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Things To Do In Bethlehem Nh

Bethlehem Country Club Restaurant Bethlehem Nh

Bethlehem, PA…..TOP 10

The Top of the Hill Pub and Grill at the Bethlehem Country Club is a good place to get a simple breakfast or lunch in the town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Breakfast options include a three-egg omelet, pancakes, breakfast on a bun, and the BCC Special, while the lunch menu features the BCC Burger, chicken tenders, and a variety of sandwiches.

1901 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 603-869-5745

Stop By The Bethlehem Visitor’s Center

Located on Main Street, the Bethlehem Visitor’s Center is an incredible place you need to visit upon arriving in Bethlehem.

This place is where you learn about the recommended shops, restaurants, outdoor attractions, and events in town.

While you’re there, check out the astonishing displays of historical artifacts of the town and other cool things.

So, after arriving at Bethlehem, drop by the town’s visitor’s center to make your visit extra convenient.

Tee Up At The Bethlehem Country Club

The Bethlehem Country Club along Main Street is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course which offers golfers excellent playing conditions at competitive rates.

This public golf course and country club are known throughout Bethlehem for its rich tradition of providing golfers with top-notch golf sessions through its scenic landscape.

The golf course offers an extensive seasonal membership where golfers benefit from various golf tournaments.

Suppose one of your planned activities in Bethlehem is golf.

In that case, you should check out Bethlehem Country Club or perhaps watch one of its regular tournaments to add more excitement.

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Best Things To Do In Bethlehem Nh

The White Mountains in New Hampshire is a charming natural attraction that thousands of tourists love to visit yearly.

However, most of the time, these pocket towns and cities surrounding the White Mountains are overlooked by many, without knowing that incredible things await them there.

One of these towns worthy of checking out is Bethlehem, a former premier destination in New England for vacation and leisure in the 1800s to early 1900s.

More than 30 hotels once stood on the streets of Bethlehem when its old Maplewood Train Station brought in tourists from various regions in the country.

However, today, Bethlehem is known for its vibrant arts community, history, and outdoor activities.

Its downtown area is teeming with art galleries, local businesses, and historical buildings.

These offer many beautiful things you won’t expect to find in a small town.

Whether you travel solo or have travel buddies, there are many exciting things to discover in Bethlehem.

While White Mountain is a destination everyone loves to visit, you should spend a day or two in Bethlehem to explore its hidden beauty.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Bethlehem, NH, to make the most of your trip there:

White Mountain Motor Park


The 27th season of racing at N. Woodstock’s White Mountain Motorsports Park is already shaping up to be a big one, and is rapidly growing as WMMP enters its first year of ownership under former racer Cris Michaud and businessman Pat Malone. WMMP is located in N. Woodstock, NH.

Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train

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The Maplewood Golf Course

The Maplewood Golf Course is an eighteen-hole golf course in the town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire. The course features a little more than six thousand yards of golf from the course’s longest tees, as well as beautiful views of New Hampshires scenic White Mountains. One of the grandest of the thirty hotels that once thrived in Bethlehem, The Maplewood Hotel is also considered to be one of New Englands most spectacular resorts, which has helped to draw visitors from all parts of New England to visit the hotel and play a round of golf at the Maplewood Golf course.

2691 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 877-869-3335

Bear Belly Brew Tours Bethlehem New Hampshire

The Bear Belly Brew Tours offer a chance for visitors to discover some of the great breweries of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Tours are offered every Saturday and last approximately four hours, from 11:00am until 3:00pm. Started by the Bear Mountain Lodge owners, Bear Belly Brew Tours include a stop at three different breweries in the area and transportation on a comfortable 14-passenger shuttle bus. At each stop, guests will learn about the history of the brewery and get to sample three beers. Bottled water and pretzels are also provided during the ride.

Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 603-991-4416

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Colonial Theatre Bethlehem New Hampshire

The historic Colonial Theatre is The North Country of New Hampshires home of culture, music, film, and the arts. Opening its doors in Bethlehem back in 1915, the theatre is one of the country’s oldest movie theaters in continuous operation. It originally opened during the towns Grand Hotel era, during its heyday as a destination resort. Featuring state-of-the-art surround sound and digital projection, the Colonial Theatre shows world and independent cinema, as well as hosts family entertainment and Grammy award-winning performing artists from May to October, yet still retains its intimate charm as the towns vintage summer theater.

2050 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 603-869-3422

Cold Mountain Cafe Bethlehem New Hampshire

Panel beater

The Cold Mountain Cafe is situated in the middle of the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshires, serving farm-to-table cuisine in Bethlehem that celebrates the local farms and small businesses of northern New England. The locally owned and operated restaurant offers internationally inspired and inventive fare, as well as craft cocktails and an informed, friendly staff. The menu at Cold Mountain Cafe features a wide variety of options, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. Food here ranges from homemade soups and sandwiches to freshly made quiches.

2015 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 603-869-2500

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Browse Through The Gallery At Wren

The Gallery at WREN offers art lovers and even visitors the finest art galleries in the White Mountain region.

In 2001, this art gallery served as a community cultural outlet, featuring local artists’ masterpieces and an avenue for like-minded people who appreciate art and creative expression.

In addition, the Gallery at WREN is more than just your typical art gallery.

It also hosts many art-related events such as demonstrations, workshops, art forums, and artists’ meet-up sessions.

Things To Do With Kids In Bethlehem Nh

  • TripBuzz found 86 things to do with kids in or near Bethlehem, New Hampshire, including 83 fun activities for kids in nearby cities within 25 miles like Franconia, Lincoln, St. Johnsbury and Waterville Valley.
  • From Colonial Theatre to The Rocks Estate, the Bethlehem area offers 71 different types of family activities, including: Movie Theaters, Farms & Ranches, Historic Sites and Skiing & Snowboarding.
  • Bethlehem, NH is covered on the east side by the White Mountain National Forest and is crossed in the south by the Appalachian Trail. There are several rivers in Bethlehem for those interested in water activities and sports including the Zealand, Gale, and Little rivers. Visitors interested in outdoor activities will have a number of water, hiking, and skiing activities to choose from.

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Discover The Scenic Bretzfelder Memorial Park

The Bretzfelder Memorial Park is one of the best outdoor or perhaps natural attractions in Bethlehem that you should not miss visiting.

If you have extra energy to wander through this mesmerizing park, then head to Prospect Street, which is the most accessible entrance to the park.

This park is one of the highly-recommended places in Bethlehem because of its picturesque landscape that’s worthy of exploring, especially with your travel buddies or with your family.

The 200-year-old giant white pine tree is one of the focal points in Bretzfelder Memorial Park to take photos.

At the same time, its pond offers a surreal scenery.

Suppose you’re interested in learning about the park’s history and other cool stuff.

In that case, the park’s management offers educational lectures from August until February.

Learn History At The Bethlehem Heritage Society Museum

Bethlehem, NH: Perfect Christmas Trees

The Bethlehem Heritage Society along Main Street is nestled within the historic restaurant, the Ranlet Café.

Currently, this group manages the town’s local museum, which collects relevant historical artifacts of Bethlehem.

Their collection of photographs, documents, and items details the rich history of Bethlehem, which was a premier vacation destination back in the day.

The Bethlehem Heritage Society’s Museum is the center in town that offers visitors the chance to learn its history through its photographs and memorabilia.

In addition, the museum also features the stories of Bethlehem’s pioneers and first settlers and its colorful hotel glory days.

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Team O’neil Rally School

5 based on 31 reviews

Reviewed By Mark B – San Diego, California

I was extremely fortunate to get a slot in a last minute 5 day class. The professionalism of the staff at Team O’Neil is unsurpassed. Instructors are extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable and have absolutely no egos . They come from varied backgrounds and have extensive experience in their areas of expertise. Max, Steve, and Al are the instructors I worked with the most, and were a pleasure to work with. It is truly amazing how fast the skill progression occurs. By day five you are tearing down gravel roads on their 600 acre property at top speed with minimal input. I highly recommend this course.

Best Things To Do In Bethlehem New Hampshire

Nestled within the beautiful and scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire, the town of Bethlehem in The North Country is surrounded by pristine natural beauty and national forests. While surrounded by stunning scenery, Bethlehem itself offers a wide variety of things to do for both visitors and locals alike. The town is full of history, yet has a small town atmosphere and is a great base for exploring the White Mountain region. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, learning about the history of the area, dining on delicious food, and enjoying a pint of craft beer.

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

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Watch Shows At The Historic Colonial Theatre

The Colonial Theatre on Main Street has been one of the best places for entertainment in Bethlehem since 1915.

The Colonial Theatre was recently listed on the National Historic Places, making it a must-visit place in town.

The theater was constructed by Karl Abbot, a descendant of a local hotelier in the town’s early days.

Today, the Colonial Theatre remains a relevant historical architecture in Bethlehem, which offers visitors a rich and astonishing story of how it provides top-notch entertainment today.

The Colonial Theatre is open and regularly hosts independent films, live stage plays, and concerts, making it a great place to visit.

Local Works Marketplace At Wren

Journey Into the Cathouse – Bethlehem, NH
Overall Ratings

5 based on 35 reviews

Over 300 local artisans showcased in this store and gallery. Discover an extraordinary display of jewelry, pottery, textiles, baskets, food, fine art, furniture and more. Open daily 10am-5pm. Located in the quirky little town of Bethlehem, that is always fun to visit.

Reviewed By kevin w – Bethel, Maine

I’m not usually enamored with gift galleries but I found the Local Works Market place to be very enjoyable. The items on display are from talented local artisan, very talented artisans. I didn’t examine every item to see if they are all locally produced but every item I looked at was. It’s not the usual tourist shop with a few local items backed up with mass produced items.

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The Town Planner Calendar

For over 30 years our free calendar has been delivered to communities all across America. Each edition features beautiful local photography, community event listings, important phone numbers and money saving coupons.

To see why so many homeowners love the Town Planner, and why it has such a high retention rate as an advertising tool, please view some of our sample calendars.

If you do not receive the Town Planner in your community, you may be looking at a great business opportunity! Set your own hours, be your own boss, and achieve financial success as the owner of a Town Planner franchise.

Maple Contemporary Art Center

The 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center is a community art studio space, events center, and art gallery open to the general public, located within a former historic church that dates back to the year 1877. The art center is also lovingly referred to by many locals as The Tallest Toy Box in Town. The 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center is home to many resident artists with their own studio spaces and The Gallery at 42 Maple. The gallery hosts artist reception every month on the First Friday and curates several exhibitions during the year, along with special workshops and events.

42 Maple St, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: 603-575-9077

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Shop Local Products At The Bethlehem Village Store Supermarket

The Bethlehem Village Store Supermarket along Main Street is not your typical grocery.

It offers the town’s best local products from meats, produce, deli, pastry, and bakery items.

Aside from offering local products, it’s also known as one of the best places in Bethlehem to grab lunch or dinner.

It serves freshly-made sandwiches, pasta, and pizza, plus it’s open every day.

So, you’ll likely grab your meal there while you’re exploring Bethlehem.

Harman’s Cheese & Country Store

Overall Ratings

4.5 based on 72 reviews

Known for Harman’s Really-Aged Cheddar, aged at least 2 years. Free samples out for tasting. Other unique and delicious food products including Maple Syrup, Items made with Maple Syrup, Flavored & Smoked Cheddars, Condiments, Mustard, Locally made Pickles and Relishes, Jams, Savory & Sweet Jellies, Marmalades, NH-Made products. Gifts and limited Souvenirs with an excellent selection of local postcards.

Reviewed By bb_mccaw – New York City

Set inside an inviting porch-front building, this small family-owned store in “beautiful downtown” Sugar Hill, is renown for its wonderful premium aged cheddar and other cheeses. You’ll also find this shop packed with real local maple syrup and a variety of local and regional candies, jellies, soups, and much more…even Moxie jelly! Hey, remember Moxie? And the folks behind the counter couldn’t be nicer or more helpful.I defy you to walk out of this store empty-handed!Now, after you’ve visited Harman’s, drive east to the Sugar Hill Sampler’s barn at the crest of the hill, and then down to Polly’s Pancake Parlor…

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Check Out The Old Maplewood Station

The Maplewood Train Station in Bethlehem is a historic train station constructed in the late 1800s and utilized through the early 1920s.

This station has served hundreds of people coming from New York, Boston, and nearby places to take a sweet retreat in Bethlehem.

However, when the automobile became the primary transportation means for many, the train station’s operation slowed down until it was closed.

Astonishingly, the train station remains intact, except for the railroad, which has already been retaken by Mother Nature.

Fortunately, the train station is undergoing massive restoration to bring back its former glory and beauty.

Today, visitors can still visit this old historic site in Bethlehem and learn about its incredible backstory.

In addition, you can also talk to the people behind its restoration efforts they would gladly like to get help from everyone.

Explore Bethlehem’s Best Beers With Bear Belly Brew Tours

The Bear Belly Brew Tours in Bethlehem is a one-of-a-kind experience you shouldn’t miss when you’re in town.

This tour offers tourists in Bethlehem to explore the best breweries in the White Mountain region.

Its tour usually starts at the Bear Mountain Lodge and takes you to three or more different breweries onboard its 14-seater shuttle bus.

At each stop, you’ll be learning the remarkable history of each brewery along the way.

Of course, each brewery serves its signature brews and craft beer, making it a satisfying experience, especially if you’re a low-key beer connoisseur.

You can visit Bear Belly Brew Tours’ office on Main Street to book one of its tours.

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Grab A Delicious Meal At The Cold Mountain Caf

The Cold Mountain Café along Main Street is considered one of the best restaurants in Bethlehem that is worthy of trying out.

This restaurant is known throughout the town for its farm-to-table dishes sourced from local farmers and businesses throughout New Hampshire.

This locally-owned restaurant which opened in 1999, also offers international fusion to its dishes, making it more exciting to try out after a tiring day of exploring the town’s attractions.

In addition, it serves refreshing cocktails and beverages to pair with its mouthwatering dishes.

At the same time, health-conscious people can still enjoy dining at this restaurant since it serves vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Franconia Notch State Park

Monday, October 4th: Rediscovering Bethlehem
Overall Ratings

5 based on 37 reviews

North Ridge Mountain Guides is a climbing guide service based out of Twin Mountain, NH. We offer waterfall rappelling, rock climbing, ice climbing, winter Mount Washington ascents, and guided technical climbs. All guides have years of experience around the globe, and certifications such as, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness-EMT, Leave No Trace Trainer, Avalanche level 2, and many others. Our commitment to safety is our number 1 priority, so you can relax and enjoy a safe, fun trip in NH’s White Mountains and beyond.

Reviewed By Bruce G – Newton, Massachusetts

My wife and I took our 10 1/4 and 10 1/2-year-old grandson’s waterfall rapelling along the falling Waters trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Jamie was our guide and he was fantastic. He was a skilled ,knowledgeable ,compassionate ,low-key, and safe guide. He…MoreThanks Bruce for the great review! It was a super fun day and I really enjoyed chatting with you and your family along the way. I hope to adventure with you all again soon.

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