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Groupon Things To Do In Miami

Up To 45% Off Mural Painting Experience From Mlk Mural

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MLK Mural, located at 60 N.W. 17th St. in Overtown, is offering a recurring deal that was first introduced on Dec. 6, 2019.

According to MLK Mural’s Groupon page, classes are taught by experienced artists and offer “fun, educational, and engaging mural-painting projects throughout Miami.”

There are two price options for this deal, ranging from $25 to $49, with a discount of at least 44%. It’s worth noting that the cheapest option is less expensive than 68% of the things to do deals out there.

Want to give this deal a go? Get the deal here.

Cheap Things To Do In Miami In September: How To Save $100 A Week

If there’s one thing this itinerary proves, it’s that there are plenty of cheap things to do in Miami this September. Follow our sample Miami calendar and you’ll take a riverboat cruise to an all-you-can-eat BBQ dinner, hunt down treasure during a “Pirate’s Den” room-escape challenge, and shoot down alien spaceships at a VR park, all while saving an average of $100 a week.

To prove how easy it is to save money on Miami activities with Groupon, we’ve organized our guide into four sample weeks. Each week includes three suggestions: a fun weekend event, a weeknight outing, and an errand or appointment you might need to get done. Check out how quickly the savings add up when you make Groupon a regular habit.

Habit #: Do It Yourself

Here’s a truism for the ages: “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”

The great heroes of this world don’t rely upon drones to get the job done. Heroes swoop right in and do the job right!

For example, if you’re a sales manager, it’s always a good idea to take over an account right before it closes. Demand to be in on a customer meeting and do the negotiations yourself! After all, why should you depend on an underling to do the job, when you can do it so much better??

Similarly, if you’re managing engineers, wait until the job is almost done and then jump right in and make the changes that will make the product truly wonderful. After all, that’s why you’re the manager, right? It’s your job to make sure that everything is high quality.

And don’t believe any of that BS about the importance of delegating. Delegating is for sissies who can’t think strategically. Think about all those books you’ve read by top CEOs like Jack Welch! Did they delegate? Of course not! They captained the ship and keel-hauled the flunkies.

Another side benefit of this habit is that your employees may eventually conclude that they can do nothing without you. Now that’s job security!

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Everton To Bring Fans Comfort Of Their Living Room At New Stadium With Wide Range Of Experiences

Choice and flexibility will be the keys as Everton look to revolutionise matchday hospitality when they move to their new stadium

Everton are looking to revolutionise matchday hospitality at their new stadium with a fresh, modern concept that might ultimately eradicate the word hospitality altogether. The prefix of corporate has already been dropped as the Blues aim to create something for everyone when it comes to enhancing experiences for fans looking for a bit extra when they go to the game by Liverpools world famous waterfront from the 2024/25 season onwards.

Evertons surveys about hospitality have indicated that supporters are generally looking for a more forward-thinking approach with flexibility and that is the inspiration behind the concept of All, a wide choice of bars, restaurants and experiences that will be available when they move to Bramley-Moore Dock. At the moment the only pre-match offering at Goodison Park is the Fan Zone and you have to be a lounge member to access the likes of The 85 Lounge The 1878 Brasserie The Alex Young Suite The Brian Labone Lounge The Dixie Dean Suite The Joe Mercer Suite The Captains Table and The Peoples Club.

READ MORE: Frank Lampard confirms area he wants to strengthen amid reports Everton are chasing four signings


Top Things To Do At Nightview All

Congress Hotel

If youre looking for something to do at night, it wont be hard to find in Miami. The lively neighborhoods of South Beach and Miami Beach are filled with clubs and bars to keep your night going until the early morning.

Nighttime activities near Miami include:

  • Radio Bar: handcrafted cocktails with bar food
  • Sing Sing Karaoke: sing over 120,000 songs in many different languages
  • Purdy Lounge: a Caribbean dance club playing reggae and old-school hip hop
  • Macs Club Deuce: Miamis oldest bar open until 5 a.m.
  • Wet Willies: a retro restaurant boasting frozen daiquiris

Home to Miami Childrens Museum and the Grapeland Water Park, Miami is full of fun things to do with kids. Theres even swimming in the almost century-old Venetian Pool, the largest freshwater pool in the U.S.

Family-Friendly attractions near Miami include:

  • Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science: hands on exhibits with a planetarium and wildlife exhibits
  • Grapeland Water Park: offering everything kids need to have fun including movies and athletic facilities
  • Venetian Pool: the largest freshwater pool in the US built in 1924
  • Crandon Park: a beautiful beach, golf and tennis facilities, and unique eco-adventures
  • Miami Childrens Museum: interesting architecture and interactive exhibits designed to educate children

Top things to do in Miami indoors include:

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Habit #: Expect Mindreading

The best way to keep employees on their toes is to make sure that they never know exactly what you’re thinking.

If you’re asked your opinion on something, always say: “Well, that depends.” If you’re asked for a decision, always say: “I have it under consideration” or “I have it under active consideration.”

When you assign projects, always be as vague as possible about what you’d like to see. Think of it as a way to spur creativity! Then, when you’re asked to review the project when it’s complete, simply say: “That’s not it.” Then smile, give the employee a friendly pat on the back, and say: “Back to the drawing board!”

Think of it this way. Business is like poker, and if you’re going to win at poker, you can’t let your opponent know when you’re bluffing or whether you’re holding four aces. You don’t want to be the kind of moon-faced fool who gives away his strategy to all and sundry, do you?

Remember: Your ability to remain in power is directly dependent upon your ability to keep your employees confused and disoriented. After all, if they know what they’re supposed to be doing, why would they need a manager?

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Lessons From The Trenches A Followup Conversation With Brewability Labs

Welcome to the Autism Advantage podcast! Im your host, Tom DEri. Throughout the first seven episodes of season 2, we chronicled the process of opening a second location of Rising Tide Car Wash, where we employ people with autism. If you tuned in, you heard all about how we planned this location, interviewed and trained our fantastic new employees, how the opening went, and much more.

For the final three episodes of this season, were changing things up a bit! We want to revisit some of the incredible entrepreneurs who we featured in season 1 to hear about how their journeys have progressed since we last heard from them. Today, well be talking to Tiffany Fixter of Brewability Lab. When we last spoke in season 1 episode 7, the company was dealing with red tape and hadnt quite opened yet. Go listen to that episode for some background, and then tune in here to learn how much has changed!

As a quick refresher, Tiffany was a special education teacher who was disappointed to find out how few people with autism have jobs. So, having the entrepreneurial spirit that she does, she decided that she would do something about it! After a successful crowdfunding effort, Tiffany found a turnkey brewery and put down a deposit on it. Thats when they ran into some red tape and when we had our last conversation!

In This Episode:

Tiffany takes a moment to explain what Brewability Labs is, and why she started it, for listeners who may not be familiar with the venture.

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Up To 82% Off Private Cruise

Miami Beach Boat Rentals and Adventures has a deal that’ll score you major savings. There are two price options for this deal, ranging from $129 to $199, with a discount of up to 82%.

The least expensive offer comes in $8 less than the average price of the deals currently available. The highest-value deal will save you $661.

According to its Groupon page, Miami Beach Boat Rentals and Adventures offers cruises where “passengers may view celebrity homes and spectacular mansions located on Millionaires Row.”

Head over to 250 N.W. North River Drive in Downtown to redeem the deal.

Up To 78% Off Party Boat Rental From Ah

Monster Mini Golf | Miami Groupon Review | Vlogoween

Boats Mia has a deal that gives good value for the money. There are two price options for this deal, ranging from $59 to $109, with a discount of up to 78%.

The lower-end offer is $78 less than the average of the deals currently available. The highest-value deal saves you $211.

According to its Groupon page, Boats Mia offers a “party boat for up to six people with a tour of Miami by water and stop at private island.”

Pop in at 250 N.W. North River Drive in Watson Island to redeem the deal.

Tempted? Click here to nab this deal.

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Up To 84% Off Jet Ski Rental At Venture Water Sports

Venture Water Sports, located at Pelican Harbor Drive Pier 8 Pelican Harbor Boat Ramp, is offering a recurring deal that was first introduced on Nov. 28, 2019, and has trended in Miami within the last six months.

According to its Groupon page, Venture Water Sports offers thrillseekers plenty of adventure “speeding across the waves of the ocean on jet skis.”

There are two price options for this deal, ranging from $25 to $45, with a discount of at least 74%. As it happens, the low-end option is cheaper than 68% of the other things to do deals available.The offerings at Venture Water Sports have been known to sell out in the past , so you may want to nab this deal sooner rather than later.

Interested? Get the deal here.

Habit #: Embrace The Status Quo

Forget about all that crap about innovation. If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The entire structure of the corporation is specifically designed to ensure that those in power stay in power. Since you’re now in a position of power, the status quo is, by definition, the best of all possible worlds. Why would even think about making alterations?

Remember: the only people who like really changing are urine-soaked babies. For everyone else in God’s green world, it’s far easier to let everything stay as much same as possible.

Now, does this mean that you should reject all the wonders of modern technology? By no means! Technology is to be embraced, wholeheartedly, and then harnessed to buttress the status quo.

Take the Internet, for instance. If you don’t get your employees plugged into the Web, they won’t be able to get their work done. Just make sure that you monitor everything that they do and filter out any site that you don’t like. That way, you make sure that whatever they do fits within the circumscribed boundaries of the status quo.

What’s more, a corporate Internet is an excellent way to keep tabs on your employees. Give them smartphones and track their locations. Be sure to check all their emails, texts, and entries on social media sites. If anyone does anything you don’t like, call them on the carpet, or give them the ol’ heave ho.

That will teach those losers what happens when they dare to think for themselves.

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Groupon Made It Worth It

The current Groupon for this place made the trip worth it. The service was okay and the appetizer was good.


I used to come here a lot. Came today and they changed the server 3 times. Each server would ask for ID as they pick up your pitcher and cups and demand ID. After the third time I gave up on showing ID I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and finished my hour of pool and never saw any management. The employees won’t even give you their names for the complaint. These new employees are horrible. I miss the non English speaking ladies who would actually know what they were doing. Less hassle and better prices down the street in sunset. Won’t return.

Up To 71% Off Jet Ski Rental At Mia Ski

Big Bus Tours Miami Beach

MIA Ski, located at 1050 MacArthur Causeway in Watson Island, is offering a recurring deal that was first introduced on Nov. 9, 2018, and has trended in Miami within the last six months.

According to its Groupon page, MIA Ski offers adventure-seekers the chance to “enjoy an unforgettable experience, soaring through the sparkling waters of Miami.”

There are two price options for this deal, ranging from $25 to $45, with a discount of at least 68%. It’s worth noting that the low-end option is cheaper than 68% of Miami’s available things to do deals.

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Sports And Outdoor Activities In Miamiview All

People in Miami enjoy the sun, sand, and outdoors. Downtown Miami and the surrounding areas have everything from scuba diving and snorkeling to exciting wetlands exploration.

Active things to see around Miami include:

  • Bayfront Park: this beautiful 32 acre park is located on Biscayne Bay
  • South Beach: a lively neighborhood known for its celebrity-chef eateries and popular nightspots
  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park: home to the Cape Florida Light, the oldest structure in Miami
  • Haulover Park: 1.4 miles of beach with fishing, swimming, and beach games
  • Key Biscayne: offers a nearby coastal barrier reef and an underwater archaeological trail

Top Things To Do In Miami

Miami is a culturally diverse city located at southeastern end of Florida. It is famous for its rowdy and energetic beach neighborhoods, like Miami Beach and South Beach, as well as its wide variety of things to do. From action-packed professional basketball to beautiful open-air marketplaces on the water, theres something fun for every visitor that comes to Miami. Use the following list as a guide to help make the most out of your trip to this famous destination.

Theres something for everyone in Miami. Visitors can head to the Miami Seaquarium to interact with a variety of sea creatures or they can relax in the sun at famous Miami Beach. Whatever you like, youll find plenty of activities to choose from during your time in this unique city.

The best things to do near Miami include:

  • Miami Seaquarium: 38 acres of marine animal exhibits and shows
  • Bayside Marketplace: an open air marketplace located downtown along the bay wall
  • Miami Beach: this beach town is full of colorful building and a lively atmosphere
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: offering self and guided tours with a butterfly exhibit
  • Miami Heat Basketball: Miamis very own NBA team

This culturally diverse and historic city has a number of landmarks and attractions every tourist should see. You can head to Wynwood Walls for some of the worlds best street art and awesome photo backdrops. You can also take a stroll around the former estate of lavish businessman James Deering.

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Sports And Outdoor Activities In Miami Beachview All

Your time in Miami Beach is best spent outdoors. The citys famous beaches and well-kept parks offer outdoor activities for fun in the sun.

Outdoor activities and things to see in Miami Beach include:

  • Allison Park: a beach with lifeguards and sea turtle sculptures
  • Maurice Gibb Memorial Park: a memorial for the late Bee Gees member with a playground and walking paths
  • Collins Park: this park has everything you need for a day of fun
  • Virginia Key: a barrier island with over 800 acres of preserved land to enjoy
  • Flagler Monument Island: take a scenic cruise to this island for a day of fun

Habit #: Sharpen The Axe

10 BEST Things To Do In Miami | What To Do In Miami

As the Boy Scouts say: “Be Prepared!” And in the world of management that means being prepared to fire your underlings at a moment’s notice.

Of course, you can’t kill underlings with an axe any longer, so you must now interpret the 7th habit metaphorically. In this case, “sharpen the axe” means making certain that you don’t care a rat’s behind whether your employees live or die.

One way to “sharpen the axe” is to select role models from the most successful CEOs of the past 20 years. Most of them have built their careers on exporting jobs and downsizing domestically. Why, some have even managed to build supply chains that depend upon slave labor and child labor in the third world. Then they can fire U.S. workers by the thousands!

Go ye forth and do likewise!

Another way to “sharpen the axe” is to read plenty of Ayn Rand, whose philosophy of business is tantamount a “soul-ectomy.” After you’ve read enough Rand, you’ll find it impossible to care about all those moochers and losers who aren’t as successful as you.

Finally, if all else fails, you can “sharpen the axe” simply by remembering the motto immortalized in The Sopranos: “It’s not personal… it’s just business.”

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