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Things To Do In Bern

Float In The Aare River

18 Things to do in Bern, Switzerland

Aside from crisp, clear waters and scenic views, the Aare River also offers fun water activities. This includes swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rafting. Floating down the river on an inflatable raft is one of the most popular attractions on offer.

During the summertime, locals and tourists flock to the waters to enjoy a relaxing float along the river. An added benefit is that the activity is free, and the experience of floating past lush green trees and listening to the chorus of birds is priceless.

If you prefer a lido, then head to Marzilibad which is also free. This feels safer for some, as the Marzili has a paddling pool for younger guests and a sports pool with lanes, a non-swimmer pool, and a diving pool with 1m and 3m diving platforms.

Bern Vs Interlaken: Which Is Better

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Bern and Interlaken are two of Switzerlands most popular tourist regions. On the one hand, Bern is a sprawling city located in the heart of the country. Conversely, you have Interlaken, close to some of Switzerlands most picturesque landscapes. The two are close to each other and located in the same canton, but they could not be more different.

This article focuses on both Bern and Interlaken. So which is the better place to stay while traveling in the canton of Bern? Is it better to stay in Bern or Interlaken?

Explore Downtown New Bern

The first stop most people make is the historic downtown area. Youll find charming 19th-century buildings with exquisite architecture that perfectly embodies the citys past. Its also where youll indulge in some of the best dining options.

For a more structured experience, consider signing up for a walking tour of downtown New Bern. This guided tour takes you to all the must-visit spots, accompanied by informative commentary that brings the citys history to life. Adventurous types can opt for the Ghosts of New Bern tour. Hosted at nighttime, it takes you to the citys most haunted locations and features some truly spine-tingling stories.

As in most towns, downtown is the central hub for entertainment, so youll find plenty of other things to see and do there, including our next recommendation.

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Walk Along Aare River

At just over one hundred and eighty miles, the Aare River is the longest river that rises and ends in Switzerland. It flows through natural mountain landscapes, and magical canyons, and gracefully curves around the Swiss capital.

The Green Aare Walk is a popular trail for the perfect stroll along the river. On this four-mile walk, you will have a great view of many of Berns celebrated attractions, including Bear Park and large parts of the Old City.

The appealing azure waters of the Aare are perfect for a swim, float, or quick dip during summer. For those who prefer to stay dry, a leisurely walk is excellent for soaking up the spectacular views.

Observe The Medieval Character Of The Old Town

Top 10 things to do in Bern , Switzerland

Sometimes the Swiss refer to Bern by its other names: the Old City, the Old Town, or Altstadt. The construction of the Old City began in the 12th century, and the layout has remained entirely the same. When you are in Bern, you will be able to observe its medieval character, which what makes Bern, Bern. The city is surrounded by the River Aare, which is famous for its clear, turquoise water. Other than the River Aare, you will also get the chance to see plenty of pretty bridges crossing the river.

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Count Berns 11 Decorative Fountains

Although Bern has over 100 fountains, eleven of these retain their 16th Century folkloric and historical figures. You will find most of these along where it becomes Gerechtigkeitgasse and Kramgasse.

The best-known of these fountains is the Kindlifresserbrunnen on Kornhausplatz, which depicts an ogre snacking on a child.

Stroll Around Rose Garden Park

Within walking distance of Bear Park lies Berns delightful Rose Garden Park, known locally as Rosengarten. This tranquil city park is renowned for its variety of flowers, panoramic views of the city, and colorful playground.

One of the highlights of Rosengarten is the open-access library. It allows you to borrow a book to read in the park and return it at the end of the day, free of charge. There is also a lovely pond covered in waterlilies, beautiful fountains, and sculptures to enjoy. The park has a beautiful view of the Old City and Gurten Mountain, and both young and old love its laid-back atmosphere. There are many great spots to have a picnic, read a book, or simply relax.

Also, you will find Albert Einstein here.

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Take A Guided Tour Of Bern

If you are short on time, take a city tour around Bern that will show you some of the citys top highlights before you continue your trip to other places in Switzerland. Taking a guided tour is one of the best things to do in Bern if you are in the city only for a short time and want to learn the city history on the go.

A parade of mechanical figurines including bears, a rooster, and a jester come out to do their performance as groups of tourists who gather in front of the Clock Tower. Watching this colorful spectacle is one of the most popular things to do in Bern among tourists.

See And Swim In The Aare River

Things to do in Bern – Switzerland’s Capital City of Surprises

At 288 kilometers , the Aare River is the longest flowing river entirely within Switzerland.

The Aare River has clear turquoise water and flows around 3 sides of the city of Bern. The natural shape of the Aare protected Bern from foreign armies during the Middle Ages.

The water temperatures of the river range from 59º-72º Fahrenheit during the year.

During summer, the water temperatures are perfect around 70º F and the locals take advantage of that.

You will find lots of people swimming and rafting down the river during the summer.

Its a really fun thing to do when you visit Bern, and seen as a rite of passage for visitors.

There are pathways along the Aare that are breathtaking.

I highly recommend taking a stroll down the river paths to see the city and gorgeous scenery.

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Drop In At The French Church

Just behind the Granary is the French Church, the oldest church in the city, with frescoes by a group of painters known as the “Master of the Carnation.” It was originally built on the foundations of an even older church that dates back to the 13th century. The final construction took several centuries, with new facades and frescoes added until its completion in 1754.

After 1623, French-speaking Protestants became the main worshippers in the church-a big change from the church’s origins as a Dominican monastery. Huguenot took refuge here starting in 1685 when fleeing prosecution.

Visit Zytglogge Clock Tower

Built in the early thirteenth century, the Zytglogge Clock Tower is one of Berns most famous medieval landmarks. The tower has served as a city gate, prison, guard tower, and civic memorial throughout the ages. For more than 600 years, the clock has chimed on the hour.

Like a cuckoo clock, the chiming is accompanied by a mechanical parade of figurines, including bears, jesters, and a golden rooster. Climbing the one hundred and thirty steps up the structures spiral staircase to the lookout platform at the top is well worth it. Here, you can experience sweeping views of colorful terraces, beautifully tiled rooftops, and the lush green valleys surrounding the city.

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Shop The New Bern Farmers Market

Next is the New Bern Farmers Market, a popular local institution thats been around for nearly 40 years. It takes place on Front Street, right in the heart of downtown. The market is open on Saturday mornings only, giving you an excellent opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and other locally-made products.

Visiting the Farmers Market is your opportunity to experience the laid-back, community-oriented vibe of New Bern and its residents. The vendors are friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have about their products. Plus, you cant beat the wide selection of artisanal products. Arts and crafts, honey, jewelry, and more are all available.

With convenient parking and on-site bathrooms, the New Bern Farmers Market makes it easy to do your shopping. And if youre in town during the holiday season, youll be treated to a festive Christmas market with merry decorations and holiday cheer. Note that the market only opens on Saturdays, so youll want to plan accordingly to enjoy it during your trip.

Climb To The Top Of Bern Mnster

Rosengarten 2021, #4 top things to do in bern, canton of bern, reviews ...

Bern Münster also known as Berns Gothic Cathedral is the tallest church in Bern, thanks to the big spire at the top that was completed in 1983.

Inside the cathedral you can see beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures as well as the Baroque organ that dates back to the 18th century.

Climb 254 steps to the top of the cathedral to get a birds eye view of Bern and the surrounding area called the Bernese Oberland, the higher part of the Canton of Bern that has scenic landscapes with mountains, lakes and small picturesque villages tucked between the green hills. Inside the tower, theres the largest bell in Switzerland that weighs a whopping 10 tons!

On a clear day, you can even see Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau in the distance.

Touring the Bern Cathedral is one of the best things to do in Bern if you love history!

Right in front of Bern Münster you can find a nice park overlooking the Aare River. Its a perfect place to sit down and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

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See The Bears Of Brengraben

For centuries, bears have played a role in Bernese culture and are even featured on the citys coat of arms. According to local legend, the strong connection between the town and bears dates back to 1191. After a successful bear hunt, Duke Bertold V. von Zähringen allegedly named the city after the German term bären, which means bear.

The Swiss capital is locally referred to as the City of Bears, and one of the top attractions is the Bärengraben, or Bear Park. It is a large, forested enclosure that stretches along the Aare River, and the Nydeggbrücke Bridge provides a great view from the top.

Currently, the large enclosure is home to three well-known majestic brown bears Ursina, Finn, and Björk. On a sunny day, you might be lucky enough to spot them lounging in the sun while you stroll along the river.

  • The park is free to visit keep in mind that the bears do hibernate from October until spring.

Eat Delicious Vegan Food

I swear that half of the time Im travelling, Im filling the day with activities around my eating schedule. One of the things I most look forward to while visiting a new place is the local cuisine, and Im always intrigued to explore the local vegan food scene. Thankfully, the vegan lifestyle is alive and well in Bern and there are plenty of places to dine as a vegan . Heres our vegan guide to Bern, and here are a few of our favorite spots:

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Relax At Hammam / Spa Oktogon

For a day of relaxation, indulgence, and pampering, Hamman and Spa Oktogon is a treat well worth experiencing. The Bernese Hammam was constructed inside an old octagonal building that housed the first gas boilers in Switzerland during the nineteenth century.

The unusual building has four distinctive floors, each of which offers its own unique oriental spa experience. The soothing ambiance is completed by accents like colorful pillows, ornate lanterns, decorative silver bowls, and daybeds.

Guests can enjoy a variety of luxurious treatments, such as warm baths, Moroccan clay masks, herbal steam rooms, and natural full-body exfoliation.

Whether youre looking for a place to unwind after a long day or you want to treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience, the Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern is a perfect choice. Check out prices here.

Deaths In New Bern Nc And Surrounding Towns 2023

New Bern, NC | Things To Do

Death notices are provided as a free community service. To place an obituary, the cost is $50 for a 250-word obituary, $100 for a 500-word obituary and photo and $300 for up to 1000 words. This can be paid online or contact us to make other arrangements. For questions or to place an obituary, send us an .

5 Jamie L. Perry, 51, New Bern4 Barbara Avent Edwards, 87, Trent Woods3 Frances Vaughan Laskovics, 70, New Bern2 Howard James Crosby, 70,2 Daniel Joseph Severin, 77, New Bern1 Wright A. Hill, 95, Pollocksville1 John Johnny Hobson Sr., 83, New Bern1 James Andrew Migliorato, 60, New Bern

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Get Talking At The Museum Of Communication

Have you got some little chatterboxes on your hands? Or maybe a teenager whos glued to their phone? Whatever your familys communication styles, you wont want to miss a visit to Berns Museum of Communication. Located in the Kirchenfeld districts clutch of museums, this is the perfect place to while away a chilly afternoon in the city.

The impressive museum spans three floors of exhibitions that celebrate the past, present, and future of all things communication-related. There are plenty of interactive things for kids to get stuck into, ranging from designing postage stamps to taking selfies. Needless to say, they definitely wont be left with idle thumbs. Make sure to check ahead for the latest exhibitions, too.

Museum of Communication, Helvetiastrasse 16, 3000 Bern

Visit The Emmentaler Showdairy

We naturally stopped at the Emmentaler Showdairy for lunch. Glass windows allow you to peer into the working production rooms from two levels. At the same time, you dine on all manner of Emmental cheese-laden dishes to views of the surrounding meadows.

On-site are the four cheese dairies from past centuries, where you can learn about how cheese dairy-farming and production in Switzerland has changed over the years by visiting the first dairies from 1741 and 1900, the village dairy from 1954 and now the modern one.

Lunch with a sweeping view at Emmentaler Showdairy in Emmental Valley, Switzerland

One of the first old wooden dairy houses in the Emmental Valley

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See The Bears At The Brenpark

Another attraction youll probably want to visit during your time in Bern is the citys famous Bärenpark . You might not expect to find these giant creatures living in the city, but they have long been a symbol of it. In fact, Bern is named after the German word for bear , and youll see the majestic animals on the coat of arms for both Bern city and canton.

The bears have been a Bernese tourist attraction since 1857. However, until 2009, they were kept in the citys controversial Bärengraben , a location far too small for the animals. These days, however, you and your own cubs can find Berns three resident bears roaming around the spacious and leafy Bärenpark, down by the river.

Bärenpark, Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern

Stroll The Boardwalk At Lawson Creek Park

6 Things to Do in Bern

Our last suggestion of things to do in New Bern is in Lawson Creek Park. This 140-acre park starts where Trent River ends, so you can expect plenty of water views to go along with the forested trails and picnic sites. Fishing piers, boat launches, and swimming areas are all available for visitors to enjoy.

But the real highlight of Lawson Creek Park is the Boardwalk, a 400-foot-long wooden walkway that meanders through the forest and over the water.

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Ponder Relativity At The Einstein Haus

Athanasios Gioumpasis / Collaboratore / Getty Images

For a quick glimpse at Bern’s history, duck into the Kornhaus, the early 18th-century building that once served as the city’s granary. Grain reserves were stored here for a number of reasonsin the event of war or famine, to artificially control the price of grain, and to pay civil servants whose paychecks once came in the form of a sack of grain. Today, the grand downstairs hall of the granary is an upscale restaurant. But even if you don’t eat there, you can walk around the upper level and admire the painted, vaulted arches and the historic ambiance.

Check Out The Towns Ancient Fountains

The old town is full of ancient public fountains that are a treat to watch. These fountains have been installed there since the 16th century. You will be surprised to know that there is a story behind these fountains.

They are topped with statues and feature biblical scenes where Samson is killing a lion. Many other sports statues praise the power of Bern beautifully. Most visitors fall in love with Zähringerbrunnen that is a bear in full armor).

If this isnt enough, you can also catch up with the Läuferbrunnen . As the city started to gain some wealth, these wooden fountains are now replaced with something new.

There are around 100 fountains that every visitor will love to explore. The water here is potable, and the quality of these fountains is top-notch even after so many years.

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