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Things To Do In A Small Town

Finding A Place To Park

Things to do in a Small Town

Parking in a city may be tough, but parking in a small town is often next-to-impossible. Not only is parking limited in most small towns as it is, if your town happens to have a weekender or tourist population, it might be virtually impossible to find anywhere to park your car, even at the supermarket.

Woodstock Vermont: Wassail Weekend

Woodstock, Vermont, turns into a winter wonderland each year during Christmastime a blanket of snow drapes over this charming town in the Green Mountains and locals revel in the holiday cheer, especially during Wassail Weekend. This annual medieval-style event centers around an equestrian parade of more than 50 horses around the village green and includes festivities such as a luminary lighting, a craft fair, and a yule-log fire. However, the best part of the event is that all the historic houses and farms around town are decorated from top to toe with wreaths, garlands, and twinkly lights. Wassail Weekend is usually held over the first or second weekend in December and is entirely free to attend, though some additional activities such as the Woodstock Inn & Resorts Wassail Celebration Feast and holiday concerts may require the purchase of tickets.

Interesting Things About Dundas

Due to the 19th century historic architecture in downtown Dundas, its often used as a filming location for movies and television. Movies and TV shows like Man of the Year, Haven, the West Wing, and The Incredible Hulk were shot in Dundas. Its always pretty thrilling for the locals to witness another movie being filmed in town, and usually everyone gathers to attempt to mingle with the celebrities.

Dundas used to be home to an internationally renowned cactus grower called Ben Veldhuis Cactus Greenhouses. In 1976, the town hosted its first annual Cactus Festival. This street festival happens during the third weekend of August, and its one of the biggest celebrations in town. More on the Dundas Cactus Festival in a bit!

Located just west of McMaster University , Dundas became a community for many university students and faculty. Theres a thriving arts community in Dundas, and there are studio tours in town. Theres also the popular Dundas Valley School of Art. And a fun fact: my old band, Winter Equinox, is mentioned on the Dundas Wikipedia page.

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Chicanos Tacos And Tequila

Its never a bad time for Mexican cuisine. And if youre looking for the best tacos in Amherstburg, Chicanos Tacos and Tequila is where its at.

The restaurant, opened by Roberto Garcia in 2019, features made-to-order guacamole, flaming cheese, and fajitas along with a great selection of classic Mexican cooking. I wouldnt have visited Amherstburg looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. But Im so glad I found it. You can check out their menu here.

Paintball And Paintball Accessories

11 Perfect Things to Do in Pomeroy, Washington  Small ...

If you have an open field, then you can certainly turn it into an awesome paintball course. If you have a building and an open field, then you can also sell products too. Rentals would also be big business. Sure, most hardcore paintballers have their own gear, but they have friends that they want to hurt, and those friends need your rental gear to make it look like they stand a chance. Now, heres a video of a guy pranking other people with his paintball gun, Im kind of surprised he survived.

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Gym And Exercise Studio

If you think that starting a gym in a tiny town is a bad idea, think again. Though fitness businesses are great small town business opportunities, they are especially lucrative for locations where the weather is colder more months out of the year than not. Its also worth mentioning that the boutique fitness trend is red-hot at the moment and shows no signs of dying down. The appeal of massive gyms with rows and rows of weights and cardio equipment is losing popularity. Meaning, there is no better time than now to capitalize on the boutique fitness trend.

Port Rowan & Long Point

Even though I live only a stones throw away from Lake Ontario in Hamilton, we are not fortunate enough to have water thats clean enough for swimming yet! So us Hamiltonians have to get kind of creative when it comes to finding places to go swimming in Southern Ontario. Many people flock to Port Dover in the summer months, but I prefer to drive a bit further down Lake Erie, to Port Rowan and Long Point.

Port Rowan is a small town in Norfolk County with a few cute storefronts on the main strip. You can grab an ice cream at the Twins Ice Cream Parlour and pop into Frannis Attic Antiques to find some neat collectibles. Just outside of town is the Backus Heritage Conservation Area, where you can visit the historic grist mill and buildings that survived the War of 1812.

Known for its birding, boating and fishing, the beauty of Port Rowan lies in the natural surroundings. There is a bird-watching area just a few minutes from downtown as well as a restored wetland museum. On the way down to Long Point, there is a beautiful marsh trail where you can spot all kinds of wildlife.

And then finally, Long Point itself. My favourite place to go swimming near Hamilton! You can pay for entrance to the Long Point Provincial Park to enjoy all of the park activities or even book a night to stay at the campground. But if you want to get creative and find a parking spot, there are several pedestrian access points to the public beach too.

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Dundas Restaurants And Cafes

When you visit downtown Dundas, dont miss the excellent restaurants and cafes! Dining at these establishments is one of the top things to do in Dundas Ontario. Im going to share my favorite restaurants in Dundas that Ive visited for many years.

I frequented many of these restaurants when I lived in Dundas, but I also dine there while visiting friends who still live in the area. I also have an annual meetup with some of my old high school friends, and we always end up dining at a restaurant in Dundas .

Facts About Dundas Ontario

Things to do in Gulfport Florida // Best Small Towns in Florida //

I thought you might like to learn a little bit more about the town of Dundas, its history, and what makes Dundas such a special place. First, Dundas is nicknamed the Valley Town because its situated at the base of the escarpment in the Dundas Valley. There are an abundance of trees and greenspace in Dundas, and its surrounded by the spectacular escarpment. Dundas is one of the prettiest towns in Ontario for this reason alone.

The population of Dundas remains at about 20,000 and has for decades. Theres not much new development in Dundas, mainly because the town can only expand so far. There are protected green spaces and the Dundas Valley Conservation Area taking up a large landmass. Dundas has remained free from the urban sprawl that exists in many surrounding towns and communities. There are so many things to do in Dundas Ontario, and many of them involve exploring the great outdoors.

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Holiday Beach Conservation Area

Sitting on a long stretch of beach just 15-minutes from Amherstburg, a visit to Holiday Beach Conservation Area is a must for anyone looking for the best things to do in the city. The park offers a great selection of seasonal campsites as well as a beautiful rental cottage. Near the beach, visitors can access clean indoor and outdoor showers as well as a comfort station.

While Holiday Beach camping is popular, one of the biggest draws of this Amherstburg conservation area is that its one of the best places in Southwestern Ontario for bird watching. The large observation tower is a popular place for birders looking to see the hundreds of species that make their way through or set up their nests in the sprawling marshland.

And from September to the end of October, Holiday Beach holds its annual Festival of Hawks. During this time, thousands of raptors, including hawks, falcons, and eagles stop in the park as they make their yearly migration. There are often experts on-site to do tagging demonstrations and to talk about the wide range of bird species on display.

Theres A Strong Sense Of Community

Once you crack the shell of locals-only social groups, theres an abundance of communal support awaiting you. Hana Pevny went from Austin, Texas, to Kennebunk, Maine after purchasing a business. One of the most surprising things about moving to a small, seasonal community was the support I received from other business owners, she said, adding that she feels a sense of community support and inclusion versus the dog-eat-dog world of metropolises. Before you decide to move altogether, try a temporary stay in one of the best small town weekend getaways around the country.

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Choosing The Right Technology For Your New Business Idea

Regardless of the business idea you choose for your small town, proper planning is essential to the success of the business. And since being a small business owner is both a major lifestyle and time commitment, make sure your choice is one you see bringing you both profit and joy for the foreseeable future.

If youre looking to start your own business and want a POS that will do all of the heavy lifting for you, its time to !

Hair Salon Or Barbershop

Frenchtown, NJ Things to do

Its one service, that regardless of your age, most people need a few times a year. If youre currently calculating the average number of women in your town and multiplying it by three, thinking that is the amount of business you will drum up yearly, you need to think bigger. Opening your own hair salon or beauty salon has a variety of additional services that go far beyond haircuts. Think coloring, nails and makeup, just to name a few. And remember, men tend to get their hair cut at least once a month. Quality cuts, depending on your geographic area and the experience of the stylist can go for around $100. Just make sure you have a before opening up your small town shop.

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What Are Mining Pools

In simple terms, it’s a group of miners that are working together to mine 1 BTC successfully. You will be combining the power to discover more blocks and the amount you get will be split depending on how much energy you provide. Don’t ever try to do it solo because there’s a chance you will ever get anything. You will have much better odds when you are in a big pool of miners.

There aren’t any requirements for joining one, but the bigger it is, the better. You can check a few things that will help you determine the best, like transparency, fee schedule, and minimum payout threshold. People who know what potential Bitcoin has and those willing to go all the way are the ones you should join.

Hometown Date #: Go Through Old Photographs At Your Parents’ Home

Paul’s parents periodically host a family get together where they cook a delicious meal on a Sunday and everyone comes over for a few hours. One of these times, his parents pulled out old photo books. No one had ever seen these photos , and so it was super fun to go through these memories and hear the brothers and their sister talk about the back story.

I even got to see a photo of Paul’s infamous high school sweetheart, whom I’ve heard about but didn’t have a visual on!

Your Turn: The next time you’ll be in your hometown, call your parents ahead of time and ask them if they have any photo albums they can bring out to show your loved one. Chances are, they’ll enjoy the memories as well. Videos? Even better.

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Best Small Towns To Visit In Southern Ontario

I will be updating this post with more town ideas in Central & Northern Ontario. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below!

This post contains affiliate links, to find out more information, please read my disclaimer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Things To See In Cancun


Before you break out your boogie board, remember that there are plenty of things to see in Cancun. In fact, Cancun excursions often yield some excellent photo opportunities. Head to El Rey Ruins in the Hotel Zone for the chance to see a bit of interesting ancient architecture and a whole lot of iguanas. Hundreds of reptiles have made the ruins home, and theyre not camera shy. You may also want to take in a sunset from Playa Delfines, where the views are picturesque and you wont have to share them with hundreds of other tourists.

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Tiny Towns Big Beauty

Youve promenaded under Osaka Castle during cherry blossom season. Your phone contains fifty shots of the Duomo di Firenze, from just as many angles. When it comes to the most beautiful cities in the world, youve been there, done that, and have the Instas to prove it. Its not that theyre not worth visiting: youre looking for more of a challenge.

Perhaps even more rewarding for the discerning adventurer are those smaller nooks of ravishing beauty, many reachable only by car or boat or trail. On world maps, these gorgeous villages and towns are marked only by the teeniest pinprick, assuming they appear at all. None are a secret, exactly, but their very sizeoften held in check by their physical remotenesscan make them tricky to reach all the same. Were confident, though, that after just one glimpse, youll find em absolutely worth the pursuit.

Fun And Inexpensive Small Town Date Ideas Yes You Can Even Enjoy The Small Town Winter Date Ideas Section All Year Round

Sooooyou live in what you affectionately refer to as the boondocks, and you’re in desperate need of some small town date ideas to impress your partner.

Good on you for making date night a priority most marriage and relationship experts suggest making date night a weekly ritual in order to keep the spark alive in your relationship, to encourage communication, as well as to continually add to your bond by remaining apart of each others current lives.

But going to dinner and the movies each week could easily add $100 to your monthly budget .

And if you live in a small town? Well, fun small town date ideas seem hard to come by.

Id like to offer up some fun and inexpensive date ideas as alternatives that will help keep date night in your budget .

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Tree Lighting & Dickens Of A Christmas

From the end of November through until Christmas, Dundas celebrates the holiday season with its Dickens of a Christmas event. It happens on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm and Sundays from noon to 3pm. You might catch Father Christmas strolling around town, hear the magical voices of carolers, and you can enjoy complimentary hot apple cider and gingerbread cookies.

There are also Breakfasts with Santa at multiple restaurants throughout Dundas. When the streets of Dundas are covered with a light dusting of snow and the town gets into Christmas mode, its super magical!

The Dundas Tree Lighting ceremony is one of the most festive events of the season. This event kicks off the Dickens of a Christmas celebrations. The community gathers around the Christmas tree to sing Christmas carols. Then, the official tree lighting happens, and Santa usually comes riding in on top of a fire truck. Then, kids are invited to sit on Santas lap, and candy canes are plentiful. The Dundas Tree Lighting ceremony is actually the oldest tree lighting ceremony in Canada!

Different Town Same Activity

6 Best Things to Do in Lake Chelan  Small Town Washington

***Hey! Im just a writer and mom and stand up comedian and musician and I am writing about my life as a mom in a way that hopefully entertains you while teaching myself something, too. Wanna give this story a clap or 30 by clicking that button at the bottom or want to share it? Be my guest and thank you!***

If you live in America like I do, your town is probably a lot like mine. There are long, twisting roads up hills or along lakes and brush-hidden river banks. Theres a history of Native American ancestry and old cemeteries and farm houses and brick houses which harbor nail salons and real estate agencies and law firms. There are beer and wine places and deer crossing signs and street lights and grocery stores and CVSs and parks and busy pizza shops. Have you ever seen an empty pizza shop? I dont know if that exists.

There are places to see or help animalsdog shelters and fish stores or maybe a touristy snake hut.

Perhaps there is a state college or a University.

At first glance, many of these spots may resemble a boring assortment of plain old locations that make up the meaty flesh of Anytown, USA. But if you dig a little deeper, youll see them for what they are places you spend the precious minutes of your life making experiences and memories, supporting and building community. They represent the things you can and will do for the holidays in your home town.

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