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Fun Things To Do In North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

ND Travel Matters to Attractions | Dickinson, ND

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a beautiful place to visit due to the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife. The park is divided into two sections. The North Unit is a great entry point for tourists to the Badlands the visitors center has exhibits, short films and displays on the parks history, animals and geography.

There are some great paths and trails that snake away from the center, and a short drive away is the Oxbow Overlook, which offers some fantastic views of the park. Walking amidst the fauna and flora is a revitalizing feeling you may even catch a glimpse of some of the majestic animals that roam freely around the stunning scenery.

Check Out The Quirky Sculptures Along The Enchanted Highway

The Enchanted Highway runs from I-94 east of Dickinson to the small town of Regent. Along the roughly 30-mile stretch of road, youll find seven giant metal sculptures lining the two-lane country road. A leisure drive down this quirky highway is one of the most unique things to do in Dickinson, if not in all of North Dakota.

Among the public artworks, youll find the worlds largest tin family, and the worlds largest scrap metal sculpture. All of the sculptures were created by a retired school teacher as a way to draw people off the interstate to his hometown of Regent to give the town an economic boost.

The drive itself is incredibly scenic with gentle rolling hills of vibrant yellow and green farmland. In the tiny town of Regent, youll find an Enchanted Highway Gift Shop Just outside the gift shop, a final quirky sculpture welcomes visitors to town. This one is animated and comes to life with the push of a button.

Cost: Free!

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Address: 15550 ND-1804, Williston, ND 58801

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, located near the town of Williston is one of the most popular attractions in the entire state.

This incredicle attraction, once considered the grandest fort on the Missouri River, was one of the most important fur-trading posts in North America during the 19th Century. It was famously home to John Jacob Astors American Fur Company, which cornered the market on the fur trade on the upper Missouri River between 1829 and 1867.

In more peaceful times, many traders from Native American tribes, flocked to Fort Union Trading Post to exchange beaver and bison skins for European goods, particularly alcohol, tools, cutlery and British smoothbore muskets.

Today, the partially reconstructed Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site restored to how it may have looked at the height of its significance in 1851 and offers a living history experience, with reenactors showing what life at Fort Union Trading Post might have been like 160 years ago.

The Trading Post and the area around it are also considered an active archeological sites, as the National Park Service is constantly uncovering artifacts in the area to add to the sites collection.

As well as a meticulously reconstructed native village, there is a splendid Indian Arts showcase and young ranger programs for kids, as well as thousands of digitally preserved collections.

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Knife River Indian Villages Nationalhistoric Site

One of the best things to do in North Dakota is to visit the historical site of Knife River Indian Villages. This site has been preserved as it was the old camping ground of Mandan and Hidatsa Indians.

Visitors can check out the museums here which feature artifacts from the village. You can also explore the various hiking trails and reconstructed earth lodges here.

This is one of the top North Dakota attractions that host a lot of different events that include games, ceremonies, craft shows, and more. If you wish to learn about the local tribe of Northern Plains, then make sure you visit this site.

Walk Through North Dakota History

12 Fun Things to Do in North Dakota with Kids (for 2021)

Photo by minnemom

From North Dakotas geological record to its role in western expansion, the North Dakota Heritage Center displays exhibits which explain it all. The Heritage Centers collection is displayed in chronological order, allowing visitors to literally walk through the history of North Dakota, beginning with geologic time, early peoples, then ending with yesterday and today.

Highlights of this museum include childrens galleries and learning labs with high-tech interactive exhibits. Dinosaur loving kids will especially love seeing the mummified dinosaur fossil on display. This rare fossil was discovered in North Dakota with skin, bones, and tendons preserved in sandstone.

The museums collection is vast, and its getting even bigger! The North Dakota Heritage Center has expanded to nearly double in size, displaying even more of its immense historical and scientific collection.

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Bison Monument And Frontier Village

Between Fargo and Bismarck, youll find the famous Bison Monument and Frontier Village.

See the real thing grazing near the monument itself including the rare albino bison.

The National Buffalo Museum is also there.

Youll learn all about these magnificent creatures and how they made the Plains Indian way of life possible.

The Frontier Village is a complex of old pioneer buildings including an old-time barbershop, a drugstore, church, jailhouse, post office, a schoolhouse, and more.

These buildings have been moved here from various frontier spots throughout the state in order to preserve them.

You can see the writing shack of Louis LAmour, the first railroad depot in Jamestown, and shop for handmade crafts made by local artists.

If youre visiting during the summer, dont miss the Saturday afternoon wild west shoot outs!

Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the main draw to southwestern North Dakota. The national park is known for its jaw dropping views of the badlands and prairies. Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who doubled the size of the national park system and fell in love with North Dakota, the national park offers visitors plenty of public land to explore. In fact, with more than 70,000 acres of land, it is easy to escape crowds and feel completely alone in the park. The national park is divided into three units, the north unit, south unit, and Elkhorn Ranch unit. Give yourself at least two full days to explore this park if you plan to visit all three units. There are a variety of hikes in Theodore Roosevelt National Park from easy, kid-friendly trails to more moderate and challenging backcountry hikes.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is also home to lots of wildlife, most notably bison, wild horses, and adorable prairie dogs.

Located about 30 minutes west of Dickinson, this majestic park is an easy day trip from the town.

Cost: $30 per car

Planning to visit more than one national park in a year? Buy a national park pass and save!

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North Dakota Lewis& Clark Interpretive Center

Things You Should Know About – North Dakota

The North Dakota Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center is a museum located quite near the reconstructed Fort Mandan as well as what is likely the original site where the Lewis & Clark Expedition spent the winter of 1804-1805. The center preserves and displays historical artifacts and other displays about the expedition as well as Fort Clark and the early fur trade.

The museum features interesting, interactive exhibits and offers special educational opportunities and programming for students and other tour groups. The center features a museum store that sells a selection of North Dakota related merchandise, unique jewelry, apparel, gifts, books, and souvenirs.

2576 8th Street SW, Washburn, ND 58577, Phone: 877-462-8535

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Things To Do In Fargo North Dakota

My primary reason for traveling to North Dakota was to run the Go Far Woman Half Marathon. Im running a half marathon in every state and this race in Fargo was state #18.

Since I was flying to Fargo from DC , I thought I should spend a few extra days to see more of the state. Over four days, I saw it all, or at the very least, I stopped at the 9 Places to Visit in North Dakota Along I-94. These would all make great additions to any North Dakota bucket list.

I was so glad I spotted the above brochure of North Dakota tourist attractions in the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center in Fargo. It was perfect. There are 16 stops to make along I-94 and I was going to stop at every one of these popular North Dakota attractions. Or at least try, but first, lets talk about Fargo.

I literally knew nothing about Fargo before flying there . Its a very small town, but also very cute with lots to see like the historic Fargo Theatre and the Plains Museum.

Fargo is a very bikeable town and thanks to Great Rides, a bike share in Fargo, I biked all over town, including in a loop around Riverside Gardens several times. It was so relaxing. I wanted to make the most of my one-hour rental.

Best Thing To Do In North Dakota

North Dakota is a land that has seen little change since the days of Theodore Roosevelt or even Lewis and Clark for that matter. Roosevelt, who was an avid fan of the state and who often retreated there during his presidency, said it was a world of beauty and colour and limitless space.

Whats not to love about that? If you have any interest in nature, wildlife, or outdoor adventures, North Dakota should be at the top of your list. Round that out with museums, zoos, theatre, casinos, history, and agritourism and youve got the makings of a great holiday.

Lets explore the best things to do in North Dakota:

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Fort Union Trading Post

Located on the border with Montana and lying next to the Upper Missouri River, the Fort Union Trading Post is a reconstructed version of one that used to exist here in 1828. An important historical site, the post is where various Indian tribes came to exchange furs and buffalo skins for guns, beads, and blankets.

Visiting the Fort is an interesting experience you gain insights into the culture, history, and importance of the site. Every June, the Rendezvous gathering allows visitors to watch actors bring the trading posts past to life.

With educational and engaging year-round exhibitions, Fort Union is the perfect place for history lovers to learn more about North Dakotas fascinating past.

Lounge By The Shore At Patterson Lake And Take A Walk At Crooked Crane Trail

7 Fun And Free Things To Do In North Dakota

Dickinson has several parks and recreational areas that arent just for locals, theyre fun for visitors to the town, as well. Patterson Lake is perhaps the top outdoor recreational area in Dickinson, ND. With 26 miles of shoreline surrounded by grasslands, this winding lake is the perfect place for camping, fishing, and water activities. Around the lake, you will also find playgrounds, exercise equipment, walking trails, and even a beach area where you can lounge in the sand.

Crooked Crane Trail goes partially around Patterson Lake, and is one of the more scenic walking, jogging, and cycling trails in Dickinson. The concrete portion of the trail is roughly 1.9 miles long with lots of fun things to stop and places for kids to play along the loop.

For just a $3 daily fee per car, Patterson Lake is an inexpensive place to enjoy nature near Dickinson.

Cost: $3 per car

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North Dakota Top 20 Attractions

In the 19th century, Theodore Roosevelt visited the widely unexplored North Dakota territory. He looked around the rugged, spacious landscape and said, it was here that the romance of my life began.

From rolling prairies to sprawling Midwestern wilderness, North Dakota is a state home to an explorers paradise. Though its one of the least visited states and least populated, there are endless things to do in North Dakota that will educate and inspire people of all ages.

Explore North Dakotas rugged geography and encounter Midwest wildlife at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Or discover indigenous peoples culture and the history of settlement in the region at the North Dakota Heritage Center.

From prairies filled with colorful wildflowers to the legacy of the Old West, the discoveries are endless with must-see North Dakota attractions. Get started on your unforgettable adventure with these top 20 attractions in North Dakota.

When To Visit Dickinson North Dakota

The late summer and early fall months are when youll experience North Dakota at its best. Temperatures average between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit for highs and lows between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also when the prairies put on a stunning display. Late winter and even early spring tend to be cold with temperatures between 40 and 50 for highs and average lows around 15 to 25 degrees. Dickinson does not average its last freeze until early May.

Some activities and tours in the area only operate from June through mid-September, so if possible, plan your trip to Dickinson in late August or early September to experience both the beauty and the popular activities.

As one of the least populated US states to visit, youll find plenty of space and untouched nature to explore regardless of what time of year you visit.

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Why Youll Enjoy This Activity

Have a fun-filled day with your family or friends at one of the top places to go in North Dakota, the Dakota Zoo. At this zoo, you can get the chance to see animals from various parts of the world.

Dakota Zoo has a boatload of amenities for you and your companions to have a more comfortable and enjoyable time, like gazebos, play areas, a rose garden, viewing areas, and a Discover Center.

Things To Do In North Dakota: The Ultimate Bucket List

Does North Dakota actually exist? | Road Trip Vlog | Engagement Series

Looking for things to do in North Dakota? We have got you covered with our list of the best North Dakota attractions.

Whether you have an interest in the outdoors, nature, culture, or history, this state has it all. Thats not all, this state has also been a land of adventurers and has seen the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Sakakawea, Lewis and Clarke, and many more inspirational people.

Visitors can explore the Great Plains, learn about the history at North Dakota Heritage Center, or go to some of the hidden gems of the Midwest here. Also, North Dakota is extremely beautiful and one of the best places to experience fall in the midwest.

Trust me, there is no shortage of fun North Dakota attractions for you to explore. If you are also planning a trip to this state soon, then here is a list of 15 top things to do in North Dakota.

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Things To Do In Nd: Knife River Indian Villages

The Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site preserves the site of a former Native American trade center and later fur trading hub. There were three villages known as the Hidatsa villages that once made up the Knife area. The villages have received some fame because of the fact that well-known Native American Sacagawea lived in one of the Knife River Villages.

The archeological artifacts and historical sites have been preserved in the National Historic Site. The site includes the remains of earth-lodge dwellings where the original inhabitants lived. Popular park activities include walking the relaxed village trail or hiking one of the more extreme hiking trails. Several trails of varying lengths are available. Fishing is also permitted on the park’s waterways.

564 County Road 37, Stanton, ND 58571, Phone: 701-745-3309

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Explore The Theodore Roosevelt National Park & Badlands

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt believed he would never have become President of the United States if it werent for the time he spent in North Dakota? Roosevelt found that North Dakotas frontier life coupled with the rugged topography of the badlands eased his grief after tragically losing his first wife.

Roosevelt loved North Dakota. Consequently, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park was established to honor his love of the Dakota badlands and his conservation efforts while serving as U.S. President.

Today, kids can experience Teddys beloved badlands while exploring this National Parks remarkable history, unique geology, and abundant wildlife. Ask a ranger at the South Unit visitor center how to become a member of the Badlands Club then check out a Theodore Roosevelt National Park Family Fun Pack full of guides, games, and binoculars to use during your visit.

Find a great hotel room near Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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What Youll Experience

Start your North Dakota family vacation on the right foot with a visit to this kid-approved museum. With a fascinating collection of exhibits, North Dakota Heritage Center lets you walk through the states entire history.

From its agricultural history to Plains Indian artifacts, the museum has everything you need to know about the states heritage. Whats more, the museum features kiddie galleries as well as learning labs with state-of-the-art interactive exhibits.

Kids will also love the museums mummified dinosaur fossils. And, did we mention that its located near some of the best family hotels in North Dakota?

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