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Fun Things To Do In Japan

Experience Being A Ninja

10 Fun Things to Do in Tokyo Japan

If you think Japan then of course you think of ninjas. Ninja no Mori Akame Sijuhachitaki in Mie prefecture is where you can experience being a ninja for yourself. Of course they will also lend you the right clothes. You can try ninja training and have an enjoyable time with other various attractions.

See The Mouth Of Hell At Mount Osorezan

Incredibly surreal, the rocky outcroppings of Mount Osorezan form a maze of holy volcanic springs that bubble yellow and red from high sulfur levels. Only open from May to October, this day trip is perfect for intrepid adventurers looking to go off-the-beaten-path in Japan. It’s especially awesome during the Osorezan Taisai, a summer festival where blind mediums channel the spirits of the dead.

Take A Walk On Piss Alley

Located in Shinjuku, the Piss Alley is a small, cramped alleyway with many eateries and tiny bars.

Unlike the name suggests, the Piss Alley is not a smelly back street, but a cool place with lots of bars and small shops stuffed together as tightly as possible.

To get there, take the subway to Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Station or the main Shinjuku Station.

The best time to visit depends on what you are after. If you would like to take pictures, we recommend visiting during the week, after dark or just before sunset. If you want to have a night out with friends, Fridays and weekends are the best time.

Join a guided tour around Shinjuku and learn not just about Memory Lane but also explore Shinjuku and the entertainment district of Kabukich.

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Visit A Super Cute Maid Cafe

Mainly found in Akihabara, maid cafes are a sensation in Japan. Japanese waitresses are dressed as maids who serve kawaii food and desserts. Initially created as great places where kids come to celebrate their birthday parties and order bunny-shaped milkshakes, maid cafes are now popular with tourists too.

Maid Cafes are a great experience for tourists who are in the Akihabara district. During special evenings and events, you can sign up to listen to the maids sign special kawaii songs. To make sure you visit the right establishment, we recommend signing up for a guided tour around Akihabara where locals can show you specialised stores and cafes. You will visit all the important parts of Electric Town and have lunch at a maid café with your personal tour guide.

To order in a specialised maid cafe, you might have to meow instead of saying sumimasen . This is a special Tokyo experience, which many tourists find entertaining and fun.

Witness A Technology Takeover In Sasebo

7 Fun Things to do in Harajuku, Japan

Henn -Na means strange in English, which might be an apt way to describe the personnel at the Henn – Na Hotel in Sasebo. Why? Because the establishment is staffed almost entirely by robots.

Artificial intelligence has taken over with approximately 90% of the staff manned by 186 machines. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill robots either. Bellhop duties are being performed by velociraptors. Even if you have no intention of staying in the high-tech hotel, it’s still worth visiting the world’s first robot-run hotel.

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Order Hot Coffee Or Soup From A Vending Machine

In Japan youll find vending machines everywherein train stations, on almost every street corner, and even on hiking paths. They are very convenient as youll never go thirsty.

Most vending machines sell drinkscold green tea, milk tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, juice , and water.

Its not just cold drinks, thoughin the colder months you can buy a can of hot coffee, tea, and even corn soup to go! You can tell they are hot as theyll have a red label . You can also find vending machines that sell alcohol.

It may not be the best coffee in the world, but Simon loved the convenience of being able to pick up a can of hot coffee anywhere, especially on cold mornings when we had a train to catch. His favourite was Tullyshe found the more common Boss coffee rather gross.

Drive A Go Kart Around The City Dressed As A Video Game Character

This is not even a joke. By far the funniest Osaka activity you can do is to get dressed up as your favourite video game or anime character, and zip around the city in a go-kart!

Starting close to the Namba station, you go through a quick safety briefing, get dressed up, and then hit the streets.

How this is legal we have no idea, but its honestly the coolest things to do in Osaka!

The cheapest place to book this is online on the Klook website.

BONUS Use the coupon code NMDSKLKon Klook when checking out and youll get $5 off your first booking!

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Drink Matcha In A Teahouse

Kyoto is famous for its green tea and stopping at one of the many traditional teahouses is the perfect break on a busy sightseeing day.

Slightly bitter, bright green matcha is served in beautiful bowls accompanied by wagashi, small Japanese sweets such as mochi made from pounded rice and sugar and stuffed with bean paste. It can be an acquired taste, but even if youre not a fan, its a great cultural experience and worth trying at least once.

There are many teahouses in Kyoto. We loved our experience at Ippodo Tea, a highly regarded tea shop thats been around for nearly 300 years.

This is the ideal place to buy some high-quality tea to take home as a souvenir, but you can also sample it in their tearoom. You can choose from a wide range of teas and youll be given exact instructions on how to brew itthey take their tea very seriously here. Our tea and wagashi were superb.

To delve deeper into tea culture, you can also participate in a tea ceremony. The tea ceremony ritual originated in Kyoto and is a fascinating insight into Japanese cultureits about so much more than just enjoying a hot drink.

If you are a real tea enthusiast, you can even take a tour of a tea farm near Kyoto and learn about green tea production.

Details: The Ippodo Tearoom is open from 10 am 6 pm. Its a little out of the way but its not far south of Kyoto Imperial Palace and a 15-minute walk north of Nishiki Market.

Go Shopping At Harajukus Takeshita Street

5 Fun Things to do in Japan

Popular among foreigners is Takeshita Street in Harajuku that is always bustling with crowds of people. There are fashion stores on both sides of the street in every crevice. You can access it right from Harajuku station so its easy to go there.

There are tons of fashion and sweet shops in Harajuku and it is hard to pick right ones. Why not try Harajuku Kawaii Walking Tour?

A local guide will help you navigate through the Tokyo‘s latest pop-culture and fashion trends. You can experience the highlights of Harajuku in a half day!

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Tour The Imperial Palace

One of the top spots in Tokyo for visitors is the Imperial Palace which is the home of the emperor and sprawls over 2,000,000 square meters.

Located in the Marunouchi District close to central Tokyo Station, you need to book in advance if you want to visit.

If you dont have time however then you can still tour the grounds including the scenic outer moat, and this is a well known spot to come and view the cherry blossom in the spring time and people flock here to take wedding photographs thanks to the gorgeous outdoor setting.

Y All Night In The Shinjuku Party District

If youre a night owl who loves nothing more than hidden bars, smoky karaoke, and loud pop music, then youre going to fit right into the Shinjuku nightlife scene. Hundreds of bars, clubs, and more dot the backstreets here, and even though this infamous area can feel sleazy its perfectly safe, even at night.

In true Japanese style in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, you will find everything from fine dining to loud Irish pubs, deep underground clubs, and a side of sex and sleaze. If your more interested in gay nightlife in Tokyo, you have Shinjuku Ni-chome just a few blocks away, which is the beating heart of the Tokyo gay scene.

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Get Samurai Sword Training

Japan was in a near-constant state of fluctuating regime changes and war from the 9th to early 17th-centuries. Feudal leaders enlisted skilled footmen to serve as their standing militia. Over the years, these fighters became an aristocratic class known as samurai. Eventually, they amassed enough political weight to usurp the emperor and unify Japans feudal states under the Tokugawa Shogunate.In 1872, the last samurai leaders submitted to Emperor Meiji, but still retained their social status and family legacies. You can see preserved districts where high-ranking families lived in cities like Matsue, Kakunodate, Hagi, and Kitsuki. Many descendants still live in these neighborhoods, but some chose to turn their ancestral homes into museums where you can learn more about the daily-lives of samurai.

Tuna Auction At Toyosu Market

17 Fun Things to Do in Tokyo (+ Where to Eat &  Stay ...

Book a guided tour to see the auction. The tour takes about 2 hours and gives you a glips into the fast-paced world of Japanese Seafood Industry and the life of the market.

To get there, take the subway to Shijo-Mae Station, Yurikamome Line. The wholesale market is open from 5:00 am to 17:00 pm. Some restaurants only open from 7:00 am. The market is closed on Sundays and some public holidays.

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Best Beautiful Japan Attractions

Theres so much more to Japan than the cities. Youll find many gorgeous mountains, lakes, islands, waterfalls, rivers, rice fields, and forests. Temples and shrines are also often in beautiful natural settings, so see the section above as well.

Here are just some of the top things to do in Japan in nature. There are many other options to experience Japan on foot, bike, boat, and skis.

Best Things To Do In Japan: Hiroshima

When most people hear the word Hiroshima, they immediately think of the 1945 atomic bomb that decimated the city and ended WWII. Many travelers come here to remember the nuclear tragedy and its victims at commemorative sites such as the Peace Museum, or to learn more about the war history.

However, thereâs much more to Hiroshima than its past.

The city has a rich historical and spiritual culture, epitomized by the red floating shrine at Miyajima. Thereâs also a vivid pop culture, dining and bar scene that might alter your preconceptions of Hiroshima.

To get around with ease, purchase a Hiroshima Tourist Pass that includes unlimited public transportation, and discounts for top attractions and restaurants. You can also take a private, customizable day tour with a local.

I also recommend this JR 5-day pass, which lets you skip lines and travel by train to Hiroshima and major cities in the Kansai region. The unlimited pass lets you ride on the bullet train and ferries in the region for 5 days.

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Get Off The Beaten Track At Otagi Nenbutsuji

My favourite temple in Kyoto is the quirky Otagi Nenbutsuji in the lovely Arashiyama neighbourhood. Its much quieter than other temples in the area, and the shady temple complex features 1200 stone sculptures of the Buddhas disciples all with different facial expressions and poses from scary to serene.

Visit Colourful Shibuya By Day Or By Night

Fun Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan // ft Purikura, Senso Ji, Shibuya Crossing and Japanese food

A major commercial and business center in Tokyo, there is more to Shibuya than just the Shibuya Crossing. An entertainment hub and home to the flagship stores of most affordable international fashion brands, you can find almost everything that makes Tokyo unusual here in just a few blocks.

Packed with shopping, dining, and nightclubs, Shibuya is totally safe and brightly lit by neons 24/7 and doesnt have the same seedy feel as Shinjuku after dark. Eat, drink, and be merry, if youre ever wondering what to do in Tokyo: Shibuya is the answer.

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Sample The Countrys Best Ramen Dishes At The Shin

Museum is a bit of a misleading word, but we didnt choose it. Besides, what it actually is a ramen food court, is obviously far better. Here, visitors can experience one of Japans finest foods in the absolute best way possible: by sampling different kinds of ramen from all of Japans most famous shops, all under one convenient roof. The aesthetic of the whole place is designed to look like 1958, the year that instant ramen was first invented. Ramen was also initially brought to Japan from China, via Yokohama, thus explaining the location. This place is all kinds of weird and fun!

One of the grandest buddhist temples in Eastern Japan, Hasedera has vital links to Japans ancient history. Its main building houses an awesome wooden statue, almost ten metres tall, of Kannon, the eleven-headed goddess of mercy. More than just a temple, this collection of buildings covers quite a bit of ground and encourages peaceful wandering of its gardens, ponds, and bridges. Its like a portal to the buddhist Japan of old.

Catch A Kabuki Theater Performance

Few performing art-styles can measure up to the fantastical nature of Kabuki theater. Play plots are usually dramatic retellings from Japanese history and legends that utilize rhythmic dances, poetic songs, and imposing makeup. All Kabuki actors are men who were born or legally adopted into the business, and they play both male and female roles. However, you shouldnt liken onnagata to drag queens, as this tradition came from a legal policy that banned women from performing Kabuki in the 1600s.Many Kabuki theaters have tools that make their shows accessible to everyone. Because many of the plays are old, they use a form of Japanese that you could compare to Shakespearean English. You can rent devices that translate the dialogue into modern Japanese and international languages. Also, one Kabuki play can last up to four or five hours, but if youre short on time, you can purchase single-act tickets.

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Best Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that needs almost no introduction, having been featured in countless films, TV shows and music videos. An icon of popular culture, Tokyo is also a city that never sleeps, so you will never be short of things to do when you are in town.

Tokyo is known for its modern touches and Sc-Fi atmosphere, but you can also spend time here getting back to basics and enjoying the historical side of the city such as temples, parks and ancient buildings which are known for being some of the most beautiful spots in the world. As if that wasnt enough, you can also eat and drink your way around the city which is known for its delicious food as well as its exciting nightlife scene.

Here are the 55 best things to do in Tokyo

Explore An Island Full Of Art In Naoshima

9 Fun and Unique Things to do in Osaka

Naoshima is a remote island that will easily end up on your list of favorite places if youre an art enthusiast. If youre looking for unique things to do in Japan, this gorgeous little island is home to a number of art museums, exhibitions, and installations. Everywhere you turn youll find something new. Most of the structures on Naoshima were built by architect Tadao Ando and appear to blend harmoniously into the landscape. Not only will your Instagram love it, but its also one of the best art and architecture destinations in the world!

  • Best time to visit: You can visit art island any time of year, but youll have nicer weather between March and May or September and November. Keep in mind that all the art museums are closed on Mondays!
  • Entrance fee: Each museum has its own costs, but to see the Art House Project and its six installations will cost you around USD 10 for a combo ticket.
  • Good to know: Bikes are the best way to get around the island, but you can also take buses. If youre heading to the art museums, a free shuttle bus will take you from the Tsutsuji-so bus stop to the museum area!

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Wander Through A Bamboo Forest

The most famous bamboo forest in Japan is undoubtedly in Arashiyama. Located just outside the center of Kyoto, youll feel a world away. The grove of giant, swaying bamboo stalks is beautiful year-round and emanates tranquility. Well, that is if you can experience tranquility amongst a crowd

This bamboo forest is stunning, no arguing that, but it can get pretty packed, especially during Japans high tourist season. We visited during low season and went early, so we didnt have too much of an issue with crowds. However, we know this isnt always the case. We still think its worth visiting, as long as your expectations are managed.

Even so, we think it is well worth a visit and will certainly be one of your favorite photo ops in Japan!

Also, there are other, less crowded bamboo forests around the country. Here are just a couple:

  • Kamakura: just a 10-minute bus ride from the train station is the Hokokuji Bamboo Forest. Its small but beautiful. And while youre in town, might as well swing by the Great Buddha of Kamakura that dates back to the year 1252.

  • Nakasendo Trail: there is a portion of this trail where there is a wild bamboo grove. No paths, no crowds, just bamboo!

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