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Fun Romantic Things To Do In Nyc

Wine Tasting In Long Island/ Hudson Valley


Wine and romance go hand in hand so we have to recommend a trip to the wine country! Rolling vineyards, beautiful wine and delicious nibbles make for a great day.

Most romantic things to do in NYC: its easiest to travel by bus and enjoy the grapes! There are tours which leave Manhattan and stop at some of the best wineries for tastings check prices here!

See A Movie With Your Partner At The Paris Theater

You can go to the Paris Theater if you want to see a movie together.

This is a movie theater with a single screen. It is the last cinema in Manhattan with only one screen.

At this place, you can see independent and foreign films.

This is great to do with your partner.

What’s great about this movie theater is that it is a very historic place that looks lovely. This makes it, even more, one of the best date ideas in NYC.

The owner of this movie theater is Netflix. And you can see Netflix screenings at this place. Also, there are often Netflix events at this cinema.

Experience Van Gogh Art In A New Immersive Way

Have you ever dreamt of living inside a painting?

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is an innovative art exhibition in NYC that displays the universe of Vincent van Gogh in a 360-degree digital composition.

Explore Van Goghs work and his secrets in a unique experience, with virtual reality features and an unconventional light and sound atmosphere.

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Take Photos Of The Art Installation Of Love In Times Square

Every year, a Valentine Heart Design Competition is held. The winners proposal will be displayed at Father Duffy Square in February, including Valentines Day.

The idea is to present art at Times Square that communicates love. You can see the design on display from the beginning of until beginning of .

  • 07 Rooftop Bar inMidtown ManhattanAdd to myNYadded

    Even in winter the season is not over yet, because with radiant heaters, free blankets and warm rooftop lounges you can make yourself comfortable there even in icy temperatures. The great view will warm your heart. It gets really romantic and cozy if you reserve one of the igloos at the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar for yourself. Then you can sit in a heated igloo while enjoying a breathtaking view of the skyline how cool is that!

  • Our HighlightAdd to myNYadded

    Strolling through Central Park can be romantic all year round. The best thing about it? Its completely free! Whether youre planning on popping the question or not, definitely make sure to walk by Bow Bridge. Hopefully, youll be lucky enough to walk through the park when its covered in beautiful, picture-perfect snow.

    To find the best places in Central Park, read our Ultimate Central Park Guide.

  • The Staten Island Ferry Is An Epic Boat Ride That Will Never Get Old

    6 Romantic Things To Do In NYC

    The Staten Island Ferry was among one of my favorite romantic things to do in NYC because it is free! It is also relatively easy to navigate your way there, its pretty close to the Brooklyn Bridge, so you can hop on the ferry and then walk the bridge!

    The Staten Island Ferry carries thousands of people a day to and from Staten Island for free, so you should definitely be one of those thousands! The boat is huge and you have so much space to walk around and enjoy the views you get from each side.

    There are multiple levels to this boat so you can ride it multiple times and still not see everything there is! If you have time, this is something you can do throughout your trip, especially if one of your places to visit is on Staten Island.

    This is one of the best romantic things to do in NYC because you can cuddle up next to your partner and enjoy their company and warmth, especially if its cold outside! The icy wind is unforgiving, but it feels better when you have someone you love with you!

    The Staten Island Ferry leaves at many points during the day, around 30-minute increments. Plan to spend about an hour for this great free boat ride or even more if you want to take your time! The ferry is also a really good way to see some iconic New York views, like the Statue of Liberty. I didnt end up going to the statue because I saw it while riding the ferry back to the mainland! The Staten Island Ferry is fun and must for romantic things to do in NYC!

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    Play Miniature Golf Together At Shipwrecked

    Playing miniature golf together is one of the best date ideas in NYC if you want to have fun with your partner.

    It is very fun to play this game together when you are in the city.

    One of the best places for this is Shipwrecked NYC. Going to Shipwrecked NYC is one of the most romantic things to do in New York City for sure.

    This is an indoor mini-golf course with a lovely design. Each hole in this mini-golf course is interesting and fun. I’m sure you and your partner will have a great time when you go here and play this game!

    Take An Evening Stroll And Do Some Stargazing In Chelsea

    No USA travel guide would be complete without mentioning NYC, and no NYC travel guide would be complete without mentioning the elevated High Line Park.

    Every Tuesday night from April through October, the Amateur Astronomers Association sets up high-powered telescopes along the High Line, providing some of the best views of the night sky in the city.

    These evening events are also totally free, making them some of the best cheap dates in NYC. Plus, you can take in an incredible New York City night view.

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    Have A Drink At A Speakeasy

    One of those great couple activities in NYC is a Speakeasy Bar. During the prohibition days in the United States, a speakeasy was the term used for the illicit drinking houses used to serve booze in hiding when it wasnt allowed. They usually had no signs, hidden doors were small, and were often by invitation only. Nowadays, speakeasies are hip establishments that serve up craft cocktails in an imitate the atmosphere.

    Speakeasy bars are popular in big cities around the world and New York City may be the epicenter of the craze. If youre in the mood for a romantic trip back in time with some great cocktails then head to one of New Yorks many establishments. Two great ones to check out are Attaboy and Dinner table!

    Romantic Things To Do In New York

    Romantic Dates in New York City: Boating in Central Park

    Romantic Dinner with a View

    One of the most romantic things to do in New York City is to enjoy a delicious dinner with a gorgeous view of the citys skyline! Plan a night of delectable food and sweeping views for a fun date idea in NYC! Here are a few spots with good eats and even better views.

    Time Out Market in DUMBOis the perfect place to grab a meal and take in views of New York, not to mention their rooftop is one of the best Brooklyn sunset views. Plus, they offer a wide array of cuisines to choose from. The hardest part of this date will be deciding between the 20+ scrumptious options!

    For a sky-high dinner date with a view of Manhattan, check out ONE Dine at the One World Observatory with a gourmet menu and amazing views, you and your date will feel on top of the world! Youll need to make a reservation and a ticket for the observatory, but you get a discount on your meal and its worth it!

    Read our full guide for how to visit One World Observatory including money-saving tips and tricks for your visit!

    Not all scenic meals in the city have to take place at the top of a skyscraper. Visit The Modern at the Museum of Modern Art for lush garden views.

    Dating in the winter? No worries, see our full guide to heated outdoor dining in Brooklyn for TONS of options.

    Rooftop Drinks

    For more views that are worthy of a fun date night idea in NYC check out these rooftop bars in DUMBO.

    Want to explore beyond Brooklyn? Check out the best rooftop restaurants and bars in NYC.

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    Admire The Spectacular View On Manhattan Over The Hudson

    The observation deck of the One World Observatory offers dramatic city views that turn magical at sundown. The visit to this observation deck offers a unique 360-degree view of the city. One World Observatory is also the tallest of the three most famous observation decks, which includes the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building.

    If you plan to visit multiple attractions in the city, compare New York City passes to find the most convenient solution.

    The One World Observatory offers the most impressive technological features for its visitors, with a mix of virtual reality, video guides, and theater shows. Thanks to its location in Lower Manhattan near the 9/11 Memorial, the One World Observatory also offers fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the harbor.

    Because the One World Observatory is the newest, crowds can get a bit larger at this location, but the timed tickets ensure that you will probably never experience an unreasonable crowd size

    Walk At The New York Botanical Garden: Lovely Date Idea In Nyc With Beautiful Flowers

    Another one of the best date ideas in NYC is going to the New York Botanical Garden.

    This is a beautiful place that you should definitely visit with your partner. It is a botanical garden that you can find in Bronx Park in the Bronx.

    It is a great place to visit for a romantic walk for two!

    While doing so, you can look at beautiful nature together, which is a great experience!

    You can find here an incredible number of living plants that are wonderful to see.

    Besides that, there is a greenhouse here where you can see plants that grow in different habitats.

    Also, there is a beautiful conservatory that you can visit.

    Inside, there are all kinds of tropical plants that are wonderful to see!

    Besides that, there are lovely ponds.

    All these aspects make it a great place for a romantic date with your partner.

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    Explore The Hudson Valley

    Although it is the greatest city on earth that doesnt mean you should never leave! One of the most romantic things to do in NYC is to explore the surrounding area. The Hudson Valley is a beautiful region of The United States.

    Its filled with wonderful B& Bs, apple picking, museums, and farm to table restaurants. Its also home to the Storm King Art Center, probably one of the coolest outdoor art exhibits in the world.

    Visit The Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum

    10 Fun and Frugal Things To Do in Manhattan I Avital Tours

    Have you ever been on a submarine? You can do just that at this museum, which proudly charts Americas military and maritime history from Word War II to the space race.

    Explore the Space Shuttle Pavilion and be amazed at original artifacts from the Marine Corps and NASA. There is an aircraft carrier and a supersonic reconnaissance plane to check out too.

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    Take In The City From The Rooftop Of The Empire State Building

    The 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle solidified the observation deck on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building as one of the most romantic places in New York City. Its been labeled numerous times in the press as one of the best locations in the city to propose, and each Valentines Day, 14 couples are selected to actually get married on the top of the NYC landmark. Usurprisingly, this spot is known for its large crowds, so if you go make sure to plan enough time there to really take in the sights with your loved one.

    Walks Tip: Buy your Empire State Building tickets onlinethis will save time waiting in the ticket line, and if you purchase an express pass, you can bypass the elevator line as well . The observatory opens every day at 8 a.m. and closes at 2 a.m., so if you are trying to pack a lot into your weekend, save this part of your trip for first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Plus, this is a great way to wrap up a romantic outing with some of the best views of the city lights.

    For more tips and tricks to visiting New Yorks most iconic tower, read our blog on how to visit the Empire State Building.

    See The Christmas Tree At The Rockefeller Center During Christmas

    One of the most romantic things to do in New York City during Christmas is going to the Rockefeller Center.

    That’s because you can see a very large Christmas tree here every year.

    This is a wonderful sight to see with your partner.

    The beautiful lights are amazing! And I’m sure this place will give you and your partner the Christmas spirit.

    Also, what’s great is that you can see the lighting ceremony. During this event, you can see the Christmas lights shining for the first time of the year.

    This is a very magical event to witness together. And because of this, going here is one of the best date ideas in NYC for sure!

    I recommend going here at night. That way, the lights of the Christmas tree will be much more magical!

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    Catch A Show At Lincoln Center

    At Lincoln Center, audiences can groove to the tunes of a Wynton Marsalis jazz performance or revel in the musical mastery of the iconic Lincoln Center Orchestra. Its the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date, especially at night, when the famous Revson Fountain explodes in a dazzling array of colors.

    Take A Cocktail Making Class

    NYC in Autumn | BEST things to do in FALL in New York

    Mixing liquor and learning makes for a great time. These are certainly my favorite kind of classes.

    At Liquor Lab youll learn all about the components needed for that perfect cocktail.

    Plus, youll learn about the history of what youre mixing.

    After this, youll look like a pro when mixing drinks for your friends at home. I know my cocktail skills improved!

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    Most Romantic Things To Do In New York City

    Do you need some ideas for a romantic night out in New York City with your partner?

    Grabbing a drink might be fine for a first date, but your next date calls for more unique ideas.

    Fortunately, New York City has plenty of fun options.

    Weve looks at hundred of attractions, restaurants, and activities and came up with the follow 17 most romantic things to do in New York City

    Take A Stroll On The High Line

    Snaking above the industrial West Side neighborhood is a 1.45 mile-long park, the famed High Line, from where you will be overlooking the beautiful Hudson River, massive murals, and downtown New Yorks skyline.

    This spot is most popular during the warm months when the flowers and plants are in full bloom, which makes it a great place for couples to relax and snap some pictures. Sunset is also a very popular time, so, if you can, try for a morning or afternoon walk.

    In addition to people watching, there are also rotating works of sculpture and art every season, and free star gazing nights and lively cultural events like Latin dance nights.

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    Enjoy Cocktails At A Rooftop Bar

    The Manhattan skyline. Its romantic, its awe inspiring, and its the setting for your next gin and tonic.

    Cheers a glass as you stare out into the vast concrete jungle. Silence wont be a bad thing when your date is speechless at the view!

    The best rooftop bars in NYC can be found across a number of neighborhoods, but here are just a few to get your gears churning: The Fleur Room in Moxy Chelsea, Jimmy at the James New York, and A.R.T SoHo over the Hudson River.

    You cant go wrong with cocktails and an architectural spectacle.

    Image credit: The Fleur Room

    Let Loose At A Comedy Club

    Check out fun ideas for romantic things to do in New York ...

    If you ask me, one of the most fun couple activities in New York is attending a comedy show. My recommendation is to ditch stand up comedy and instead see an improv show. At an improv show, you have the chance to participate and influence what you see making it all the more fun.

    Where to go? How about attending the Friday N*ght Show at the Magnet Theater in Chelsea? The set up allows you to write down a note on the little piece of paper outside in the lobby. Once written, fold it and put it into the provided bucket. During the show, the cast will draw a piece of paper one at the time, read them out loud and do improv based on that. What you write down can be as trivial as a single word, a phrase, or a short story. Make it about the two of you and it will be even funnier. Its also a way to test the chemistry between the two of you!

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