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Best Things To Do In Positano

Take A Private Boat Tour From Positano

TOP 10 Things to do in POSITANO 2021 | Is Italy’s Amalfi coast still worth the hype?! | New Normal

Hiring a private boat was by far our favorite thing we did while we were in Positano! Theres nothing better than being out on the sea, admiring the coastline from a new vantage and stopping for multiple swims in the refreshing Mediterranean water.

We went in and out of awe-inspiring grottos, explored the island of Capri and basked in every ounce of sunshine. When the day was over we all agreed that it was definitely a bucket list experience that was worth every penny!

Tips & details:

Take A Day Trip To Capri Or Pompeii

Positano is also a great base to stay if you want to enjoy some of the more widespread activities available around the Amalfi coast. You can do a day trip to Pompeii that I would certainly recommend. From Pompeii home to the city ruins that were covered in ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius centuries ago, you can visit the mountain itself and marvel at the crater left behind by the eruption.

You may also decide to visit Capri for a day if youre short on time, but I highly recommend staying for at least a night. There are boat shuttles to Capri leaving every hour , so you can easily visit the island.

Take In The Cliffside Views

One of the things that makes Positano so unique is how its built into this cliffside inlet. There are amazing spots that offer views overlooking the cliffside homes, down to the marina, and over the ocean as far as the eye can see. No matter how many times weve seen it, no matter what time of day, its magical.

Best views of Positano:

  • Le Sirenuse hotel if you arent a guest they may or may not let you in to see the balcony
  • Francos Bar next door to Le Sirenuse, opens at 5:30 pm though we recommend getting in line no later than 4:45 to get a table with a view
  • Bruno just a bit down the street from Francos you can try and snag an outdoor table with incredible views. The sunset here is magical!
  • And finally, here, just a few more steps beyond Bruno, is our favorite FREE view in town!

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Sip Limoncello & Fragoline

Have you had Limoncello, or ever heard of Fragoline? For the uninitiated, Limoncello is made from lemon skins that are steeped in grain alcohol for up to six weeks. The heavily infused and aromatic alcohol is then mixed with sugar or simple syrup and bottled.

Once you see the size of Sorrento lemons in the markets and smell their sweet citrus aroma, youll know why this drink is so popular here.

Limoncello is a traditional digestivo of southern Italy and is served after your meal in a chilled aperitif glass, or, here in Positano and on the Amalfi Coast, sometimes in a small chilled ceramic Capodimonte cup.

Limoncello di Positano

Fragoline is another specialty liqueur made from local strawberries, and is sweet and bright red in color. Though it seems less popular than limoncello, its delicious especially for strawberry lovers, so ask for it if you dont see it served. If you havent yet tasted Limoncello, youre in for a treat when you have it on the Amalfi Coast, and youll find shops specializing in products made only from the local lemons.

You can buy it in liquor stores when you get home, but its easy to make your own Limoncello on your own so youll always have some on hand. Weve been making it for years trust me, its very easy to do, and it makes perfect holiday gifts.

Buy Custom Made Leather Sandals

The Best Things To Do In Positano Italy That You Can

Southern Italy is known for making handmade leather Capri Positano sandals that are stylish and sexy worn with just about everything. Theyre made from genuine Italian leather and custom made for you while you wait! Youll see the stores as you walk around town. Stop in your favorite and talk to the proprietor and browse the dozens of styles and leathers they come in.

Just select a style, then the leather you like, and theyll measure your foot for the perfect fit. You can pick up your custom-made pair in as short as an hour or the very next day. Theyre one of the most fun things to shop for in Positano and youll wear them for years to come.

Shopping for homemade leather sandals in Positano

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Things To Do At Night In Positano

If Positano won your heart in the day time, the sparkling lights of the town at night are sure to melt it even further. When the day trippers leave on the final ferries and buses, the town takes on a languid, relaxed atmosphere. Visitors and locals dress for the evening and enjoy the gorgeous views as the sun sets.

Try Some Local Wine At Swirl The Glass

Editor’s Note: Photo taken from the establishment’s official social account

Italy is well-known for its lush vineyards and flavorful wines. If you are a wine enthusiast, you may want to consider visiting Swirl the Glass, which offers wine tours and wine tastings. Here, you can learn all about the wine-making process. While you savor a glass of wine, you can enjoy a homecooked lunch meal at the beautiful estate. Wine tastings are often held before dinner, served with cold starters. You can choose from a wide variety of wines to try while you are here.

Swirl the Glass

One of the best things to do in Positano to know more about it is by and spending an afternoon walking its winding stone streets. It is also a great way to explore this fascinating town. Head straight to the colorful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Positanos most famous sight, which features a dome made of majolica tiles.

After admiring the architecture of the impressive building, its up to you. Positano is a small village, so wherever you are, you can find your way back to the harbor area and you never know what you might find when you get lost somewhere. Spend time photographing the colorful buildings, or take in the beautiful views overlooking the harbor while enjoying an Italian coffee or wine.

Positano Walking tour

Pompeii and Vesuvius Full-Day Tour from Amalfi Coast

Address: Positano, Italy

SUP Positano

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Tips For Visiting Positano

  • Walking and taking stairs is pretty much the only way to get around Positano, so make sure to bring your walking shoes!
  • Like many places in Italy, most restaurants have a sit down fee that can cost you 3+ euro per person. If you want a quick meal, take it to-go to avoid the extra charges.
  • Positano is crazy busy during & . For the best weather without insane crowds, consider booking in September.

Before you go to Positano, be sure to check out the so you can capture the best photos while youre on vacation!

Enjoy your trip!

Kylie & Scott

Planning to travel more throughout Italy? Make sure to check out our other Italy Travel Blogs!

Dance Til Dawn In A Cave Nightclub


If you like to party then Positano has one of the coolest nightclubs on the planet. Built into a cave, Music on the Rocks has been entertaining party people for over 40 years. The club opens at 11pm and its best to dress to impress. Be aware that there is a steep cover charge of 40 read reviews on TripAdvisor

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Best Time To Visit Positano

As we all know Positano is beautiful, and that means everyone wants to visit. Year-round it is a popular travel destination, with obvious spikes in the summer months . When you should plan your visit really depends on your travel desires.

  • Summer months The summer months are very busy. If you hate crowds and tons of tourists, then I suggest you visit Positano during the offseason. But, the summer months are when the city and the whole Amalfi Coast comes alive: meaning everything is open and easily accessible. If you want to see Positano in all its glory then this is the time for you!
  • Fall-winter-spring The other seasons are not as busy as summer, therefore, there are fewer people and everything is cheaper. On the other hand, getting to the coast is more difficult as almost all the tours have packed up and arent running during offseason arranging transportation in alternative ways to Positano should be considered during this time. Also, beware that not as much stuff will be open. However, if you just want to see the beautiful views for a lower cost then this is the time for you!

Each season comes with its pros and cons, use your travel criteria to decide when is best for you! However, there is more you need to take into account when planning your trip to Italy other than the seasons!

Where To Stay In Positano Italy:

As mentioned before, we stayed at Villa Mary Suites, the #1 B & B listed on the Travelocity and Tripadvisor website at the time and we LOVED it. With only 5 or 6 rooms in the B & B, Villa Mary Suites offers an intimate romantic setting. The location is perfect, as you are high enough up the mountain to appreciate the scenery, but far enough away from the beach to be away from the crowds. Then there is a perfect walk of about 15 minutes down the hill to the beach.

My suggestion though is that as soon as you know WHEN you will be going be sure and book a place to stay, as Positano, Italy place fills up fast! I found countless cute little places for you to check out:

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+ Things To Do In Positano Italy

April 22, 2021 by Cacinda Maloney

Positano, Italy is a gorgeous slice of Heaven, ok, I mean beach town in Italy along the Amalfi Coast. It is famous for its colorful buildings, excellent restaurants, and perfect location for honeymooners, and really anyone who wants to enjoy the Italian sun! With its winding roads that lead down to the sea, there are plenty of cafes, shops, and boutique hotels to stay at.

If you are following along in my series about the Amalfi Coast, you will realize that Positano, Italy was the final destination for my husband and me on our 17th wedding anniversary. And it is the perfect place to vacation for family birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever you want to celebrate. Read on, as I have come up with a few things to do in Positano for your next Italian vacation.

Is Amalfi Coast Expensive

The Best Things To Do In Positano Italy That You Can

The answer is yes. We had just come from Naples, where you can get an incredible pizza for 4 Euros so we really noticed the price difference when we arrived on the Amalfi Coast. But it isnt crazy expensive. Check out this post or this post for budget-friendly travel tips.

Now that we have our bases covered, here are our

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Go For A Hike In Positano

Go for a hike on The Path of the Gods, the path is easy, but it does take about 2 1/2-3 hours and is approximately 4.8 miles. The best for walkers is to walk from Agerola to Nocelle, and not vice-versa as the path runs gently downhill from this direction. You can also start the Sentiero Degli Dei from Praiano, but this path has you climbing up to the Colle Serra Pass which is 580 meters above sea level !

Eat A Positano Lemon Sorbet

The gelato in Positano is outstanding, but sometimes you want something even more refreshing. Something cold, yet more hydrating something thatll give you a true pick-me-up on those hot summer days. And something lemony, because Positano is absolutely determined that you will love lemons, dammit.

Fortunately, if you havent already fallen in love with Positanos most popular citrus fruit, a granita will do the job! Its one of the must-do things to do in Positano.

Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made with water, sugar, and lemon juice, and youll see them throughout the Amalfi Coast though in my humble opinion, Positano has the best ones. Its very similar to a slushy or slush puppy, and absolutely hits the spot after a hard days shopping or sunbathing.

A trip to Positano honestly isnt complete without a granita, and so youll find this beloved snack even in the poshest restaurants. Youll also often find it including limoncello for an alcoholic twist, and served in a hollowed-out lemon! Check out the examples at The Brasserie if you want your granita with a sit-down meal.

If youre looking for just a quick granita to nibble on the street, head up Via Dei Mulini until you reach the branch of Antica Sartoria. Right next to it is a simple cart, which sells my absolute favorite granita its zesty but not bitter, and hugely refreshing! Perch on one of the benches, and watch the world go by as you finally fall in love with lemons.

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Take A Look At Positanos Art Galleries

If you are an art lover, there are great things to doin Positano. In the very center of the town, you can visit small but stunning art galleries. Of the many places in Positano where you can buy handicrafts and art, the Absolute Positano Gallery and Art and Craft Gallery stand out for their uniqueness and diversity.

The main motive of the artwork in the gallery is, of course, the breathtaking landscape of Positano. The Absolute Positano Gallery is the main choice of many travelers. If you are a fan of ceramic handicrafts, unique souvenirs, glassware, oil on canvas made by local Italian artists, this gallery is the right place for you.

Whether you choose paintings, art glass, and amazing, unique souvenirs, a look at them will always remind you of the perfect time spent in Positano.

Also, the Gallery of Arts and Crafts is a place where you can find, at reasonable prices, art souvenirs of various Italian artists. There you can find a variety of unique paintings, sculptures, and ceramic handicrafts that are an ideal souvenir or gift.

Most galleries open around 9 AM and close around 8 PM. Please note that some of the galleries may be closed in the afternoon for a lunch break.

Positano Restaurant Recommendations And Things To Do

Best of Positano Italy | 10 Things To Do

Me and my lovely boyfriend are off to positano for 6 days in Nov is this any restaurant things to do that would be open?

If so can we have recommendations?

2 replies to this topic

Il Mediterraneo restaurant will be open. Possibly Il Saraceno D’Oro too which is nearby in Fornillo area up at the road and has great pizza.

Visit MAR the roman villa if the weather is not great in Positano. Entrance is in front of the main church near the beach.

Or course go to Ravello above Amalfi and see Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo there too. Try to get a clear day for this as views are stunning.

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What To Do In Positano In 24 Hours: A Complete One

Positano is a popular day trip and a common stop for a well-rounded Italy itinerary. Its a small village that you can cover in just a few hours on foot.

As with all our city travel plans, this tour of Positano in 24 hours includes stops at the main attractions and provides time for food and entertainment. Youll get to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere for a single day as you check out the shops and a couple of historic sites.

Youll even have time for a trip around the sea on a kayak or guided boat tour.

Positano Boat Rental And Tours

Go and explore this magical coastline by boat. You wont regret it.

Rent a boat or take a tour from Positano and take a trip out to the islands of Li Galli. Also known as Le Sireneuse, this small archipelago of three islands is said to be the home of the enchanting Sirens. According to Greek legend, they lured seamen to their death with their beautiful voices.

The islands are privately owned once by Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev but you can wander the grounds of the largest island Isola Lunga and gaze out to Capri glistening in the distance.

There are other smaller beaches and coves to be discovered along the coast near Positano that you can only reach by boat. Contact Blue Star Positano for prices.

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Other Things To Do In Positano

Positano is a seaside resort and an ideal starting point to explore the Amalfi Coast. There are a lot of hiking trails with fantastic panoramas near Positano. Furthermore, this lovely place is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The sea invites you to surf, water ski, sail, and dive. For those who are seeking for relaxing vacation, tanning on the beach and swimming in the sea are the best options.

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