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Terre Haute Campground cabins, things to do- Terre Haute, Indiana

Things To Do At Night In Terre Haute Indiana Click Here

Looking for some ideas for your night out in Terre Haute, Indiana? The city comes alive after dark and you dont want to miss seeing its streets lit up in all their twinkling glory. Whether youre visiting Terre Haute, Indiana for a few days or a Terre Haute, Indianaer looking for new ideas, here are our favourite things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana at night. We have also included safety tips and night transport information.

in Terre Haute, Indiana,

It surprises us that not many people view Terre Haute, Indiana as a nighttime city. At first glance, it can seem as if all the fun things to do in the city happen during daylight hours but that would be completely wrong.

There are countless activities to do and sights to see during the day, but you may wonder what there is to do when nightfall hits. Vibrant is one way to describe Terre Haute, Indiana at night. Activities are plentiful so dont worry as limited as your options may seem, there is actually an abundance of things for you to choose between.

Wabash Valley Railroad Museum


Historically Terre Haute was a major rail hub, so you can learn a lot about the citys history at this museum on an old Terre Haute & Indianapolis freight depot.

Here you find about the railroad industry going back to the 1880s, while also observing mainline operations in the 21st century from an elevated platform.

Something great about the WVRM is the amount of interactivity, allowing you to try out your morse code on a telegraph, fill out a train order at the operators desk and even line up a train in one of the switching towers.

A knowledgeable, volunteer guide will fill you in on the history of the depots structures and vintage rolling stock.

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Saint Benedict Catholic Church

Established at the end of the Civil war by a few German immigrants, the original building was dedicated to St. Benedict Church in 1864 and served by Benedictine priests. After moving into the care of the Franciscans in 1872, the church moved to a bigger building designed and built by architect Adolph Druiding in the Romanesque style. The church is built in a cruciform shape and features two large towers with distinctive cupolas, a 60-foot wide nave, and a grand 120-foot transept. The church has three bells named for the saints, St. Francis, St. Benedict, and The Blessed Virgin.

111 S 9th St, Terre Haute, IN 47807, Phone: 812-232-8421

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ACTIVE is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races and marathons to softball leagues and local events. ACTIVE also makes it easy to learn and prepare for all the things you love to do with expert resources, training plans and fitness calculators.

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Vigo County Historical Society & Museum

The museum is a unique and essential attraction in Terre Haute. Vigo Count Museum is well maintained and educational.

You will learn about the Root Glass of Terre Haute as the founder of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle well-known worldwide.

You will also discover how people emigrated to Terre Haute from all over the world and plenty of historical events that took place.

The Vigo County Historical Museum is situated at the National Road in downtown Terre Haute, and the 34,000 square foot facility provides you with a 21st-century experience as you learn the stories of Vigo County Historical Society and Museum from the last 200 years.

The museum also offers expanded exhibits of Terre Hautes exciting history, such as the exhibit of famous Haitians, the displays of historic downtown, and immigrants that contributed to the citys growth.

There are fine displays you will find in the museum as it is fully accessible for everyone to walk through and enjoy with lots of parking space.

Do add a visit to Vigo County Historical Society and Museum to your list of things to do in Terre Haute, IN, for some historical time.

Address: 929 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47807-3229

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National Road Heritage Trail

Terre Haute is on the National Road, the United States first federally-funded national highway, a national scenic byway, running from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois.

This 620-mile road was constructed from 1811 to 1837, and became the second road in the country to be surfaced with the innovative Macadam process. Much of the National Road is now U.S. Route 40.

From the Twigg Rest Area, just east of Terre Haute on US 40 you can follow the original course of the National Road via a 6-mile greenway all the way to the Indiana State University campus downtown.

The trail has lots of interesting interpretive signs, and is on a peaceful green corridor, buffered by lawns and trees.

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Vigo County Public Library

The youth services department at Vigo County Public Library is a great indoor space to enjoy with your little ones. There is a lot to do here other than just curl up with a good book. With a number of different activity areas, some wall-mounted play panels, toy bins, and other places to play, the library is a good place to spend a couple of hours away from home with your toddler. Best of all, its totally free! Also, be sure to check their website to find out about programs and educational offerings for your childs age group. Click here to learn more.

Lavern Gibson Championship Course

Welcome To Terre Haute | Indiana State

For some sports time, add a visit to the Lavern Gibson Championship Course to your checklist of things to do in Terre Haute, IN.

Lavern Gibson Championship Course is a large sports complex on the east side of Terre Haute used for Cross Country running. LaVern Gibson Championship Course is a fun, engaging, and fantastic place to visit.

College or high school students hold different competitions in the Championship Course who enjoy what they do. School events can be held there too.

The State Cross Country Finals are recently held in LaVern Gibson Championship Course. The large sports complex can contain many people with a spacious parking space as it is a 250 acres complex.

The Championship Course is for you if you love sports so much, especially games like Cross country running.

Address: 599 S.Tabortown Road, Terre Haute, IN 47803-7735

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Vigo County Historical Museum


The third point of that triangle of museums downtown is the headquarters of the Vigo County Historical Society, in a beautiful four-level manufacturing building dating back to 1895.

The society has been around since 1922, and has built up a huge collection of artifacts. These are presented in detailed exhibits devoted to topics like Transportation, Business & Industry, Haunted Legends and Historic Hauteans.

One exhibit deals with a piece of local history that might catch you by surprise. Terre Haute is the birthplace of Coca-Colas iconic contour bottle, which was designed by the citys Root Glass Company in 1915.

Root was one of ten competing glass companies across the country, commissioned by the Coca-Cola Company to develop a distinctive bottle, and was chosen in 1916 as the clear winner.

Things To Do On Winter In Terre Haute Indiana

With top class museums, galleries, pubs and restaurants, Terre Haute, Indiana is a city very much geared up for the colder weather. So if youre wondering what to do during winter, and indeed Christmas, in the city, heres a helpful guide to some of the best places to go. In no particular order, here are our top 50 things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana in the winter

in Terre Haute, Indiana,

Were sharing what to do in Terre Haute, Indiana in winter, where to stay, and places to eat around the city. Were sharing indoor AND outdoor activities, to accommodate the weather in Terre Haute, Indiana no matter good or bad!

Here is the list of things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana in winter:

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Romantic Things To Do In Terre Haute Indiana

If you thought that celebrating Valentines Day and taking your girlfriend to a fancy restaurant is the only way to proclaim your love for her, think again. Watch out for these top romantic things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana and spend a romantic and unforgettable vacation in the city.

Many people think that Paris is the city for romance. However, Terre Haute, Indiana holds this distinction too. The following spots prove that the Terre Haute, Indiana is indeed a city that also flaunts a romantic atmosphere. Here are the most romantic things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana for couples!

Hatfield Hall Terre Haute Indiana

Terre Haute Childrens Museum

Located on the campus of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Hatfield Hall hosts an array of world-class performances ranging from musicals, concerts to dance recitals, and student ensembles. The theater produces a calendar of productions and performances, ranging from well-known plays to up-and-coming concerts by emerging artists.

5500 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47803, Phone: 812-877-8544

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Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course

Located just east of the Terre Haute International Airport, the LaVern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course is a purpose-built cross-country course that forms part of the 240-acre Wabash Valley Family Sports Center. Built on a reclaimed coal mine, the course consists of a 1.8-mile external loop and four internal loops varying lengths. The LaVern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course is the home of Indiana State University’s Cross-Country team and hosts multiple championship meets throughout the year.

599 S. Tabortown Street, Terre Haute, IN 47803, Phone: 800-366-3043

Things To Do On Rainy Day In Terre Haute Indiana

Terre Haute, Indianaers rarely venture out without two things their Oyster Card and an umbrella. According to weather data, even in the height of summer theres a chance of a shower in Terre Haute, Indiana every three days. But dont let that put you off, because there are enough indoor activities and ways to make the most of the city even when its a bit wet outside. While the city is an exciting city to simply explore by foot during your Terre Haute, Indiana holiday, with its incredible architecture, lively street performers and more, when the rain hits its good to know where to run for cover.

on rainy day,

Whether youre looking for family-friendly activities or would rather sit out the rain in Terre Haute, Indianas best bars, weve got it covered .

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Hidden Things To Do In Terre Haute Indiana

Every city has its hidden gems the sweet little off-the-beaten-track spots which youll only discover if youre in the know, and Terre Haute, Indiana has its fair share of them. It might surprise you to hear that there are even hidden gems in central Terre Haute, Indiana, concealed by the hustle and bustle of all the major city attractions which distract passers-by from giving these spots the attention they clearly deserve. These lesser-known spots in Terre Haute, Indiana city centre make for a great self-guided walking tour as they are each located between Mayfair and Tower Bridge. Youll come across secret historical sights, a hidden oasis, epic street art and more seriously Instagrammable spots on this tour around the city centres hidden gems.

in Terre Haute, Indiana,

Terre Haute, Indiana is a city that pays dividends if you take the time to invest in it that is. There are so many hidden gems in Terre Haute, Indiana that if Im frank, if youre not taking the time to explore the city, you are not doing it justice.

Best Restaurant In Terre Haute Indiana

Beautiful Fowler park, Pioneer village, playground, beach and campgrounds- Terre Haute, Indiana

Looking for an interesting and unique dining spot for your next night out, or planning ahead for Christmas? These cool restaurants in Terre Haute, Indiana offer something different and make for some of the best dinner spots in the city.

From the truly incredible and Instagram-worthy to the downright unusual and bizarre, you can get front row seats to the best food and entertainment Terre Haute, Indiana has. It can almost be overwhelming to choose the most fun places to celebrate a special occasion , when there are so many options.

And here is the coolest dinner spots in the city to book now

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Stables Steakhouse Terre Haute In

Located in a former stable, Stables Steakhouse is a luxurious restaurant with exposed brickwork, rich, dark wood and leather furnishings, plush carpeting, and elegant chandeliers that serves award-winning cuisine. Exuding the feeling of a cozy mountain lodge, the restaurant serves prime, 28-day aged steaks, fresh seafood, surf-and-turf, and fresh salads, and has a full-service bar with the largest selection of bourbons, cognacs, scotch, and other fine liquors in the region. The bar also serves classic cocktails made with imported spirits, craft beers, and fine wines from around the world.

939 Poplar St, Terre Haute, IN 47807, Phone: 812-232-6677

Things To Do For Couples In Terre Haute Indiana

Whether youre on your first date or have been with your partner for years, there are lots of fun things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana for couples. Londin has many unique attractions that are perfect for romantic dates.

Terre Haute, Indiana may not often be considered one of the most romantic places. However, with its incredible history and gorgeous architecture, its hard not to fall in love in Terre Haute, Indiana and with Terre Haute, Indiana. It definitely is a great spot for a romantic getaway.

In a city as big as Terre Haute, Indiana, the opportunities for fun dates are pretty much endless. But where do you go when youre struggling for inspiration for date choices? Whether its a first date with someone you meet on an app, a romantic night with a long-term love or a friend date, trying something new is always fun. Weve made a list of slightly quirkier date-night alternatives and if you end up not liking the date idea, at least youre doing it with someone youre really into.

Terre Haute, Indiana knows how to do date night right. From cosy cocktails in underground speakeasies to strolls along the River Thames, theres a lot to choose from. In search of some date night ideas? Here are 18 romantic things to do in Terre Haute, Indiana to get you started.

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Plan A Trip To Terre Haute

Terre Haute is the perfect place for a fun vacation with your friends and family as there are lots of promising packages awaiting your visit.

There are amusement parks, campgrounds, playgrounds and other exciting places you can visit to enjoy yourselves and spend time with your loved ones.

You will also love to take a charming walk on the excellent trails with people you love. There are museums you can explore, stores to buy beautiful furniture and other items for your house.

Get your bags ready as you prepare for your next vacation to Terre Haute and discover the citys exciting history. Have fun!

Indiana Theatre Terre Haute Indiana

Deming Park (Terre Haute)

The Indiana Theatre is a historic theater in the Wabash Avenue-East Historic District that presents a calendar of theatrical shows and performances. Built by famed architect John Eberson in 1922, the theater is located on the corner of Ohio and S. 7th Street and is a beautiful example of the Atmospheric style of theatre design. Interiors are inspired by 17th century Spanish Andalusia with vibrant stylized motifs, colorful pattern work, and intricate Churriguerisque-style plasterwork, and an elegant lobby has ornate statues and a frescoed ceiling. The theater has been upgraded to incorporate the latest technology such as LED atmospheric lighting, a new sound system, and a digital projection system.

683 Ohio St, Terre Haute, IN 47807, Phone: 812-232-8076

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