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Things To Do In Bled Slovenia

Explore The Bled Castle

Things To Do In LAKE BLED, Slovenia | Most Beautiful Place

Very close to the lakeshore, where the boats are, is the castle of Bled. You can take your car there, or walk through the asphalt road. We advise doing that if you have the time, as the way up is excellent too.

The castle offers two great things to do. One is the museums with the castle itself, and the other is the views of the lake, of course.

These people knew where to build their places, right? See the video to understand how beautiful the lake looks.

Getting in the castle requires paying a fee of around 15USD. That also provides a discount at the small cafe, equal to 10% of the ticket cost.

That will come handy when you want to try the famous Bled Cake.

The castle museum has not many things to see.

It is nicely renovated but other than that there only a few displays from the castle life of old times.

Spica Bar And Restaurant

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Nestled in the center of Bled, Spica Bar and Restaurant is a charming restaurant serving various dishes. Formerly known as Chilli, Spica is a beautifully revamped restaurant that is now considered one of the nicest places to relaxâthanks to the castles, lakes, and mountains that act as backdrops. While here, try some of the crowd favorites such as Pletna boatmans snack, risotto with grilled radicchio and pancetta, lamb chops, taquitos fried chicken strips, and burritos, to name a few.

Spica Bar And Restaurant

Opening hours: 9am – 12am

Ring The Bell At The Church Of The Assumption

Youll hear the wishing bell peal all through the day at Bled Island. Its said that if you pull on the rope and ring the bell three times whilst making a wish, your wish will come true!

Ringing the wishing bell at the Church of the Assumption!

The wishing bell dates back to 1534. The story goes that a young widow that lived at Bled Castle had a bell made for the church on the island in memory of her late husband. As the bell was being transported to the church, a terrible storm struck Lake Bled, and the boat carrying the bell sank to the bottom.

After the widows death, the Pope had a new bell made and sent to the island. And, according to the legend, if you ring the bell and thus honor the Virgin Mary, your wish will come true.

Theres an entrance fee for the privilege of entering the church and ringing the bell, but you get to view the beautiful interior of the church as well. Go early or late in the day if you do not want to wait in line to ring the bell.

Views from inside the church on Bled Island

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Treat Yourself To Bleds Traditional Cake

Theres just something about the idyllic alpine setting in Bled that makes locals and visitors want to eat gobs of sweet cake.

The traditional local cake of choice is called kremnita.

Its moist, creamy, and buttery, but not exactly low-cal.

The good news is youll probably expend lots of unwanted calories walking and biking around town, so a little indulgence probably wont hurt the waistline too much.

Apparently kremnita pairs well with coffee and local wine, so consider stopping at one of the towns many cafes for a bite, or getting a slice or two to enjoy by the lake in the afternoon.

Fun Things To Do At Lake Bled

Top 10 things to do in Bled, Slovenia

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Bled is a small town, northwest of Slovenias capital city, Ljubljana. It is located in the beautiful Julian Alps and there are lots of awesome things to do in Lake Bled and around the town. Bled is popular with tourists but what the heck, sometimes tourist hot spots are visited for a reason Lake Bled is stunning! Just picture a fairy tale story and you are there. Here are the Lake Bled activities not to be missed .

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# 6 Get Out Into Triglav National Park

If you havent already read my article on Europes best national parks, you should at least know that Triglav is definitely on that list! Its Slovenias only national park, but what the country lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in qualityand Lake Bled sits right on the doorstep of the park. Admission is free, and there are a number of popular summertime activities in the park, including hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. Probably the most popular place to hike in the park is Triglav, Slovenias highest peak, but theres something for everyone of every fitness level to enjoy in the high alpine meadows.

Rent A Bike And Ride Through Bled

Theres something so nice and charming about Bleds windy, one-lane streets, and riding a bike is a great way to see them. Biking is also a great way to get to the surrounding areas, like Vintgar Gorge and the nearby Radovna Valley. There are plenty of bike rental shops in the Bled township, and its definitely worth taking a spin around the nearby countryside, too. Once you procure a bike, the beautiful Triglav National Park area and all of Bled is your oyster explore it to your hearts content.

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Where Is Lake Bled

Lake Bled is an Alpine lake, set in some of the most breathtaking countryside scenery youre ever likely to set your eyes on. The mild climate makes outdoor activities a must, while photographers will love the boundless opportunities for a great shot.

The Lake is located just outside the town of Bled, which is situated in northwestern Slovenia. The Lake is surrounded by majestic and towering mountains, namely the Julian Alps and the Karavanke range. The average temperature here is around 18 degrees during the summer and -2 degrees during the winter, which means there are activities to enjoy no matter what the time of year.

Youll find a small island on the Lake, and the surrounding mountains shelter the town from cold winds during the winter months, which means it is often milder than other alpine lakes and resorts. Lake Bled is therefore well known for health breaks, or those seeking peace and tranquility, while also being an excellent choice for adrenaline sports.

How To Get To Lake Bled Slovenia

Unique and Exciting Things to See and Do in Bled Slovenia

Getting to Lake Bled can be done via train, bus or rental car.

Getting from Ljubljana to Bled: For public transportation options, there is both a bus and a train from Ljubljana to Bled. The bus takes visitors to the Lake Bled bus station, which is just a short stroll to the lake. The train takes passengers to the town of Lesce Bled, which requires a taxi, bus or hike to get to the lake. Check the Ljubljana to Bled bus schedule and Bled to Ljubljana train schedule on Rome2Rio to plan your trip to Lake Bled.

Note: It is possible to take a day trip to Bled from Ljubljana using public transportation, but with all the things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia, you will probably want to stay longer than a day!

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Do The Boat Ride To Bled Island Slovenia

One of the must things to do is to take the boat ride with a Pletna. The guide will paddle you from the lake shores to the small island in the middle of the lake.

He uses a double paddle system. No engines are heard or allowed in the lake.

The ride is not that long , but as the lake waters are serene, it is a lovely and calm one.

The boats are from wood, and their design is almost the same among each other.

We found out that this is a father-to-son job, and once someone makes their boat, they have to name it with a female name. Usually, the name is about the woman they love.

The ticket is at 15 per person for the round trip. There is no need to pre-book.

You will stay on Bled island for about one hour.

A path runs around the island, so you can easily walk it.

The popular tradition is to go in the church and ring the bell.

Eat A Bled Cream Cake

Imagine a golden crust made from butter dough, topped with thick vanilla cream, layers of fluffy white cream, and a heavy dusting of icing sugar. Thats the Bled cream cake. Over the past 60 years, over 12 million cream cakes have been sold. And as Bleds most famous dessert, youll find it on the menus of most restaurants and hotels in the area.

Although the patisserie at Hotel Park claims to make the best cream cakes in the region, I can vouch for the deliciousness of the cakes at Ostarija-Restaurant Babji Zob. Sweet, fluffy, and potentially addictive the Bled cream cake is pure indulgence. But after a day of exploring the lake and the hills, youll deserve every bite. If youre looking for something a little less sweet, try the dense prekmurska gibanica cake. Its many layers of fillings include poppy seeds, cottage cheese, walnuts, apples and cream.

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How To Get To Lake Bled

Its very easy to get to Lake Bled from every direction.

Your best option would be of course renting a car. You can do it at Ljubljana Airport or at your previous destination.

But even if you are using public transport you can easily get to Bled!

If you are coming from Ljubljana your best option is the bus.

There are frequent connections, at least once per hour, between Ljubljana and Bled. You can check the connections here.

The journey takes a bit over 1 hour, depending on the connection, the ticket currently costs 7,80.

In the summertime, the bus can be packed and you might encounter a traffic jam, especially just before Bled. The delay also might occur on this route.

The bus station in Ljubljana is located next to the train station, some 10 minutes walking from the Old Town.

The bus station in Bled can be found 3 minutes from the lake, near Hotel Park.

I wouldnt recommend taking the train from Ljubljana.

I did it once because I adore trains and thats what I do for a living, but to be honest, that wasnt the smartest idea.

There is no direct train connection between Ljubljana and Bled, you need to change trains in Jesenice and the journey takes at least 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on the connection.

Whats more, the train station Bled-jezero is located on the other side of the lake than all the main attractions, some 3 km walking to the center .

The Best Time To Visit Lake Bled

Top 10 things to do in Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is gorgeous any time of year, and, if you enjoy winter activities, you can visit it in winter. In some years, you can actually walk across the frozen lake to Bled Island!

But to see Lake Bled in all its resplendent color, visit when it is fully thawed: late spring, summer, or early fall. You can also hike, boat, and perhaps even swim at these times of the year. We visited in very late May and early June, and had very pleasant daytime temperatures.

Lake Bled weather can be unpredictable though, so be prepared: it did rain quite a bit on our first day at the very end of May, as a result of which we woke up the next day to dazzling snow-covered mountain tops and insanely beautiful views.

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Things To Do In Lake Bled

Summer or winter, there are countless activities to enjoy in the Lake Bled area, and most are outdoor in nature. Getting out into the countryside is something not to be missed, probably more than anywhere else youll visit in Slovenia. Check out these killer ideas on things to do on your Lake Bled holidays.

Swimming In Lake Bled

From June until late September, swimming becomes one of the most popular things to do in Lake Bled. But if open water swimming isnt your thing, try Grajska Kopalisee , the only designated bathing area on the lake. Located just below Castle Rock, its a colourful mix of pristine lake pools, waterslides, and sun umbrellas. The changing rooms, lockers, and outdoor showers mean that all of the practical stuff is taken care of too.

If youre a strong swimmer, then the freedom of the lake is yours to enjoy. You could even swim to Bled island and back. Other Lake Bled watersports include diving and kayaking.

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Best Things To Do Around Lake Bled Slovenia

Its easy to be hypnotically drawn to Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, tucked in the Julian Alps. The bluish-green waters are mesmerizing. Bled Island, with its picturesque church, is perhaps the regions most-photographed feature, but theres so much more to see. From the medieval Bled Castle to a boat ride on the lake to hiking in Triglav National Park, here are the best things to do around Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Church of the Assumption

Like a page out of a fairytale, the Church of the Assumption sits on an island in the middle of Lake Bled. This 15th-century castle is so magnificent that itss a sought-after wedding destination. Notice the 99 steps traditional weddings begin with the groom carrying his bride up the stairway! Take a professional guided or self-guided tour of the church to admire its Baroque architecture. Explore the bell tower, curacy and provosts house, as well as the popular wishing bell it is believed that when you ring the bell, you are recommending yourself to the Mother of God and expresses your wishes to Her. On the north shore of Bled Island, look for the stone chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, carved into the slope in 1888.

You can visit Bled Island and the Church of the Assumption on a two-oar pletna boat tour. After touring the church, be sure to stop for a treat of the famous Bled cream cake at the café.

Bled Castle

Vintgar Gorge

Walk or Bike Around Lake Bled

Lake Bled Boat Tour

# 8 Enjoy Some Phenomenal Winter Sports Activities

Things to do in Bled | Slovenia

Visiting Bled during the winter time is a ton of fun. The lake doesnt freeze over so you can still take boat rides out to the church, and the hiking is just as much funbut in addition to the normal activities that you can take part in, there are also even more activities available in the area, such as alpine or nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and more. Unlike many other places in the Alps, you wont find quite as many tourists here, which makes it the perfect place for a quiet, romantic retreat. Best of all: if youre in Bled for New Years, youll be treated to a fantastic fireworks show right over the lake, which is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Church Of The Assumption Of Maria

Located in on an island in the middle of the aforementioned Lake Bled, the Church of the Assumption was built in the mid-15th century and looks pretty much the way it did back then.

Its so magnificent that it draws young lovers from all over the country who prefer to tie the proverbial knot in a truly unique and remarkable setting.

The church features impressive Baroque-style architecture and 99 steps, up which the groom must carry the bride before the official ceremony gets underway.

Professionally guided and self-led tours of the church are available, and its a great place to take in a sunset.

Bled Hiking To A Viewing Point

There are a 15 signposted hikes around Bled which involve leaving the 6k paved road and trekking uphill, but the advantage is that they provide a viewing point, such as #6 Osojnica.

Hikes range from 20 mins to three hours .

Forgot your walking boots? No stress, Bled Castle also offers nice views

A muse for every fairy tale

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Of the new countries that came out of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, it could be argued that Slovenia has most quickly and effortlessly carved out its own niche. Its viewed by many as a desirable location for a holiday or even to begin a new life due to its charming architecture, cheerful way of life and, not least, its beauty. If youre looking for the ideal sight-seeing trip, this is one thats hard to beat. Many would argue that the jewel in Slovenias crown is the mountainous town of Bled. Right on the banks of the lake that share its name, Bled offers attractions in all directions up into the mountains for skiing or hiking, or around that lake. Or, indeed, you could check out one of its historic buildings. Whatever you choose, youll be glad you did. Here are the 15 things to do in Bled, Slovenia.

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Ring The Bell At Lake Bled Island

15 Best Things to Do in Bled (Slovenia)

There is a beautiful legend related to that tradition. It says that you can make as many wishes as you like before ringing the bell, and then ring it as many times as your dreams are.

To ring the bell, you must go into the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria.

You have to put a little strength to pull the rope that connects with the bell. Yes, it is not an electric one.

Do allow time to sit and admire the view towards the shores. On a good day, you will see many people rowing, doing SUP or swim around.

There are plenty of facilities and hotels around the lake. Thus, you have lots of options for dinner, lunch or coffee, and tea while sitting and admiring the view.

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