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Best Things To Do In Milos

How To Get To Milos Greece

BEST THINGS TO DO IN MILOS – Exploring the Most Beautiful Greek Island
  • Milos imposing cliffs
  • Airport: Milos airport has daily summer flights from Athens. There are 2 Greek air companies flying to Milos, Sky Express & Olympic, and the flight lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Ferries: There are daily ferries going to Milos. The ferry to Milos from Pireaus runs all year round. The route is served by conventional and high-speed ferries and the journey lasts from 3 to 5 hours.
  • There is a once-a-week ferry leaving from Lavrio Port but it takes about 15 hours to reach Milos as it passes from many islands
  • Detailed info on Ferries to Milos travel and its connections to all the other Cycladic Islands on FerryHopper Website.

Rent A Car Atv Or Scooter To Get Around

You wont see the best of Milos on foot. It really pays to spread out and find your own secluded corner of this remote island haven. Rent a car, scooter, or motorcycle to go exploring. If you really want to find undiscovered vistas, an ATV is the way to goyou can ditch the roads and find your bliss.

If you are from the US, you need an International Driving Permit to hire a car in Greece. Before you rent a vehicle, Greek law requires you to first obtain an International Driving Permit . Rental companies will accept your home drivers license, but if the police pull you over you may face fines. You can apply for a Greek IDP through AAA or the National Automobile Club.

Where To Eat In Milos Island Greece

So if you are wondering where to eat in Milos I recommend eating in all of these places.


This seafront taverna is located in the beautiful seaside village of Apollonia. I have eaten there many times. It offers a big variety of dishes and its a great place to eat fresh fish.


You will find this traditional taverna in the town of Adamas. The meat and cheese that is being served there is their own production. You should try pitarakia fried cheese pie!


You will find this traditional taverna in the village of Tripiti. You should get there early in order to find a table in front of the balcony with view of the gulf of Milos. You should eat Kremidopita , chicken with homemade lazania, pitarakia, Ergina salad and more.

Medusa Café-Restaurant

Enjoy a memorable meal right next to the Aegean. The menu comprises of both traditional and modern island dishes, with seafood being the Chefs speciality.

Armira Seafood Restaurant

This attractive restaurant has a first-floor terrace with beautiful views of the coast. The menu comprises of a variety of delicious tastes, both from the island and Greece. Meat dishes, fresh fish, and vegetarian options are both available.


This friendly restaurant overlooks the beach and beautiful Aegean and is popular for its Mediterranean menu which includes seafood, meat and pasta.

Pizzeria Stasi


Milors all day café

Hanabi Sushi & Cocktails

Utopia Café

Aggeliki ice cream & dessert shop

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Amazing Things To Do In Milos

by Ryan Gargiulo | Greece, Greek Islands, Travel Tips |

Milos, Greece Turquoise waters, white and gold sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, and overwhelming natural beauty the perfect recipe for the ultimate travel destination.

If youve been planning for that long overdue vacation or have just been wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, Milos is a perfect place to escape to.

Home to the infamous Venus of Milo, this island doesnt fall short from the beauty that Venus herself exemplifies.

The island of Milos is still far less visited than some of the more popular Greek islands.

The sheer beauty of the island is abundant with more than 72 gorgeous beaches and sunset views which come pretty close to rivaling the ones found in Santorini.

Whether youre an adventurous soul who loves activities such as sea-kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, hiking, or biking, or youre the timid type who wants to bask in the sun, Milos is a destination that simply cannot be missed.

Google Maps Is Not Always Your Best Friend

Milos Travel Guide: 12 Top Things To Do in Milos, Greece

If you are used to navigating terra incognita with the power of Google Maps, that crutch may fail you on Milos. Google doesnt check up on Milos very often and cant always make sense of the ancient city planning. Local businesses also dont bother to update their Google listings, if they even have them. Be prepared to ask for directions and recommendations or just explore and become lost! Its an islandyou cant ever get too lost.

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What Are The Negative Aspects Of Milos Island

There are a few things that a first-time visitor should keep in mind while visiting Cyclades Islands and specifically Milos:

  • The roads are not good and you need to be careful especially at night
  • Many of the beaches have no trees or other shade available, water, or food supply. You should carry your own supplies if you are visiting such a beach
  • When it gets windy , it just wont stop. It also gets a bit chilly in the evening.
  • For more info on travel dangers and precautions in Greece, you may find interesting my post here

See Mandrakia An Adorable Fishing Village

After seeing Klima, we thought we had visited the only cute fishing village on Milos. Little did we know, another small fishing village gives Klima a run for its money.

Mandrakia is located on the north side of the island next to Sarakíniko. Although a bit smaller than Klima, Mandrakia offers its own charm and beauty. Plus, the sea surrounding Mandrakia is the most magnificent color I have ever seen.

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Take The Oneiro Boat Tour

The Oneiro Milos boat tour is considered one of the top activities in Milos and I cannot recommend it enough.

I have personally taken this tour twice and I can tell you that its one of the best tours I have ever been on, hands down.

The full day tour usually lasts about 8 to 9 hours and while that seems a bit long, trust me when I tell you that its an adventure that youll never want to end.

After departing from the port of Adamas in Milos, youll start off the morning by gazing at the volcanic formations of Cape Vani.

Afterwards, youll get to explore the open-roof cave of Skyvia and on to an old pirates cove known as Kleftiko.

The tour price is approximately 75 Euros and includes three delicious meals a light breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks and beverages are provided on the tour as well.

German Bunker In Adamas

MILOS, GREECE (2021) | 10 Best Things To Do In Milos!

While in Adamas, make sure you visit the German bomb shelter, which was constructed in 1941. The bunker was originally built in order to protect the German soldiers, and was subsequently used by the locals as a shelter in 1944, when Adamas was bombed by the British.

The shelter has two entrances and 12 large chambers. It was well ventilated, and the temperature was pleasant all year round.

Today, the bunker is open to the public, and there are often art exhibitions and installations. Opening hours might be irregular, so check before your visit.

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Enjoy Sunset In Plaka

Plaka is the chief town of the island and capital of Milos. It sits on top of a large rock where no cars can enter. Almost anywhere in town offers unparalleled views over the Gulf of Milos, making it another perfect spot to come and watch a Greek sunset.

Most of Plaka has traditional Cycladic architecture with whitewashed buildings and blue roofs. Its another small village where anyone can come and do some boutique shopping, have a Greek meal, or enjoy a sundowner while the sun is setting. There is also a Folk Museum, an archaeological museum, and a couple of idyllic churches.

To access Plaka, youll have to park down below the town and walk 5-10 minutes up to the town as no cars can enter on these narrow roads.

Its worth noting that the town of Plaka has a slightly more upscale feeling after the sun sets. If there were a hip area of Milos, Plaka would be that area. I showed up here at sunset one night in my beachwear and definitely felt underdressed among others who were clearly more dressed up for the evening.

Explore Kleftiko Caves By Boat

These caves are located on the South-Western tip of Milos and are only accessible by boat. Take a charter boat tour for a day or rent your own and explore the caves while swimming in some of the clearest, bluest water on earth. Full day sailing tours or snorkelling safaris provide you with snorkelling gear and the time to explore the rocky crevasses and unique caves. Lunch is also provided.

For the best Catamaran day tour of Milos, including Kleftiko

For the best budget, half day boat tour to Kleftiko .

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Climb Up The Sykia Sea Cave

Known as the Emerald Cave, or Blue Cave, this curious sea cavern in Milos has a collapsed roof and is only accessible via dinghy through its small arched entrance. The water is a bright, crystal clear turquoise, and the rock formations are startlingly white. The inner rock formations are fascinating.

We sailed with Polco Sailing – they were amazing.

How To Get To Isla Holbox

17 Amazing Things to do in Milos

To reach Isla Holbox, youll have to drive to the town of Chiquila and from there take the ferry to Holbox. You can take a shuttle directly from Cancun airport to Chiquila. You can also take the ADO bus from Cancun airport or from any of the other popular cities Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun downtown, Valladolid. Rent a car or take a taxi, although we dont really recommend taxis for long distances in Mexico as they can rip you off.

If you dont want to stay overnight in Isla Holbox, we highly recommend this boat tour to Holbox from the mainland of the Yucatan peninsula. This is a full-day tour that will allow you to see the most beautiful and interesting parts of the island.

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Best Things To Do In Isla Holbox

If youre planning on visiting Isla Holbox, continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the island how to get there, the best things to do in Isla Holbox, and things to avoid.

Isla Holbox is located on the northern part of the Yucatan peninsula and it is the ultimate destination for those seeking to escape the busy towns of the likes of Tulum and Cancun. Isla Holbox is known for its laid-back boho vibe and wonderful beaches. These are only a few reasons why you should visit this beautiful island.

For it being a small island, Holbox has no shortage of amazing things to do and unique experiences to offer. So, when were asked is Isla Holbox worth visiting?, our answer is a jubilant YES!.

We spent 3 unforgettable days in Isla Holbox, basking in the sun, swimming in turquoise waters, and eating our way around the island. Below are our top 7 recommendations of the best things to do in Isla Holbox that you dont want to miss out on.

Here are our favorite 7 best things to do in Isla Holbox!

A Boat Trip To Polyaigos Island

Take a boat trip to the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea. The island is brimming with pristine beaches and bays of sparkling sapphire, turquoise, and emerald waters. The island has few sights to see such as the Lighthouse of Polyaigos on the east side of the island and the remnants of the Church of Virgin Mary on the northwest side.

Its also where the Monachus Mediterranean seals come to give birth. This islands natural beauty makes a boat trip worthwhile whether you hire one or rent one yourself.

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Visit The Site Of Venus De Milo

Another historical stop that you should add to your Milos, Greece itinerary is the site where the Venus De Milo was discovered. As one of the most famous sculptures in history, seeing its discovery location is pretty astonishing.

The site where the Venus De Milo was discovered is also near the catacombs, ancient theater, and the fishing village of Klima.

Note: You may have to hike a little to get here, but we thought it was such a neat excursion to add to our Milos, Greece itinerary.

Day 2 Milos Surface Of The Moon

Top 10 Things To Do in Milos Greece 2021

When I think about Milos, I think about how the landscape of the island is a rocky garden oasis. As you move from corner to corner of Milos, you never see the same thing twice.

On the north-east corner of the island is the seaside village of Pollonia and another prominent area for visitors because of its calm waters, community built around the pretty inlet from the sea, an active fishing industry, tons of hotels, and excellent harbour-side restaurants.

Once you park in the community lot, take a stroll along the beach and over to the pedestrian street which is flanked by restaurants on both sides. You almost can’t go wrong with any of them but one to check out is called Enalion which has fresh local fish and seafood, vegetables from the family garden, an extensive wine list, and great service.

One thing you will notice here though is that it’s not quite like Naoussa in Paros. It doesn’t have build up of a town with grids of shops and restaurants. Instead, it’s much more chilled out and beyond that beach and the restaurants that surround it, there is not that much more to see since I’d say there are better and more dramatic beaches elsewhere.

Starting with Pollonia, you can now start to make your way back and hit some of the stellar highlights of Milos, some of which you won’t even believe.

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Are You A Solo Female Traveller

Are you contemplating venturing Athens Greece and the islands all alone or with a group of female friends and wondering if Greece is safe for solo female travelers?

Greece is a perfectly safe country for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. In addition to that, Greek people are gene-programmed to be hospitable and are always eager to offer directions to your destination or any other advice, so ask freely.

Naturally, common sense and gut feeling should always be trusted so if something looks suspicious or sketchy, go in the other direction.

You may find interesting my post First Time Travelling to Greece where I get a bit more analytical about petty theft especially in the Athens metro.

Best Things To Do In Milos

A volcanic island with a big natural harbour and rich geology, Milos has been mined for millennia for minerals and material like obsidian, sulphur, and gypsum.

The islands geology gives rise to coastal sights that photos cant do justice, like Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, and the kind of beaches that can make you gasp.

In the Bronze Age Milos was home to the city of Phylakopi on its north coast, the greatest port in the Aegean at the time.

Later Ancient Klima was the place where the Venus de Milo was found in 1820. This iconic work of art was produced in the 2nd century BC, and a copy cast from the original in the Louvre is on show at the Archaeological Museum.

Lets explore the best things to do in Milos:

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Eat Fresh Seafood In Pollonia

Fresh seabass, lobster, squid or sardines. Pollonias seafront restaurants have it all. Best enjoyed with a cool drink.

The moment we drove into Pollonia, I knew, just knew that the seafront town would have epic seafood. In the sleepy afternoon, chalkboards with set dinner options heralded the good things to come. Our favourite restaurant in Pollonia was Gialos. We ate there twice, not only because the food was amazing, but because the staff were SO KIND AND GENEROUS. The restaurant was packed, but they went above and beyond to bring out an extra table and chairs. They sat us under a tree on the pier by the water, just so we could have dinner there. Now that is customer service.

I Am A Vegetarian Where Can I Eat On Milos

The Best Things to Do in Milos Greece
  • Greek Salad
  • Greens

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, Greece is your country! Greece has so many vegetable dishes that it will satisfy any taste. Greek taverns serve all kinds of salads, with the Greek salad being the king of summer salads.

From a Greek table, you will also see an assortment of fried vegetable dishes such as potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, or boiled veggies like cauliflower, carrots, or beetroots.

My favorite is the Greek traditional homemade dishes that all Greeks were raised with:

  • Agkinares
  • Briam: a variety of veggies in fresh tomato sauce
  • Imam Baildi: sliced eggplants cooked with oil, tomatoes, onions and spices
  • Fava: dip/purée of split peas and olive oil & Tzatziki spread: yoghurt, garlic and cucumber
  • Gigantes: broad beans baked in a thick, sweet tomato sauce
  • Dolmadakia: vine leaves stuffed with lemon-flavoured rice
  • Spanakorizo
  • Skizes Milou, slices of bread with olive oil and fresh tomato grilled
  • Pitarakia, small cheese pies with local cheese
  • Watermelon Pie& Milos Koufeto, the sweet choices.

All the above usually are accompanied by generous proportions of feta cheese, bread and a lot of local wine or ouzo, whatever is your thing!

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