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Quirky Things To Do In Nyc

Stroll Along The Boardwalk On Coney Island And Ride New Yorks Oldest Wooden Rollercoaster

What to do in New York City | UNUSUAL Things To Do! [Travel Vlog]

I love Coney Island. Ive been coming here since I was a child. This island off Brooklyn is home to one of New Yorks most popular beaches, Nathans Famous Hot Dogs, New Yorks oldest wooden rollercoaster, cool artwork , an amusement park, and a lovely boardwalk. Its completely free to visit Coney Island. After youre done, head to Brighton Beach!

Visit The Old City Hall Subway Station

Old City Hall Station was the first subway station to open in 1904. It was a special day for the locals of New York City. Everyone was ecstatic to ride the first subway ride outside of Europe.But things wouldnt go so well for the glamorous City Hall station. In 1945, the station was officially abandoned due to safety regulations and the elongation of the subway trains. The trains can no longer fit into the Old City Hall station. Nowadays, New York Transit Museum offers tours to the Old City Hall station.For those that want a quick glimpse of it, the downtown 6 train will make a loop at the old city hall station once it passes the final stop at Brooklyn Bridge Station. If you accidentally forget to get off the train or fall asleep, then you have a chance to get a glimpse at it.

Challenge Yourself With The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

The Escape Game is an immersive experience where you and your team are given 60 minutes to complete a mission. You start by picking one of their many unique themes, including 1950s prison breakouts or deep space escapades. Once the game starts, its time for teamwork! Your group will use clues found throughout the puzzle room as well as their skills in order to find items needed with only one hour on the clock!

With themed music playing during gameplay and exciting props like laser beams crossing through rooms this escape challenge has everything you need for a night thatll leave everyone talking. This is one of the best unique things to do in New York City!

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Meet A Tyrannosaurus Rex At The Museum Of Natural History

Come face to face with dinosaurs at the American Natural History Museum one of the most fun things to do in NYC. See real Night at the Museum exhibits and size up to an enormous blue whale.

It is not often you can travel to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and visit far-off galaxies all in the same building!

Relax In A Hidden New York Garden

30 Unusual Things to do in NYC (with SECRET tips from a ...

Who would think that amid the bustle and noise of the Financial District hides a secluded garden oasis?

The Elevated Acre is exactly that: a one-acre garden elevated above the city streets.

You can access it via an escalator on downtown Manhattan, easy to overlook because its set back from the sidewalk.

This secluded urban oasis features a lawn, a seven-tier amphitheater, a beer garden, winding paths of Brazilian hardwood, and breathtaking views of the East River, Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Essential InformationAddress: 55 Water Street, New York City, NYHours: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

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Take A Hike That Leads To Another Secret Waterfall

In St.Catharines, on the Canadian side of the border, you can find the two not-so-famous but absolutely gorgeous . The Falls consist of the Upper DeCew Falls and the Lower DeCew Falls . If youre an avid hiker, youll definitely love the challenge of trekking to the falls from St. Catherine. The route is relatively unfrequented and hence, not so maintained but great for people that want to reconnect with nature. Near the falls you can also find the rural industrial heritage site, Morningstar Mill, a small grist mill that has been operating since 1872.

Enjoying this article? I also recommend to check out my list of hidden gems in New Jersey.

The Best Quirky Hotels In Queens

Queens is the new Brooklyn, so it comes as no surprise that NYCs largest borough is also full of quirky hotels! Check out these unusual accommodation options:

  • Paper Factory a paper factory turned hotel, with industrial details like concrete floors and exposed bricks
  • Boro Hotel design hotel with 108 individually decorated rooms in Long Island City and wonderful views over Manhattan

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High Line Stargazing At Night

So, you fancy yourself as a bit of an astronomer then? Well, lucky for you there are other like-minded stargazers who meet at the High Line in Manhattan between West 15th and West 16th Street.

Every Tuesday evening the Amateur Astronomers Association get out their gear to catch a gander of the night-time sky join them for one of the most whimsical and fun things to do in NYC at night.

John Gillespie

Tour A Classic 19th Century New York Home At The Merchants House Museum

Five unusual things to do in New York City

Located just off Astor Place, the Merchants House Museum is one of the citys few historic house museums and gives visitors a taste of upper-class life in the 19th century.

Here, you can tour the Tredwell familys lush bedrooms and parlors, explore the lives of the familys Irish servants, and learn a bit about the once elite Bond Street area.

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The Quirkiest Museums In New York

New York boasts countless unusual museums. You wont have a dull moment if you decide to add them to your itinerary.

  • Mmuseumm. Museums dont get much smaller than this one! The tiniest NYC exhibition is arranged inside an old freight elevator. The peculiar collection includes items such as the shoe thrown at George W. Bush in Baghdad. You can pay the museum multiple visits, as the displayed items are often replaced with new ones.
  • The Smile Face Museum. This wacky space should be ranked as one of the top 10 unusual things to do in New York. It is a tribute to the classic yellow smiley face created in the 1960s. What started as a private collection in 1992, grew into an enormous assembly of toys, clothes, bags, posters, and all kinds of items featuring smiley faces.
  • Museum of the American Gangster. A former speakeasy in Manhattan, this East Village spot is like a time machine that brings you back to a dark period of the citys history. All the prominent figures from the prohibition period are featured here via different items and memorabilia. The collection is related to Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, and other gangsters that once made the streets unsafe. Tip: Apart from housing some of the weirdest things to do in NYC, East Village is one of the best areas to stay in New York for foodies and partygoers.
  • Experience Korean Karaoke In K

    One of the most fun unusual things to do in New York has to be KTV in Koreatown. Right in the 30s, youll find Koreatown, the heart of Korean culture in New York. I recommend looking up KTV bars for the private experience. Its best to reserve in advance as these bars are quite popular in the evenings on weekends. Within the private boots, you and friends can drink soju and belt out your favorite tunes. Its as much fun as you think!

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    See The New York Transit Museum

    This museum is located inside a decommissioned subway station in Brooklyn. It provides an awesome look at the history of the transit system in NYC. I really enjoyed reading about how the transit system responded to emergencies in the past . I also loved walking through all the vintage subway cars on display at the museum. The New York Transit Museum is definitely worth visiting on your next trip to NYC, a fun activity in the city. A uniquely New York experience.


    No1 Cool Thing To Do In New York Star Gaze In The City

    80+ Unusual Things to do in NYC (with SECRET tips from a ...

    Although no longer a novelty but more of a well-established destination, The High Line always has something to keep one coming back and is an iconic hipster symbol of New York City.

    This elevated park built along the old train tracks offers regular music performances, shopping, food, drinks and evenings out in the summer and it is one of the most fun places to go in NYC.

    Walk along its entirety for the full experience and make sure to allow for enough time to chill with a book on one of the sun beds along 14th street.

    There are cooling water fountains to dip your feet into in the summer months when the city is teaming hot and lots of seasonal activities like Tai Chi, Meditation or Star Gazing. Many of them are free.

    The High Line is my favourite part of Manhattan and a reason enough for me to visit the area. The views over the city and across the river are peaceful and a nice reminder that Manhattan is an island.

    If you want to learn more about this super original and nice part of the city that feels miles away from the crowded and busy spaces of this ever-busy city, you can join a walking tour.

    I recommend the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and The High Line which also takes you around the neighbourhood for an extra dose of hipster.

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    Grab The Cutest Latte Ever From Sweet Moment In Chinatown

    One of my favorite unusual things to do in New York City is to grab a delicious, and super cute, tea latte from Sweet Moment.

    Looking for the cutest latte in all of NYC?

    If you are then Sweet Moment is the place for you. Its also one of the best coffee shops in NYC and one of the places you must eat in NYC. So clearly there are many reasons that you should visit this amazing place.

    I mean:

    Not only is there a highly Instagramable, neon sign flashing the words, Sweet Moment as you walk inside this cafe, but this Chinatown coffee, tea, and dessert mecca is well decorated and spacious too.

    So yes:

    You will definitely find a seat and no, you wont have to sit on anyones lap.


    If youre hungry, you can always stop and enjoy some of New York Citys finest ethnic cuisines.


    Lets be real. Youre not here at Sweet Moment for the coffee or the food. Youre here for the most adorable tea art that Ive ever seen!


    This uber adorable, cream art beverage is served as a cold brew, coffee or black tea and comes in funky flavors like chocolate, matcha, taro, and red velvet all of which are served with milk and a healthy dollop of whipped cream.

    My Verdict?

    The drinks are yummy but super sweet. So the real draw here is that you can take a picture of a latte that looks like the cutest little bear that you ever did see.

    But you Know What they Say?

    Address: 106 Mott St, New York, NY

    Hours: Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.

    Offbeat Nyc: Quirky Things To Do In New York City

    New York City consistently ranks in the top ten of destinations for American travelers, and for good reason. With a population of over 16 million people and countless buildings and sights instantly recognizable around the world, NYC is always a must-see destination for both US citizens and foreign tourists alike. But few experience the real offbeat, quirky, obscure side of New York City off the beaten path.

    Whether Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or even Ground Zero, most visitors already have a long list of sights to see before they even arrive in the city. And while all those destinations are interesting for their own reasons, they are also rather predictable. There is so much more to NYC than just the stereotypical spots!

    Seek out the obscure and off the beaten path things to do in New York City! Below are some of my favorite finds. Know of any others? .

    Recently I returned to the Big Apple with a local and we decided to check out some of the odd, obscure and offbeat things to do in New York City. I was also able to experience the city itself from a whole new side: a Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park.

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    Meet The Friendly Cats On Roosevelt Island

    Cat lovers, I havent forgotten about you. The Cat Sanctuary in Southpoint Park is a non-profit cat sanctuary on Roosevelt Island where you can visit twenty-two friendly strays that live here full-time. Please consider making a donation if you visit! I got to say hello to one of these kitties when I was on Roosevelt Island recently!

    About Those Tired Huddled Masses

    10 Weird Things to Do in New York City

    Inspirational poems and handsome statues are all very well and good, but the reality of emigration tends to be somewhat less rosy, especially for anybody who has ever tried to start a new life in New York. If the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the American Dream, the Tenement Museum chronicles the American reality. Step inside this extraordinary and poignent museum and youll be instantly transported back in time. A former tenement building itself, the museum has been meticulously restored to the cramped, gritty living conditions of the 19th and early 20th-century New York. Real stories from the actual families who lived in the building make for a deeply moving experience, and youll leave with a newfound respect for the grit and sacrifice of Americas immigrant backbone.

    Amisdt all the other cool and unusal things to do in New York, this emtionally stirring musuem is testament to the generations of indefatigable immigrants to helped to build it all.

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    Wind Down At A Century

    The Russian and Turkish Baths have been around since 1892.

    Also called the Tenth Street Baths , it has survived two world wars, the Mafia Wars, and the shutdown of bathhouses due to the AIDS crisis. Nowadays, hipsters mix with Russian and Jewish old-timers.

    Enjoy the sunroof, different kinds of saunas, and an aromatherapy room. When youre done with the heat, take an ice-cold shower or a dip in the ice-cold pool.

    You can also get a massage , a salt scrub, or their signature platza oak leaf treatment, where a specialist will beat you

    One of the quirks of this bathhouse is that there are two owners but they arent partners they dont share the profits. Every week, a different owner runs the bathhouse.

    When you buy passes, you need to make sure you only use the right owners pass on that day.

    Essential InformationAddress: 268 E 10th St, New York City, NY | 212-674-9250Hours: Mon-Tue 12pm-10pm Wed 10am-2pm , 2pm-10pm Thu 12pm-5pm , 5pm-10pm Fri 12pm-10pm Sat 9am-10pm Sun 8am-2pm 2pm-10pm Cost: $48 per head per admission discounts available for buying multiple admissions at one time

    It this isnt your first time in New York, you can skip this part.

    Take Some Cool Photos At Fulton Center

    Fulton Center, the hub of transportation of Manhattan, contains some of the coolest and unusual architecture as well. Conveniently located near other popular tourist destinations such as Wall st and World Trade Center, it is easy to fit a visit to Fulton center in your NYC itinerary. Stop for a short break to admire the unique architecture and grab some food and drinks.Location: 200 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

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    Hip Hop Tour Of The Bronx

    Have you watched the Get Down TV series? If you have, or if youre a hip hop connoisseur, you cant miss joining this hip hop tour of the Bronx , with hip hop artists as your guides.

    Youll be taken to some of the most iconic hip hop performance venues and guided through the history of hip hop and its significance for New Yorkers. This is right at the top of my list of unusual things to do in New York City for my next visit!

    Leave A Love Lock On Brooklyn Bridge

    15 Unusual Things To Do In New York That Aren

    Perhaps the tradition of putting padlocks oflove on bridges is more of a European thing to do whatever the reason, foronce the usually trendsetting city of New York was slow off the mark when itcame to this phenomenon.

    However, the craze has finally taken off, and you can see thousands of locks on Brooklyn Bridge attached by doting couples looking to leave a lasting token of their love. While its not exactly one of the most unusual things to do in NYC, its cute nonetheless. So if youre in town with a loved one, jump on the bandwagon and buy yourself a padlock!

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    Attend A Wine Tasting At Rooftop Reds A Truly Unique Vineyard

    Where do you put a vineyard in an urban jungle like New York City?

    On a roof, of course!

    Rooftop Reds is the worlds first commercially-viable urban rooftop vineyard and grows several varieties of grapes right on a rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    Sip some of their delicious wine among the vines in their tasting area, or attend a seasonal event like rooftop yoga or movie night!

    Even if youre not a big wine connoisseur, youll definitely want to stop by to check out the vineyards incredible views of the city.

    Challenge Your Wits With Escape Games

    You are trapped in a nuclear power plant and the nuclear weapons are set to detonate in an hour. Can you find the clues that will stop the detonation? Do you have what it takes to save millions of lives or will you fail? This is an example of what an escape game is like.If you are into finding clues and solving puzzles, then escapes games are perfect for you. You must work together with your teammates to find hints and solve the puzzles to escape the room.Escape games are a fun and unusual way to bond with your friends and people you have met on your travels.Location: Various escape room locations throughout NYC but we recommend The Escape Game. They even have online virtual games for people that might want an interactive activity with their friends from the comfort of their own home!

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