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Fun Things To Do In An Airbnb

Getting Your Unit Ready

The Strangest Things Ever Found In An Airbnb

When doing the numbers on a vacation rental purchase, keep in mind that it will take more than an excellent location to get your short-term rental business going. Before you can start taking reservations, you will need to:

  • Set up utilities
  • Setup procedures and equipment for self-check-in
  • Setup doorbell cameras and/or other security devices

How To Book The Best Airbnb Experience Possible

As you start to narrow down options for your next trip, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take note of the details provided on the Airbnb Experience page. Make sure you know where the Experience takes place, how long it will last, and whats included for the price. You can also read about your host and what you will do during this Experience.
  • Then, just as you would before booking an Airbnb home, take a read through the recent reviews. Airbnb Experiences also feature guest photos, so you can get a look at what the Experience will entail.
  • Make sure there is enough availability for your whole party before booking: If youre traveling as a group of four, be sure to search for four people.
  • Before booking, make sure youve read the cancellation policy.

Your Essential Airbnb Packing List For A Stress

The right Air bnb packing list can make or break your stay. Even if a hostess tries to anticipate your every need, there’s always going to be something missing.

We also have to add something else to the mix: COVID-19. How an Airbnb cleans and disinfects its property is also an issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Some articles on this website were written before COVID-19 emerged. I’ve done my best to keep destination articles updated but the changing situation has made it impossible to adjust the entire site to the realities of the pandemic or travel restrictions. You’ll find updated information from the CDC about travel conditions by country but please check all appropriate sources before you travel as situations can change in minutes.

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Airbnb Places To Stay

We have stayed at countless Airbnb rentals both in the US and internationally because of the variety of options available. When we need accommodation that fulfills more than your average hotel, we start exploring on Airbnb. Airbnb rentals can give you extra options like space, charm, and local travel tips from hosts.

Airbnb in Old Havana, Cuba

Now is a great time to discover new destinations nearby whether it be for a weekend getaway, work, or simply to relax. One of our recent stays at an Airbnb was inside Yosemite National Parkand it was a fantastic location for a group of six. Not only is Airbnb great if youre traveling with family or friends, but there are several other reasons why we may choose Airbnb over a traditional hotel, such as having a kitchen or laundry room.

Airbnb in Ramona Valley, California

Of course, many people are still wary of traveling because of the pandemic and Airbnb takes this very seriously, which is why they launched the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative. This initiative ensures a standardized protocol for cleaning and sanitization developed with guidance from experts in hospitality and medical hygiene.

Airbnb also requires all hosts and guests to commit to COVID-19 safety practices including wearing face masks and practicing social distancing when interacting with each other. All hosts must also commit to implementing Airbnb’s five-step enhanced cleaning process.

Things To Know When Renting Out An Airbnb

Fun Things to Do in Singapore using Airbnb Experiences ...

Written by: Stacey Leasca

May 14, 2021

It can be tempting to rent out part, or all, of your home on a rental platform to bring in extra income.

While renting out extra space can be a lucrative sideline for those who are willing to put in the effort to create and maintain a welcoming space for guests, it could potentially backfire if you side-step some key steps.

To help ensure your venture is a success, here are some things you may want to consider before you start renting on Airbnb or a similar site.


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List The Best Shopping Options

It should come as no surprise that shopping appears on this list. Be sure to you include it in your guide.

What I include is a list of 3 or 4 spots in town that are good areas to shop. People will want to know where the nearest shopping malls and shopping strips may be in your city. You should also list grocery or nearby convenience stores.

Listing when and were your local farmers markets are is another great idea. Your Airbnb guests have booked your place so they can cook, so why not give them access to the best produce.

Write how far away these locations are and let your guests know if theyre within walking distance or not.

I devote a big chunk of my Airbnb house manual template towards shopping, as it is such handy information.

Main Tasks For Managing An Airbnb Listing

  • Responding to inquiries
  • Cleaning
  • Maintainance

Lets look into each of these further to see what can be done to automate these tasks and achieve them from out of state.

Responding to inquiries is a no-brainer all you need is a smartphone to achieve that from out of state.

Cleaning is a bit more challenging. You can try to find local Facebook groups online and ask for recommendations, and you can try Angies list. You will need to talk to a few cleaners to have a preferred option and a backup if they are not available. So being able to interview them and go over expectations remotely will be key.

You will also want to communicate the schedule with the cleaners and confirm they will be there. You can do this as a simple text message. You could do it with calendar invites, or you could go as streamlined as using scheduling software to allow them to confirm, decline, and comment about any specific date that cleaning is required.

You can do Maintainance similarly to finding cleaners. You will want to have someone or a companies number you can call for several maintenance tasks that can arise at your property. Most important are having a plumber, HVAC technician, and electricians number on hand. You will also want to know who the 24/7 services are in your area in an emergency.

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A Guide To The Closest Amenities

After your guests have snacked on the lovely bit of food you have left for them, they will be ready to head out and pick up a few groceries.

To make it easier for them, provide them with info on where the closest supermarket, pharmacy and ATM are located. You can even add details about which supermarkets in the area are open late, which have better prices, which has the best selection, etc.

Again, its all about making things easier for your guests so that they dont have to search around when they are on their vacation.

Experience Airbnbs Unique Places And Things To Do

4 things to do in Milan Italy 2022 (Mouse in AIRBNB)

This post is sponsored by Airbnb, but as always, all opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you if you click on one of the product links, we may earn a commission.

Traveling overseas in the foreseeable future has changed for many of us, but it certainly hasnt changed our desire to continue to connect and explore outside of our homes. By now, were pretty sure many of you have heard of Airbnb, but did you know they provide more than unique vacation rentals? Airbnb also offers one-of-a-kind experiences both locally and online.

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Being Ready For Bookings Right Away

With millions of users all over the world, it may be a good idea to go into listing your property believing youll receive guests right away.

While this may not happen, its better to be prepared for visitors than wait to see how your listing performs before readying your space for guests.

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Position Your Listing For Success

Its not just about great photos and descriptions for your listing its also about how you differentiate your Airbnb listing from your competitors.

Remember how you found your target customer above? Well not is your chance to actually target them instead of trying to make your listing appeal to everyone.

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Double Check The Listing

Since every Airbnb is different, its super important to double check your listing to make crystal clear whats included and whats not. This way there wont be any surprises at check in, and youll be able to pack properly for your stay.

Its also worth reading the house rules to know whats acceptable during your stay and what the host expects of their guests.

Create A Welcome Poster With Local Recommendations

Fun Things to Do in Singapore using Airbnb Experiences in ...

Jamie from The Cabin Host Etsy Shop has created such a fun and unique way to showcase local activities, places to eat or drink, and fun things to do in your area.

Having a landing space when you first enter your home with some sort of welcome table is key. You can hang your welcome poster around this table and also leave a Guest Welcome Basket here.

Its customized just for you with your color scheme, fonts, and personalized hash tag!

Jamie Says: Every vacation home rental needs a welcome poster! Perfectly unique and custom made for your rental. It is the perfect way to welcome guests to your rental and get them excited about exploring your city. Its like having an on-site concierge offering recommendations to your guests! Travelers love tips from locals. Local businesses will thank you too.

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Don’t Ask For A Break On The Rate

Nothing sets off red flags like a guest asking for a discount. Bargain hunters are notorious among hosts for other bad behavior like not respecting house rules demanding exceptions to other things like check-in and out times and being dissatisfied no matter what. The price the host sets is the price they need to make this worth their while, and the price the market will bear. If your budget isn’t that high, look for a lower-priced alternative. Or check less popular dates or try plugging a longer stay in often those will trigger lower prices.

Finding A House Manager If Youd Rather Not Do All The Work

Does managing your listing, bookings, and maintaining your rental propertyproperty sound like a lot? You might consider hiring a manager to do it for you.

There are a number of property management companies around the country. that specialize in managing short-term home rentals.

These agencies will handle everything from writing or boosting the exposure of your listing to communicating with guests to cleaning and taking care of repairs. Some charge a commission , while others charge a flat monthly service fee.

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Why Did We Decide To Start Living In Airbnbs Full Time

Ive been working from home since 2018 and Ive always loved it. Im seriously one of those people that have no complaints about working from home, owning my time and having flexibility. G had never experienced that until COVID-19 happened.

Once he was given the option to work from home, it was hard at the beginning. It was quite an adjustment, but only for like a week or so LOL. After a couple of months of doing this, in July 2020, we decided we wanted to do this work-from-home thing full time. However, we couldnt bare the thought of spending another cold Winter in Chicago, and on top of that, being quarantined.

So, one day while we were talking at the park, we said to ourselves: Why do we keep doing this? Talking about things and not making them happen? We are not trees, we can move anywhere we want. We have no real ties to Chicago. Lets sell everything and start living in Airbnbs full time!!!! And so we did.

The only thing stopping us were ourselves, our own minds and fears of the unknown. Thats not how we want to live our lives and thats why we decided to give this crazy thing a try.

Get All The Essentials For Your Listing

How I Setup an Airbnb property. Furnishing an Airbnb like a Pro in 2021

As more and more hosts bring listings onto the market to compete for the guests, so too have guest expectations grown. What used to be a nice-to-haves are now must-haves. Certain amenities are absolutely essential to delivering a great experience.

If youre serious about hosting, your furnishings and amenities could make a big difference. Every unit must have furniture so what should you consider when purchasing furniture?

Choice of furniture can be distilled into two things: function and form. You must consider what pieces are important to your guests? What need is it fulfilling?

Know that getting the guests sleep experience right is critical to getting 5-star reviews.

There are not enough things you can do right to offset a poor nights sleep. Sleep-related purchases are one area where you do NOT want to go cheap on.

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Backstage With A Magician

Discover the secrets of magic with this backstage tour that takes you through some interactive magic tricks to fool yourselves in your own homes. Magician Noah will also share some of his favourite books, magic gadgets and funny stories as well as showing you behind the scenes in his magic workshop. It all culminates in a show of close-up sleight-of-hand magic that will have you wondering whats going on.

What the guests say: Ive seen many magic shows on Broadway, off Broadway, Magic Castle in LA, Noah is world class. Charming routine and many original tricks or at least tricks from all-time masters. Some were charming and others were stunning esp. the finale. Ive recommended it to a dozen friends. Amazing way to escape whats going on for an hour. A total bargain, too.

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: New York, USA

Checking With Your Insurance Company

Airbnb offers its hosts its own insurance known as Host Protection . Though this covers a wide array of potential issues, including bodily injury to guests and any damage to the property, it may not cover everything.

Plus, different home-rental platforms may offer different levels of insurance coverage.

It can be a good idea to also check in with your own homeowners or renters insurance to see what type of coverage these policies offer.

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Make Sure You Know What You Are Booking

Let me explain.

Not all homeowners are very familiar with the interface and it can happen to find contradicting information, especially on the kind of accommodation. Example: entire home vs a room? or is the bathroom en-suite? In doubt, always contact the host before booking if you feel something is not clear, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tips For Your First Airbnb With Kids

Fun Things to Do in Singapore using Airbnb Experiences ...

This post contain may contain affiliate links. For more information, please see my full disclosure policy here.

Read the reviews

Carefully look through the reviews for any places youre considering. Use common sense and pay attention to how long a host has been with Airbnb and what guests are saying about the property. Reviews also offer some insight into possible amenities or neighborhood perks. I found that a local park was within walking distance from our Airbnb based on what other reviewers had said. I also recommend you look for a superhost badge for your first listing since you know youll have an experienced host who can answer any questions you might have about the process.

Rent the entire place

You can filter your selections on Airbnb to make sure youre only looking at entire residences. While Airbnb offers private room rentals, families will want to make sure theyre getting a private space to spread out in, so make sure to double-check the listing before you book to make sure its an entire house rental.

Reframe your expectations

Pack some snacks

Take advantage of your hosts insider knowledge

Sound Machine/App

Airbnbs arent designed like a hotel for special soundproofing so you may hear a bit more noise than you typically do. Download a free sound app or pack a small sound machine to help drown out some of the new sounds and help everyone get a good night sleep.

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Local Menus And Pamphlets

Molcajete! :9

Go hunting for take-out menus or go as far as dropping your guests a message to leave useful tourist information stuff behind.

My genius piggy brain told me to go menu hunting all over my neighborhood. I collected a bunch of take-out menus from nearby and then I figured it would be a nice gesture for hungry, geographically confused guests to have them instead. That got the ball rolling. My guests saw the menus and contributed their own menus, activity pamphlets and tour maps from their own Seattle adventures. I now have 3 copies of The History of Seattle tour guide-book, in Chinese! My guests think I left all those useful things but it was mostly just the guests before them. Other peoples work for my credit, boo-yeah! ?

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