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Things To Do In Boston Near Quincy Market

Take A Yoga Or Zumba Class

10 Things To Do In Boston | ICA BOSTON | ROW 34 | QUINCY FOOD MARKET – Part 2

During summer and fall, you can find plenty of options for getting your heart rate up with group workout classes.

From Free Zumba fitness to Barre and yoga classes, to Bootcamp sessions, there is something for everyones preferred workout style.

Check the events calendar to see which classes are running at what times.

Dance The Night Away At A Hot Club

What is it? Bostons best clubs might not compare to the nightlife in Miami or Vegas, but there are plenty of popular options for late-night fun.

Why go? With hot spots such as Royale, Venu and Icon, the Theatre District hostss biggest concentration of nightclubs. Newcomers like The Grand, Big Night Live and Mystique offer elevated late-night options similar to those you’d find in other cities. A far cry from the Top 40 club-banging hotspots on the other side of the river, Central Square offers an eclectic assortment of places to shake it like there’s no tomorrow. Popular options include house DJ nights at the Middlesex Lounge, the eclectic throwback and hip-hop parties at Phoenix Landing.

Dont miss: If toe-tapping along to live jazz is more your speed, check out Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen for soul food and some smooth music.

Spend An Afternoon In The Boston Common

Boston Common is impossible to miss on a list of things to do in Boston, if only because of what surrounds it: Beacon Hill, the Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, and the Boston Public Garden are all visible from it, and Downtown Crossing, the Theater District, Back Bay, and more are all just a short walk away.

Even better, Boston Common is a destination in its own right: the green lawns are perfect for flopping, the food stalls sell snacks, and you can almost always find a performance going on during the weekends, whether its as elaborate as Shakespeare in the Park or as simple as one person with an instrument.

Be sure to check out the Frog Pond!

This shallow pool is a splash pool for children in the summer, but in the winter, it turns into an ice skating rinkthat will be our first stop if we ever return to Boston in the winter!

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Very Best Things To Do In Boston

Its funny, after travelling around the United States on a road trip and other individual trips, I was a little worried that the things to do in Boston would seem quite samey or run-of-the-mill if you catch my drift?

Thats not saying that every place in the United States is the same. Far from!

But, there really are a few cities like New Orleans with all its incredible music, San Francisco with its culture and New York City for all its world-renowned spots that just seem to have such strong identities.

Thankfully, my fears and silly woes were totally blown out of the park once we arrived in Boston. I swear Its one of my favourite cities in the United States.

And not just because of all the amazing lobster you can get! We spent almost a week in the city and totally loved it.

Take a look at some of the very best things to do in Boston during your first-ever visit this east coast city. Youll love it!

Catch A Ball Game At Fenway Park

things to do in Boston, Massachusetts in the fall. in 2020 ...

Bostons Red Sox are famous: loved by some, hated by others, they remain one of the most famous baseball teams in the United States.

Head to Fenway Park for one of the most classic things to do in Boston: catch a game and eat a Fenway Frank. Be sure to check the game schedule and buy tickets before the day you plan to visit!

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Just For History Buffs: More About Quincy Market

Almost from Boston’s beginnings in 1630, buyers and sellers have come together in the area where Quincy Market is located. After Faneuil Hall was built and donated to the city in 1742, other market buildings, warehouses, and shops began popping up in the same vicinity.

The waterfront and docks used be just beyond where Faneuil Hall is located. Farmers, traders, merchants, and citizens congregated here to do business, load and unload ships, socialize, drink, and eat.

By the 1820s, Mayor Josiah Quincy decreed that the city had outgrown Faneuil Hall and the surrounding buildings. Amid considerable opposition, he had inlets filled to create lots of additional land, docks moved, seven new and almost-new streets laid, and a splendid 2-story gray granite market building modeled on London’s Covent Gardens erected.

The Greek Revival building, with 22-foot Doric columns weighing 15 tons each, opened in 1826 and became known as Quincy Market . Meat and produce vendor stalls lined the halls of the building – similar to what you see today, except now most of the food is cooked.

To make matters worse, an elevated highway erected in the 1950s, the Central Artery, not only cut off the area from the North End, but even worse, the highway towered over it, spewing noise and pollution.

Fortunately, for the future of Quincy Market, three significant things happened:

Experience Holiday Fun Boston

Around the holidays, there are some delightful seasonal experiences that add to Bostons magical winter quality. Year after year, the Boston Ballet enchants with its annual performance of the holiday classic, The Nutcracker.

If youre a fan of DIY holiday light installations, enjoy the Illuminations Tour around Somerville to support local businesses while admiring the electric frivolity of facades decked with lights, ornaments, and tinsel. Situated northwest of Bostons Downtown, Somerville is another city part of the Greater Boston area and can easily be reached by subway on the red line. The Illuminations Tour has been traditionally run as a trolley tour but was converted into a walking tour in 2020 in response to the pandemic. A digital map is available online for you to follow.

Now in its sixth year, the 2021 SoWa Winter Festival brings the revelry of Europes Christmas market traditions to Boston. From December 3 to 13, scour the 100 vendors on display for the perfect souvenir, holiday gift, or tasty treat.

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Start Planning Your Trip To Boston

These are just a few ways to enjoy your time in Boston, Massachusetts.

There are many more, so dont feel limited by the suggestions on this list.

Its one of the best vacation spots in the United States, so there are always new things to see, do, taste, buy, climb and explore in the greater Boston area!

Sample A Taste Of Bostons Best Brews

Boston Police Arrest 4 In Connection With Robberies Near Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall

The Boston brewery circuit is synonymous with good times. $5 at Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall in the Seaport District nabs you unlimited samples of Mass. Bay Brewing Companys range of libations. At the beer hall, dont forget to order their pillowy, fresh pretzels, made with the brewerys leftover beer grains. For those who like things a little more mainstream, visit the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain. Named after one of Americas Founding Fathers, it offers visitors a free tour of its factory operations. Just make sure to reserve ahead of time as the free tour is in high demand.

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Take A Sightseeing Tour

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a historic attraction included in our walking tours of Boston!

If you want an in-depth look at the Historic Hall, free talks and tours of the Great Hall are held every half-hour between 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Of course, there are other great tours in and around Boston that touch on Faneuil Hall, like the popular hop-on-hop-off buses and trolleys and ghost tours.

Ramble Through Acorn Street

Acron Street is one stunning little place to visit and within easy reach of Boston Common.

In my opinion, its one of the prettiest little-cobbled streets on the east coast. It almost reminds me of some of the streets you see in Cambridge or the villages of the Cotswolds .

Theres just something some higgledy-piggledy about it which makes it totally cute to see.

Now, dont expect to spend hours here. In fact, I think we only stayed about 20-30 minutes, but its well worth a gander at when youre in the area.

It really is very pretty. If hunger calls pop over to Tatte Bakery & Cafe thats relatively close by they make an epic brew and have some delicious brunch rolls.

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See All Of The Holiday Lights

Theres just something about holiday lights no matter how many times you see them, they get you right into the spirit of the season during the long winter nights. Here are the best spots to light-peep:

Tree Lightings

If youre lucky enough to find yourself in Boston in December, you might just have the chance to see one of several holiday tree lightings. Theres caroling, plenty of Christmas cheer, and despite the cold temperatures, the energy is as warm and fuzzy as can be, giving the city a very small town Gilmore Girls feel.

Blink! At Faneuil Hall

Blink! At Faneuil Hall

Located at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which features a large clock tower and columned marketplace from 1742, watching the light show here is like stepping back in time.Set to classical tunes by the Boston Pops, more than 350,000 white and colored bulbs on both the tree and the surrounding buildings pulse and flash to the music at random intervals.

The beginning of Blink! typically coincides with the tree lighting at Faneuil Hall around Thanksgiving, and youve never experienced a light show like this before. Blink! runs for six weeks, and is totally free to watch.

Illuminations Tour

The Illuminations Tour is a holiday light tour that takes you past the most decked-out holiday houses in Boston! Im talking lawn reindeer, inflatable Santas, and yes, enough tacky Christmas lights to make you gasp in delight.

Captain Jacksons Historic Chocolate Shop

Things to do in Boston, MA

Source: coaowm

For a taste of the sweeter side of the Revolution, why not drop into this historic chocolate shop, where you can learn all about the history of chocolate and how it was produced and eater during the American colonial period?

Named after the owner himself, within the shop you and your family will be able to learn all about the chocolate making process by one of the knowledgeable staff, dressed in period clothing, and also have the opportunity to sample either a historically accurate colonial style chocolate drink or a piece of the wonderful confection itself.

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Explore The Fenway Area

The Fenway area is where the Boston Red Sox play and its also home to some of the best places to eat in Boston. Theres a lot of free and fun things to do in this area!

First of all, be sure to stop by the green space in front of 401 Park. A Time Out Market recently got put in this building, and right outside there are oftentimes free events for the public. Sometimes Fenway Park even hosts events here that are open to the public!

Its also a lot of fun to go and explore the area near Fenway Park. Its a beautiful area and theres always a lot of things to look at.

How Cold Is Boston In The Winter

Ill be blunt: Boston gets pretty freakin cold in the winter. The average temperature hovers somewhere around 37 degrees Fahrenheit in December, 30 in January, and 33 in February.

But the winter weather is all part of its charm, and a fresh coating of snow adds another layer of magic to the whole winter experience.

To see the city at its best, I suggest planning your visit for. It is *slightly* warmer than the rest of the winter, and the holiday season means that trees are draped with twinkly lights, festive events abound, and as much cheer as we stoic, reserved, slightly gruff Bostonians can muster is in the air.

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Places To Visit In Boston In Winter

Is Boston worth visiting in winter? You can easily get the answer to your question by visiting the places which are mentioned below and surely you will have the best winter vacation of your life in Boston. Take a look at all the places to visit and things to do in Boston in the winter before you fly off to this city.

Make The Rounds At Bostons Best Donut Shops

A Winter Walk in Boston – Quincy Market and Downtown

What is it? Get your fill of sticky-sweet, fried goodness at Bostons top donut shops.

Why go? The antithesis of mass production , Bostons best donuts are lovingly made by hand, satisfying even the most discerning sweet tooth. Stick with the classics if you mustcake donuts and honey glazed are local favoritesbut we recommend tearing into exotic options, such as sea salt bourbon caramel or blackberry lavender, found at popular new-wave spots Union Square Donuts and Blackbird Doughnuts.

Don’t miss: For an old-school, no-frills option, head to Allstons Twin Donuts.

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Weather In Boston In Winter

A city that changes weather according to its mood. Dont like the current weather? Wait for 5 minutes and you will see a change in the weather. Winter weather in Boston gets as cold as it can. One can have an encounter with snowfall in Boston from the month of December and all through March. Even in January the inside parts of the city experience extreme winters and several drops in the temperature. As a quick tip, we would like to suggest you carry the warmest collection of clothes that you have in your wardrobe to Boston city in winter.

How Do I Get Around Boston

Boston is incredibly walkable and also has a solid public transportation system that includes a subway , buses, and commuter rail trains so no worries if you dont have a car. Plus, unlike the overwhelming behemoth that is New York Citys transit system, ours is quite like Boston itself: small and cute.

In fact, its much easier to get around here in the winter without a car, since you dont have to deal with the stress of parking between snowbanks and dealing with the citys notoriously tricky and confusing streets.

We have five main subway lines designated by colors green, red, orange, blue, and silver which will get you just about anywhere you want to go in Boston proper and beyond to the suburbs of Newton, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Malden, and Revere.

  • Word to the wise: if youre used to cities with logically numbered streets and grid layouts that are easy to navigate, you might be in for a bit of a shock, because Boston has neither. In fact, it seems to actively discourage any kind of sense-making or logic when it comes to its roadways. One-way streets, streets that change names halfway down, streets that abruptly endtheyre all par for the course here, and its not uncommon for natives to still get lost once in a while. Its just one of the many charming quirks of this special city .

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Eat Drink And Be Merry Restaurants Quincy Market Food Colonnade And More

Boston Baked Beans, Indian Pudding, clam chowder, lobster rolls, oysters on the half shellall New England delicacies that join a cornucopia of foods from around the world to create a unique dining experience at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. For over 40 years, the Marketplace has been a food destination featuring top restaurants and the world-famous Food Colonnade.

How Much Time Should You Spend At Faneuil Hall

Quincy Market at Christmas

You could easily spend 2-3 hours in and around Faneuil Hall, especially if you have lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants or in Quincy Market.

If you arent interested in purchasing something from the food market or looking at the museum, however, you can budget as little as 1 hour to do a walkthrough of the area.

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Chill Out In An Illuminated Igloo At The Lookout Bar

Thanks to the growing popularity of pop-up experiences around the country, Bostons winter nightlife offerings have never been hotter. Starting in early November, the Lookout Rooftop Lounge on top of The Envoy Hotel in Bostons Seaport District is outfitted with its famous Ice Boxes. These LED-lit plexiglass igloos can hold up to six people and come with their own thermostats and complimentary blankets. Sip on their winter-inspired seasonal cocktails while soaking in a sweeping view of a glittering skyline and Boston Harbor.

Visit A Brewery Or Distillery

Despite a few silly remaining rules that trace back to Bostons Puritanical roots happy hours are still illegal here, believe it or not Bostons has a pretty boozy history.

Boston was actually one of the top spots for beer with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, and breweries have only become more ubiquitous here since then. And what better way to enjoy a frigid winter day than to double down with an ice-cold lager? If youre into drinks of the more spirited kind, youll find those, too.

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Sip On Innovative Cups Of Hot Chocolate

Nothing will thaw you faster than a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. Lucky for you, Boston has no shortage of great cafes featuring not-so-average mugs of hot cocoa. Try the famous Drinking Chocolate atL.A. Burdicks Chocolate Café ordered either dark, milk, white, or spicy. Gâté Comme des Filles counter-only service in Bow Market carefully concocts Parisian-style hot chocolate served with a thick dollop of whipped cream. Get your dark hot cocoa fix at Curio Coffee, utilizing local Taza chocolate that pairs like a dream with their liege-style waffles. And if you like hot cocoa on the bolder side, visit Flour Bakery for their fiery hot chocolate spiked with chile and cayenne pepper for that extra heat.

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