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Cool Things To Do In Lisbon

Shop Like The Cool At Lx Factory

Things To Do In Lisbon: 3 Day Travel Guide

LX Factory was an old textile factory that has been converted into a modern and creative space. Located under a railway line, its a model of urban renewal. LXF has reused a neglected site, transforming it into a cool place to hang out. The collection of independent shops include break-the-mould design outlets, art supplies, vegan footwear and vintage boutiques.

The restaurant scene is dominated by environmentally considerate modern offerings and traditional Portuguese with a twist. We loved Taberna 1300 for dinner and Landeau Chocolate for their strict adherence to the committed worship of chocolate.

Its true, LX Factory probably caters more to tourists than locals. But with cooking classes, a tattooist, an acting school, a pole dancing studio and a tour group called We Hate Tourism Tours, its worth a bit of time to scratch beneath the surface. LXF has the best coffee in Lisbon and, in our opinion, some of the best street art.

Visit The Museu Do Oriente

The Museu do Oriente is a museum that was opened in 2008 and is dedicated to Asian artwork, specifically the Portuguese trade presence in the East. Dont miss the Gods of Asia exhibition, its a highlight of the museum!

Entrance fee: Adults pay 6 per person, children 0-5 are free of charge and age 6-12 will pay 2. Discounted rates for students and seniors.

Hours: Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am 6:00pm. Fridays are open late, until 10:00pm and entrance is free from 6:00pm 10:00pm.

See The Sites Of Sintra

If you dont mind traveling a little further out from the city centre, Sintra is a charming coastal town and probably one of the most beautiful nearby locations to visit.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few tours which include a trip to Sintra, including at least one free tour of Sintra’s center!

One great option is the Sublime Sintra tour which provides admission to the Pena Palace and a tour of the site, a Tuk Tuk ride in Sintra Natural Park, transportation to and from the palace, and more.

There is also a full-day tour called Supreme Sintra which includes all of the above and admission to the Quinta da Regaleira, as well as an opportunity to explore the Sintra village at your own pace.

Some locations in Sintra are included at no extra cost with Lisbon tourist passes.

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Explore The Maat Museum Of Art Architecture And Technology

The Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology is also located out near the Belém Tower and is another historical attraction of Lisbon. Its most certainly worth a stop if you are interested in Lisbons old and new architectural designs. There are exhibitions housed in two buildings, one of which is the old Tejo Power Station, and both buildings are fun to explore for all ages.

Entrance Fees: Adults pay 5 per person to enter the museum.

Hours: Open Wednesday to Monday from 11:00am to 7:00pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Hunt Down Awesome Street Art

22 Best Things To Do In Lisbon, Portugal

The street art in Lisbon is somewhat impressive, to say the least.

Whats cooler is that a lot of it is hidden away from the obvious city spots.

That is why we deem the Street Art Tour to be one of the coolest things to do in Lisbon!

Follow someone who knows and discover the most impressive art without hassle.

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Wallow In The Natural Beauty Of Tria

Source: flickr

Youll have to hop, skip and jump over both the Tagus River Estuary and the Sado River Estuary to reach the sparkling beaches of the Tróia Peninsula.

But the approximately two-hour journey is definitely worth it.

Running for mile upon mile down the Atlantic Coast, the region has some of the top beachfronts in the entire Lower Alentejo.

The sands glow a soft yellow under the sun and the seas are surprisingly calm for this western section of the country.

The beautiful Parque Natural da Arrábida can be seen on the headlands opposite, while regular tours depart from Tróia to spot bottlenose dolphins out at sea.

Have Fun In Bairro Alto And Bica

Bairro Alto and Bica are one of those picturesque neighborhoods in Lisbon, but they come with a plot twist.

At night, the numerous bars and restaurants open up and eclectic crowds rush to turn the neighborhoods into Lisbons vibrant nightlife mecca. All year round, you hang out in the street chatting with your friends with a glass in your hand. Yeah, Lisbon is that easy-going.

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Go To The Beach And Do Nothing

Just exactly where are the best beaches around Lisbon? Which ones are less crowded?

Were sure you have many similar questions. Heck, we understand youd rather not spend hours researching.

An excerpt of the best beaches in Lisbon are:

  • Areia Branca Beach Lourinhã
  • Meco Beach Sesimbra, Setúbal
  • Read this beach guide for more details.

    Sometimes sitting on a beautiful beach to do absolutely nothing is needed. Its actually encouraged!

    Dig In At The Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

    5 Alternative Things to do in Lisbon (Portugal Travel Guide)

    Its hard to go wrong with a visit to this chain eatery, and Lisbons franchise is no exception.

    Offering a collection of delicious meals, strong drinks, and an ever-exciting roster of live entertainment.

    If youve stuffed your face with too many Pasteis de Nata and are simply craving an American meal, this is the place to go.

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    Get Lost In The Alfama District

    Source: flickr

    The compact little Alfama District is Lisbons answer to the old town centers of Europes other ancient capitals.

    Like the Forum of Rome, its hailed as the oldest part of the city, although this one dates back to the Moors of Africa instead of the kings of Latium.

    Delving into the warren of winding streets and alleys that forms the district is one of the top activities for visitors to Portugals capital.

    As you stroll, great cathedrals like the Lisbon Cathedral and tile-fronted chapels reveal themselves on the corners.

    There are also the remains of old city walls and hidden squares with al fresco cafes aplenty.

    Get Your Fill Of Gold And Cherubs And Tiles At Igreja De So Roque

    Built in the 16th century as one of the first Jesuit churches, São Roque church survived the earthquake, enabling you to experience the outright ostentation of its Baroque and Mannerist decor.

    Even if cherubs and over the top gold leaf are not your thing, the trompe loiel ceiling, original tiles and intricate marble inlays are worth a look.

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    Head Underwater At The World

    Opened in 1998 as part of Expo 98 in Lisbon, the Oceanário de Lisboa is a physical ode to the centuries-old bond between the Ocean and Portugal. The centerpiece of in Parque das Nações, a redeveloped area on the Tagus River used for the Expo this amazing Oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and visited by over a million people every year, making it one of Portugals most popular cultural attractions.

    World renown, the exceptional exhibitions organized here along with the intriguing, symbolistic architectural features of the buildings, guarantee an unforgettable experience for any lovers of nature and life under the sea. Designed by Chermayeff, who also designed the Osaka Aquarium the worlds largest the Oceanário de Lisboa resembles an aircraft carrier and is built on a pier in an artificial lagoon. Inside there is a vast collection of marine species with everything from penguins and seagulls to otters, sharks, rays, and seahorses.

    In total, there are around 16,000 animals from across 450 species, including the exceedingly rare Sunfish, which is found in only a few aquariums around the world.

    Admire The Jeronimos Monastery In Belem

    14 Best Things To Do in Lisbon  A 3

    Sitting a stones throw from the shimmering Tagus river, the sprawling Jeronimos Monastery is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, justifiably holding UNESCO status.

    With a rich history and marvelous architecture, it should sit high atop your list of things to do in Lisbon.

    While youre out in the Belem area, make sure to check out the Santa Maria de Belem Church next door and, of course, grab a snack at Pasteis de Belem.

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    Wander The Cloisters Of So Vicente De Fora

    The Church of São Vicente de Fora has had a chequered history, including being devastated in the 1755 earthquake. Thoroughly renovated throughout the 17th century, it remains today an exquisite hidden gem, that houses the tombs of many Portuguese Kings. Its a wonderful thing to do in Lisbon.

    The church itself is decent, but the cloisters next door are thoroughly impressive. Lisbons story-telling azulejos cover the walls under the protection of white vaulted ceilings. The sacristy walls are covered with intensively elaborate marble designs and intricately painted ceilings.

    The highlight, however, is the slightly eerie mausoleum which contains the tombs of crusaders. Keep an eye out for the cloaked weeping woman standing watch over one of the tombs.

    São Vicente de Fora / 10am 6pm | Price: 5 adults 1.50 senior / students

    Marvel At The Lush Greenery Of The Arrbida Natural Park

    On an easy day trip from Lisbon, you can head to the incredible Mediterranean-like landscape of the Arrábida Natural Park to spend time on the golden beaches, taste local wines, or set sail in search of the resident dolphins. Only 30-minutes from Lisbon, the 108-acre Arrábida Natural Park is known for its abundance of trees and beautiful flora and is one of 30 nationally protected regions in Portugal.

    On a day tour here , youll hear the legend of Our Lady of the Cape at the hilltop sanctuary in Cabo Espichel, then stop by the quaint fishing village of Sesimbra and marvel at its impressive Moorish castle. Afterward, bask in the sun on the golden sand beaches of Arrábida and savor local wines and traditional food in Azeitão.

    There is then even a dolphin cruise and spot the resident pod of dolphins if you were not sold already! A great chance to escape Lisbon for the day and see more of the incredible Portuguese natural scenery.

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    See Mummified Children In Convento Do Carmo

    Lisbons Archaeological Museum is contained within what remains of the Convento do Carmo. Like much of Lisbon, the original building was seriously damaged in the 1755 earthquake and its cloister roof was never replaced, lending it an eerie, skeletal air. As well as desiccated minors, there are other interesting finds on show.

    Tip: Save yourself the queue and fare for the Santa Justa Elevator by walking down the right hand side of the Carmo church to the upper platform for great views of Lisbon.

    Tip: Allow time for a drink at one of the cafés in the gorgeous Largo do Carmo square.

    Opening times are Monday-Saturday. October-April 10am-6pm and May-September 10am-7pm. Closed on Sundays and some bank holidays. Holders of a Lisbon Card have 20% off admission price.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Be Overwhelmed At The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

    Portugal: Things to do in Lisbon

    Operated a part of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, one of the wealthiest foundations in the world, inside the Gulbenkian Museum, you will find one of the worlds most significant private collections of art incorporating pieces from around the world starting in antiquity and well, including anything and everything since.

    The private collection of a single man, Calouste Gulbenkian, who made his wealth in oil as the founder of the Iraq Petroleum Company. The impetus for the selection here is only the best, explaining the exceptional quality of works on display here. There are around 6000 items in the museums collections, but only about 1000 are on display as part of the permanent exhibition with examples by almost every western European master artist imaginable. Many of the works trace back to the Soviet sale of Hermitage paintings in 1930 and 1931 when Calouste Gulbenkian was one of the first foreign buyers and trading them for oil with the Russians.

    The museum was purpose-designed as a showcase for the collection rather than repurposing another building, a rather novel idea when it was established in 1957. As a result, the surrounding landscape, the museum building, and artwork on display interact and blur. A unique treasure that takes at least one full day to fully explore and a jewel in the crown of Lisbons cultural attractions. For extra time skip long visitor lines with a pre-purchased admission ticket.

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    Explore Lisbons Thriving Culinary Scene

    Take it from me when I say that Lisbon is a gastronomes delight theres so much amazing food to be found across the city that eating your way around the city is an absolute must-do in Lisbon.

    The only real question is how youre going to fit in as much of that amazing food as possible during your stay. Ill be doing a separate piece on my favourite foodie finds in Lisbon, but here are a few spots that you shouldnt miss

    Pastéis da Nata at Mantegueira

    It might be sacrilege to say it but, having eaten more than my fair share of the wibbly, wobbly rich goodness that is Pastéis da Nata, I can honestly say that my favourites are those from Mantegueira. Pop into the original shop Chiado or their outpost in the Time Out Market in Cais do Sodre.

    Flor do Cais

    Tucked away in Cais do Sodre, a few blocks away from the Time Out Market, Flor do Cais is a local neighbourhood eatery that packs a big punch. The menu focuses on traditional Portuguese fish and meat dishes simply prepared but bursting with flavour. Wash it down with a glass of Portuguese wine from the select list.

    Sala do Corte

    Sala do Corte = five words: the best steak in town. Service is slick, the interior snazzy and the steaks really are something else.

    Taberna Bairro do Avillez

    Fun Things You Need To Know About Lisbon

    After spending a few days in this eclectic city, we have a few pointers to share.

    Book your table

    One thing we wished wed known is just how full restaurants get in the evening. A typically Portuguese thing, it seems, is to open small spaces.

    As cozy as this is, its a nightmare for spontaneous dining.

    Take our advice: ring and book your table in the morning before heading out. Dont wander the streets gone 10 pm after being turned away twice .

    Public transport

    This is surprisingly cheap. Buy a 24-hour ticket which covers trams, buses, metro, and trains.

    If youre in no rush and dont mind lugging your bags take the metro from central Lisbon to the airport. It will set you back a couple of coins at most.

    Dont forget your sunglasses!

    The Portuguese pavements are something to be marveled at. Theyre super reflective and super slippery.

    Expect to go blind after a few days without sunglasses. Take your time going down the hills I slipped numerous times, as did many others.

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    Admire The Padro Dos Descobrimentos Monument

    A short distance from the Belém Tower, on the way to the river, the 170-foot tall Padrão dos Descobrimentos Monument is an interesting landmark. The monument was inaugurated in 1960 and is meant to commemorate the age of discoveries. Its a cool spot to see as it literally rises from the banks of the river. You can also pay a small fee to climb to the observation deck for impressive views.

    The monument is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm March to September and Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm October to February. Admission is 6.

    Explore The Best Of Portuguese Design At The Embaixada Concept Store

    Why you should visit Lisbon + 6 cool things to do when you ...

    Opposite the Príncipe Real Garden is this uber-stylish 19th-century Arabian Palace palace turned shopping mall hosts a series of national brands and artists focused on Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Tradition and contemporary design are wonderfully blended here, and a wander through is warranted even to admire the innovative respect for architectural heritage.

    If you are not sold on the architectural merits or designer offerings of the Embaixada Concept Store, there is also a wonderful bar Gin Lovers, tempting patrons with a long list of gins or a relaxed and novel restaurant Atalho Real offering unique fresh meat cuts from around the globe

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    Thoughts On 10 Awesome Things To Do In Lisbon Portugal

  • Lissa

    I love all of your pictures. I went to Spain, but did not go through Portugal. I remember all of the architecture in Spain. The bridge is unique and the food looks great too.

  • ohhh so many things I could add to the list.Taste Ginjinha Taste Pasteis de Belem in BelemVisit Sintra

  • Peep Inside One Of The Worlds Smallest Bookstores

    For another unique literary experience in Lisbon, try squeezing into tiny Livraria Simao, which is four square meters of some 4000 books and enough standing space for only one person.

    Once a tobacco shop, this converted space now hosts works by key Portuguese writers and second-hand books. If youd like a look at the titles, of course give the owner some time to step outside.

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    Search For Street Art

    From giant portraits of political figures, to quirky cartoon characters theres plenty of colourful and intriguing street art all around Lisbon. Head to Mouraria to see a wall full of art that pays tribute to the music of Fado and then to Bairro Alto, where youll find murals of Combi vans next to illustrations of uprisings.

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