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Free Things To Do In Rome

Attractions And Rome Sightseeing By Bike

FREE things to do in Rome!

An easy way to discover much of the Rome landmarks is by bicycle. Rent a bike yourself, or even better, go with an English-speaking guide to the landmarks and sights of Rome. In a few hours you will see many highlights and you will hear interesting stories about the history of Rome landmarks. Highly recommended! The tours are popular, so we recommend that you book in advance .

Explore The Travestere District

The Trastevere Romes original public market area and Jewish neighborhood is a popular area to walk through and discover during the day time or even late into night. Filled with amazing food venues, public markets and specialty food vendors, its a great foodie spot to explore or just wander down the cobbled streets through this wonderful municipi of Rome. While you are exploring the area, make sure to check out the fantastic main square called Piazza de Santa Maria which is wonderfully lit up with its gorgeous fountain its a perfect hang out spot for locals and tourists visiting the area.

Trastevere main square and fountain at night time

Stare At The Trevi Fountain

One of the most photographed landmarks, the Trevi Fountain is an evergreen masterpiece of the Italian Baroque that is free to see in Rome. This monumental fountain is a mesmerizing ensemble of sculptures, symbols, and stories, and is hardly left out of any classic Rome tours, especially if its your first time in Rome.

If you are willing to do some spending in the area, you can study the fountain deeper and from beneath by exploring the aqueduct that has been supplying its water for centuries, Aqua Virgo. There are a few sites you can visit to see the ruins of this ancient piping system, and while two are paid for, the one located in the undergrounds of La Rinascente shopping mall in Via del Tritone is free of charge. However, if you dont mind adding 4 to your travel budget, you can descend to one of Romes wonderful archaeological sites, Vicus Caprarius, just behind Fontana di Trevi, and see the aqueducts cistern as well as remains of the ancient neighborhood dating back as long as Neros period.

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The Most Beautiful Churches In Rome

There is good news for everyone who likes to visit sacred buildings. In Rome, all churches are accessible for free. This ensures a certain mass of visitors, but that shouldnt scare you. At least not when it comes to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is one of the most famous churches in Rome. It was consecrated Roman Catholic and is very old. Because the central part of the building is round, the Pantheon is nicknamed Rotunda.

If you are interested in past elections and tombs of saints, the Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli, located on Esquiline Hill, is the place for you. You will find a grave designed by Michelangelo for Pope Julius II and the grave of Cusanus.

The name Santa Maria in Cosmedin may not tell you very much, but the Mouth of Truth will. The Mouth of Truth is located in the Basilica of Santa Maria near the banks of the Tiber directly on Piazza Bocca della Verità. So while many visitors jump straight to the mouth of truth and then do not dare to put their hand in the stone mouth, you can actually look at the rest of the church. Its not bad either. Well-preserved Corinthian columns meet mosaic fragments and murals. There is an enormous amount of artistry in this church. A visit is worthwhile, especially since it is free of charge.

Free Things To Do In Rome Ga Youre Going To Love

8 Free Things to Do in Rome, Italy

We live about an hour from Rome, but find ourselves there often because its great little city with a surprisingly large number of things to do. While this isnt even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun in Rome, Georgia, it is a grand collection of fun things to do for FREE!

Splash at Cave Spring. Rolater Park in Cave Spring is only a short drive. The park has a natural spring where people come to fill water jugs, etc. You cant play right in the drinking water collection area, but you can splash a little down stream. If you want to enter the cave, it is a nominal $1 per person. There is also a seasonal pool no chlorine, just fresh water opened Thu Sun. Be prepared for chilly waters!

Meditate at the Rome Labyrinth. Did you know there is a Labyrinth in Rome? It was originally an amphitheater, but a citizen worked with the local government to salvage the remnants. 5,490 bricks create the fun space. We walked the path three times, and then played a few games here. With two energetic boys, using it as a meditation tool was difficult, but I didnt mind. It was fun! If youre in the area, I highly recommend stopping here. Right up the hill is the Rome Visitor Center where you can learn about several other places to visit.

Hike the Jackson Hill Trail System. The trailhead is located by the Visitor Center A series of unpaved trails cover the site of old Fort Norton- series of earthen forts that defended Rome during the Civil War. The longest loop is a short 1.8 miles.

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Cheap Things To Do In Rome

  • Take an elevator to the top of Altare Della Patria and take in the panoramic view of the Eternal City. You can see the Piazza Venezia and other popular Roman landmarks.
  • Explore the Capitoline Hill and Museums. The palace was conceptualized and designed by Michelangelo. The museums are also worth a visit.
  • Rent a boat at the Borghese lake and discover the reason this place is called the lung of Rome. You can rent a boat for as little as 3.
  • Visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill with a single combo ticket to save time and money.
  • Take a nightly tour of Rome and explore various nocturnal aspects of the city. Some tours are focused on exploring the urban legends prevalent in the Eternal City over the years.

Colosseum Roman Forum And Palatine Hill

Even though our list is called Free and Cheap things to do in Rome, we thought the 12 entry fee for the do not miss attractions in the city was an extremely good value for what youll see.

The attraction combination ticket permits you entry to the inside of the Colosseum, ancient roman sites of the Roman Forum and the majestic gardens and remnants of the Roman Emperors palace at Palatine Hill.

Youll spend at least 3 hours here exploring one of our favorite locations in ancient Rome. But remember, the first Sunday of every month allows you to enter them for free!

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Parco Centrale Del Lago

A park by the lake, quiet and secluded, is just the right thing for a break from the lively city. Families with children, joggers, and pet owners are drawn here. If you want to lose yourself a little in the Parco Centrale, you should be on the lookout for musicians.

You can also romantically sail across the lake because boats are rented out in several places. And another plus point: its easy to get there, but also to head back in the direction of the center. The park is connected to the rest of the Eternal City by several metro stations EUR Fermi and EUR Palasport. The Parco Centrale del Lago is just the right balance between sightseeing tours and museum visits.

Spanish Steps And The Convent Of Trinit Dei Monti

10 Best Things to do in Rome for Free: Rome Travel Guide to Top Free Things to Do and See in Rome

While its now forbidden to sit on the Spanish Steps, you can still climb them. At the very top of the citys most famous staircase perches Chiesa della Trinità dei Monti. Duck inside and take in spectacular works of art, including frescoes, an astrolabe, and a duo of anamorphoses, wall paintings that appear to change entirely depending on where you stand.

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Listen To The Sunday Angelus

Each Sunday, at 12:00 pm sharp when the Pope is in the Vatican he addresses the audience in St. Peters Square in what is known to Catholics worldwide as the Angelus a 20 minutes speech during which he typically talks about contemporary events and sends a message of love and peace.

You will have to get to St. Peters Square around 20 minutes in advance more in the peak season and line to go through the security to access the square.

Whether you are Christian or not and even if you dont speak Italian, its honestly a memorable experience. I am an atheist myself and despite that, listening to him talk was truly moving.

Be Amazed At The Masterpieces In The Church Of Santa Maria Del Popolo

Among the many free things to do in Rome is visiting the churches there is no fee to go in! One of Romeâs many beautiful churches you should make sure to pay a visit to is the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo. Consecrated in 1477, the church â like many in Rome â is gorgeously decorated inside, and is also home to a number of centuries-old paintings and sculptures by artists such as Bernini, Raphael, and Caravaggio.

That means you donât have to pay the entrance fee for an art gallery to see some incredible masterpieces. Legend has it that Emperor Neroâs troubled ghost once tormented the population of Rome around this area.

Head over to my post The Most Impressive Churches In Rome.

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Check Out The Ancient Walls Of Rome At Museo Delle Mura

Another of Romeâs ancient wonders that can be visited for free is the Museo delle Mura, or Museum of the Walls. This archaeological site is situated inside the Porta San Sebastiano, an imposing gate to the city that has been standing for almost two millennia.

The museum offers up an insight into the Aurelian Walls through time â from medieval inscriptions all the way to Fascist-era mosaics. Here you can learn about construction techniques, who built them, and even walk along some of the best-preserved parts of the wall itself.

Stroll The Villa Borghese Gardens

11 Fun And Free Things To Do In Rome, Italy

Villa Borghese is the largest public park in Rome and access to the gardens is free of charge. There are several ways to access the gardens, but most visitors prefer the approach from the Spanish Steps. If you want to rent a bike to tour the grounds, they are available for a fee in several locations in the park. You’ll also find places to grab a bite, from restaurants to ice cream vendors. The gardens are open from dawn to dusk.

The Villa Borghese Gallery is worth a visit also, but you’ll have to pay for entry. Since they limit the number of people who visit the art gallery per hour, it is necessary to buy a ticket online ahead of time. You should plan to stroll around the gardens either before or after your visit to the Villa Borghese Gallery.

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Aventine Hill And Orange Garden

It may be a relaxing place to unwind just outside of the city center, but the key attraction to Aventine Hill is the magnificent views of Rome and the Vaticans St Peters Basilica.

Take a photo of dome through the famous keyhole photo spot or go for a romantic stroll in the orange garden. Its a beautiful place to visit on a morning as the sun comes up, or at sunset.

Toss A Coin In The Trevi Fountain

One of the best free things to do in Rome. Built in 1762, the Trevi Fountain has long been an iconic landmark in Rome. According to legend, if you toss a coin in with your right hand over your left shoulder while your back is towards the fountain, you will soon make another trip to Italy. Technically this activity would cost a few cents depending on what coin you choose to use, but you can also visit and admire the fountain for free.

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See The Sunset From Terrazza Del Pincio

If youre looking for one of the best free things to do in Rome at night, head to the Terrazza del Pincio for a sunset view like no other. The terrace is located at the entrance of Villa Borghese and offers panoramic views over Rome.

As the sun sets, the city lights up and you can see all the way to St. Peters Basilica in the distance. The Terrazza del Pincio gets busy around sunset, so be sure to arrive early to get a good spot.

Marvel At The Pantheon

WHAT TO SEE IN ROME IN 24 HOURS | Best Things To Do in Rome, Italy | Free Things To Do in Rome

Built as a pagan temple in 120 A.D., the Pantheon is an architectural masterpiece and a piece of imperial Rome that cannot be missed.

Converted to a church in 608 A.D, the Pantheon still serves as a place of worship today with masses being held here on special occasions.

The 16 granite columns of the Pantheons porch greet visitors and immediately show the grand size of the well-preserved building.

Upon entering the huge bronze doors, guests find themselves in an incredible dome-shaped room surrounded by beautiful marble and stone on the floors and walls.

The highlight of this architectural wonder is the massive 142-foot diameter dome that hovers overhead.

Recessed into the walls of the dome are shrines and tombs of famous people, including the artist Raphael and several Italian rulers.

Pro Tip: Visit during the rain to see the beautiful rain waterfall through the dome.

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Wonder If You Are Seeing Double In Front Of Teatro Di Marcello

If you stroll downhill from Campidoglio, you may find yourself double checking your google maps directions: surely the Coloseeum should not be there?!

Indeed it shouldnt and it isnt: what you have in front of you is a different theater with a startling resemblance to its more famous neighbor. Its name is Teatro di Marcello.

The Most Beautiful Squares In Rome

In Rome, you can enjoy life in the beautiful piazzas. The piazzas of Rome are simply an essential part of public and daily existence, where markets, cafes, and fountains make the architectural air of the Italian city. And now, Im going to introduce you to a few of the places that might be worth a visit.

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Admire Art At Galleria Nazionale Di San Luca

Located at the Piazza dell’Accademia di San Luca, this art gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the last Sunday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Accademia di San Luca was founded in 1577 as an association of artists in Rome, to elevate the work of artists in the eyes of the community. At the museum, you can enjoy selected works of Raffael, Canova, and Van Dyck among other famous names.

Galleria Sciarra The Secret Art Nouveu Courtyard

11 Fun And Free Things To Do In Rome, Italy

Not far from the Trevi Fountain and the Via del Corso is a largely unknown hidden courtyard and a magnificent display of Art Nouveau the beautiful Galleria Sciarra. It was built in the late 19th century for the wealthy Sciarra family and adorned with brilliantly coloured frescoes by Giuseppe Cellini. The beautiful works depict a celebration of women in the various phases of life.

The palatial courtyard was intended as a shopping mall, which, had it come to fruition, would have been the most beautiful in Rome.

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Take In The Culture Of The Neighborhood Testaccio

A less touristy neighborhood, Testaccio is located south of Aventine Hill along the Tiber River. Children love to check out Romes very own pyramid, Piramide Cestia, located in the center of Testaccio. At night, this neighborhood is the home of Romes club district. And of course, ask many a Roman where they head for great food you guessed it, Testaccio! Roman cuisine was born in Testaccio. So where better to eat your way through all that Rome has to offer than the citys original foodie neighborhood? Join our Taste of Testaccio Food Tour to find out where the locals eat!

See The Spanish Steps

Visitors to Rome flock to the Spanish Steps to take pictures of this iconic stairway .

Better still, if you are looking for something that wont cost you a penny then this is a great place to get your very own iconic souvenir photographs of Rome.

Perhaps, even revert back to the old art of sending postcards with your very own photo!

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Via Appia Antica Or The Appian Way

Translated, this street is called Ancient Street of Appius, or merely The Appian Way, and it is considered the largest museum in the world. Along the street, there are countless tombs and historic buildings. This road was laid out in 312 BC and originally had a length of 121 mi from Rome to Capua. It was extended to Brindisi over 100 years later.

The Via Appia Antica also became one of the most important trade routes in the Roman Empire. Today, only part of the Via Appia Antica is really called that between Porta San Sebastiano and The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian, and general traffic is largely excluded here. The Via Appia Antica is therefore ideal for walking and cycling. A short trip to ancient Rome in nature is one thing you can experience for free in Rome.

There is so much that you can experience and enjoy for free in Rome. Whether going somewhere romantic with your partner, a weekend trip with a mother, sister, or best friend, Rome is an experience that you shouldnt miss.

ATTENTION!: Due to changing advisories, please check local travel guidelines before visiting!

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