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Family Things To Do In Fresno

Improve Your Understanding Of African

5 Interesting Things to do in Fresno

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Posted by African American Historical and Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley on Friday, June 22, 2018

Considered one of the top cultural museums in Fresno, African American Museum aims to provide visitors with a better understanding of the history and lives of African Americans, from the time of the slave trade to the present. Besides educating visitors on the events from the past, this site also celebrates renowned African-American figures in Fresno, including doctors, teachers, community leaders, and artists. The establishment has some artwork on display.

African American Museum

Things To Do In Fresno With Kids

If youre planning a family trip to Fresno, California, you should know the area has so much more to offer than just Yosemite National Park. After checking out the Redwoods, there are plenty of science centers to explore and local diners to try. Check out our guide for things to do in Fresno with kids.

Rotary Storyland Playland Family Amusement Park

Rotary Storyland Playland first opened to the public in 1962 and started as a theme park for young children. After multiple renovations, the park reopened to the public and added several attractions. These include Fairytale Exhibits that take visitors through the worlds of Humpty Dumpty, Alice in Wonderland, and The Three Little Pigs. Other attractions are the Willis B. Kyle Express Train which takes visitors through castles and cottages, and the Daniel R. Martin Childrens Theater, where magicians and musicians perform.

Location: 890 W Belmont Avenue, Fresno, CA 93728

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Murals Of Downtown Fresno

Fresnos vibrant art is not limited to galleries its free to the public all over downtown.

Colorful works celebrating nature, music, and local businesses adorn buildings throughout the neighborhood.

On Fulton Street, you can also see sculptures by famed artists, including The Visit by Clement Renzi, Washer Woman by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Aquarius Ovoid by George Tsutakawa.

The most insta-worthy murals to check out include the Fresno Postage Stamp at 1315 Van Ness Ave., Welcome to Fresno at 746 Broadway St., and Fresno Mosaic at 2820 Tulare St.

Best Things To Do In Fresno

THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Fresno

Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and sits in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. The city was formed just after the California Gold Rush in 1856 and was named after the large number of ash trees that sit along the side of the San Joaquin river. The city has mild, moist winters and summers that are hot and dry, these attract a lot of people as it rarely gets below freezing more than a couple of times a year.

Fresno has a lot to keep visitors as well as locals entertained so lets take a look at the top 25 things to do in Fresno.

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Try Some Craft Beer At Tioga

It is not just wine that is popular in California, there are a couple of excellent craft breweries and perhaps none better than Tioga-Sequoia. Founded in 2007 the company set out to produce world class beers that would bring awareness to the people about the need to preserve the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. The brewery hosts regular events that feature food trucks, live music and lots of kegs.

Where To Stay In Fresno California For Sightseeing

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • The Clarion Pointe is another gem for budget travelers and anyone who enjoys a nice, clean, and cozy hotel. Rooms at the Clarion feature a modern design with boutique-style furnishings and art on the walls. The other amenities available, including a seasonal outdoor pool, free coffee in the lobby, and high-speed complimentary Wi-Fi and smart TVs, also make the hotel a great-value option.

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How To Get There

The busiest months in Fresno are from June through August and October and December when festivals are held. Visitors can take the bus or train to enter Fresno. Tufeso Bus has routes bound for Fresno, and Amtrak Train has railroad services to Fresno. To get around the metropolitan, the City of Fresnos Transportation Department provides a fixed-route bus via the Fresno Area Express and Handy Ride Paratransit Service.

There are plenty of things to do in Fresno, no matter your interests! We hope our list has given you some ideas for things to do in this great city. So, get out there and explore Fresno! Youre sure to have a great time. Thanks for reading!

Do you have any other suggestions for activities to do in Fresno? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our blog for more lists of things to do in cities worldwide. Happy exploring!

Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center

5 Things To Do In Fresno California

The Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center is the site of Fresno’s most anticipated events. The premier performing arts and convention center is located in the heart of California’s Central Valley and hosts memorable concerts, professional sporting events, and hit Broadway shows.

Events and shows that have been scheduled at the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center include the Old School Party Jam with Salt-n-Pepa, Phantom of the Opera produced by Cameron Mackintosh, and The Nutcracker presented by The Lively Arts Foundation. There are a score of events to attend throughout the year, and Fresno visitors can check the center’s calendar to prepare for their visit in advance.

848 M Street, 2nd Floor, Fresno, CA 93721, Phone: 559-445-8100

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Kearney Mansion Museum Fresno Ca

Visitors are invited to have an exciting learning opportunity at the Kearney Mansion Museum either through a scheduled educational tour or by exploring it themselves in a leisurely walk or picnic on the grounds. The Kearney Mansion is an important historical site in Fresno as it was part of the proposed architectural design of M. Theo Kearney, a pioneer in California’s agriculture known as the “Raisin King.”

Visitors can see 50% of the original furnishings in the house, including the art nouveau light fixtures and the wallpaper. Historic replicas have been created of any furnishings that were lost over time. Visiting the museum is a great way for people to better understand Fresno’s history, and it will be a memorable day for all.

7160 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706, Phone: 559-441-0862

Things To Do At Night In Fresno Ca Click Here

Looking for some ideas for your night out in Fresno Ca? The city comes alive after dark and you dont want to miss seeing its streets lit up in all their twinkling glory. Whether youre visiting Fresno Ca for a few days or a Fresno Caer looking for new ideas, here are our favourite things to do in Fresno Ca at night. We have also included safety tips and night transport information.

in Fresno Ca,

We are huge fans of taking tours on our travels and also to discover a different side to the city we call home. Fresno Ca has some brilliant night tours that take you back in time, on a foodie journey of discovery or simply seeing the sights. Here are some favourite Fresno Ca night tours

Looking for things to do in Fresno Ca at Night? Ive grouped all the most exciting things to do in Fresno Ca after dark into categories so you can easily find the attraction or activity that fits your night time vibe.This can be one of the best times to explore Fresno Ca. Youll lose a big portion of the day time crowds, and new activities will become available.

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Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church was the first of its kind in America specifically, the first to be built with the architecture of an Armenian design.

As such, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sitting in Fresno, California, its one of the best places to visit not for its unique historical value, but also for its delightful architecture.

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church was designed by the first Armenian architect in Fresno, a man named Lawrence Karekin Cone.

He drew inspiration from churches back home and carefully replicated the details of fourth-to-seventeenth-century structures of that kind.

The dome of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church is unique and has to be seen to be understood.

When it was first built, it was situated in a large space of the downtown area that was known as Armenian Town.

The areas population remained mostly Armenian until approximately the middle of the 1950s as Armenians grew their financial and social status and moved away.

If youre interested in the lovely Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church, its a great low-cost tourist spot and is one of the free things to do in the city.

Address: 2226 Ventura Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

Areas & Neighborhoods In Fresno

Things to do Reedley Area â

Tower District

Known as the center of Fresnos LGBT and heavy metal communities, the Tower District hosts a great collection of small businesses between Route 180 and Fresno City College. The area gets its name from the venerable Tower Theatre, which has anchored the row of shops, bookstores, restaurants, and nightclubs along Olive Street since 1939.

Woodward Park

Bordered by the Yosemite Freeway, San Joaquin River, and suburban-style homes, Woodward Park has some of the best nature youll find within the Fresno city limits. The park itself has lakefront paths, a fenced dog park, a BMX track, and a disc golf course, all just north of the hotels and outlets of River Park Shopping Center, and a 3.5-mile loop trail lets you leave the city life behind for some time exploring along the river.


An urban triangle marked by 3 state highways, Fresnos city center offers one of the most dynamic settings in the Central Valley. Pedestrian malls run past food trucks, farmers markets, breweries, and art installations, while some of the biggest Fresno hotels and convention centers share the neighborhood with theaters and sporting venues that form the central spine of the city.

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What To Do With Kids

One of the best things to do in Fresno with kids is having a blast with them at the Island Waterpark.

Visit this weekend, and you can enjoy activities like sliding down slides, swimming in the crystalline waters of a swimming pool, floating on a lazy river, and countless other options.

There are also a bunch of thrilling rides that are fun for teens, like the Thrills of Fiji, which involves shooting down one of the longest and tallest slides in the water park.

Things To Do In Fresno On A Budget

There are plenty of things to do in Fresno on a budget! One great option is to visit the Forestiere Underground Gardens. An Italian immigrant created this unique attraction over the course of 40 years, and it features underground rooms and courtyards adorned with plants and flowers.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens is a California Historical Landmark that was constructed in the 1900s by the Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere. Forestiere created a labyrinth of patios, passageways, and planters for several trees. Visitors can take a guided tour of the underground garden and learn about the methods used by Forestiere, the original trees he planted, and the catacomb-inspired architecture design. The Forestiere Underground Gardens is a feat of human engineering and a great escape from Californias hot and dry climate.

Admission is only $12 for adults and $11 for seniors 65+. Another great option for those on a budget is to visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo on a weekday when admission is only $12 for adults and $11 for seniors 65+.

Location: 5021 W Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93722

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Bucket List: 20 Best Places To Visit In Fresno California Usa

  • Fresno CA Travel and Tour Packages
  • Looking for things to do in Fresno? Youre in luck! This great city has plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy. Whether youre looking for a family-friendly activity or something more adventurous, Fresno has it all.

    Fresno City sits in the center of the San Joaquin Valley and was named after the ash trees lining the San Joaquin River. The city was formed in 1856, just after the California Gold Rush. The city has temperate weather that suits Fresnos urban and outdoor activities. Fresno has an only-in-Fresno attraction, Forestiere Underground Gardens, that visitors can experience to hide from Central Valleys hot summers. In the spring, the Blossom Trail drives tourists into the city to see the blooming fruit and nut trees.

    This blog post will provide 6 fun suggestions for places to visit in Fresno. So put on your explorers hat and get ready to have some fun!

    Have Fun With The Whole Family At Island Waterpark

    Cost Of Living In Fresno California

    Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

    ALOHA Island Waterpark family… this is our last weekend of FUN in the SUN! We’re open today until 6pm 🙂

    Posted by Island Waterpark on Saturday, September 7, 2019

    Island Waterpark offers fun under the sun for just about every member of the family. There are several slides and pools for all ages to choose from, including a tidal pool and a lazy river. Even toddlers can have fun in the water , as there is a toddler-friendly pool with mini-slides. Guests of this Fresno attraction can bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks. Do be aware that the tubes and rafts are for rent. Its advisable for guests to wear water shoes during their stay.

    Island Waterpark

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    Sam’s Italian Deli Fresno California

    Sam and Angel Marziliano were a young Italian couple living in Canada in 1968. They decided to open up their very own grocery business so they could provide the community with local and fresh produce, meats, and breads alongside delicious foods from their native land of Bari, Italy. Now, nearly 50 years later, locals and visitors flock to Sam’s Italian Deli in search of olive oils, pastas, and specialty groceries.

    The bakery holds a variety of freshly-baked breads the family makes in Old Italian style, and the deli counter has imported cheeses, fresh cold cuts, Sam’s homemade sausages, and Angela’s take-home pasta dinners. Visitors can leave with a bottle from the specialty and boutique wine section, which has over 700 bottles.

    2415 N First Street at Clinton, Fresno, CA 93703, Phone: 559-229-9346

    Movies At Warnors Theatre

    What about getting some real entertainment tonight in Fresno, California? Then, check out the historic Warnors Theatre in the downtown area. It was opened as the Pantages Theatre in 1928, offering a wide range of vaudeville performances to the community.

    As years rolled by, it metamorphosed into a house for silent movies and was eventually bought by the Warner Brothers. The year 1960 saw its final name change.

    The Warnors Theatre is a 2,000-seat capacity auditorium that continues its legacy of serving music performances and all kinds of shows ranging from childrens performance to sold-out wonders and from comedy to Broadway!

    It also shows classic movies, and you can rent them for your private events like weddings.

    For those who arent movie types, the Warnors Theatre is an architectural wonder. With a blend of elements from Spanish, Moorish, and Italian Renaissance Revival influences, this building has unique variegated colored brick, numerous terracotta details, and a nice overhang with bead molding.

    Its interior is equally magnificent! The auditorium is square and planted below a single-ceiling dome well-supported by masterfully crafted arch ribs. Its wall is segmented into pilasters and panels, and the frieze has similar stencil work and ornamentation to the ceiling.

    This makes one of the top fun things to do in Fresno, so dont just miss visiting the Warnors Theatre!

    Address: 1400 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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    From Humble Beginnings Came The Peoples Church

    The peoples Church was founded by a group of families who lived in the Fresno area. Initially the congregation of 200 converted a row of old turkey houses into their first church. The congregation continued to grow and soon it had reached 2,000 and a new church was built in its current location. The church now has two Sunday school rooms, a building for the youth, a wing dedicated to ministry and a new chapel. This church is well worth visiting when in Fresno as the church is involved heavily in the community, especially in the field of performing arts.

    Marvel At The Fruit Trees In Bloom Along Fresno County Blossom Trail

    Fresno Chaffee Zoo

    When people think of farming and agriculture, the image that comes to mind is muck or anything far removed from beauty. Fresno County Blossom Trail challenges that mindset and proves that there is beauty in agriculture. Think of this as Fresnos answer to the Cherry Blossom Festival of Japan. Starting from sometime in February, Fresno County Blossom Trail explodes in colorsâthanks to the apricot, nectarine, apple, and plum trees. Timing is essential in order to witness the trails beauty, so be sure to monitor the official website to learn when to schedule your trip to Fresno.

    Fresno County Blossom Trail

    Opening hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm

    You might be interested in these Airbnbs!

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    Fresno County Fruit Trail

    Adisa / Shutterstock

    If you arrive at the wrong time for the Blossom Trail, then the Fresno County Fruit Trail is a good bet in May!

    It brings you through delightful places to visit for fruit and produce, with colorful orchards packed with fresh offerings to try.

    You can opt to stop at any of the many farms along the way to try purchasing baked goods, nuts, honey, jams, and of course, the fruit itself.

    This self-guided driving tour is certainly a wonderful way to sightsee!

    Admission is completely free.

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