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Fun Things To Do In Richmond Va For Couples

Enjoy The Flavors At Zzq Texas Craft Barbeque

Carytown Richmond VA | Fun Things To Do In Richmond Virginia

Youll find plenty of amazing BBQ joints in Richmond, and one of the most famous is ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque on W. Moore Street.

While Virginia is no stranger to good BBQ, finding Texas BBQ is not something that is as common so we encourage you to head there, enjoy some tasty meat from pitmaster Chris Fultz and his pit mistress, Alex Graf, and continue the rest of your Richmond trip on a full stomach!

They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and serve daily from Wednesdays until Sundays until they sell out. for more.

Check Out Street Art In Richmond

One thing that Richmond has no shortage of is colorful street art. You will find it from the citys most popular neighborhoods to the most unassuming of corners.

There are well over 50 murals throughout the downtown and Richmond has even received accolades from large publications for its street art.

While this could be a post in itself, check out this one that gives details about some of the most popular murals in Richmond, where to find them, and the brilliant artists behind them!

The John Marshall House

a historic house museum which was the home of Chief Justice of the United States John Marshall. Anne Czichos | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry tickets: Adults: $10, Seniors/Military: $9, Students: $8, Children under 6: Free

Address: 818 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23219

  • It was opened in 1790
  • It is a National Historic Place

Why you should go: The John Marshall House is a historic museum famous for being the former home of John Marshall, who served as the fourth chief justice of the United States.

He was a renowned politician and lawyer who is historically known as the greatest man never to be President.

He made some great contributions to the Supreme Court and wrote some important decisions like McCulloch v. Maryland.

Today, the house museum serves as a site that preserves his life and great work.

Things to do: Visit the John Marshall House to see the historic furniture, decor, and memorabilia that tell Marshalls story and that of his children and grandchildren who lived here after him until 1907.

The house was sold to the City of Richmond by Marshalls granddaughters in 1907.

Furthermore, visitors can explore the beautiful gardens, the museum shop, or even enjoy a game of quoits.

Quoit was Marshalls favorite game.

  • It is 15 minutes from Richmond International Airport

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Get Spooked On A Ghost Tour

If youre on the hunt for something that will thrill and chill, a Richmond ghost tour might be just the thing.

Uncover the macabre and spooky underbelly of Richmonds history on a ghost tour around the city.

See some of the citys most haunted sights and hear stories that will make your blood run cold. With a history as turbulent and bloody as Richmonds, theres bound to be some skeletons in the closet!

Relish The Elegant Ambiance Of Juleps Restaurant

50 + Fun Date Ideas in Richmond VA: Romantic things to do for Couples

According to Richmond Magazine, this restaurant is one of the Top Seven Sensations in Richmond.

You can find a classy setting and some of Richmonds most delicious southern cuisine at Juleps.

Fried green tomatoes, Juleps Special Shrimp and Grits, and Lump Chesapeake Crab Cake are some regional favorites.

This hidden gem is quite tasty and a pleasant spot to stop for a complete dinner, a cocktail, and an appetizer or dessert.

Even though Richmond has a vast selection of restaurants, this one is at the top of our list because of the excellent food, attentive service, and welcoming atmosphere.

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Other Historical Sites To Visit In Richmond Va

480 Tredegar St // +18046491861

The museum presents historical currencies, notes, soldier and generals armors, guns, grenades, knives, cannons, and other tools used during the war.

This museum is divided into Historic Tredegar, the White House of the Confederacy, and one more building, located 95 miles away from Richmond.

Adjacent to the Museum District, Carytown features the famous and street murals throughout different alleys. I spent the night and ate hot cuisine at the location it was serene.

Carytown is famous for its food and local shops. At nights, it shimmers with street lights and vehiclesthe town has a homey vibe. The best way to explore Carytown would be on foot with searching eyesyou might land on some great antiques and homemade souvenirs.

While traveling the district, I came around the vintage Byrd Theatre and watched the inside scene. The theatre and its architecture mirror history beautifully. After enjoying the exhibition going on, we dined and enjoyed a beer in the town.

See A Movie Together At The Byrd Theater

Another one of the most romantic things to do in Richmond is going to The Byrd Theatre.

The Byrd Theater is a historic movie theater that dates back to the year 1928. This history makes going here even more special. That’s because the architecture is amazing and there are a lot of beautiful details.

At this movie theater, you can see old movies and other alternative movies. This can make going here even more fun, as you don’t expect the movies that are playing to be playing!

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History Of Richmond Virginia

As a modern city hotel, Richmond, Virginias history dates to the early guide 17th century. After the first enduring English-speaking settlement was established in April 1607 touring. Richmond recovered quickly from the war. In 1786 the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom James. After the American Radical War, Richmond appeared as an important industrial center. By the early 20th century, Richmond had a vast network of electric streetcars. In May 1914, Richmond developed the headquarters of the Fifth District of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Learn At The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Best Things to Do in Richmond, Virginia

The oldest Richmond building, the Old Stone House, is home to the famous Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The museum is a historical and literary museum that commemorates Poes work and time living in Richmond.

The museum features exhibits that showcase Poes life through manuscripts, artifacts, and even his socks and is definitely worth a visit when youre in Richmond.

Address: 1914 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223

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Visit An English Manor At Agecroft Hall & Gardens

You may be surprised to see an English Tudor Manor House in the heart of Virginia.

The hall was originally built in Lancashire, England in the late 1400s and was dismantled and shipped to Richmond in the 1920s by wealthy entrepreneur Thomas. C Williams Jr.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the hall and gardens and attend a variety of historic reenactments and seasonal events throughout the year.

The hall hosts an annual Shakespeare Festival with productions of some of The Bards best-loved plays.

Play All Kinds Of Games And Have A Drink At The Slingshot Social Game Club

Going to Slingshot Social Game Club is one of the best date ideas in Richmond for sure.

At this place, you can play a variety of games. There are board games, games where you get more active, and much more.

Also, you can have here great food and drinks.

And because of the games and the food and drinks, you can have here a great date night in Richmond!

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Discover Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Voted one of the top five gardens in the country, Lewis Ginter contains over a dozen gardens on its 50-acre grounds.

The centerpiece of the gardens is the large glass conservatory, which is the only one of its kind in this part of the country.

Visitors can follow winding paths throughout which reveal picturesque surprises around each turn. Visit the Childrens Garden for an interactive experience or learn about medicinal plants in the Healing Garden.

Dont forget to check out the tea house and the garden shop for a selection of books and tools.

Short Pump Town Center

LJ + Matty

Short Pump Town Center

Despite its name, this site is anything but short on attractions. Its one of the best places to visit in Richmond. Short Pump Town Center has so much for locals and tourists to visit.

This is a shopping and entertainment complex unlike any other in Virginia.

At Short Pump Town Center, you can choose between a plethora of stores, including plenty that are unique to the area.

Theres also all kinds of great dining to be had here. You can get Mexican, Italian, and Vietnamese, among other cuisines.

Short Pump Town Center is one of the best places to visit in VA due to how exciting it is.

You can also catch musicians and hilarious comedians around here. Come by for a weekend thats sure to be packed with fun.

Address: 11800 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23233, USA

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A Day In Richmond Va The Perfect Itinerary:

From great restaurants to shopping, discover fun places to go in Richmond, VA whether you are on a Virginia road trip or a weekend getaway:

Explore Richmonds Downtown Attractions:

Canal Walk:

While you experience a day in Richmond, VA, you are going to be amazed by the citys beauty. On a lovely sunny day, one of the best things to do is to stroll along Richmonds Canal Walk, which is one of the top cheap things to do in Richmond, VA.

The Canal Walk is along the James River where you can admire cool street art! It will also connect you to the Pipeline Trail that you can walk over. Its one of the top cool things to do in Richmond, VA during the warmer months. In addition to that, the Canal Walk also connects to other peaceful nature trails in the area.

What is great about doing the Canal Walk is that you can easily access it from Linden Row Inn, which is in the Shockoe Bottom area.

The Fan District:

If youre someone who also loves colorful houses and buildings, you must also walk through the Fan District during a day trip in Richmond, VA. During my recent trip to Richmond, my mom and I strolled through the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University where we eventually reached the Fan.

Libby Hill Park:

Whether you are spending a day or weekend in Richmond, VA, one of the best spots to enjoy beautiful views of the capital city is at Libby Hill Park.

Shop in Carytown:

Go Out One Night in Richmond:

Learn about Virginias History:

Edgar Allan Poe Museum:

Splash Around On The Riverbank

RVA residents are all familiar with Belle Isle.

Due to its ideal location, Belle Isle is one of the most visited places in Richmond during the summer. It has a serene landscape overlooking the James, climbing rocks, and bicycle trails for the more daring tourists.

Are you feeling daring? Try Texas Beach its gorgeous, secluded, and located on the north bank of the river close to Maymont.

So prepare the sunscreen, make lunch, and take advantage of the bright Richmond day!

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Discover More Recent History At The Valentine

The Valentine is another treasure trove of information for history lovers. The Museum has tons of information about the history of the city and lots of interesting artifacts and items to discover.

Visitors to The Valentine can see such diverse items as toys and games, sports artifacts, weapons, furniture and a whole array of costumes that bring the citys history to life.

It is worth visiting after sunset to see the museums collection of fun neon signs!

Sip And Savor Local Wine At James River Cellars Winery


A blend of urban convenience and quaint rural appeal, James River Cellars Winery has been producing fine Virginia wine since 2001. Located in historic Hanover County, the winery is just a short drive north of Richmond and less than 2 miles off I-95. Sample 12-14 wines in the newly expanded tasting room, or pack a picnic and head outside to enjoy a bottle of wine while admiring the views from the patio or terrace.

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Tour The Historic Virginia State Capitol

As the second oldest active statehouse in the country, The Virginia State Capitol has witnessed some momentous and historic events.

In December 1791, the Capitol housed the assembly where the Bill of Rights was ratified to the United States Constitution.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the Capitol building and visit the Rotunda, Old House and Old Senate Chambers as well as the 1906 Legislative Chambers. The Virginia State Capitol is a must-see on a trip to Richmond.

Science Museum Of Virginia

Heath Oldham / Shutterstock

Few places make learning come alive quite like how science museums do. The Science Museum of Virginia is one of the best science museums in the country.

Its one of the most fun and enriching experiences you can have on a vacation.

The beauty of science is that it involves so many things. Theres physics, chemistry, biology, and more.

This wondrous VA museum provides minds of all kinds and all ages with inspiration.

Should you want to be really awestruck, you should catch a movie at The Dome, which features the biggest screen in all of Virginia.

If you have a child with a budding interest in music, the Science Museum of Virginia is where to take them.

Go through various exhibits and interactive displays to help them get their minds opened even more.

Its the kind of experience theyll be sure to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Address: 2500 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

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Explore The Poe Museum

Home to the largest collection of Edgar Allan Poe artifacts and writings, The Poe Museum is dedicated to one of the countrys most influential writers and one of Richmonds most famous sons.

The museum is located in one of the citys oldest buildings which is thought to have been visited by Poe in his youth.

Its exhibits include furniture from the authors childhood home as well as clothing and early and first edition prints of The Raven and Tamerlane.

There is also a courtyard garden with a shrine to Poe that has been visited by many authors and celebrities including Gertrude Stein and H.P Lovecraft amongst others.

Real Richmond Food Tours

Tiffany + John

The city really has a lot of good restaurants and it can get quite overwhelming. And if you cant decide, why not go on a Richmond food tour instead for a unique date? Here, you can get to see the several popular eateries in the city and even get to sample some of their dishes. And the best part of it is that you and your partner can also get to learn more about Richmonds culture and history together. The best part of it is that you can arrange for private and custom-designed tours as well. What date idea could be better than that?

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Hike The Texas Beach Trail At James River Park

The leafy trails of Texas Beach offer some of the nicest hikes in the city. Situated on the North bank of the James River, the Texas Beach trails run for a couple of miles through forest and rocky river bank terrain.

The area is also home to the Treasure Island Community Skatepark and has access points to the river.

The large flat rocks in the area are the ideal place to take a picnic or sunbathe next to the gently flowing water. Texas Beach is definitely worth a visit during your time in Richmond.

See The Sunset At Libby Hill Park

Libby Hill Park is a great park from where you have a lovely view of the city.

This makes this park a very romantic place to visit! You can go here for a romantic walk together, which is great!

Besides that, what makes this very romantic as well is the sunset. You can go here to see the sun go down while looking at this amazing view, which is great! It is so romantic to see this with your significant other!

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Sample The Best Brews On A Beer Tasting Tour

Hop onboard the brewery bus for a dive into Richmonds craft brewing culture. Visit three of the citys breweries on a three-hour tour and sample the best of Richmond craft beers and ales.

Begin your tour in a popular local bar where youll sample different beers. Climb aboard the bus and head off to three breweries, including old favorites and new up-and-coming producers.

Travel the city and see what the Richmond craft brewing scene has to offer on these short and sweet tours.

Test Your Limits Rock Climbing

Hardywood, Strangeways brewery Richmond Virginia. Best breweries in Virginia!

Richmond has some fantastic indoor and outdoor rock climbing opportunities. Whether youre a seasoned pro or are looking to take your first climb you will be spoiled for choice in Virginias capital.

For those looking for outdoor climbs, The Manchester Bridge Wall and Belle Isle Quarry offer some not too challenging beginner routes.

The Triangle Rock Club and Peak Experiences are the citys best bets for indoor climbing. Both offer a range of routes from beginner to very challenging at their custom built facilities.

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Get In Touch With Wildlife At Maymont Park

Maymont is the place for you if you enjoy being outside or with animals . The parks south side is lined with lovely gardens, while the rest comprises undulating hills, animal exhibitions, wildlife, and even a petting zoo.

The stunning estate is a pleasure to behold with its 100-acre landscape and ancient mansion from the Victorian era.

The beauty of Maymont Park makes it the ideal location for a romantic afternoon. This is whether you stroll through the grounds, read a book under a leafy tree, or ride in a carriage.

Take a tour of the 12,000 square foot Maymont Mansion to escape the heat of Richmond and learn about the James and Sallie Dooley familys prior lifestyles.

The 100-acre estate contains more than 25 historically significant structures that have been conserved, including a mausoleum, bridges, and gazebos.

You would never guess that this park is in Richmond since once inside, you feel completely surrounded by nature.

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