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Free Things To Do In The City

Visit The Museum Of Modern Art

10 Free Things To Do In New York City (for Tourists and Visitors)

One of the most famous museums in America is the Museum of Modern Art, and every Friday evening from 5:30 to 9pm admission to this art world-renowned museum is free for all visitors. For free on this weekend night, you can see the many different forms of art at this museum that span over the course of 150 years, such as photography, painting, sculptures, film, and more. This museum hosts over 200,000 works of art, and they are consistently adding to the collection, so there is always something new to see.

Sample Local Flavors At Farmers Markets

The Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar offers the best deals on produce, herbs, flowers, fruit and more. The market, located underneath the Jones Falls Expressway at Holliday and Saratoga streets, is open every Sunday from April to late December. Enjoy musicians, street performers, food samples and people-watching. And while youre at it, check out some of our other farmers markets around the city.

Find fresh produce and flowers at the 32nd Street Farmers Market in Waverly.

Sightsee At Little Island

You must reserve a free admission timed ticket to access this modernized public pier park, but rest assured that this is a trip that is worth it. This is a renovated version of the pier that used to be used as the main proponent in the shipping and handling of goods coming into the city by boat.

This newly reimagined space now has lush green surroundings with flowers, amphitheaters for events, and even hosts art festivals. You can visit this Little Island for free and have access to most of the events being hosted by the island such as art festivals and outdoor performances at the amphitheater. This is an exciting way to experience a natural outdoor art renovation that is becoming a popular New York City standout.

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Have Your Own Picnic In Central Park

Want to have a trillion-dollar view while enjoying a nice meal? Well, you dont have to spend trillions to do it! You can simply have a lovely picnic in Central Park . This is one of my favorite free things to do in NYC that are actually worth it because it is so peaceful and beautiful. Spring, summer, and autumn are great times to do this. Before or after your picnic you could take the rowboats out near the Loeb Boathouse or bike throughout the park using a Citi Bike. Want to learn even more about Central Park? Then watch my virtual tour on YouTube about it.

Lunchtime Concerts St Martin In The Fields

Traveling to NYC? Free Things To Do In New York City

St Martin in the Fields sits at the corner of Trafalgar Square more than just an imposing building, its one of the citys musical hubs.

A constant stream of concerts grace the churchs interior including a series of cool free lunchtime concerts during weekdays.

Lunch and a bit of classical music? What could be more refined darling?

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Free Things To Do At Night

Several activities mentioned above, like riding the Staten Island Ferry, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and strolling along the High Line are free to do at night as well as during the day.

This section lists even more free nighttime activities.

Take a look at our post on things to do at night in NYC which has a section dedicated to free activities and attractions to enjoy in the evening.

Commune With Nature In A Park

There are loads of parks in NYC, but these are our favorites:

  • Central Park with expansive green spaces and statues and monuments
  • Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village for great people-watching and a funky, fun vibe
  • Prospect Park is a bit off the beaten track and located in gorgeous Park Slope neighborhood

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Experience A Night Of Jazz And Storytelling At The Communists Daughter

Okay, I was REALLY hesitant to put this on the list simply because it is hands-down my most treasured memory of Toronto and also kind of a local secret. I dont want it to become overrun with people, but I also want to share the love.

The Communists Daughter is a hole-in-the-wall bar in Little Italy. You wont find a sign for it. In fact, outside, it says Nazare Snack Bar. Inside, there isnt much to look at, and its tiny.

Buton Saturday and Sunday nights they host jazz musicians. And you NEED TO MAKE SURE you go on the night when Michael Louis Johnson is performing. Hes the bartender and an incredible musician and storyteller. He will have you enthralled the whole night.

Theres no cover charge, but obviously, youll need to buy drinks.

Admire The Architecture Of St Marys Cathedral

VIENNA – Top 5 FREE THINGS to Do in the City

The St Marys Cathedral on College Street at the end of Hyde Park is the oldest church in Australia.

The idea for the church was first developed when Captain Arthur Phillip settled in Australia back in 1788, but it wasnt until 1821 when construction first began.

The original St Marys Cathedral was actually destroyed by fire in 1865. In 1868 the new church started to be built but became an ongoing project that didnt finish until 2000.

Today with its spectacular Gothic-style design and prominent location, it is a wonderful place to visit.

Make sure you go inside to check out the stained glass panels and huge pipe organs. The entrance doesnt cost anything, which is why its on our free things to do in Sydney guide.

  • Hours: Monday to Friday: 08.30 17:00
  • Location: In the heart of the CBD on St Marys Road
  • Nearest Train Station: St James Station

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The Ceremony Of The Keys

TripSavvy / Gautier Houba

The Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London is a 700-year-old tradition that takes place every night. Essentially it’s locking all the doors to the Tower of London and the public is allowed to escort the warden, as long as they apply in advance.

As the Tower must be locked they never miss a night because you can’t leave the door open, can you?

Take The Staten Island Ferry

An often overlooked mode of transportation, the Staten Island Ferry is absolutely free to take back and forth from Battery Park in Manhattan to St. George, Staten Island. The ride takes about 40 minutes one way and offers a great view of the Statue of Liberty without going out to Liberty Island.

Once you arrive on Staten Island, you can turn around and take the ferry right back. Or, you can walk just outside the ferry terminal into the Empire Outlets, New York Citys only outdoor outlet shopping mall.

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Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic sights in New York City, and walking across it is one of the best ways to take it all in. When the bridge was finished in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge. Now, the Brooklyn Bridge has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service, and it happens to be one of the best places to view the downtown skyline. Pro tip: go early as the bridge tends to get very crowded during the day.

Be Inspired At The American Visionary Art Museum

27 Free Things to do in New York City

The exterior of the American Visionary Art Museum is almost as interesting as what youll find inside. The building is surrounded by colorful and interesting sculptures that you can explore for free at any time. Museum admission fees apply for access to indoor galleries.

The sparkling mosaic Cosmic Galaxy Egg by Andrew Logan at the American Visionary Art Museum lends itself to a great photo op.

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Take Advantage Of New York City Museums Free Hours

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The American Museum of Natural History. The Museum of Modern Art. The Whitney. The Guggenheim. The 9/11 Memorial Museum. And many, many, more.

New York City has remarkable arts and culture in its museums. Numerous museums in the City offer hours where entry is free or pay-what-you-wish! Check out this guide I created for you to help plan your schedule around which museums to visit during their free hours.

Compare Old And New City Hall

If youre into architecture and history, you can find both in the heart of downtown where the Old City Hall and new one stand close to each other. Built in Romanesque style, Old City Hall has a breathtaking clock tower that looks especially grand at night. The new City Hall of Toronto is built in a Modernist style and is located nearby.

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Vancouver To Las Vegas

Time: An hour to the border, 19 hours total.

Why You Need To Go: If you’re desperate for a super fun vacay, then you might be willing to make this drive. Since only the land border is set to open you’re best bet for warmer weather is to pack up the car. Vegas gives you that sun you’re probably missing in B.C., and basically guarantees a fun time.

The Monument To The Great Fire Of London

NYC Things to Do | 10 Free Things To Do From a LOCAL New Yorker !

Not free, but relatively low cost is the Monument to the Fire of London, which you can visit and climb all 311 steps if you have the energy. Admission is £5 and theres a ticket booth at the base, with tickets only being available on the day.

Monument in City of London

The Monument London was designed by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London which started on 2 September 1666 at a bakery in Pudding Lane not far from here. The fire raged for four days destroying a third of the buildings in London at the time and shaping the way London looks today since so much of the city was rebuilt. The monument stands 202 feet high and from the viewing platform at the top you can get panoramic views over London.

More info: Monument website | Location: Monument Street | Nearest tube: Monument | Open Daily 9.30-5.30

Hopefully you have plenty ideas on free things to do in the City of London, and of course if your budget will stretch you may want to also visit the Tower of London,Tower Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral, which are paid attractions but offer a fantastic London experience.

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Chelsea Nyc Art Galleries

Speaking of Chelsea, if you happen to be in NYC on a Thursday night and love art, make your way down to the Chelsea Galleries!

This was one of my favorite things to do as a broke fashion college student! Enjoy free wine, bites, and awesome art around/after 6:30 PM! Youre welcome for this very local NYer gem of a spot!

Royal Ontario Museum $1543

Explore Canadas largest museum of world cultures and natural historyand this ticket lets you skip the line! You can gawk at the Barosaurus , the 900-carat Light of the Desert Cerussite gem, the Tomb Mound of General Zu Dashou , and so much more.

4,500 years of shoe history are on display at the Bata Shoe Museum, and with this ticket, youll be able to explore four gallery spaces.

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Free Things To Do In Oslo Norway

Vigeland Park’s granite statues depict everything from parenting and childhood through to … loneliness.

David Nikel

Planning a visit to Scandinavia without breaking the bank is a real challenge. Thats especially true in Norway and its capital city, Oslo, where the high local cost of living and 25% sales tax drives up the cost of most goods and services.

While its difficult to avoid bills for accommodation and dining out, you don’t have to splash out on pricey entrance fees to enjoy the city. Some of Oslos best attractions are completely free of charge and require just a public transit ticket to reach.

Observe The Street Performances

17 Mostly Free Things to do in New York City

Do you know what a is? Have you seen the Voladores perform before?

If youre still adding things to your list of stuff to do in Mexico, you cant miss these performances.

Some are more advanced than others, but most of the street performers I saw in Mexico City have talent in their own right.

My personal favorite was watching the Aztec dancers in costume. They perform traditional ceremonies and dances in and around the Zocalo area.

When looking for cheap things to do in Mexico City, please dont overlook the street performers because they make up the heart of what the culture has to offer and channel it in their unique way.

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Top 5 Free Things To Do In Exeter

Most of Exeter’s visitor attractions are completely free, so it is the perfect destination for a city break on a budget. As well as the visitor attractions, the city is surrounded by green space and is within easy reach of the coast, so there are plenty of opportunities for the traditional free activities, such as walking and cycling – visit our activities pages for more active suggestions.

Below are our top 5 free visitor attractions in Exeter – click on the link for each attraction to find out more…

Experience the splendour of the original Victorian spaces, see newly-revealed architectural features and discover new spaces. Enter from Rougemont Gardens and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the Roman Wall.

Bee Bags for young children contain toys and activities to help guide a themed visit around RAMM for young children with their parents/carers.

There are 12 Bee Bags, each with a unique character. They have particular interests and may be inspired by different objects in the galleries Bee Bags are free to use, just ask for one at reception.

Explore Exeter’s City Wall Trail, discover the history and importance of the woollen cloth trade to Exeter on the Woollen Trail, and visit medieval site of interest on the Medieval Trail. Free trail leaflets are available from Exeter Visitor Information & Tickets or the Custom House Visitor Centre.

5. Exeter Guildhall

Take A Tour Of The New York Public Library

The New York Public Librarys Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in Midtown Manhattan has a storied past, touching on some of the most important moments in world history. During World War II, Allied military intelligence used the librarys Map Division for research, and the library collected materials from the left and the right during the McCarthyism era, despite objections. Sex and the City fans may remember it as the setting where Carrie wanted to marry Big. Now, you can visit the iconic institution with a free one-hour daily tour.

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The Ceremony Of The Keys At The Tower Of London

The Tower of London is one of Londons must-see sights but youll have to open your wallet if you want to go inside.

Unless you book a ticket to see the Ceremony of the Keys.

The ceremony dates back hundreds of years celebrating the moment when the Tower of London is locked up for the night, with all its treasures safely locked inside.

All great right?

The bad news is that because this is one of the top free things to do in London, getting a ticket is notoriously difficult. As in Ive decided to go back and the next available date is four months away kind of difficult.

Oh London, the notorious killer of spontaneity since the invention of online booking.

Ten Free Things You Can Do In Any City

13 Free Things To Do in NYC That Are Actually Worth It

Vinnie Van Go loves a bargain, and doesnt believe that a low budget should skim your itinerary. He asked the advice of Travel Expert Lucy Benton, about the most affordable experiences anyone can enjoy across the country.

Every big city offers so many things to do for tourists from restaurants with delicious food to museums and tourist attractions. However, all of this might be very expensive, especially if you are traveling on a tight budget. But dont worry because there are still plenty of activities you can do completely free of charge.

1. Visiting a museum

There are numerous museums out there that offer free admissions on specific days. For instance, if you are in New York, you can visit Museum of Arts and Design free of charge every Thursday. For those of you visiting the West Coast, check out Getty Center and Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles. Both places have breathtaking exhibitions that will occupy your entire day and make it very memorable.

2. Churches and religious monuments

When it comes to architecture, nothing can compare with churches and cathedrals. The shapes are so magnificent, so you will spend hours photographing these buildings from every side. Not to forget that you can go inside and explore them even more.

3. Relax in a park

4. Festivals and concerts

5. Library day

6. Working out

7. Walking tours

8. Shopping areas

9. Visiting a zoo

10. Observatories

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Things To Do In Nyc That Are Completely Free

Posted On Thu, August 23, 2018 By Devin Gannon In City Living, Features, NYC Guides

Despite being one of the most expensive cities to live in, New York City offers many free activities, events, and attractions all year round, letting you pinch pennies when the rent check is due. From free lectures at the Met to free group meditation classes, there are tons of activities that dont cost a dime. To help New York visitors and natives alike, weve put together a guide of the 100 best wallet-friendly things to do in the Big Apple.

Photo by Howard Brier on Flickr

Museums & Monuments

Whether its your first time in New York, or you have lived here all of your life, exploring one of the many museums is a must. However, its not cheap to visit these incredible institutions, with admission costing upwards of $25 at many of them. Thankfully, a lot of museums offer discounted or completely free days once per week or month. And, even better, some offer free admission every day.

17. New York AquariumSurf Avenue & West 8th Street, Coney Island, BrooklynWhat better location for an aquarium than beachfront in Brooklyn? The Coney Island icon, the oldest continually operating aquarium in the U.S., offers pay-what-you-wish on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to closing.

Photo by Stephanie on Flickr

Art Installation & Galleries

A Hells Kitchen staple, Rudys offers free hot dogs with drink purchase. Photo by Alex Guerrero on Flickr

Food & Drink Deals

Photo via Wikimedia

Walking Tours

Outdoor Activities

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