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Best Things To Do In Lake Garda

Where To Eat In Lake Garda

Top Things to do in Limone Sul Garda Italy Travel Guide (Lake Garda)

Taverna Kus

caramelized eel taverna kus

This mountainside restaurant may require a bit of a drive but I assure you that it is worth it. The dishes here are as imaginative as the quirky interiors theres a room full of mirrors for example while a horse statue greets diners by the entrance. There are always seasonal items in the menu and these are heavily recommended. If you ever find yourself unsure what to order , the knowledgeable staff are there to help. My personal favorite is the Truffles Fettucine. If you are ever feeling adventurous, the excellent Caramelized Eel which is farmed in Lake Garda is not to be missed.

taverna kus

The desserts are highly imaginative affairs from chocolate balls to a plate full of purple-colored sweets.

Cascina Capuzza

local charms at cascina capuzza

This rustic family-run restaurant located within a vineyard not far from Torre San Martino is as local as youd expect. The owners the Fortmentini brothers are highly hospitable and offer a wide knowledge of wines and of the Lake Garda region in general. If youre looking for an authentic and insider experience, you wont go wrong here. This is also an excellent place to taste Lugana wine. The venue is part of the Selva Capuzza, a wine estate that exports wines all over the world. Theres nothing pretentious about the food here. The Zucchini Salad was especially noteworthy and so were the homemade desserts.

Ristorante Rosa

the stuffed fish ravioli at ristorante rosa

Villa Pioppi

Scaligero Castle In Sirmione

The Scaligero Castle in Sirmione is located on a rock on the Lombard shore of the lake, and its one of the best-preserved castles in Italy. Kids will love walking among the medieval streets, imagining stories about knights. Moreover, its a place for the whole family, since you will learn about history and lake-based fortifications.

Here Is A Handy List Of The Best Things To Do At Italys Lake Garda With Kids

Exploring Lake Garda as a family is a guarantee for a great adventure!

After all, Lago di Garda is Italys largest lake and a truly fabulous destination for a day trip or an extended holiday in any season with kids of any age. Easily reachable by plane from abroad and train, bus or car from a number of large Italian cities like Verona, Venice, and Milan, Lake Garda offers a never-ending list of fun activities for the whole family.

If you have ever wondered if Lake Garda has what it takes to keep your toddler or your teenager occupied for more than a sweet minute, fear not. The answer is a resounding Yes!. This helpful list will give you many ideas as to what you can get up to as a family around Lake Garda in Italy.

There are lots of things at Lake Garda to keep kids and their parents happy and active: Italys largest amusement parks, striking medieval castles, gorgeous lakefront towns, exciting kid-friendly museums, centrally located playgrounds. All this in addition to plenty of opportunities for exhilarating hikes, relaxing beach time, visits to caves and waterfalls, and lots of different water sports.

The choice is yours! Or, better said, of your children!

All the information in this blog post is based on my familys experiences at Lake Garda during the six years that we spent living in Italy.

Have a look!

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Tour The Giardino Botanico Fondazione Andr Heller

This botanical garden is home to many unique species of plants. It features lush vegetation and is divided up into different types of gardens, like Alpine and Zen. The park is filled with numerous pathways you can wander down which will take you by bubbling streams and fragrant flowers. Hidden within the landscape, youll also find pieces of artwork created by artists around the globe.

Gardone Riviera/vittoriale Degli Italiani

Top 10 things to do in Lake Garda

Literati and lovers of quirky sights will enjoy visiting the Vittoriale, poet DAnnunzios whimsical villa on the shores of Lake Garda, near Gardone Riviera on the western shore of the lake, just north of Salò.

I visited the villa years ago, during a school trip, but I remember being amazed by the eclectic furniture and crazy exhibits on show. One room is decorated like a Bedouin tent, an Art Deco dining room comes complete with a gilded turtle on the table, and another room had a plane propellor hanging from the ceiling.

The craziest thing to do on Lake Garda, though, has to be visiting military ship Puglia, lying on top of a hill among the trees in the gardens of the Vittoriale. It was donated to DAnnunzio, who had it taken apart and carried to his residence where it was reassembled on a hill, pointed symbolically towards the Adriatic sea.

Where to stay in Gardone Riviera Grand Hotel Gardone, an elegant 19th century hotel to make you feel as if you travelled back to the time of the Grand Tour, when Lake Garda was already a popular tourist destination.

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Take A Tour Of Isola Del Garda

This island is the biggest island on Lake Garda. Its known for its untouched natural landscape thats dotted with historic homes. One of the most popular structures to visit is an Italian villa that features neo-gothic architecture and was built during the early 1900s.

After walking through the villa, you can explore its fragrant gardens which feature colorful peonies, olive, and lemon trees, and the stunning Lady Hillingdon rose. Theres also a park you can visit on the island which is home to numerous types of trees and known for its hidden lakes and streams.

If you want to make sure you dont miss anything while here, you can sign up for a guided tour of the island. However, tickets are required for this and the tours start at various times throughout the day.

Things To Do In Lake Garda: Hike Monte Baldo

You don’t have to get extreme or go full mountaineer to get up into the hills around Lake Garda. A simple ride on the cable car from Malcesine takes you up to scenic mountainside with footpaths of different lengths and difficulties. Even if you are a hardcore walkers, this is one of the best ways to gain altitude quickly, and offers some of the most stunning vistas over the lake.

For seasoned hikers, the 9km tour of the Mont Baldo peaks is a must. It leads from the cable car station, along the mountain ridge, then to the Telegrafo, Poette, Longino and Valdritta peaks all over 2,000m high and incredible vantage points from which to admire the stunning surrounding scenery.

Remember that these are essentially the foothills of the Alps, and just because the cable car makes them easily accessible, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated with respect. Don’t set off for a day hiking without a decent pair of walking boots, a daypack, snacks, and plenty of water.

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Shop In The Whimsical Shops And Boutiques Of Malcesine Italy

Malcesine has a great selection of small shops and boutiques. From pricey Italian fashion to pieces by talented local artists, you can come across some truly great finds here.

A special mention deserves the famous Al Osteria Baccala. Although called an osteria, dont expect to eat here. Instead, this tiny shop is full to the brim with bric-a-brac and other such treasures! Old clocks, birdcages, lanterns, nightlights, figurines, plaques and signs Name it and you will find it here. Al Osteria Baccala is right around the corner from the Scaliger Castle. When the shop is open, a wonderful array of objects takes over the cobbled space in front of it. Its a very whimsical spot in an already quirky and picturesque town.

Even if you are not into shopping that much, put a bit of time aside to explore the small shops and boutiques of Malcesine. You can pick delicious local food products in the towns delis, some fancy items to decorate your home, or you can splurge on a beautiful piece of jewellery, a painting or something equally special to remind you of your time at Lake Garda for years to come.

Best Things To Do In Lake Garda

Lake Garda – Italy: Things to Do – What, How and Why to visit the South of the Lake

Lake Garda in northern Italy is a fantastic place to visit that is renowned for its incredible beauty. The lake is known worldwide for its breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. If youre planning on traveling to northern Italy, a visit to Lake Garda is absolutely worth it. To make planning your trip to the area easier, weve come up with a list of the best things to do in Lake Garda in 2021.

Lake Garda is chock-full of places to visit and things to do. No matter what youre interested in, chances are high that you can find something youll love to do in or around Lake Garda. Whether that includes relaxing on a beach, swimming in the lake, exploring the charming towns surrounding the lake, or just eating some authentic Italian cuisine and experiencing the lifestyle of the locals as much as possible, Lake Garda has got you covered.

Here are the 8 best things to do and places to visit in Lake Garda in 2021:

  • Sirmione
  • Bardolino

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How To Get Around Sirmione

Once youve arrived in Sirmione, the easiest way to get around is on foot. The village is small and walking distances between attractions are short.

If you wish to explore things outside of the town or want to explore other towns on Lake Garda such as Peschiera del Garda, you can get between them using boat services, which are quite reliable and affordable too.

Visit Rocca Di Riva And Explore Mag In Riva Del Garda Italy

Rocca di Riva is one of the most important sights in Riva del Garda. This is a medieval fortress that stands on a small artificial island in the historic centre. The fortress is surrounded by water on all sides and a small bridge leads to its entrance.

Rocca di Riva was built in 1124 in order to protect the towns important port. When Riva del Garda was taken over by the Scaliger dynasty of Verona in the 14th century, the fortress was enlarged and a deep moat was excavated around it. In the 15th century, Riva del Garda was annexed to the territories of the Republic of Venice. The town and its fortress bore witness to the battles between Venice and the Duchy of Milan.

By the 16th century, Rocca di Riva had changed completely its purpose and had become a residence. First, it hosted the Prince-Bishops of Trento and then private individuals. Three centuries later, the fortress was turned into army barracks.

Nowadays, Rocca di Riva houses the Museum of Upper Garda. It has interesting archaeological, historical, and art sections introducing you to the history and the traditions of Trentino the autonomous Northern Italian province of which Riva del Garda is part.

Walking through the historic centre of Riva del Garda, soon you will find yourself in front of the towns centuries-old fortress. It enjoys a central lakefront position. Palm trees and fountains are strategically placed around its moat. All in all, Rocca di Riva is a must-see on the northern tip of Lake Garda in Italy.

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Things To Do In Lake Garda: Paddleboard Along The Shore

One activity thats soared in popularity over recent years is paddle-boarding, which Lake Garda may as well have been made for. Companies like Wwwind in Malcesine and Garda SUP Zone in Peschiera del Garda offer rentals and tours, letting you paddle past rugged mountainsides, flowery promenades and historic buildings and bridges.

It’s not just punting past and taking in the scenery either – there are plenty of places to visit on the shore, and the beauty of Stand-up Paddleboarding is, of course that you can pull up at any beach that takes your fancy.

This chilled-out way or exploring the lake is great for when you want a well-earned break from the higher octane activities on offer around Lake Garda.

Visit Reptiland In Riva Del Garda Italy

five Nice Issues to Do in Lake Garda, Italy (With Footage ...

Reptiland is a permanent exhibition of reptiles from all around the world. It is housed in a splendid historic building opposite Rocca di Riva in the towns historic centre.

If herpetology is among your interests, Reptiland is a great place to visit. Personally, my interests dont stretch that far. My family volunteered to visit Reptiland without me. They spent about an hour there and told me it was interesting to see the reptiles that are native to Trentino.

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Where To Stay In Lake Garda For Sightseeing

For beaches and easy access to boat transport, the best towns to stay in are those along the southern part of the lake for windsurfing, sailing, and other water sports, the area around Torbole in the north is more convenient. We recommend these hotels around the shores of Lake Garda:

  • has a central location, complimentary breakfast, and free parking.
  • Also in Torbole, the family-run Hotel Benaco is a short walk from the lakefront, and some rooms have balconies with lake views.

Riva Del Garda Weather

Riva del Garda weather typically ranges between 75-85 in the months of May-September.

When we visited temps were closer to 90 degrees and it was very muggywhich is also typical, hence the tropical feel.

The lake is cool and refreshing, and night time temps were pleasant to walk around and explore the old part of the city.

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Wander The Historical Streets Of Sirmione Town

To say that Sirmione is beautiful would be an understatement.

The town has a wonderful old-world charm to it with cobblestone streets and stunning architecture. Dont miss out on the chance to simply wander around the town, get lost down little side streets and cobbled alleyways. You could spend hours browsing shop windows for trinkets, tasting handmade delicacies, or stopping and admiring the views.

This is one of the best things to do in Sirmione, Italy because it gives visitors a chance to explore and really get a feel for this beautiful, lakeside town. Wander at your own pace and youll notice things you wouldnt if you were rushing down the historic streets theyre full of things that make Italy truly unique.

Discover Charming Medieval Villages Near Malcesine Italy

Things To Do In Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy

Dont limit yourself to exploring just the towns on Lake Garda. Near Malcesine, you will also find a large number of ancient villages. Pretty as a picture with their cobbled streets and centuries-old houses, they offer quick access to beautiful corners of nature, surprising historic facts, and rich local heritage.

Here are some of the best villages to see for yourself in the vicinity of Malcesine:

  • Campo di Brenzone this is a 1,000-year-old medieval village in the lush hills above Lake Garda. To reach it, you need to park your car in Marniga a small lakeside community about 15 mins away from Malcesine. Then, you need to hike for 30 to 40 minutes following centuries-old mule tracks that weave through olive groves higher and higher above the lake. Have a look at this blog post for information on how to do this hike: Campo di Brenzone A Great Day Trip to a Medieval Village in the Hills Above Lake Garda, Italy.
  • Crero less than 30 minutes down the road from Malcesine. Come here to see the prehistoric rock carvings that were chiselled several millennia ago on slickensides rocks smoothly polished by ancient glaciers. Crero is also a starting point for the hike to Lake Gardas Tibetan Bridge.
  • Canale di Tenno about 40 mins away up the road from Malcesine. This is a beautiful medieval village with a thriving art community. Plus, Canale di Tenno is close to the striking Lake Tenno. Famous for its turquoise waters, you can easily hike around it in about an hour or so.

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The Perfume Of Oil And Bardolino Wine

Bardolino is popular for its tasty varieties of wine and oil.

The Bardolino is a red wine produced in the south-east of Lake Garda and recognized as a PDO certification mark, perfect to accompany meat, pasta but especially tasty cheeses.

You can visit the many wineries in the area and take part in a tasting tour, to better appreciate this local specialty.

Bardolino also hosts several events dedicated to wine: Festa del Chiaretto in May, Festa dellUva in October and Festa del Novello in November.

Lake Garda is also known for its vast production of Olio del Garda , another typical product recognized by the prestigious certification PDO, with a delicate and slightly fruity taste.

Bardolino has dedicated the Olive Oil Museum to Garda oil, located in Cisano.

The museum explains the tradition of oil production in the Garda area and has audio guides in English and Dutch.

Adjacent to the museum is also the outlet, where you can buy Garda oil at affordable prices. If you prefer, many other farms offer tasting tours of this extraordinary oil.

Why Visit Lake Garda

When we were in Italy last fall, we were contemplating between visiting Lake Como and Lake Garda for spending a few days during a driving trip from Venice to Milan. Lake Garda area of Northern Italy was highly recommended by the locals as one of their favorite holiday destinations.

You can go to Lake Como for a meal and admire the beauty of the villas around but if you want an active holiday with the family exploring quaint towns on the lakeshore, go paddle boating, swimming, visiting wineries, olives groves go to Lago di Garda we were told. And that is what we did and we were surprised at the number of things there were to do around Lake Garda.

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