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Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Marvel At Warburtons Redwood Forest

Fun Things To Do This Summer When Bored at Home! | Sea Lemon

You dont have to travel to America to be wowed by giant redwoods you can find them just an hour from Melbourne!

Warburton is in the Yarra Valley and an easy drive from the city. The redwoods are a popular attraction, so if youd like to enjoy them in peace, visit midweek.

Whilst youre there take a meander along cement creek and look out for native wildlife.

DETAILS | Warburton Redwood Forest Cement Creek Road, Warburton

Make A Scrapbook To Commemorate The #bestsummerever

I always say Im going to make an end-of-summer scrapbook, but this year, Im really going to do it. To start, make sure you chronicle both special moments and normal days by taking lots of photos on your smartphoneeven just one a day adds up! Remember, this bucket list is about creating memories, and theres no better way to do that than through photos you can revisit later. Ive loved having beautifully bound photo books printed by companies like Artifact Uprising in the past. This year, however, Im going old-school, by buying a simple blank scrapbook, printing out photos using this amazing device, and adding notes and little tokens to help us never forget Summer 2021.

Whats on your summer bucket list? Id love to hear any of your ideas in the comments for fun things to do this summer.

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Look For Activities You Want To Do

via: Unsplash / Holly Mandarich

This may sound obvious, but far too often, people choose things to do over the summer that sound like something they want to like but don’t really. If you aren’t a big reader, don’t force yourself to go to the library and read a bunch of old books.

Think of activities you like or that will stretch you in ways you’ll enjoy. That will inspire you to actually complete them.

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See The Little Penguins At St Kilda Pier

Every evening at dusk, the little penguin colony that live on the rocks around StKilda pier come into roost.

Its not a big spectacular with lights and stadium seating like the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island. Instead, its a small huddle just doing their thing.

Not all that many people know about this colony, so you wont find the pier packed with crowds. How wonderful.

DETAILS | St Kilda Pier Pier Rd, St Kilda

Stargaze Or Meteor Shower Gaze

Simply Everthing I Love...: 50 Almost FREE things to do ...

Is there anything more humbling than gazing up at the heavens above? Pick a clear night, find a quiet spot away from city lights, and bring a telescope or just even a blanket to gaze up. You can look online to find what stars to pick out of your night sky. Or time your stargazing for a night when theres a meteor shower for a spectacular show.

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Learn How To Make Something From Scratch

Try learning how to make something from scratch especially something you like to have a lot of, like hummus or throw pillows. It might take a bit of money on supplies to start, but then youll be saving money the whole summer long making items instead of buying them.

Additional reporting by Carolin Lehmann

Adrienne loves architecture, design, cats, science fiction and watching Star Trek. In the past 10 years she’s called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson.

Summer Snacks Meals And More

Fast food happens. And when it does, you might as well order the most nutritious thing on the menu.

Check out the finalists in our cookie recipe contest, and feel free to bring these to your next BBQ.

Who wants to spend a hot summer night in a hot kitchen? Try these easy, crowd-pleasing, 7-minute meals.

Local produce can be just as good as organic and cheaper. Let your kids do some meal planning!

C’mon! Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Enter to win our giveaways every month.

It’ll just look like you slaved over these pirate, princess, rocket ship, and lady bug cakes

Move beyond the iceberg lettuce and cukes. Everyone will love these splashes of fruit and seasonal flavors.

OMG. This thing is amazing. Warm chocolate chips and soft oatmeal cookies, glued together with creamy vanilla ice cream. Om nom nom nom.

When the temperature hits 90-degrees before 9 a.m., your whole family will be begging for this healthy, frozen breakfast.

Put it in a wrap? With carrots? Trust us. It works.

Summer-inspired finger foods for babies.

Totally tasty, no-fail, chilly, healthy summer treats.

The whole family will have fun with these crafts and recipes designed to cool you down.

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See The Inside Of Flinders Street Station

Its very rare to see the inside of the ballroom that sits above Flinders Street Station, but artist Patricia Piccininis A Miracle Constantly Repeated gives you the chance.

This incredible exhibition includes silicone sculptures, video, sound and light to create an immersive, unreal experience.

Tickets are available throughout the summer months and until 12 June 2022. Book online.

Swim With The Locals At Williamstown Beach

5 Fun Things to do in the Pool | EASY SUMMER DIY

Located in Melbournes inner west, Williamstown beach is a favourite with the locals.

Catch the train to Williamstown station. The beach is a short walk from the station.

Featuring golden sand and calm, patrolled waters, Williamstown beach is a safe and fun place to swim. The foreshore features a number of cafes and there are also barbeques by the beach should you wish to cook your own lunch.

DETAILS | Williamstown Beach The Esplanade, Williamstown

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Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Summer activities for kids, crafts, outdoor fun, travel ideas, cool-down treats and lots more! We have enough fun summer activities for kids to keep them busy all season.

Before your family has a chance to say, “Mom, I’m boooored!” you can be ready with this list of great ideas. So, slather on the sunblock, grab your shades and live it up this Summer!

Nz Whitewater Academy Tandem Kayak Tour

Now for the wildest water adventure, the NZ Whitewater Academy is offering tandem kayak tours down the Kaituna River. The Kaituna river is epic for rafting and now you can take the next step turn up the adventure and kayak it for yourself!This newly launched experience requires a one-to-one guide to guest ratio with the professional kayaker sitting in the back of the boat. They teach you all you need to know, how to get down the river safely and youll work together to navigate one of the most fun rivers on the planet. If you have a sense of adventure, this experience is for you.

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Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Due for some pampering? Montreal has Nordic-style spas in abundance. Take the St. Jude, for instance, a converted historic church on trendy St. Denis Street. Then theres Bota Botaa reconditioned ferryboat docked in the Old Port. Head to Nuns Island for Strom Spa, which offers an incredible array of luxurious treatments. It may be only five minutes from downtown Montreal, but the densely forested island setting truly feels like another world.

Watch A Tennis Match At The Australian Open

50 Fun Summer Things for Tweens to Do â Mami of Multiples

In late January, Melbourne comes alive as The Australian Open comes to town. The tennis is a huge drawcard for Melbourne.

The Tennis Centre is just a short stroll from Flinders Street station. Alternatively you can also hop on a tram. We suggest to walk. Birrarung Marr and the Yarra River are beautiful at this time of the year.

If you love great atmosphere, youll want to visit the tennis in week 1. During this time there are plenty of matches on the outer courts. You might also catch one of the big name players on the practice courts.

During this time the grounds come alive with interactive displays and often concerts too.

During Week 2 things get serious. Youll need to book courtside tickets. If youve a favourite player or are tennis mad then week 2 is for you!

DETAILS | The Australian Open, Melbourne Park

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Best Things To Do Over The Summer

via: Pexels / VisionPic .net

If you are truly, overwhelmingly bored by the summer so far, there’s no time to waste on ideas that may or may not lead to enjoyable outing. Instead, you’ve got to cut straight to the best things to do over the summer. These ideas are guaranteed ways to have a great time getting out in the sun.

Here are the 13 best things to do over summer:

1. Visit county fairs

There’s a reason these have been popular destinations for over a century. They’re super fun for all ages.

2. Take a free factory tour

Find out how the stuff you use is really made.

3. Stage a summer film festival

If you’ve got a projector, you can do this outside and make it an outdoor picnic as well.

4. Learn how to swim

Once you know, you can open up all kinds of other summer activities.

5. Host a cookout

Get everyone to bring something along, and relax and enjoy the company and good food.

6. Take your scooters to a local skate park

Whether you can pull off all the tricks or it’s your first effort, it’ll be a great time out.

via: Pexels / Ajay Donga

7. Head to the lake for a fishing trip

Fishing is great fun whether you catch a twenty pounder or nothing at all.

8. Outdoor dinner date

Take full advantage of the weather and make your date all that much more romantic.

> 9. Go to a professional baseball game

The games are so much more entertaining in person.

10. Get soaked in a water park

Too hot for you? There’s no better way to cool down.

11. Take a road trip

12. Grow an herb garden

Remember Your Geographic Details

via: Unsplash / Element5 Digital

Going to the beach is one of the classic things to do over the summer. But that idea is not much good if you live in Iowa. Likewise, camping is quite tough if you are downtown in a big city. So, narrow down your options based on where you are.

In Iowa, you can go for long walks. In the city, the markets will be wonderful. It’s all about finding the right activities for your location.

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Have A Drink At An Outdoor Bar

Youre spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor bars in Melbourne. Its hard to miss Abory Afloat on the Yarra its right next to Flinders Street Station.

We love the expansive space of the Corner Hotel. No matter, which bar you pick, chances are Melbourne will meet you with a balmy night to enjoy a sip under the stars.

Stroll Through The Carlton Gardens

6 Fun Things To Do When Your Bored In The Summer

The heritage listed Carlton gardens are just 8 minutes on the tram or an 18 minute walk from the centre of the city.

Featuring impressive fountains and the impressive Royal Exhibition Centre, its a very photogenic spot.

The Melbourne Museum and iMax are also adjacent to the gardens. They are a great air conditioned spot to stop in on a hot day.

DETAILS | Carlton Gardens 1-111 Carlton Street, Carlton

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Get Goosebumps At La Ronde

The La Ronde Six Flags amusement park on Montreals St-Helenes Island is worth an entire day of explorationeven if you dont have kids. Theres plenty of thrills for grown-ups, including Goliath, the largest and fastest of La Rondes roller coasters, and the brand new, family-friendly Tourbillon. If it gets too hot, simply barrel down The Splash: a 50-foot waterfall at 30 miles-per-hour into a giant tank of water? Thatll cool you off!

Helpful hint: If youre in Montreal for the International Fireworks Festival, the VIP seats at La Ronde offer the best views in the city.

Pick Berries At A Local Farm

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are going to the U-Pick berry farms near our home in rural Missouri. In the Austin area, I love Sweet Berry Farm, where you can pick strawberries through May. Just search for berry picking farms in your area to find out whats available and whenthen get ready to have more berries than you can ever eat

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As The School Year Nears An End The Excitement Is Building The Year Was Long The Responsibilities Were Overwhelming And The Schedule Was Exhausting Kids And Their Parents Are Looking Forward To The Summer Activities Ahead Of Them And Freedom Is So Close

You might be the kind of mom who is every bit as excited as the kids, and cant wait for less structured days at home with your brood. Or perhaps youre the mom who is worrying about how you could possibly keep the littles busy all Summer. But we all have the same goal in mind: to fill our days with fun and memorable Summer activities!

As for me, I love having my kids home for the Summer! In the spirit of full disclosure, there are definitely days when the back to school countdown begins to run through my mind. Our Summer is usually loud, chaotic and EXPENSIVE. But the years are short, so I embrace the limited time I get to spend with them.

In addition to my own children, I watch a few family members and close friends over the Summer. Keeping them busy with minimal expense is essential! Its a big crew, but its also a lot of fun!

Last year, before Summer even arrived, I compiled a master list of Summer activities. Each weekday, we checked something off of our list, and I documented our adventures at the end of each week. My kids lovingly dubbed this Camp Mom! They had so much fun trying new things and checking off old favorites, and they made so many awesome memories along the way!

*For the directions and recipes for most of the activities, games, crafts, foods and drinks below, you can scroll through theCamp Mom posts on my blog, as well as the Play tab and the Eat tab.

Be Wowed By The Great Ocean Road

45 Fun Things to do this Summer

The Great Ocean Road is famous world wide. There is good reason too it is spectacular. Its also quite a long drive, so if youre not familiar with the roads in Australia or just want to sit back and relax, hop on a day tour.

Its around 4 hours one way to the Apostles, but there is a lot to see along the way.

Spoil yourself with a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles if you can the coastline is incredible by air.

READ | Our Great Ocean Road itinerary and drive the route yourself

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Go For A Surf At Bells Beach

If you love to surf or just want to visit an iconic surf destination, then head to Torquay.

Torquay is just over an hour west of Melbourne and the home of Bells Beach. Torquay is just a short drive from Geelong and the gateway to the Great Ocean Road.

Bells Beach is located between the town os Torquay and Jan Juc. The coastline is rugged and beautiful even if you dont make it into the water.

Indulge In Montreals Eclectic Outdoor Eats

Mark Twain once said Montreal was a city where you couldnt throw a brick without breaking a church window. Come summertime, something similar can be said of Montreals plentiful terraces. After a long winter, the entire population of Montreal comes out of hibernation to drink and dine al fresco. Indulge in local specialties like smoked meat, poutine, craft beers, andfor bragging rights alonethis behemoth $100 burger at M:brgr . And now that food trucks are legal in Montreal, eating in the streets has never been more eclectic! Want even more? Every first Friday from May to October, the biggest food truck rally in Canada takes place at Montreals Olympic Stadium!

Here are five Jewish restaurants in Montreal you must experience before you die.

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Have A Little Nighttime Fun

Arm yourself with bug spray and you’re ready for an evening in the night air.

  • Camp in the backyard. Pitch a tent and bring out the sleeping bags. Sleep as a family under the stars.
  • Catch lightning bugs. And then watch them flicker away into the night.
  • Go to the drive-in. If there isn’t one nearby, look for one near your vacation spot. Every kid should go to the drive-in at least once!
  • Have a bonfire. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Make s’mores.
  • Host an outdoor movie night. Rent or borrow a movie projector and show a movie on a white sheet draped across PVC pipe in the backyard. Or, use the side of your house as the screen. Bring sleeping bags, air mattresses, and pool rafts out as the seating and enjoy the show .
  • Listen to an audiobook under the stars. Your library probably has a great collection of classics and newer titles.
  • Stargaze. Invite friends and make a party of it.

Gather cousins, neighbors, or school friends your kids miss seeing every day.

Best Ways To Spend A Day In Las Vegas

4 Fun Things To Do This Summer!
  • Find a swimming pool in Las Vegas: Whether you’re traveling with kids or trying to avoid them, there are plenty of public and private pools in Las Vegas for tourists and locals alike to enjoyincluding those found at the luxury resorts across the city.
  • Rest, relax, repeat at ARIA Las Vegas: While many guests come to ARIA Las Vegas for the food, spa, and luxurious rooms found here, the outdoor pool and bars are also huge hits. Plus, you’ll be really close to shopping and art galleries during your stay here.
  • Take a day trip from Las Vegas: Fun does not have to stay in Las Vegas you can take a quick day trip for more summer fun in the great outdoors. The Hoover Dam, Bryce Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, and the ghost town of Rhyolite are all within a few hours of the city.
  • Tour the Mob Museum Las Vegas: Youll be impressed by the amount of information that they have compiled about the mob in the United States at this unique museum in Vegas.
  • Take the kids to see a show in Las Vegas: From the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur to free circus acts at Circus Circus, there are plenty of shows that kids will love happening in Vegas year-round. Also, be sure to check out touring acts and seasonal showcases like Disney on Ice in the winter or musicals in the spring and fall.
  • Spend an afternoon with Mac King: Considered by many to be the best magical comedy show in Las Vegas, the Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s is perfect for audiences of all ages.
  • TripSavvy / Elliot Jonch Garcia

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