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Fun Things To Do In The Morning

Discuss Your Goals For The Day

Fun things to do at 2 in the morning

Most people dont work with their partners, and most people dont exactly want to step into the office and immediately unload all their plans and concerns on their fellow co-workers. So, a nice way to ensure your day goes as you want it to and your productivity remains high is by taking a few minutes to chat with your partner about your goals for the day. Maybe you have a big presentation in the afternoon, maybe you need to finally finish that project thats been lingering on your desk for weeks. Verbally brainstorm ways to complete your tasks and youll go into the day feeling energized rather than downtrodden and anxious.

We Tried Becoming Morning People

There are also physiological reasons youre doing your body a favor when your morning right. The bodys natural body clock your circadian rhythm runs on a roughly 24-hour cycle with the help of cues from your environment to help regulate sleep, energy levels, metabolism and other bodily functions. And the choices you make to start your day, from logging that early-bird workout to sleeping in for too long, either help or hurt keep that clock running on time, Namni Goel, PhD, a research associate professor in psychiatry in University of Pennsylvanias School of Medicine says.

The morning is a critical time that can set the tone for the entire day and your short- and long-term health, says Goel a biological psychologist and behavioral neuroscientist who specializes in sleep, circadian rhythms and their effect on human physiology.

Heres what Goodwin and Goel say are some of the best things you can do to start your day right.

Find The Gotham City Building

Bruce Wayne, you in? While you probably wont spot Mr. Batman himself in Parkview Square, aka Singapores Gotham City building, you can totally pretend to be intruding on his premises thanks to the Art Deco-styled architecture. This building even houses an impressive gin bar called Atlas, and a free museum featuring contemporary artworks.

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Glide Through Venice In A Gondola

It may be Venice’s number one cliché, but drifting along a canal in the graceful curve of a gondola is one of the top things to do in Italy. Finding a gondolier is easy. They gather along the Grand Canal by the Doge’s Palace and at Rialto Bridge, and you’ll see them in their striped shirts and straw hats on bridges and canals as you explore the city. As he will be your guide, converse a bit to see if you’re comfortable with their style and command of English.

Prices are set, so be sure you’re getting the standard rate , and agree on a route and length of ride before you board.

The choice of route and time of day depend on your personal preferences and on where your ride begins. After dark, lights from the Grand Canal palaces and canal-side restaurants reflect and glimmer on the water, but the Grand Canal is busy with other boats, so it’s a less intimate experience.

The smaller canals of Cannaregio and other areas are quieter, and a circle route will probably include parts of the Grand Canal. But at night these are less picturesque, so they are a good choice for a daylight ride. When dusk descends and the lights come on may be the most romantic time of all, as the Venetian day slides into evening.

Probably the least romantic experience begins at the big gondola “parking lot” by the Doge’s palace, as rides there begin with a stretch in the widest and busiest part of the Grand Canal. One piece of advice: put away the camera and phone, and make memories instead of pictures.

Take A Mini Road Trip

A Fun Thing To Do In The Morning Is Not Talk To Me Pillow ...

Create your perfect playlist , grab some to-go coffees, and set out on a mini road trip with your partner bright and early for a fun morning date.

Itll feel exciting to discover somewhere new together, and youll probably be surprised at how many beautiful and unique small towns exist within just a few hours of your house. And if youre looking to take a fall road trip, there are tons of gorgeous itineraries and activities out there to inspire you.

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What Do You Think

Do you have a morning routine in place? What do you do? Which of these 17 snooze-proof routines will you try tomorrow morning? Set the intention now that youre prepared to wake up feeling excited to get out of bed and enjoy every morning for the rest of the year.

Writer Bio

Raquelle Ross is a yogi, lover of real, healthy food & unabashed coffee addict. She’s a believer in finding time to break a sweat daily and is a fan of yoga, running, hiking, circuit training and Pilates. On her healthy lifestyle blog,, Raquelle share recipes made with heathy, clean ingredients and geeks out over all-things fitness.

Explore A Mangrove Trail

Known as Singapores first Asean Heritage Park, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is rich in biodiversity and has an extensive mangrove forest filled with monitor lizards, otters, eagles and even crocodiles. The space is open all year, but visit during the migratory season from September to March when shorebirds, waders, plovers and sandpipers make an appearance.

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Catch An Arthouse Film At An Indie Theatre

Take a break from flashy cinemas and feed your inner culture vulture at alternative cinemas like The Projector. Formerly Singapores biggest of its kind in the 1970s, the rejuvenated film hub is now a haven for hipsters and arthouse aficionados. Theres even a wicked rooftop bar perfect for your post-show critique and tipple.

They Check Their Email

7 Fun Things to Do to Brighten Your Morning

While time-management gurus may suggest putting off email as long as possible, many successful people start the day with email. In fact, one recent survey found that the first thing most executives do in the morning is check their email.

They may quickly scan their inboxes for urgent messages that need an immediate response or craft a few important emails that they can better focus on while their minds are fresh.

For instance, Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, wakes at 6 every morning before her family’s up at 7. She uses the time to clear her inbox, schedule the day, and read social media. Getting these tasks out of the way from the start helps her concentrate better when she moves on to more challenging projects, she told Vanderkam.

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Hop On The Singapore River Cruise

Take a leisurely river cruise on one of Singapores iconic bumboats and treat yourself to a tour of some of Singapores best dining and entertainment spots along Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay. We recommend taking the cruise after sunset. The night view of Singapores skyline is absolutely breathtaking!

Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts is a dynamic cultural treasure and community resource where local, national and international artists share their work with ever-expanding audiences. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, The Wallis is distinguished by its eclectic programming that mirrors the diverse landscape of Los Angeles and its location in the entertainment capital of the world.

Designed by acclaimed architect Zoltan E. Pali, the restored building features the original 1933 Beverly Hills Post Office , which serves as the theater’s dramatic welcoming lobby, and includes the contemporary 500-seat, state-of-the-art Bram Goldsmith Theater the 150-seat Lovelace Studio Theater and an inviting open-air plaza for family, community and other performances.

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History Geography And Current Events

  • Gods World News For Kids Stay up to date with news from around the world in a kid-friendly way. There are versions for preschool and early elementary, upper elementary, and teens.
  • Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer If you are looking to add a bit of history without too much fuss for younger children, Story of the World is a great way to do it. Short and conversational each section will take you less than 15 minutes.
  • Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall Short chapters with good stopping points make this a great Morning Time addition. My son loved it because there was plenty of fighting and blood.
  • 50 Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin A wide variety of short history stories that hold the attention of my first-grade boy amazingly well. He loves them! Some you will recognize, some may be new to you.
  • Elementary Geography by Charlotte Mason These are very short lessons meant for young elementary children. They are conversational and there are review questions to help with the discussion.
  • Continent Geo Puzzles Do as a separate activity when introducing countries or allow children to put them together while you read. Either way, a great addition to your Morning Time.
  • Maps from Notebooking Pages Good solid continent maps plus a whole slew of other awesome notebooking pages.
  • Famous Men of Rome My daughter loves the stories in this book. They are not long but pack quite a punch with possible discussions on virtue, strength, honor, civic duty, and government.
  • Things To Do With Your Partner In The Morning

    A Fun Thing To Do in the Morning is Not Talk to Me Mug ...

    Many people start their morning off on the wrong foot. They hit the snooze button far too many times, end up reducing the time they have before they need to leave for the office, and consequently end

    Many people start their morning off on the wrong foot. They hit the snooze button far too many times, end up reducing the time they have before they need to leave for the office, and consequently end up rushing around in a panic trying to get everything done. And, if you live with your partner, it can mean saying a cursory hello to one another as you both frantically race around trying to complete everything you respectively need to before leaving. Lets face it that kind of stress is no way to start the day.

    Sure, it can be tough to wake up early enough to have a bit of time to actually do something you enjoy in the morning, but it can make a world of difference in how your day goes. If you start the day by spending some time with someone you enjoy spending time with, youll likely be in a better mood and more prepared to tackle any challenges the day might throw your way.

    Here are 13 things you can do with your partner in the morning .

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    The Best Morning Routine: 8 Things To Do Before 8 Am

    Sharing is caring!

    Are you looking for the best morning routine for you?

    Most successful people have figured out a morning routine that allows them to make the most of their days

    This is because how you spend your morning affects how you spend the rest of your day!

    So what does your morning routine look like right now?

    We Tried Iti Tried To Become A Morning Person And This Is What Happened

    But if you start the morning off on the wrong foot, youre already behind, she says. And that means youll need to use the energy you do have to get to a better emotional state, she explains.

    Energy equals willpower and you only have so much at a given time, she says. So the more of it you use to recover from a train delay or an alarm-didnt-go-off morning, the less you have later for concentrating on a big project at work, family drama or whatever your day throws your way.

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    Early Mornings Can Make People Feel More Optimistic And Ready To Tackle Challenging Tasks

    “If it has to happen, then it has to happen first,” writes Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert and the author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

    Those among us who have managed to find professional success and eke out a life actively embrace this philosophy. They must set aside their first hours of the day to invest in their top-priority activities before other people’s priorities come rushing in.

    Science supports this strategy. Vanderkam cites the famous finding of Roy Baumeister, a Florida State University psychology professor, that willpower is like a muscle that becomes fatigued from overuse.

    Diets, he says, come undone in the evening, just as poor self-control and lapses in decision making often come later in the day. On the other hand, early mornings offer a fresh supply of willpower, and people tend to be more optimistic and ready to tackle challenging tasks.

    So what do successful executives and entrepreneurs do when they are rested and fresh? From Vanderkam’s study of morning rituals and our own research, we outline the following 14 things that the most successful people do before breakfast. While they might not do all of these things every morning, each has been found to be an effective way to start the day.

    They wake up early.

    The bottom line: Productive mornings start with early wake-up calls.

    Hike The Cinque Terre


    For spectacular views, picturesque villages, wild open landscapes and local experiences, it’s hard to beat the five towns of Italy’s Cinque Terre and the cliff path that connects them. The 12-kilometer Sentiero Azzurro stretches from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, but it’s conveniently broken into segments that you can hike from one town to the next, returning or moving on by train.

    Hiking the entire route requires stamina, good boots, and a head for heights, as it is carved in places into nearly vertical cliffs above the sea, with no railings. To experience the Cinque Terre without boots or vertigo, choose the shortest and most popular segment, the two-kilometer Via dell’Amore, between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

    Also fairly easy, and less crowded, the section from Manarola to Corniglia is the same distance but takes a little longer to hike. Twice as long, the trail between Corniglia and Vernazza reaches the route’s highest point after a stiff climb on often-uneven stone steps, but also includes walks through olive groves and some knock-out views.

    Longer, rough, and the most vertigo-inspiring is the often narrow trail between Vernazza and Monterosso. You’ll be rewarded with the best views, including a panorama of all five towns, and you’ll be sharing the trail with only a hardy few.

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    Play A Round Of Exquisite Corpse

    Have you ever heard of this really old art game? You take a piece of paper and fold it into thirds. Each person takes a turn drawing a person on one-third , folds it so that their drawing is not seen, and then hands it down the line for the next person to draw the next section.

    These come out pretty hilarious.

    Wine And Color Wednesdays

    Neighborhood:UptownEstimated Price: $5

    Science says so: Art therapy reduces stress and encourages creativity. At Coco and the Director, you can pair art therapy with wine-and-dessert therapy. On Wednesdays, the beautiful Uptown coffee shop offers adult coloring pages, as well as $5 glasses of select wines and half-priced pastries.

    Area:North CharlotteEstimated Price: $10, Children 5 and Under are Free

    Mingle among the alpacas, meet the livestock guardian dog, and take selfies with the llamas at Good Karma Ranch. Farm Tours run 45 minutes to an hour, including time to peruse The Farm Store.

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    Let Email And Social Media Wait For You

    Uh-oh! Your phone alarm went off, and now your cell is in your hands! Danger! As a person living in the age of social media, what are you likely to do? Its become a habit to hit up a social media first thing whether you intend to or not. But before you check out Facebook, remind yourself that the morning is your time. Your Twitter followers and colleagues can wait for your responses. Imagine what else you can do now that youre not mindlessly double-tapping for five to 10 minutes. Meditate? Do yoga? Dance? Journal? Read? Make breakfast? There are so many mindful ways to dedicate your waking moments to yourself.

    Visit The Neighborhoods Of St Louis

    A Fun Thing to do in the Morning is not Talk to Me

    From eclectic boutiques and signature cuisine to exciting nightlife and live entertainment, each St. Louis Neighborhood has a unique character and style that adds something special to the regional patchwork of our city. Make a day of it at the Delmar Loop, a six-block entertainment and shopping district packed with hip bars, eclectic restaurants and live music venues. Check out an impressive collection of beautiful Victorian homes in Lafayette Square. Take in the Italian cuisine and character of The Hill. Enjoy award-winning food purveyors and craft brewers in Maplewood. Experience abundant parks and plenty of both indoor and outdoor recreation in North County. Or, find the St. Louis Neighborhood that is the perfect fit for you.

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    Get Updated On The News

    We get it, knowing the latest details of the global economy status or local affairs may not be the first thing on your mind. But, reading the papers or scrolling through online news in the morning can seriously engage your mind and elevate your alertness. Not to mention, staying on top of current events ensures that you wont be tragically left out of related conversations amongst your colleagues or friends.

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