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    Tips And Tours: How To Make The Most Of Your Visit To Richmond

    • A Segway through the City: Those who want the convenience of a guided tour and the ability to see a great deal in a short time but prefer to see the city up-close will enjoy the Richmond Landmark Segway Tour. Tourists can choose between one- and two-hour tours, and the guided tour cruises through the Canal Walk, Monument Avenue, and the historic Court End neighborhood, visiting historic landmarks like the State Capitol and the Old City Hall.
    • Spooky Doings: Explore the citys haunted past and spooky secrets on a Richmond Ghosts Walking Tour with a local guide. Get ready for some scary ghost stories and spooky tales as you walk the dark streets of Shockoe Bottom and Church Hill. Youll visit nearly a dozen spots with a dark past during your 90 minutes of easy walking in this city that was the capital of the Confederacy and the second largest slave trading center in the south.

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

    Gr8t Shots / Shutterstock

    Biodiversity in plant life is extremely important. There are more than a quarter of a million different species in the world.

    While not all of them are at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, youll likely find that some of the loveliest species youve ever encountered are here.

    This botanical garden has a massive acreage and so much to appreciate. The name might be a bit misleading, as this is not a singular garden.

    Instead, its composed of all kinds of specific ones, from Cherry Tree Walk to Asian Valley.

    They all have their own unique appearance, helping to show how special Richmond and Virginia as a whole are. All of these are marvelous attractions.

    The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is the ideal place for a family outing to VA.

    Your kids are sure to love the Childrens Garden, and you catch some top-notch food at the Robins Tea House and the Garden Cafe.

    This is one of the best things to do if youre looking for as much beauty as possible. Its what to do if you have a tremendous love for nature.

    Address: 1800 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, VA 23228, USA

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    Maggie L Walker National Historical Site

    Ashland 2021: Best of Ashland, VA Tourism

    This National Park Service site commemorates the life of a progressive African-American woman who grew up in post-Civil War Richmond. Walker was the first female founder/president of a chartered bank in the United States. Open 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Rangers lead tours every hour from 10 a.m. 4 p.m.

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    Coastal Virginia: In less than two hours by car from Richmond, tourists can soak up even more history by visiting Norfolk, best known as the home of the world’s largest naval base. In addition to several military attractions, like the Battleship Wisconsin and tours of the base, Norfolk is home to fine museums, a botanical garden, and an excellent zoo. The family-favorite Virginia Beach is not far from here, where you can find plenty of traditional beach town recreation, as well as an impressive aquarium and many other things to do.

    Beaches Galore: Despite its size, the coastal state of Delaware has an incredible amount of shoreline thanks to its shape and position on the eastern side of the peninsula it shares with Maryland. Most of Delaware’s most popular beaches are located within the protected area of Delaware Bay, which provides calm swimming conditions, although the highly popular Rehoboth Beach sits right on the Atlantic, beckoning tourists and locals alike.

    American Civil War Museum White House & Museum Of The Confederacy

    Source: acwm

    The White House of the Confederacy is better known as the official residence of President Jefferson Davis during the Civil War.

    Nowadays your can join guided tours of the mansion and learn all about this historically and culturally significant place.

    The museum is located next to the White House and spans three floors where you will find exhibits full of Civil War memorabilia that tell the stories of those who lived and fought during this amazing period of history.

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    The Virginia State Capitol

    Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

    Being the capital of Virginia, Richmond has to show theyll live up to that title. The Virginia State Capitol is one of the finest in the nation.

    It showcases a rich southern history and clearly shows why the people of Richmond have so much fondness for their city.

    The VA State Capitol is a pioneer in multiple respects. The Monumental Classical design, the choice of Thomas Jefferson, has become the standard.

    Additionally, its General Assembly is the longest-running legislative body in the western part of the world.

    On a visit to the Virginia State Capitol, you can see how some of the best politicians in Virginias history worked together.

    Theres all kinds of information about this ever-important state. There are hundreds of years of history within these walls, and there are sure to be hundreds more.

    Address: 1000 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23218, USA

    American Civil War Museum

    AC WOW Tire & Auto in Ashland, VA

    Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock

    Richmond was a huge part of the American Civil War. Virginia commemorates this important history with the American Civil War Museum.

    These are great places for getting educated on how it was like to live and fight during this time.

    There are three different parts of the American Civil War Museum.

    Theres the museum, the White House of the Confederacy, which was the home of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, and the Museum of the Confederacy.

    All of these can give you some of the best education possible about the Civil War.

    All kinds of incredible items from the Civil War can be found here. Its one of the most fantastic sites in all of Virginia.

    Anyone interested in history who comes to VA needs to come to the American Civil War Museum.

    Its what to do if you like your history lessons to come alive as much as possible.

    Address: 500 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

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    American Civil War Center At Tredegar Iron Works

    The former Tredegar Iron Works, on the James River in downtown Richmond, was founded in 1837, and was one of the countrys largest industrial sites before the Civil War. When the war broke out, it was the largest in the Confederacy, and supplied about half of the artillery for the Confederate Army. The site has been named a National Historic Landmark.

    Today a museum, American Civil War Center, surrounds the central foundrys ruined walls, with galleries of exhibits dedicated to interpreting the Civil War’s causes and effects from perspectives of the Confederates, the Union, and African-Americans.

    A new building, opened in 2019, contains more than 7,000 square feet of gallery space for permanent and changing exhibitions. A highlight of a visit here is the museums new immersive theater experience that brings to life Richmonds role in the Civil War.

    Address: 480 Tredegar Street, Richmond, Virginia

    Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

    Nowadays, it can seem like every city is introducing its own breweries. However, you should definitely check out Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

    The local pride in Richmond also extends to their beer. Some of the best beer youll find in Virginia or anywhere else is at this brewery.

    At Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, youll be guided through the process that turns hops, grains, and more into beverages that people savor so much.

    If your senses cant wait any longer, youll be able to try various brews under the Hardywood Park name.

    A stop at the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery could be the pinnacle of a weekend in Richmond.

    Not only is there awesome beer, but this VA brewery also hosts special events like concerts.

    For a Virginia experience that appeals to all kinds of tastes, come to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

    Address: 2408-2410 Ownby Ln, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

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    Richmond National Battlefield Park

    Zack Frank / Shutterstock

    More of the importance of Richmond during the Civil War can be gauged by visiting Richmond National Battlefield Park.

    This site takes you back to a time of cannons and Gatling guns. You can get a thorough sense of what it was like to be on the grounds during the Civil War.

    In this VA park, you can witness up to 13 distinct battle areas. With tens of square miles of land, you can understand how much Virginia mattered in the Civil War.

    You can also learn about how wounded soldiers were treated by visiting the biggest hospital of the Confederacy.

    With a museum, lectures, and exclusive events, the Richmond National Battlefield Park is one of the best parts of any visit to Virginia.

    Theres a lot of stuff to unpack about the Civil War, and this is a great place to do it. This is one of the best things to do in Richmond if youre a Civil War buff.

    Address: 470 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

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    Hampton Inn by Hilton Richmond

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    Science Museum Of Virginia

    Heath Oldham / Shutterstock

    Few places make learning come alive quite like how science museums do. The Science Museum of Virginia is one of the best science museums in the country.

    Its one of the most fun and enriching experiences you can have on a vacation.

    The beauty of science is that it involves so many things. Theres physics, chemistry, biology, and more.

    This wondrous VA museum provides minds of all kinds and all ages with inspiration.

    Should you want to be really awestruck, you should catch a movie at The Dome, which features the biggest screen in all of Virginia.

    If you have a child with a budding interest in music, the Science Museum of Virginia is where to take them.

    Go through various exhibits and interactive displays to help them get their minds opened even more.

    Its the kind of experience theyll be sure to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    Address: 2500 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

    Short Pump Town Center

    Short Pump Town Center

    Despite its name, this site is anything but short on attractions. Its one of the best places to visit in Richmond. Short Pump Town Center has so much for locals and tourists to visit.

    This is a shopping and entertainment complex unlike any other in Virginia.

    At Short Pump Town Center, you can choose between a plethora of stores, including plenty that are unique to the area.

    Theres also all kinds of great dining to be had here. You can get Mexican, Italian, and Vietnamese, among other cuisines.

    Short Pump Town Center is one of the best places to visit in VA due to how exciting it is.

    You can also catch musicians and hilarious comedians around here. Come by for a weekend thats sure to be packed with fun.

    Address: 11800 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23233, USA

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    Fun Things To Do In Ashland

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    Maymont Childrens Barn And Nature Center

    Modern Towhnome in Ashland VA 3 Bedroom 3 1/2 Bath W/ Garage

    One of the best educational activities in all of Richmond is visiting the Maymont Childrens Barn and Nature Center.

    At this farm attraction, families can celebrate the glory of nature, from the animals to the plants.

    When you learn about this place, you might want to book a trip to Virginia today.

    One of the greatest attractions in all of VA, the Maymont Childrens Barn and Nature Center includes a mansion, plenty of flowers, and beautiful animals.

    You can witness otters hanging out at the nearby river. Its what to do in Virginia if youre wanting to take a break from overstimulation.

    A weekend trip to Maymont Childrens Barn and Nature Center in Richmond can reconnect you with how wonderful the natural world is.

    Address: 1000 Spottswood Rd, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

    Traveling to other areas of Virginia? Dont miss our list of fun things to do in Williamsburg, VA!

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    Places To Go In Ashland

    Welcome, traveler, to Ashland. Your journey has landed you here, and new adventures are calling your name. Now that youve arrived, you can stay in the safety and comfort of your hotel and watch the world spin pastor you can embrace this new place youve come to. Learn its streets. Meet its people. Learn its history. Your hand is already on the doorknob, isnt it?

    Things to Do in Ashland

    Youll not be wanting for things to do in Ashland. Explore the downtown area in search of museums and boutiquesor that next delicious meal. What tickles your fancy? A delectable five-course supper at the restaurant youve been hearing about? Or perhaps youd rather read the paper while sipping hot coffee at one of the cafes scattered throughout town. Take in a show at the theatre, or just walk along down the main thoroughfare, watching people wander past.

    Why spend hours ruminating over what to do in Ashland? Let the possibilities wash over you as you explore this new region. Move out on foot and get to know the area on a more personal level. Find that perfect souvenir at one of the smaller shops, or reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic at your new favorite gallery.

    Maymont Childrens Barn & Nature Center

    Source: maymont

    Maymont Nature Center was actually a gift to the city by James Henry and Sallie Dooley who owned the property from 1893 until the 1920s.

    Nowadays Maymont is known as one of the jewels in the crown of the city of Richmond, and is a great place to come with youngsters.

    The center is an ode to art and architecture as well as the flora and fauna of the region and you can tour the mansion that sits on the grounds, or just go for a wander through the gorgeous flower gardens.

    The river goes through Maymont and you can sometimes find otters swimming in the waters, or you can play with the animals on the farm that sits in the grounds.

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    Best Things To Do In Richmond

    The city of Richmond is a place of deep historical significance as it was heavily involved in the Civil War period.

    As such, there are still many historical markers and sites that commemorate this period of time in Richmond, and a wealth of interesting museums.

    As well as its role during the Civil War, Richmond is now known as an emerging tourist destination, and a huge number of exciting attractions have sprung up in recent years, including craft breweries and eateries that have put this city firmly on the culinary map.

    Richmond sits on the impressive James River, and it has category III and IV rapids which mean that you can go out on the water and enjoy kayaking and canoeing, or even swimming in the calmer parts of this gorgeous waterway.

    For those that prefer to keep their feet on dry land, Richmond is also studded with areas of great natural beauty including a wealth of parks where hiking and biking can be enjoyed, along with bird watching and horseback riding.

    Lets explore the best things to do in Richmond:

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