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Cool Things To Do In Barcelona

Get Spooked At Hospital Torax De Terrassa

Barcelona for Free 15 Free Things To Do in Barcelona Barcelona Travel Guide

This next addition to our list of unusual things to do in Barcelona will look more like the set of a horror film than a hospital, and thats because it is. Nowadays anyway.

Set a way outside of the city centre, at the edge of the suburban neighbourhood of Terrassa, Hospital Thorax was was once indeed a hospital. It opened next to a pine forest in the 1950s and housed patients with respiratory diseases. At least on the face of it.

You see, there are lots of dark rumours that circulate the goings on at Hospital Torax de Terrassa. It is said that during its operation it had the highest suicide rate of any institution in Spain.

The story goes that patients were driven mad by the combination of struggling to breathe and the isolation they felt. And that it was such a common occurrence for them to jump off the hospital to their death in the garden below that the garden was nicknamed The Jungle. Likening the sounds of screaming and loud thuds to that of primal jungle noises.

There are also perhaps even more sinister rumours that inhumane experiments on the patients took place there. Which was only confirmed when someone was arrested in possession of a foetus in a jar which he claimed he had obtained on the 5th floor of the Hospital de Torax.

Following it being abandoned in 1997 it received a lot of attention from ghost hunters. And in keeping with its disturbing past has since been taken over by a film and television studio for use as a horror/thriller film set.

Jet Ski Along Barcelonas Coast

For an adrenaline-filled beach day, take a jet ski tour where you can wiz up and down Barcelonas coastal waters.

You dont need any previous experience to hop on one of these bad boys and take a ride on the wide open Mediterranean. Dont worry though, youll be supervised by trained staff members who will ensure your ride is nothing but smooth sailing.

View And Admire The Magic Fountain

There is something magical about fountains, especially illuminated ones where the water cascades to the sound of music. Situated in the Montjuïc neighborhood, the Magic Fountain is a beautiful sight in the morning. At night during weekends, with the music and light show, the ornamental fountain and the area around it looks enchanting.

Colors in various shades light up the sprays of water that shoot up into the air to the sound of music. Watching this magical fountain is one of the best tourist attractions in Barcelona at night.

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# The Summer Street Parties

From May til the end of September there is pretty much always an epic fiesta happening somewhere in or around Barcelona. Thats because at some point during summer virtually every district in the city will celebrate its own festa major by inviting every man, woman, granny & gramps, baby and dog onto the streets for food, drink, live music, DJs and dancing. Each festa major lasts around a week and many have their own unique traditions, whilst nearly all include some shared Catalan traditions such as the notorious correfoc , where demon-masked pyromaniacs wield industrial-size sparklers at those foolhardy enough to get near, or castellers , when groups of well-trained collectives clamber on one anothers shoulders to make castles of up to 10 stories high. Fun, informal and full of community spirit, life doesnt get much better than swigging a cerveza in the sultry summer night air at one of these wonderful fiestas. The most famous is Festa Major de Gracia, when locals decorate their street for the occasion, whilst the massive La Merce in September is the festa major for the whole city and is suitably epic, usually with a massive programme of street theatre, arts, workshops and wine tasting. Barcelona Life has a very useful guide.

Go For A Swim With Mindblowing Views

Unusual and Fun Things To Do in Barcelona

Address: Av. de lEstadi 30

Perched high above the city in Montjuic, youll find the Piscines Bernat Picornell, a gorgeous pool which was used throughout the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Today, its a public pool open for non-Olympians like you or me. While its a little pricey, the views and facilities are said to be more than worth it just dont forget to bring your own padlock!

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The 31 Best Things To Do In Barcelona

  • The largest stadium in Europe
  • 5-hour football tour
  • Experience FC Barcelona greatness

Barcelona is famous for its football, and the iconic Camp Nou is at the heart of all this. Take a tour of this massive stadium to discover more about the pride of FC Barcelona!

The guided tour includes valuable information and insights for any sports fans. If you love football, this is a Barcelona must see!

Planning to visit Barcelona? Some of the best hostels are near Barcelona Airport!

Gothic Quarter Old Town

The Gothic quarter is the very heart of the old town Barcelona.

The tiny, narrowed streets are beautiful to walk. Walking around the Gothic quarter and you will discover the romantic streets where all people picture themselves.

Talking about Gòtico, as locals call the Gothic quarter, there is no way you will miss the next Must Do in Barcelona.

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Go For A Ride On Europes Tallest And Fastest Vertical Accelerator

Lastly, one hour south of Barcelona is where youll find Ferrari Land, a theme park that opened in 2018 and is now home to the Red Force, Europes highest and fastest roller coaster.

Can you imagine going from 0 to 180km per hour in 5 seconds? I sure cant, but if youre a daredevil, this is one experience from Barcelona you can easily book!

Shake Up Your Drinking Habits

Things To Do in Barcelona

If youve been ordering the same thing behind the bar for too long now, then how about enrolling for some cocktail classes in Barcelona under expert guidance youll learn how to mix some of the tastiest concoctions known to man and serve them up with panache. Mark our words, once youve mastered the simple art of putting together the perfect caipirinha youll be the most important guest at any party. Organising by partners of Barcelona Life, the experience is perfect for stag dos or hen parties, or any party-minded group of friends. Theres also a regular Cocktail Masterclass & Tapas session for smaller groups can join. Click the button below to learn more.

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Nom Your Way Through A Fresh Food Market

Besides wolfing down endless plates of tapas and churros, one of the best experiences in Barcelona for foodies is exploring the bright flavours and colours of a fresh food market.

One of the most well-known in the world is La Boqueria, and while its great, I find it so incredibly crowded and popular to the point that I dont enjoy it that much anymore.

I prefer stopping by the Santa Catarina Market instead its much less congested and the shopkeepers dont act persistently annoyed at you which is a huge plus!

PS: If you want to have a really unforgettable experience, you can book some really unique market experiences like this one which combines a

Explore The Nightlife Of El Raval

Natalija Sahraj

El Raval is well known for its buzzing nightlife and hosts some of the best things to do in Barcelona. Even if you dont go into any bar, just wandering around here gives you a feel for the lively nightlife on offer at El Raval. Staying out all night isnt hard to do here.

This place is known as Chinatown not because its an actual Chinatown, but because back in the day it was thought that the area kind of looked like it should be a Chinatown. Fair enough.

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Take A Scenic Hike From Tibidabo

Tibidabo is probably the most recognisable of the mountains that surround Barcelona.

Its idiosyncratic mountaintop church is one of the most distinctive features of the skyline and can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city.

Surrounding the church is a cool theme park that makes a great day out for kids and thrill seekers alike. However, if youre more into nature and superb views, theres a brilliant 10k walk that runs to or from here.

The Carretera de les Aigues is a route that snakes like a long, stone balcony about midway up the mountain. Its an awesome Barcelona alternative.

The entire length provides spectacular views that are constantly changing as you walk. Unlike many mountain walks, its also virtually completely flat from start to finish.

And though this means its extremely popular among local hikers and cyclists, you wont come across many out of towners. Because of this, its easily one of the best non touristy things to do in Barcelona.

At one end you can actually see the pitch of the Camp Nou, at the other youll meet the Tibidabo funicular on its way up to the theme park.

Take your pick which direction you walk in, but bear in mind that walking from the Avenida Tibidabo side means youll finish up away from the centre.

Its a full day trip but if you enjoy hiking, a visit to Montserrat may be up your street too if youre looking for more alternative activities in Barcelona.

Snap A Picture With Your Fave Celeb At The Wax Museum

30 Ultimate Things to See and Do in Barcelona

The new wax museum in Barcelona has over 200 different wax figures just waiting for you to take a selfie with!

From royalty to singers, actors, and fictional characters, its a chance to get up close and personal with your heroes and learn a little about their lives.

After making all your Instagram friends jealous, grab a coffee at the fantasy fairy forest cafe!

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Our Favorite Places To Stay In Barcelona

Well chosen accommodation is the first step to an unforgettable trip. As Barcelona will be keeping you seriously busy, having a comfortable and central base to return to is so important. Here are some of our favorite places to stay in Barcelona.

The Coolest Hostel in Barcelona

  • Great facilities
  • Fun and friendly

Hostel One Paralelo is the ideal base in Barcelona. Its well located, affordable, and a great place to meet other travelers! The rooms are comfortable and clean.

The Best Luxury Hotel in Barcelona

  • Luxurious and clean
  • Amazing facilities and details

The Senator Barcelona Spa Hotel is the ultimate base for your Barcelona trip! This place has all of the comforts and luxuries that one could dream of, all packaged into a stylish and central hotel.

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Take Some Off The Beaten Path Barcelona Tours

If you are looking for alternative things to do in Barcelona, why not take an alternative tour? Sure, the usual walking tours are fun, but youre surely looking for some unique experiences to add to your Barcelona itinerary.

Here are a few highly-rated tours you might find interesting :

The Shadow of the Wind Literary Walking Tour

If you havent read this AMAZING Spanish novel, please do it now! Im sure that after reading this book youll want to take this themed tour that explores the locations mentioned in it. Read reviews and book the tour here.

Estrella Damm Brewery Tour

Located near Barcelonas airport, this family-owned brewery was established in the 19th century. With this guided tour, you get to visit the brewery, learn about its beer-making process, and have a few tastings.


I love exploring my Jewish heritage when Im traveling, so I wish this tour was available during my trip to Barcelona. Read more about it here.


If youre like and you love hearing European myths and legends, this tour might be right up your alley. Read reviews and book it here.


Taking you through some of the citys undiscovered streets, squares, and sites, this tour seems like a great way to learn about the medieval history of Barcelona. Read more about it and book it here.

Have you ever dreamt about doing a photoshoot with a professional photographer? Im happy to tell you that this tour can make your dream come true!

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Experience The Arctic In The Middle Of Barcelona

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing

You can now experience Arctic right in the heart of Barcelona! With its beaches and hot sands, itâs surely a crazy idea to even think of wearing a fur coat when in this Mediterranean city, but youâll surely need it when you enter the famed Barcelonaâs Ice Bar. Make sure you have some gloves with you too! Enjoy the below-freezing temperatures right as you enter the bar and experience drinking straight from a frozen glass. Another thing that makes the ice bar special: the Gaudi-esque statues made of ice!

Visit A Fairytale Castle In The Middle Of The City

25 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain | Top Attractions Travel Guide

One can never really get tired of taking in Gaudis masterpieces, but one of the unusual things to do in Barcelona that is relatively new is to visit La Casa de les Punxes. This northern European castle style landmark was designed by Gaudi contemporary Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1905 for the three Terrades sisters.

The sisters used their fathers inheritance to build this fairytale castle and made it big enough so that they could live off the rent. There are still families renting out parts of the house today, but after much renovation work, the rest has been renovated into a museum you can visit today.

While the exterior, with its three points is wonderful to admire from afar, going inside is a great way to see how the upper class lived back in the day. The house is gorgeous with stained glass windows, a functioning elevator from 1906 and great rooftop views.

Look a little closer at the facades and you will notice that each is different, representing the personality of each sister. You can take a self guided audio tour of the building, but dont forget to take a look at the permanent audiovisual experience that recounts the legend of Saint George, a medieval legend that is one of the most told and shared in Catalonia.

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Fun Things To Do In Barcelona Dont Miss These On Your Bucket List

You dont want to miss these 10 fun things to do in Barcelona!

Conspicuous in its vibrancy and proud of its quirks, Barcelona is the Spanish city with an infectious buzz. From a secret bunker with sweeping views over the metropolis to the ultimate spots to sample Catalans most delicacies, here is a list of 10 fun things you simply MUST tick off your Barcelona bucket list!

See More With A City Pass

There are multiple major attraction passes that can help you get the most out of your time in beautiful Barcelona.

If you go for an all-inclusive pass, youll get free entry into multiple attractions in addition to discounts on more activities and tours. Other passes are designed to let you pick a specified number of attractions and get up to 40% savings on entry to those.

Attractions Available for Discount Include:

  • Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour
  • Park Guells Monumental Zone
  • Montserrat Morning Tour
  • Hard Rock Cafe

If youre really looking to maximize the time you have in Barcelona, using a tourist pass is the best way to do that.

See our Barcelona Tourist Pass comparison here.

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Then Drool The Most On An Indulgent Food Tour

Barcelona may be a delicious city, but its also one laden with tourist traps around every corner.

Thats why you should trust the experts and book yourself on a food tour!

This was one of the best things I did during my first visit to Barcelona because I got to learn all about local Catalan cuisine while getting great recommendations for the rest of my trip. If youre looking for one of the best foodie things to do in Barcelona, taking a food tour is it!

I had a great time on my Devour Barcelona food tour and would highly recommend it. The following tours also have excellent reviews:

Roam The Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

Unusual and Fun Things To Do in Barcelona

Discover one of the worlds largest Art Nouveau sites at the Sant Pau Recinte Modernista!

At nearly a century old, the site is still considered to be a modern masterpiece. While visitors are more than welcome to stroll around the grounds at their own pace, a guided tour is the best way to learn about the facilitys fascinating history.

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Learn To Speak The Lingo

If youre in town for longer than a few days you might want to consider signing up for an intensive Spanish course in which case check out our page on language schools in Barcelona. Speaking a foreign language is certainly an exhilarating experience, and at the same time its a great way to meet other students and make some new friends with whom to explore the city. If you dont have time for that you can always check out our pages on Spanish and Catalan language tips.

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