the best channel in terms of ROI.

The results show organic social is one of the poorest performers in terms of those thinking it gives the lowest ROI but is doing quite well in terms of those thinking it provides the highest ROI. This suggests a big divide in the marketing community about the perceived effectiveness of social media marketing. This may be because it has been over-hyped, or it may be that social is working well for some industries but poorly for others.

Survey and recommendations based on how over 1,000 businesses exploit digital marketing today.

I was the Editor of Smart Insights between 2015-2017. I managed the blog and you will find blog articles on a range of subjects- Marketing Technology trends and latest tech developments are a regular focus, as well as exploring key marketing concepts. You can get in touch with me on and connect with me on . The new Editor is Carolanne Mangles.

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Breckenridge Beverages To Try

Before you plan your pub crawl tour of Breckenridge, please READ OUR ALITITUDE SICKNESS BLOG POST. The nearly 10k foot elevation of Breckenridge is no joke and drinking alcohol at such a high elevation has an impact. Im not saying that youll get extra loopy because of the elevation, but that if youre not acclimated and drinking enough water or getting enough salt, youll get a really bad hangover VERY quickly and you wont have a swift recovery.

Having said that, visiting the unique brewers and distillers is one of the best things to do in Breckenridge.

Continental Divide Winery: the Worlds Highest Elevation Winery

To be honest, I had low expectations of wine coming from something in Colorado, especially having spent so much time in the Santa Maria Valley wine country and Washington wine country and loving that, but Continental Divide Winery actually makes some pretty wonderful wines. They use grapes grown in both Colorado and Napa, so have got fruit bringing in attributes of both regions.

Our favorite wine, unanimously between the two of us, was the Chardonnay. It was interesting and not funky. Not funky is how I say that a wine from an unusual place is good and tastes like any other standard elevation winery. Continental Divide Winery actually had several really good wines, so bravo to them for cracking the code for higher elevation fermenting and bottling.

Breckenridge Distillery: the Worlds Highest Elevation Distillery

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The Importance Of Measuring Your Social Media Roi

The social media marketing environment is becoming increasingly competitive. As companies are vying for audiences attention, you need to pour more and more budget into your campaigns in order to stand out. A bigger spend, in turn, often requires proof that its delivering tangible results and this is where measuring social media ROI comes in.

Analyzing your social media revenue can enable you to support budget requests by showing that your investments are beneficial to the company. On the other hand, if your ROI is low, it can help you pinpoint the inefficiencies of your social media strategy and start making improvements. This proves that measuring ROI is integral for growth, both for the business and the marketer.

But thats not all. Measuring social media ROI can also help you determine how much value youre delivering to your audience. A high number of converting users is evidence that your messaging is relevant and compelling, which shows that quality content plays a big role in earning social media revenue.

What Is Social Media Roi And How Is It Calculated

New Things to do in Breckenridge, Part Two

Have you ever sat in a board meeting after presenting all of your hard-earned social media successes and the CEO says, awesome, so whats our return on investment?

Cue the crickets

This is only one of the many reasons why you should track the ROI of social media marketing campaigns.

ROI is your return on investment. Companies spend time, money, and valuable resources on social media, so naturally, they want to know what theyre getting out of it.

In order to properly quantify your social media ROI, you first need to define what is most valuable to you.

There are many tangible ways of quantifying ROI such as measuring the success of social campaigns which lead to business-driven results. These types of social media results can be broken down into dollars and cents.

For example, you spent $500 on Facebook ads marketing and generated $2,000 in sales. Your profit here is $1,500 and your social media marketing ROI can be calculated as $1,500 profit / $500 investment x 100 = 300%.

A 300% return on investment is pretty darn good!

However, there are other social media results and benefits such as brand awareness and engagement that cant be given a monetary value. Instead, we measure our social ROI using engagement metrics, impressions, and social shares.

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Take A Guided Road Trip

Before the snow closes some of the higher roads , you may want to take an exciting trip by car. Intrepid Travel offers tours that include parts of Colorado such as the Best of Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Mount Rushmore.

On this 10-day journey, you’ll make new friends and work together as a team while you explore Salt Lake City, venture through the forests and lakes of Yellowstone National Park, spend a day in the wilderness of Grand Teton National Park, and end in Denver.

Some meals will be included. The journey goes through cattle ranch country there will be a lot of meat served, so vegetarians should expect limited dining options. There will be private transport and you’ll be spending the night in hotels and cabins.

Toby Keith: Country Comes To Town Tour

LOVELAND Toby Keith’s “Country Comes to Town” tour will return to the Centennial State this weekend. The “Red Solo Cup” artist will be joined by Colt Ford and Wyoming native Chancey Williams at the Budweiser Events Center at The Ranch on Saturday at 7 p.m.

Originally scheduled for before being moved to Sept. 18, 2020 and later , previously-purchased tickets will be honored at the October concert. Tickets are on sale at, the OCR Box Office or 970-619-4112.

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Outline Your Social Media Goals

eMarketer and Simply Measured surveyed professional social media marketers and found that 61% struggle when attempting to track the return on investment of their social media efforts.

But thats largely because most people have no clear-cut objective behind each activity. See the third response, 33.6% Tying social to business goals, for evidence of such.

If you dont know why youre doing something, generating a positive return is nearly impossible.

So step #1 is to identifying your social ROI is to first determine your goals on a per-campaign basis.

For example, posting great blog content is good if youre trying to generate brand awareness.

Problem-solving content like this will appeal to a wide range of people. It covers a common problem, as opposed to hard selling your companys products, so the end result wont be a sudden increase in leads.

Instead, it will be increased reach with a larger, warm audience that you can eventually target with lead-gen offers.

These people are primed for product-related messages, next.

BUT. Expecting hard, lead-gen goals behind it aint gonna happen. Thats not how .

Yes, these actions will influence sales. Yes, you need to introduce people and warm them up prior to converting them. But no, youre not going to see an amazing ROI from these activities.

Its too upstream. Too top-of-funnel.

Campaigns focused on sales, sending lead-gen offers to warm audiences, could track metrics like:

  • Sign-ups
  • Actual conversions

What Is A Good Social Media Roi

Best Places To See Fall Colors In Colorado | Part 2 | Boreas Pass Road

Speaking of benchmarking the market, this is whats going to help you identify what a good social media ROI is. You can start by comparing your social media marketing spend against your competitors. This allows you to get an overview of the budget their putting into their social efforts, and the kind of value theyre generating from it.

Of course, your competitors arent going to giftwrap this kind of data for you. Fortunately, SocialBakers Social Media Benchmarks tool shows you exactly what its named after.It provides you with day-by-day data on how the market is moving along to the tune of social algorithms and audience behaviors.

Additionally, youre going to want to regularly check your Facebook Relevance Score as the social media giants platform is always in a state of flux. From its advertising landscape and algorithm changes, to seasonal campaigns and new brands entering the market, a lot of moving parts can impact your revenue.

According to SocialBakers, most businesses will fall between the ranges of 4 to 6 in their relevance scores. But of course, if you want optimal revenue, youre going to want to strive for a higher score. Thats where keeping your finger on the pulse of the Facebook landscape comes in.

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Social Media Roi: How To Understand It Calculate It And Increase It

Few can argue the efficacy of social media marketing in todays business world. Its a well-known fact that 54% of social media users use social media to research products and services.

Social media offers unparalleled opportunities for growing your brand awareness and increasing customer engagement, as well as providing a platform to spread your inbound and content marketing.

Calculating social media ROI isnt as simple as measuring other marketing metrics, however, despite how omnipresent social media marketing is in 2021.

Were going to show you how to calculate social media to help determine the return on investment of your social media marketing. This way, youll know exactly how your digital marketing is performing so its possible to fine-tune your social media marketing.

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