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Fun Things To Do In Palatine

Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica

Top 5 Things to Do in Rome

Rome is full of many different Basilicas, but the Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the more impressive ones. Built in the mid 4th century and renovated in the 18th century it is one of the largest churches in Rome and is a great example of both Christian and Baroque styles.

The interior of Santa Mari Maggiore will take your breath away with its selection of statues, frescoes, and paintings on the walls, floors, and ceiling. It is also where the architect/sculptor Bernini is buried.

It is free to enter, so make sure to give yourself some time to admire the beauty of this structure. It is worth it.

People Watching At The Squares

Rome is a perfect city for people watching and there is no better place to do than the Piazzas that are scattered around the city. Grab yourself a bite to eat and a drink and head to one of the famous squares. We recommend the Piazza del Popolo, the ones we mentioned above Campo de Fiori, and Piazza Venezia.

They are all free to enter and if you take a stroll early in the morning you can get a feel for what Rome is like before it erupts into a bustling city.

Recommended Hotels And Places To Stay In Palatine

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Guided Tour Of The Palatine Hill For Kids

Come visit the Campidoglio Square and the Palatine Hill as nobody have ever done before! Discover one of the most fascinating legends of the ancient world: the first meeting between the she-wolf and the Twins, Romulus and Remus. This history tour of Rome will help you find out how Rome was founded and will let you get the insights into the citys history and most ancient traditions. Explore the place where Rome first begun as a settlement and find precious insights into the development of the great Roman Empire. Our unique tour of Rome is especially designed for children, and through many educational and fun activities we will let them learn the historical and cultural background of ancient Rome. Give your kids a special gift and let them be amazed by the epic legends of Rome, with this one of the kind tour of Rome for kids. While there are many things to do in Rome, none is as rewarding and educational as this two hour guided tour. Turn a classic tour of Rome into an exciting eXPerience and join us in this journey through history, culture, legends and fun!

Palatine Hills Golf Course

Rome 2021: Top 10 Tours &  Activities (with Photos ...

A fine public course on blue grass, Palatine Hills has been part of the scenery in the village since 1968 and continues to offer a testing but fun round.

The greens are always true, and there are plenty of interesting hazards, with no fewer than 29 bunkers and water coming into play on 10 holes.

Residents and non-residents can book a tee time up to seven days in advance, and you can practice those crucial shots at The Hills short game area.

As well as a practice green there youll find three holes at the Short Course here, perfect for younger players and newcomers.

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Free Things To Do In Palatine

Free Ice Skating in Palatine, its one of the things I love about living here. Its a great neighborhood that is safe and very convenient. Not only are there plenty of shopping, restaurants, and bars, but the Village of Palatine and their Park District do a great job of providing family friendly and couple friendly activities to do. You see I am very much a suburb person. I love living in the suburbs and dont think I would be able to handle the hustle and bustle of living in the city. But if youre like me, you also know that finding fun things to do out in the suburbs are few and far between. I mean how many times can you go out to eat and watch a movie ? Thats whats so great about Palatine. Not only is there a nice downtown area but they also set up two Ice Skating rinks at Community Park that is free to the public. One rink is open to all and the other one is for hockey only. I know that it isnt cold enough right now for the ice to freeze over, but the Palatine Park District provides a website where you can check the status of the Ice Rinks. When it is cold enough, the Ice Rinks are opened daily till 10PM. Here is a link if you want to check the status or to get more information about the outdoor Skating Rink:

What Neighborhood Should I Stay In When I Visit Rome

Choosing where to stay in Rome is subjective for everyone. If it’s your first time in Rome, I recommend staying as central and close to public transportation as possible. This means staying near Piazza Barberini, the Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. If you want to be a bit further from the historic center, but still close enough to easily access it, Esquilino offers many good affordable as well as luxury options. Prati, near the Vatican, is another lovely but slightly less central area with several metro stops making it convenient to get across the river to the center. Campo dei Fiori, the Jewish Ghetto, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona are charming neighborhoods that are not close to a Metro stop. But as they are so central, you can easily walk most places.

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Hometown Fest 4th Of July Celebrations

In Palatine the 4th of July is a big community event with five days of fun and entertainment.

This is all organized by the Palatine Jaycees club and is centered on Community Park where theres a carnival throughout the five days.

Hometown Fest brings activities like a scavenger hunt and a toss tournament, as well as live music and a craft/vendor expo.

One of the highlights is the parade, running along Wilson Street and Wood Street to Community Park.

Of course, the evening of the 4th of July is also met with fireworks and theres a fleet of food trucks throughout the festival, many representing local restaurants.

Eat Tons Of Italian Gelato

20 Things to do in Rome, Italy Travel Guide

You cant visit Rome without eating as much Italian gelato as you possibly can! Gelato is Italys version of ice cream. It differs slightly from the American kind as it has less than half the fat, and less air too. Making it a denser treat.

The best Italian gelato isnt brightly colored, as traditional gelato doesnt include tons of artificial additives/colors. So keep an eye out for gelato shops that have more subtle colors in their displays.

Some of my favorite gelato places in Rome included Come il Latte and Giolitti .

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Altare Della Patria Altar Of The Fatherland

The imposing marble building has the nicknames the wedding cake or typewriter and is a monument to Italys first king Vittorio Emmanuelle II, situated at the bustling Piazza Venezia.

There is more to it than its controversial reputation would have you believe.

Above the grand staircase sits the grand equestrian statue of King Victor Emmanuel, with statues of two chariots being driven by the goddess Victoria behind him atop the building.

The white marble stands out in a sea of earth-colored buildings, which is why it isnt popular with too many locals.

The view from the stairs of the Piazza Venezia is lovely, but you can go further by taking the platform lift to the top of the building to appreciate a full vista of the Centro Storico from a viewing platform between the two chariot statues.

Bike Scooters And Segways

Cycling is a not really that used to get around locally, but e-bikes have become very quite popular. You can rent an e-bike for a one time use or for multiple uses.

Some popular rental agencies are Roma Starbike E-bike Tours and Easy Bike Rent.

Segway tours have become popular with tourists and are a great way to go on trips around Rome without taking a toll on your feet. Its a big city!

Rent A Car In Italy

Search both local and international car rental companies to help you find a good deal.

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What Are Some Hidden Gems To See In Rome

Rome is packed with hidden gems. If you love art, don’t miss the Galleria Doria Pamphilj or Palazzo Barberini. The Museo Barracco is a free museum and well worth a quick visit. If you love the ancient stuff, don’t miss the Domus Romana at Palazzo Valentini, the Domus Aurea, and the Baths of Caracalla. For even more hidden gems, take a tour of Trastevere, a fascinating neighborhood full of history and ambiance.

Visit The Magnificent Colosseum

50 Awesome things to do in Rome with kids of all ages

No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to the Colosseum. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome, the Colosseum is a testament to Roman architecture. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its also one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

This circular amphitheater was the largest building ever built and could hold almost 80,000 spectators at a time. The patrons of the Colosseum would hold gladiator shows, executions and plays such as sylvae, naumachiae, and venatio.

Basic entry into the Colosseum costs 12 EURO. But try to get there early in the morning, because wait in line to get in can take 2 to 3 hours. To avoid the hassle, I recommend booking a skip the line combo ticket online which also gives you access to a few other popular Roman attractions!

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Colosseum Combo Tickets

Skip the line with a combo ticket to visit 3 of Romes hottest attractions: The Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palantine Hill.

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Plum Grove Reservoir Park

Curling around the east side of the Harper College campus in Palatine is this peaceful neighborhood park on the shores of Plum Grove Reservoir.

A paved multi-use trail hugs the reservoirs south and west banks, for walking, jogging and bicycling.

The reservoir itself is a popular fishing destination, with plentiful bass, perch, catfish, crappie and pike.

Close by are handy park amenities like a playground for children, a shelter, picnic tables, grills and a dog park, though its worth remembering that registration and annual fees apply to use this facility.

Basement Of The Dead Haunted House

Located in Aurora

Basement of the Dead:In the late 1920s, Walker Laundry opened at 42 West New York St. and became Auroras largest laundry Company. Around 1945 Imus Kilya was working there as maintenance engineer. His son Al came to work as his assistant in 1960.Heat for the building and steam for the presses Read More

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What Is The Best Thing To Do In Rome For Solo Travelers

The best things to do in Rome for solo travelers depends on whether you want to meet some fellow travelers or not. For solitude, visit some of Rome’s amazing churches, including of course, Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon. Take some time enjoying Rome’s many parks, gardens, and markets. To meet fellow travellers join small-group tours, especially food tours and cooking classes, where you will have more of a chance to chat and mingle.

What Are The Best Neighborhoods For Food

Why Visit SICILY, Italy – What To Do In Sicily

You can eat well in just about every Roman neighborhood. Some of the most well-known include Trastevere, Monti, Campo dei Fiori, and Testaccio. I’d venture to say that some of my favorite restaurants can actually be found around the historic center near the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Pantheon.

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You’ve Searched In Airbnb

Find the best travel deals for your next holiday

If youâre familiar with Chicago or thinking of visiting the area, the suburbs arenât to be ignored. Palatine, Illinois is located just outside of northwest Chicago, and itâs known for its parks and nature as well as vibrant community events. If youâre visiting the area, there are many great things you can do with your friends or family.

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The Downtown Palatine Street Fest is a great family-friendly event that occurs in the summertime. Itâs completely free to attend the fest, although the different food trucks and retailers there charge separately for their products. The festival is a great opportunity to see the town if youâre unfamiliar, and youâll get to see some great live music that plays throughout the day. The Kids Zone also has fun activities like face painting, games, and bubblers.

Downtine Palatine Street Fest

Posted by No Escape Room on Friday, 13 May 2016

No Escape Room

Deer Grove Forest Preserve

Posted by Wolff’s Flea Market on Friday, 5 May 2017

Wolff’s Flea Market

Website: Wolffs Flea Market

Downtown Palatine Street Fest

A cosier version of Taste of Chicago, this family friendly event takes over the streets of downtown Palatine on the weekend before Labor Day.

Street Fest is a chance for Palatines diversity of restaurants to showcase their food. Children meanwhile will be thrilled with the Kids Zone, staffed by community nonprofit organizations.

Another pillar of the event is live music, with a mix of established artists and talented tribute acts, and the sets continue into the evening.

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What Are The Best Areas For Outdoor Activities Around Rome

Rome is blessed with huge swaths of green space. You can spend time in the Appia Antica park and not even feel like you are in a city at all. This historic and archeological park is full of things to see and do, such as visit the catacombs, rent bicycles or just explore on foot. The Villa Borghese is another of Rome’s most beloved parks. It offers stunning views over Rome at one end, one of Rome’s best museums at the other end, and a gorgeous, shaded, well-kept park in the middle. You can do all kinds of sports here, along with visit other smaller museums, rent boats on a lake, or picnic.

Throw A Coin In Trevi Fountain

7 Things to Do in Vatican City [With Tips on Free ...

One of Romes tourist attractions thats always crowded is the famous Trevi Fountain. It originated as one end of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct in 19 BC. The current version of the fountain was built by Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini.

The popular myth that throwing coins in the fountain to return to Rome or fall in love results in over 1 million Euros worth of coins being thrown in every year! The city collects this money and uses it to support good causes.

How did the Trevi fountain get its name? Since the fountain is at the junction of three streets, the fountain was called three ways or Tre Vie.

Rome Photography Tip: The Trevi fountain is super crowded all day long. Its a very popular Instagram photography spot. But if you make a dedicated visit in the middle of the night, or just before sunrise, you might have it to yourself for a while .

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Fun Things To Do In Palatine Bridge

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What Is The Best Way To Get Around Rome

The best way to get around Rome is on foot. You will see more hidden courtyards, cobblestone streets, shops, etc. But it can also be tiring when you are sightseeing, so you can opt for Rome’s public transportation system of underground metro or city bus. Another great way to get around Rome, especially for first-timers, is with a hop-on/hop-off bus that allows you to get an overview, while stopping at all the major sites and monuments.

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