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Things To Do In A Hotel

Final Thoughts On Things To Do In A Hotel With Kids

15 Things To Do In A Hotel Room

I hope these 11 tips on things to do in a hotel with children will help your family in a pinch. But, if you are lucky you looked this up ahead of time and can pack some of the emergency activity items for traveling with kids.

As a bonus tip I would also recommend doing a dance party. Our kids love music and I think this is pretty universal for most children. A dance party can get the wiggles out in a fun way and burn energy for a better bedtime experience.

Our kids enjoyed our hotel Florida staycation. It was just that little break away we all needed to feel like we had a vacation. It helped a lot to have activities planned if they got bored, but the pool ate up a lot of our time.

If you need more activities for your children you may like these no download art apps that your children can enjoy on the phone, computer, or tablet.

Also, if you are looking for a hotel based vacation I really recommend this as one of the best family resorts in Florida. I have no affiliation or sponsorship with them. We simply had an amazing family trip there and would recommend it to anyone.

Family Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Aptly deemed “The City of Entertainment,” there is no shortage of excitement in Las Vegas for any and all types of travelers. A world class destination, Las Vegas boasts innovative restaurants, cutting edge attractions, shopping, vibrant nightlife and renowned casinos. Among the best hotels off the strip in las vegas, our Vegas suites provide you with a front row seat to the entertainment capital of the world. Our knowledgeable concierge and Trump Attaché team is there to help you navigate through a city that offers everything and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Covering Up The Smoke Alarms

Certain hotels still allow smokers to smoke cigarettes inside their rooms. Despite this, some guests insist on smoking in non-smoking rooms. The biggest problem: Guests who do this cover the smoke alarm so they can smoke in bed, risking their safety and that of all other guests, says Bryony Summer, owner and editor of the website Coasting Australia. Smoke outside in designated places, especially if youre staying in a non-smoking room.

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Check That The Phone Works

Checking out the phone line to reception as soon as you arrive in your hotel room will help you when you least expect it. Anything can happen while youre in your room you may need help, you may want to ask a quick question, there may be something not right in your room, or whatever else that may need you to communicate with hotel staff about, checking that your hotel phone works will actually help a lot. While youre at it, you may also want to check how much it costs to dial outside of the hotel. You dont want to get unexpected bills when it is time for you to return back home.

Beach Chair Service Rental

Anniversary Edition: The 30 Best Things to Do in ...

Beach Chairs & Umbrellas set up directly overlooking the Gulf of Mexico are available for rent daily through Lazy Days Beach Rentals. Pick out a seat and the friendly beach services team will assist in making your beach experience a comfortable one. Chair costs can be billed to your room or paid directly to Beach Services.

*Guests are welcome to bring their own chairs and umbrellas their is no charge to set up on the beach.

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Dont Forget To Look For Bedbugs

Theyre small, theyre nasty, and theyre pretty much everywhere these dayseven at high-end hotels. Bedbugs are the worlds first souvenir: They love coming home with you. Look for the incriminating signs of these little creepers before you put your bags down on the hotel bed or furniture for any lengthy period of time. Keep an eye out for the critters blood or fecal stains on your sheets or mattress and for the little buggers themselves on the mattress, headboard, couch, chair, and any other furniture.

Hang Up The Do Not Disturb Sign

Remember that you have just checked into your room and you never know how long the room was unoccupied for. Maybe there hasnt been a guest for a few days and one of the staff members, who forgets to check by reception if theres anyone, still thinks that the room is unoccupied. If youre planning on taking a shower before you go out to explore, you certainly dont want to exit your bathroom to find anyone opening your hotel room door. Putting the Do Not Disturb sign on your door is, therefore, a must as soon as you get into your room.

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A Model Wetland: Trails Wild Berries & Animals

Wander Lake is a former gravel pit, restored by excavating shallows, removing invasive weeds, erecting nest boxes, transplanting fish and aquatic plants, and creating islands for waterfowl. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service calls Wander Lake a model wetlands restoration project.

A one-mile trail loops around this scenic lake, passing a beaver house, water meadow, hidden photography area and observation deck.

In April, when the birds begin to migrate to Fairbanks, we produce weekly Field Office Reports for Wander Lake, complete with bird and wildlife sightings, trail conditions, berries and wildflowers, and other information for our guests!

Touching Surfaces Without Taking Precautions

10 Things Not To Do in a Hotel..

This tip goes for all areas in a hotel room, but most especially the bathroom. By the toilet, lay down a towel on the ground so your bare feet never touch the area where urine or other bacteria is likely to collect over the course of many guests staying in the room, suggests Alex Miller, the founder and CEO of Upgraded Points.

And for the surfaces you do need to touch? Ask the hotel for disinfectant wipes, and wipe down all doorknobs, the TV remote, faucets, and even light switches, advises Robert M. Hebeler, professor of Hospitality and Business at Rollins College. The most touched items in a hotel room are often the dirtiest. Many hotels are now supplying disinfecting wipes for guests to give their rooms a once-over when they arrive. This is how professional cleaners can tell if a hotel room is clean.

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Unlock Your Creative Side

If you’ve long dreamed about writing the great American novel or a book of poems but never seemed to find the time, consider your hotel stay the perfect opportunity. Now’s the chance to take on any creative pursuit you never seem to find time for. If you dream of being an artist, sketch on the room notepad or use the painting program on your laptop. Even if you’re not artistic, you can use your hotel stay for creative pursuits open your computer and try assembling all your favorite photos into a slideshow or fix any blemishes using photo correcting software.

Boiling Your Undies In The Kettle

Funny? Yes. Disturbing? Absolutely. Has it actually happened? You bet. After 12 years of managing hotels, Summer says the worst thing she came across was having guests boil their underwear in kettles, pots, or steamers to freshen them up. One would hope that today with the risks of COVID, guests would have better sense than to do this and bring enough clean undies for their entire staybut you just never know. Boiling underwear is just one of the many crazy things people have seen in hotel rooms.

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Make Sure There Are No Hidden Cameras Around

Thats a tough one, but we do live in the tech ages and we need to be prepared for everything. Even though its not very common in hotels, there is always a you never know when it comes to hidden cameras. Run a check on your room for misplaced objects, strange gadgets, or red lights and double smoke detectors in one room.

Go On A Hotel Room Tour And Enjoy The Facilities And Value

The Best Things to Do in Tangier, Morocco

You can take your squad and give yourselves a good tour of your room and its surrounding areas. You can make it fun by recording your experience and having one of you give the video a voice-over as you take the tour.

After taking the tour, find out what value-added services come with the room and enjoy all of it. You have after all paid for it and should get the maximum value for your money.

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What Is A Hotel Staycation

Unlike a staycation at home , with a hotel staycation you stay over at a local hotel, inn or B& B.

A staycation at a hotel is a perfect way to treat yourself, get out of the house, and perhaps try something new.

And you can help your local economy if you stay at a locally owned inn or bed and breakfast.

This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See disclaimer.

Check The Sheets And Towels

We have all been there. Absolutely wiped after a long day of travel we just want to crawl into bed and get some shut eye. Before you do its important that to take a moment and check the sheets and towels.

How to check if the hotel sheets and towel have been cleaned

  • Pull back the comforter or duvet cover. Look for stains, make up, hairs or any evidence that the sheets werent cleaned. There should NOT be a body indentation.
  • Pull back the sheets and check the mattress/mattress cover. Check for large yellow stains, mold and bugs.
  • Take the towels off the racks in the washroom to look for stains and hair

Now Im pretty picky. If you look hard enough you will always find something. Even a piece of fluff that you have mistaken for a bug could set your alarm bells ringing. If its one tiny hair in the whole bed, get rid of it and move on with your vacation.

From our journey of staying in over 200 hotels around the world we have learned that not all countries are created equal in terms of hotel standards. In all of North America, expect clean white sheets in hotels 3 stars and up. If they arent perfect make sure to let the front desk know so that they can fix it immediately.

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What To Do During Your Holidays In Tenerife

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the warm temperatures of the island allow you to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Tenerife full of leisure plans during any time of the year. We´re here to tell you about all the things you can do in Tenerife to enjoy the island with the people you love most.

Excursions to Teide: a must-see if you travel to Tenerife. The highest peak in Europe offers a gorgeous view of the island and some breathtaking sunsets. You can take a guided tour during the day or take the most incredible selfie with the sunset as a backdrop. Your Instagram stories are gonna be on fire!

Whale watching: a spectacle of nature that would be a crime to miss. In Tenerife there are companies dedicated to the organization of maritime excursions to observe these animals in their natural habitat. We´ll be happy to help you in organizing it.

Extra fun: on the island you can find different amusement parks, karting circuits and water parks to spend a day of maximum fun.

Nightlife: Tenerife offers an exciting and bustling nightlife, with bars, taverns, clubs and discotheques for all tastes and generations.

Beaches: Golden sand, black sand, intimate rocky coves … in total more than 80 beaches with crystal clear water to visit and discover during your holidays in Tenerife. At the front-desk we will be delighted to help you plan you stay in Tenerife.

Check Bed For Bedbugs

14 Things To Do in a Hotel Room

This is a little unfortunate and perhaps even annoying but trust us when we say that youll be sleeping a lot more peacefully once you know that there are no bedbugs in your sheets. By now, weve all heard about how bedbugs can live and breed on beds, couches, and even hitch rides in our luggage bags.

You, therefore, want to make sure that you check for them as soon as you enter your hotel room. Pull back the sheets and inspect them carefully. You can even lift the mattress and use a torchlight to see properly. If you spot anything, chances are, there are plenty more so the best option would be to alert the hotel staff and request a different roomand of course, youll repeat this step as soon as you arrive in your different room.

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Forgetting That You Recently Dyed Your Hair

Speaking of linens, as a courtesy to the hotel, you might want to wait until you get home before you change the hue of your do. The ruined towels and bed linens are unrecoverable, says Leslie Mulcahy, co-owner of Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont. If you have recently dyed your hair, avoid washing your hairor bring your own towel to wrap your hair until it dries, and possibly your own pillowcase in case it rubs off overnight.

Romance In Hotel Rooms Write A Shared Bucket List

A shared bucket list is something that all couples should have. It can be a great way for them to imagine the life they want together and to make sure that they are both on the same page when it comes to their goals.

It can also be a great tool when it comes to planning their future together. Shared bucket lists are often accomplished in tandem with ideas for family bucket lists, travel bucket lists, career bucket lists and so on.

We hope this article from Wyld Family Travel inspires you for your next couples weekend away.

Rebecca Wyld

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Sending Sensitive Information Over Hotel Wi

With the risks of COVID, you are probably rightly going to avoid the shared computers at the business center unless absolutely necessary. But you should also exercise caution when using your own computer in your roomfor completely different reasons. No one should ever, ever send any sensitive information or conduct any important business over hotel Wi-Fiat least not without encryption, says Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN. Given how easy it is to hack public Wi-Fi hotspots, you might as well be yelling your passwords and bank details down the hall. Travelers should use encryption to shield their Internet activity when sending important information. Find out how a VPN can keep you safe.

Leaving Important Jewelry In Your Suitcase Or Dresser

Things to do in Sedona with kids

During COVID, many hotels are only having housekeeping come in before and after a guests stay, but its still better to be on the safe side when it comes to your valuables. Most hotel rooms provide an easy-to-use safe, so you might as well take advantage: Dont leave your precious jewels, wallets, or purses in your room, unless its in a hotel-provided safe, says a Farmers Insurance Group representative. Your homeowners or renters policy may provide coverage for your belongings while you are traveling, so its important to report any lost or stolen items as soon as possible. Take a look at some of the truly bizarre things people have actually stolen from hotels.

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How Can I Find A Good Hotel For My Staycation

I recommend They offer 28 million accommodations around the world.

In fact, specializes in unique accommodations like B& Bs, small locally owned inns and such. You can even find cottages, farm stays, vacation rentals and more.

Read my full to find out if its worth using for your staycation. This post also includes tips for how to find the right place for your trip.

Dont Go Anywhere Near The Minibar

The good old days of perusing the minibar just to see whats in there are long gone at many hotel chains. Those exorbitantly priced snacks are now more booby-trapped than the golden idol at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Even jostling the Snickers bar a little could trigger the sensor, and just like that youve run up an automatic charge on your room bill.

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What Should I Bring To A Staycation

You can pack for a staycation just like you would any other hotel stay. Actually, Id recommend it.

Treating your staycation like a real vacation will make it feel more like a break from everyday lifeand thats what youre looking for, right?

Here are some things I would definitely bring with me:

  • Swimsuit for pool or beach days
  • Comfortable pajamas and loungewear
  • A dressy outfit for a special occasion dinner out
  • A good book

Check out my fully customizable weekend packing list for all the details about what you should pack for your getaway.

Have A Day Out By The Pool

Things To Do In A Hotel Room )

Put on your suit and your coverup, grab a good book and head out to the pool. Even if youre not inclined to get wet, an afternoon out by the pool just feels more vacation-y, you know?

Its the ultimate in relaxation.

But dont be a deck chair hog. Seriously, dont stake out your territory at the hotel pool and then disappear. Its not neighborly.

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