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Family Friendly Things To Do In Sedona

Take In The Views From The Airport Overlook

Visit Sedona, Fun things to do in Sedona Arizona with Kids

The Airport Overlook is another one of the best ways to take in views of Sedonas red rocks and one of the most easily accessible. The Airport Mesa is a shrub-covered mesa found just South of Sedona. When visiting the Mesa, you can choose to simply drive up to the Airport Overlook or combine it with a hike along the Airport Loop Trail.

The drive to the Airport Overlook is 6 minutes from Sedona and will take you to easily accessible and stunning views of Sedona and the surrounding red rocks. There is a small fee to enter and park of $3. Because of its easy accessibility, it is recommended to visit the Overlook both during daylight hours and then again at sunset for out of this world views.

A hike along the Airport Loop Trail is a great addition to an Overlook visit and will treat you to views of some of Sedonas most iconic sites, including Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Thunder Mountain, and views of the town of Sedona itself. The Airport Loop Trail is 3.2 miles with an elevation gain of 416 ft. The trail itself is relatively easy, but has many rocky sections, so be cautious if visiting with young children.

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Ken Thomas, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Sedona

Sedona is a popular destination year-round but different seasons do have their pros and cons. Summer and winter are the least popular time to visit Sedona meaning the trailheads and parking lots wont be as busy, but the weather may not be as favorable.

The summer months can be hot, especially if you are planning on doing a lot of hiking.

We usually visit Sedona in January or February and we have never felt like the weather was bad. It does get chilly at night but with coats, you will be just fine. The days are warm and often times we hike in a light jacket or even t-shirts.

Fall and spring have the best weather, but it is the busiest season.

Discover The Broken Arrow Trail

The Broken Arrow Trail spans a distance of 2.8 miles with amazing wildflowers scattered along the route to contrast the dramatic red earth, making it perfect for both hiking and mountain biking.

As the easiest way to explore the area, pre-organized tours cover must-see spots like Submarine Rock and Chicken Point, with hotel pick-up and drop conveniently included.

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Gift Yourself A Vortex Tour

Alright, so whats the deal with all this vortex speak? According to the Sedona tourism website, they represent swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration in other words, theyre said to deliver feelings of calmness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Besides being led on meditative experiences to some of the main vortex areas , these spiritual tours also often include stops at a Native American medicine wheel and personalized Chakra readings, not to mention plenty of wonderful rock formation views along the way.

Take A Pink Jeep Tour

15 Fun Things To Do In Sedona Arizona With Kids

A pink jeep tour is one of the best ways to see the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona with kids. The ride itself makes the trip well worth it and brought many smiles and laughter, but the true highlight of the tour was the out of this world views of Sedonas red rocks.

Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona offer a number of different tours to choose from. Some of them are better suited for younger children, like the Diamondback Gulch tour, while some will be better with older children, like the Hiking Tour. We choose the Scenic Rim 2.0 tour, a 2-hour tour that takes you on a very bumpy ride along the cliffs and rock formations of Sedona with opportunities to stop along the way and explore the landscape.

If you are a history lover, the Ancient Ruins tour may be a good fit, or you can combine an Ancient Ruins and Diamondback Gulch tour. The Ancient Ruins tours bring you to the Honanki Heritage Site where you can explore 700-year-old cliff dwellings and view the Petroglyphs left behind by the Sinagua people.

If you are staying in Sedona and looking to get out and explore some of the other stunning natural areas throughout the state of Arizona, you can join a Grand Canyon tour or Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour, full day tours that will take you to some of Arizonas most scenic destinations.

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Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona Arizona.

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Spend A Night Under The Stars

Star-gazing enthusiasts from around the country know that Sedona is one of the best places to find spectacular night sky views. The city takes pride in being one of just 20 certified Dark Sky Communities in the world! Plus, a reduced amount of light pollution in Sedona means your kids will be amazed at the vast number of stars theyll be able to see. Note, July through August is considered the monsoon season in Arizona, and thus will be more cloudy. Due to this, youll find star-gazing is best from September through June!

Catch A Fish At Rainbow Trout Farm

Entrance to the Trout Farm is only $1 and that covers the use of poles and bait. Then you pay per length of the fish you catch. No catch and release is allowed. The pond is well stocked so kids are guaranteed to catch a fish!

For an additional .50 cents, they will clean the fish. That is .50 cents well spent! You can also purchase a grill kit for $1 and enjoy a picnic of freshly grilled fish.

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Hike To A Hidden Cave At Soldier Pass

There are so many great hiking trails to explore in Sedona with kids, Soldier Pass is one of our favorites. The trail is about 4 miles round trip and is great for kids since it is relatively flat. There are also nice shaded areas and plenty to see along the way.

There are only 15 parking spots available in the lot, so come early or hang out and wait for someone to leave.

The first stop youll come to is Devils Kitchen. It is a massive sinkhole located only .2 miles from the parking lot. This is the most active sinkhole in Sedona and has collapsed multiple times from 1880-1995.

If you continue along the trail .45 miles more, youll come to the Seven Sacred Pools. It is remarkable that these natural pools are always filled with water, even during times of drought.

The next highlight is the secret cave. Its a little tricky to find, but I tracked the distance on my watch for accuracy, so hopefully this is helpful.

After the pools, continue for another .65 miles until you come to a sign directing you to follow Soldier Pass trail to the right.

After the sign, continue for another .25 miles until you come to a fork in the trail. The Soldier Pass trail continues to the left, but take the trail to the right to find the cave.

There will be some logs blocking the path, it does not mean you are not allowed to enter the trail, it is just helping hikers to not stray off the intended Soldier Pass trail.

Step over the log barricade and youll walk up to an open red rock mesa.

Quench That Thirst At Oak Creek Brewing

Red Rock Scenic Byway, Chapel of the Holy Cross (Things to do in Sedona): Travel With Kids

Visiting Oak Creek Brewing is one of the best things to do in Sedona for thirsty travelers not only does the esteemed watering hole produce its own craft brews, it, of course, also serves them nice and cold .

Check out the beer garden, enjoy the live music, and be sure to sample the Oak Creek King Crimson.

Hot tip: stop in from 4-7 for happy hour bargains!

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Tick Diamondback Gulch Off Your Bucket List

Want to take your family on another adventure they wont soon forget? Then visit the Diamondback Gulch a popular slice of terrain that delivers fantastic views of the western red rock canyons and uniquely historic stories ,

For a memorable day trip, consider an affordable Jeep tour of the area.

Visit Harkins Cinema In Sedona

We couldnt write a list of things to do in Sedona with kids without mentioning the local cinema. OK, we know that you can visit a cinema in any town or city but kids love to visit the cinema on vacation and if you let them get all the popcorn and candy they want its suddenly its the best day out ever. This is a great choice for things to do in Sedona with kids.

Harkins Cinema is the local cinema in Sedona, and this is a great option for rainy days to keep up your sleeve just in case.

Its also a great idea for evenings, when you want to do an activity, but want to stay pretty low-key and relaxed. Definitely not the most exciting option on this list of things to do in Sedona with kids, but its a classic idea that will always be a hit.

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Starlight 66 Lanes Bowling

This next suggestion is a bit of a day trip but if you have kids, you know that a great activity is well worth the drive!

This isnt the great outdoors but sometimes you want to keep your kids out of the sun, or just just fancy a day inside out of the heat. Bowling at Starlight lanes would be a great option for those kind of days, and every kid loves bowling. This is a classic choice for things to do in Sedona with kids.

You can order some naughty food like fries and burgers, have a family competition, and just enjoy taking it easy! This is a great to have up your sleeve for things to do in Sedona with kids, and kids always love a bit of bowling.

Places To Eat In Sedona With Kids

How to Spend 24 hrs in Sedona Arizona

16. Coffee Pot Restaurant

Yummy! Coffee Pot Restaurant is AMAZING! We ate here for breakfast and they have about anything you would like including 101 omelets to choose from!

This place will definitely make you feel like you are in the southwest from the decor to the Mexican-style breakfast items. I think I had guacamole at just about every meal in Sedona.

Picky kids no worries Pancakes, waffles, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the rescue! My sons pancakes even had a smiley face! Your kids will not be disappointed here! You will all leave here with a very full tummy to start a day of exploring!

17. Cowboy Club

We ate at the Cowboy Club on our last night in Sedona. It was the perfect dinner to wrap up our trip to Sedona.

This family-friendly restaurant definitely gives you the feel of the Wild West from all the western memorabilia to the cowboy art all throughout the restaurant.

One of my favorite things about traveling is eating local food. We ordered the appetizer sampler which included cactus fries, rattlesnake sausage, and bison. I was too scared to try the rattlesnake, but Chris and the boys did and enjoyed it! Dont leave Sedona without coming here!

18. Mesa Grill Sedona

Mesa Grill Sedona is a great place to eat with the kids for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What is unique about this restaurant is you can dine and watch planes and helicopters take off and land.

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Unlock The Secrets Of Jerome

Popularly known as the Ghost City, Jerome is a truly historic town. With a strong mining background, a visit to Jerome is an opportunity to wander through back alleys and little-known spots.

There are many tours to Jerome for varying budgets from history-focused day trips to something a little more spooky, theres something for everyone.

As a bonus, most tours come with pick-up and drop-off services!

Exposures International Gallery Of Fine Art

561 AZ-179Sedona, Arizona 86336 282-1125

Fun and gorgeous pieces of art populate the colorful Exposures International Gallery one of the worlds largest fine art exhibitions.

Here, youll see a wide range of original paintings, glass art and sculptures created by more than 100 artists. Kids will love learning and gazing at the displays, especially if they are budding art connoisseurs themselves.

The gallery is appropriate for kids of all ages.

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Camping In Oak Creek Canyon

Next on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, its a bit of camping! Get the kids back to nature, and get yourself there too, by camping in the wild outdoors. My top tip would be to put all the phones in the glove box of the car and not touch them for the entire time youre there!

Theres a 7 day limit on camping, and its usually best to try and book in advance. Theres loads of hiking and fishing to be done so keep your peepers peeled for trails you like the look of. Its a wonderful choice for things to do in Sedona with kids.

Montezuma Castle In Sedona

Best Family Hikes in Sedona Arizona

Next on my list of things to do in Sedona with kids, its Montezuma Castle. Built into the rocks like an impenetrable fortress from a Sci Fi movie, the Montezuma Castle was built out of mud and the rocks and was home to the Sinagua people between the 12th and 15th centuries. Definitely worth checking out!

If your kids love Star Wars and sci-fi this might be a great things to do in Sedona with kids for them because it reminds me of some of the film-sets for those movies.

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Red Rock Scenic Byway

If you are looking for one of the best things to do in Sedona with kids, make sure you take them on the scenic route during your family vacation. This is particularly important if you are driving to visit Sedona.

This can be a great way to show your kids around before you get into the city while also seeing the iconic red rock formations that are so truly special in Northern Arizona.

Visiting Sedona is an experience like no other place in the world. So, make sure you do it right and have fun in Sedona exploring during your family vacation.

Visit The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

I always appreciate the opportunity to expose my kids to different religions and cultures, so it was worth a quick stop at this remarkable church.

This Roman Catholic chapel is built into the red buttes and offers spectacular panoramic views.

The church is a national historic monument and an architectural treasure. In fact, it was named one of the Seven Manmade Wonders of Arizona.

You can view the exterior from the road just a few miles south of Sedona, but it is worth parking and walking up to the chapel.

The chapel is relatively small but features a wall of windows overlooking the valley below.

Visitors are welcome inside during open hours but enter with respect and reverence. You may also want to consider taking a Mini Coach Tour to view the chapel as well as other Sedona attractions.

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Things To Do In Sedona Az: Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

Watching the sunrise over the red rocks around Sedona from a hot air balloon is an amazing experience. You can see for miles around you as you hover in total silence above the majestic natural rock formations and see the world as the birds see it. The flight lasts one to three hours and ends with a delicious Champagne breakfast picnic in the area where the balloon lands. Northern Light Balloon Company is the oldest company of its kind in Sedona, with several smaller balloons that fit up to seven people and one larger balloon that can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

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Visit Red Rock State Park

15 Fun Things To Do In Sedona Arizona With Kids

Red Rock State Park is a 286-acre nature preserve with a range of natural landscapes, including the famous red rocks, green meadows, Juniper, and Manzanita. The park offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing, hiking, and experiencing the natural beauty of Sedona. The many hiking trails give you plenty of choices if visiting Sedona, Arizona with kids.

Red Rock State contains 5 miles of hiking trails through Oak Creek and along the red rocks. You can choose from the Eagles Nest Loop, Coyote Ridge Trail, and the Apache Fire Loop, or join all three trails together. The Eagles Nest Loop is one of the must dos as it contains the highest point in the park with some of the best views. The Javelina Trail will take you into the woodlands.

Biking and horseback riding are both popular activities at Red Rock State Park. While the trails for these activities inside the park are limited, you will find access to Forest Service Trails. You can choose from the Lime Kiln Trail near the entrance or the Turkey Creek trail near the east gate of the park. The Lime Klin Trail is a 15-mile trail that connects Red Rock State Park to Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

When visiting Red Rock State Park, you will also want to stop at the visitor center. Here you will find interactive exhibits and a theater to learn about the history and geology of the park. You can also enjoy daily guided nature tours and bird tours.

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Red Rock State Park. Photo by Daniel Powell on Unsplash

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