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Fun Things To Do In Dunwoody

What An Epic Weekend In Dunwoody Looks Like With Kids

Access Atlanta week of 1.27.2020

Discover More Details About DunwoodyDunwoody is the ideal family destination with great playgrounds, outdoor adventures, and tons of family fun. Check out Discover Dunwoody for more ideas on what to do on your next weekend adventure.

Note: This trip was paid for by Discover Dunwoody, but all opinions expressed here belong to the writer.

Best Restaurant In Dunwoody

Trying to decide on a dining location in Dunwoody can be really difficult especially when youre plagued with hunger, anxiety and more than a little FOMO. When youre dealing with the internal struggle of where to eat in Dunwoody, youre battling uphill with so many truly amazing options, almost no matter where in the city you are. Luckily, were here to save you from dying indecision. This list of great, of-the-moment spots gets updated seasonally, so bookmarking it isnt the worst idea, too.

From the truly incredible and Instagram-worthy to the downright unusual and bizarre, you can get front row seats to the best food and entertainment Dunwoody has. It can almost be overwhelming to choose the most fun places to celebrate a special occasion , when there are so many options.

And here is the coolest dinner spots in the city to book now

Things To Do In Sandy Springs

Float the Chattahoochee River. Hike Island Ford. Shop the Souths best malls. Stay in your hotel room all day watching M*A*S*H reruns. Almost everything you want from a vacation is in the gorgeous outdoors and charming local community of Sandy Springs. Everything else is just minutes away in Atlanta.

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Free And Cheap Things To Do In Dunwoody

Exploring Dunwoody for free. First up, is it even possible? Secondly, what is there to do? Visiting Dunwoody with kids is an insanely cool thing to do, but it can also be expensive if you visit all the top paid attractions like the Dunwoody Eye or the Tower of Dunwoody. The good news is that there are also plenty of fun free things to do in Dunwoody with kids.

in Dunwoody,

Dunwoody is one of the best places to be a tourist for the day, and it costs nothing to see the landmarks from the outside and take some iconic Insta snaps with them! Most of Dunwoodys landmarks can be seen on this walk around Dunwoody.

We love extravagant pop-ups as much as the next person but if your bank account is feeling the pinch, Secret Dunwoody is here to lend a hand. Weve put together an all-singing, all-dancing roundup of free things to do in Dunwoody , and its a humdinger of a list .

Have you ever wondered if its possible to explore Dunwoody for free? And if you dont believe me, then I dare you to read this Dunwoody travel guide and see if you can do a weekend in Dunwoody without spending money on anything other than getting there, accommodation and food. See also my 48-hours in Dunwoody guide here.

A Fun Weekend In Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Nature Center

Posted on Published: November 26, 2018

Dunwoody, Georgia, is directly north of Atlanta. It is full of big-city offerings but with way less traffic than its southern counterpart. During a visit to Dunwoody, my friend Liz of Eat, Move, Make, and I found some pretty cool things to get into and had a fantastic trip. Between excellent shopping, delicious food, and a day of pampering and relaxation at a day spa, youll quickly see why I think youll love a fun weekend in Dunwoody, Georgia.

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Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church

The first religious building to be constructed in Dunwoody, the Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church was built in 1829, although the current church is the fourth to have stood on the same plot.

Local legend has it that the wooden planks of the first church were removed and used during the Atlanta campaign of the Civil War so that Unionist forces could cross the Chattahoochee River.

The church stands surrounded by one of Dunwoodys earliest cemeteries.

It contains the remains of Major Charles Dunwoody, as well as soldiers from the losing Confederate Army and members of Dunwoodys leading families, after whom many of the nearby streets are named.

Take A Pleasant Stroll Outdoors At The Windwood Hollow Park

Find peace while you stroll along the woods at Windwood Hollow Park.

The park has a walking trail perfect for an afternoon walk or a morning jog.

The Windwood Hollow Park also has a pavilion, which is the perfect place to have a picnic lunch.

This park is also great for tennis, and it has two tennis courts available for public use.

Bring your kids to the middle of a circular sidewalk route and let them play.

Likewise, you can find stationary exercise equipment with photos explaining how to use them along the trail.

You can enjoy the outdoors in Windwood Hollow Park.

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Dunwoody Shopping Wining And Dining

Shopping really is a modern-day treasure hunt! And you’ll find keepsakes and souvenirs as good as gold here. Perimeter Mall, which boasts more than 1.5 million square feet of today’s hottest stores and brands, offers some of the best shopping around Atlanta. Go beyond the mall in Dunwoody Village and Perimeter Place where you can get lost among the pretties at specialty shops and boutiques like Under the Pecan Tree and Enchanted Forest. makes getting around easy, so nearby Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza in Atlanta are all within reach. Indulge at any of our top-notch restaurants, many of them locally-owned. You could even make it a girls’ day out with some time at the spa and a glass of wine or two at Vino Venue. Then back to the mall, because there’s no way ya’ll covered 1.5 million square feet that fast.

Jimmy Carter Library And Museum

Access Atlanta 2.24.20

A presidential library may sound like a monument to a past leader, but it is really a time capsule that gives very visitor a living glimpse into history. The library is one of those treasured time capsules of living history that represents the legacy of the United States of America with the historical memorabilia of the Carter Administration. The Jimmy Carter Library is operated by the National Archives Administration of the US Government.Learn More

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Go On A Thrilling Outdoor Adventure At Treetop Quest Dunwoody

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing

Treetop Quest Dunwoody is a unique park because of its natureits an obstacle course located at Brook Run Park. The idea is for everyone to have fun and at the same time get challenged physically and mentally through the obstacle course. There are four levels plus a Chick Pea Course for the little ones. Levels 1 to 3 are good for children aged 7 and above, while level 4, the most challenging, is for 12-year-olds and above. Expect zip lines and lots of workouts, so remember to be physically prepared for the fun!

Treetop Quest Dunwoody

Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter

We stayed at Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, and found it a super convenient location. With large suites and great views out over Dunwoody, Le Meridien is a perfect location for exploring the area.

The fireplace hub located just off the lobby provided a warm and inviting area to relax after a busy day. The area is also located adjacent to the bar offering the perfect location for happy hour or a late night snack. Portico Global Cuisine restaurant, located on site, was voted in the top 100 restaurants in Atlanta. One of the many reasons to choose Le Meridien as your place to stay when visiting Dunwoody.

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Browse The Shops At Perimeter Mall

Perimeter Mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations near Dunwoody, and the second-largest mall in Georgia.

You’ll find it in busy Atlanta, Georgia, four minutes from Dunwoody.

The mall is home to over 150 shops and events throughout the year.

Visitors can find everything from high-end retailers to local boutiques, restaurants, and cafes inside the mall.

In addition to shopping, visitors can also take advantage of the mall’s many amenities.

The open-air stores, fine dining establishments, and salons at Perimeter Mall set it apart from other Atlanta retail centers.

Gardens and walks connect these establishments.

The mall has a movie theater, an arcade, different places to eat, and valet parking.

Perimeter Mall is the perfect place to spend a day if you want some retail therapy.

Grab A Bite At Village Burger

Dunwoody Country Club

Village Burger is your traditional, classic neighborhood hangout. They specialize in favorites like burgers and hotdogs, but they proudly boast their frozen custard to be the top recommendation here. Other popular choices include the turkey burger and French fries. Devour these favorites on the outdoor patio-style setting. Aside from the delicious food, the family-friendly community atmosphere is also what keeps guests coming back.

Village Burger

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Play A Game Of Basketball At Pernoshal Park

Grab your group of friends and head over to Pernoshal Park for a friendly game of basketball. The facilities here are well taken care of, so you can be sure youll have a great time playing. Theres also an open area for other sports and activities. Pernoshal Park is clean and well-maintained, including Dunwoody Trailway, a multipurpose pathway connecting to Brook Run Park.

Pernoshal Park

Address: 4575 N Shallowford Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338, United States

Opening hours: 9am – 8:30pm

Outdoor Things To Do In Dunwoody

Theres never been a better time to take advantage of the great outdoors and all the things to do in Dunwoody. And, despite the Dunwoody climate, going alfresco doesnt have to require packing your bags and heading to warmer climes. From discovering urban nature to exploring the citys prettiest parks, weve tracked down the best outdoor activities in Dunwoody.

Theres a whole host of ways where you can enjoy yourself while socially distancing, from open air pop-up cinemas screening iconic movies to comedy nights with bottomless drinks. If youre not a fan of lounging and are looking for something more exciting to do in Dunwoodys parks and gardens, check out this roundup of the best outdoor activities to try.

in Dunwoody,

If youre looking for an active break, then the great range of walks and places to cycle in Dunwoody offer great ways to explore the region and beautiful places cars just cant get to. If something more sedate is more to your liking, consider one of our guided tour operators instead.

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Great Restaurants Of All Styles


Crema is for coffee-lovers. If youre like us and love perfectly roasted beans, excellent espresso, and a variety of great coffee styles to choose from, then youll love Crema. Payton says the red velvet coffee is a must, but with so many flavors to chose from it is a difficult decision.

Alons Bakery & Market

A lovely laidback bakery, cafe and market, Alons provides delectable food and gourmet gifts in a delightful setting.

Vintage Pizzeria

Looking for a restaurant to please the whole family, Vintage Pizzeria will do the trick. I had the antipasto salad and it was so yummy such an inventive salad idea. All of the breads and sauces are homemade and to die for.

NFA Burger

Dont be put off by NFA Burger being inside the Chevron gas station . This unique location was crowned Best Burger in Atlanta for 2020, so its definitely worth a visit. Smash burger style patties with the perfect crunch and juiciness.

Georgia Museum Of Natural History

2022 Guide to Living in Buckhead Atlanta | Moving to Atlanta

The Georgia Museum of Natural History links collections, research, public service, and education through programs designed for a diverse audience. Natural history museums are repositories for collections of archaeological, biological, geological, and paleontological materials. For the most part, such collections consist of specimens or artifacts gathered so that they may be studied by students and professionals or displayed for public edification. At The University of Georgia, faculty, staff, and students have built significant collections in natural history through their research. Taken together, they are the most comprehensive in Georgia. These collections play an important role in the teaching mission of the University as well as in public service and outreach. Learn More

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Top Attractions In Dunwoody Georgia

Georgia is a southern charm state with beautiful cities that make unique contributions to the fun and invigorating reputation it has. In the south, if you havent been to Georgia, you havent really traveled. Dunwoody is a city that attracts many tourists that visit to see the amazing attractions that are in and near the city. If visiting for a day, a weekend or longer, you must visit at least one attraction before leaving. Chances are, once youve visited, youll be back for more of what Dunwoody has to offer.

Here are a few attractions that tourists boast about:

  • Brook Run Park Brook Run Skate Park is a beautiful 27,000-square-foot skate park with amazing lighting and located in Dunwoody, GA. The park opened July 28, 2007. The park is often referred to as the newest and best outdoor skatepark in Atlanta. Amazing fun and a great place to gather with friends or family.
  • Dunwoody Nature Center a wonderful place for families to enjoy and currently presents a late summer Butterfly Festival that is becoming a tradition among visitors and residents. The grounds are serene and children enjoy the playground that the center offers.
  • Morgan Falls Overlook Park beautiful park with expansive playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails and scenic river views. Theres a kids park and kayaking for visitors of the park to enjoy and space available for an intimate picnic.

Spruill Center For The Arts

If youre looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, or just want to see an exhibition of local artists while in Dunwoody, the Spruill Gallery is the place for you. Since we visited just before Christmas we were able to enjoy the Holiday Artists Market as well. Make sure you walk around back and check out the outdoor sculptures. You will not find these designs anywhere else.

They also offer art classes, events, a gift shop, and a special holiday market before Christmas.

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Hidden Things To Do In Dunwoody

Every city has its hidden gems the sweet little off-the-beaten-track spots which youll only discover if youre in the know, and Dunwoody has its fair share of them. It might surprise you to hear that there are even hidden gems in central Dunwoody, concealed by the hustle and bustle of all the major city attractions which distract passers-by from giving these spots the attention they clearly deserve. These lesser-known spots in Dunwoody city centre make for a great self-guided walking tour as they are each located between Mayfair and Tower Bridge. Youll come across secret historical sights, a hidden oasis, epic street art and more seriously Instagrammable spots on this tour around the city centres hidden gems.

There are an unlimited number of things you can do if you are on a romantic trip to Dunwoody. Make sure that you begin and end your day on a charming and memorable note. Check out the following activities that should be on the list of your top romantic thing to do in Dunwoody

See The Animals At Dunwoody Nature Center

Dunwoody Village

The Dunwoody Nature Center is great for learning about the local flora and fauna.

The 22-acre center has hiking trails, picnic grounds, a playground, and an amphitheater, making it the perfect place to spend a day outdoors.

Inside Dunwoody Park, Dunwoody Nature Center has three venues, perfect for a nature-themed birthday party.

In addition to the many different amenities the center offers, there are educational programs for adults and children.

The programs educate guests on the local ecosystem and offer opportunities to get up close and personal with wildlife.

You can also play with your kids at the creek inside the Dunwoody Nature Center.

If you want to know about the local ecosystem, this is the place for you.

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Grab A Drink With Friends At Dunwoody Tavern

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing

Get an old-fashioned bar feel with Dunwoody Tavern, a great and ideal place to get together with friends according to previous guests. A lot of people have said the ambiance is one of the reasons why Dunwoody Tavern has become a local favorite. On top of a great menu of food and drinks, guests can also socialize over a game of pool or darts with their favorite beers in hand. The bar even has 16 televisions for you to watch your favorite sport, and you can request for the channel you like. The staff is very warm and welcoming as well.

Dunwoody Tavern

Opening hours: Mon – Wed: 11:30am – 1am Thu – Sat: 11:30am – 2am Sun: 12pm – 12am

On The Road To Dunwoody Ga

Have you ever visited a place and it automatically felt like home? Thats what Dunwoody, GA did for me and my family this summer. Nestled right above Atlanta, Dunwoody is your home away from home. With top dining options, a shopping experience in the Southeasts 2nd-largest mall, family fun activities, and more. My family and I were invited out to experience the Dunwoody area ourselves and its the perfect mix of knowing there is a major city a few miles away while still getting that small local experience.

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