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Best Family Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

Ultimate Guide To Cabo With Kids

Cabo Adventures | Best Things to do in Cabo with Family 2021

Cabo is a wonderful destination for families. Even though Cabo has a fantastic night life associated with it, there are plenty of things to do with kids in Cabo San Lucas.


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Chow Down On Seafood Tacos

One of the funny facts about Mexican food weve discovered is that there are ho-hum tacos.

And then there are seriously mouth-watering tacos!

After trying various places, weve found the best tacos in Cabo San Lucas are to be had at Gardenias.

Once a true hole-in-the-wall, this taco joint has tidied itself up over the years to attract even taxis of high-heeled, mini-skirted, 20-something tourists who come for a bite before going clubbing.

But Mama still works in the kitchen and takes taco orders.

We sometimes mix it up and order the fish tacos. The fresh shrimp tacos are still our favorite though.

The tacos come with all the fixings on the side, and you can specify corn or flour tortillas.

Oh, and theyre so inexpensive too some $2 or $3 USD each, depending on what you get.

Wash that down with a good strong margarita.

Tacos back home will never taste the same

If youve got a real crush on tacos, this Cabo taco tasting tour might tempt you.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Cabo

We say the best time to go is anytime you need a warm and sunny break. Cabo has reliably great weather with an average of only 10 days of rain per year!!! Can you even believe that? For us, being from Utah, we love to go anytime between December and February when the weather is at its worst at home. We will give caution to avoid the hurricane months of June through October. Although hurricanes are rare in the area , tropical storms are much more likely and are at their peak in September.

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Meet Marine Residents On A Yellow Submarine Tour

Head below the waves on board a semi-submersible for some rather unique sightseeing in San Lucas Bay. This is a hit with kids and any Jacques Cousteau wannabes who want to encounter sea life without getting their feet wet.

Keep watch as colorful shoals of fish dart past the panoramic windows while you immerse yourself in the magical underwater world.

Swimming With Whale Sharks

4 Best Things To Do In (&  around) Cabo San Lucas for ...

What would your child think about snorkeling next to a 40 foot whale shark? I know I would be amazed and Im pretty sure our kids would be too. Children 8 and older can go on a whale shark adventure with Cabo Adventures where they swim and snorkel along side these giants of the sea. Available from October through May.

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Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center

Cuadra San Fransisco offers many equine-related activities, such as romantic rides along hidden beaches, trail rides through the desert and beach, polo lessons, a two-hour canyon ride in the Arroyo San Carlos, and horseback riding lessons.

The equestrian center is managed by two renowned and experienced horseback trainers, whose passion and love for horses show through their training and care for them. The equestrian center has a variety of horses and ponies with special saddles that are available for younger children.

Visit San Jos Del Cabo

We stayed in a small hotel, The Bungalows Hotel, located in a quiet neighbourhood in Cabo San Lucas. However, if we were to visit Los Cabos again, we may well choose to stay on the other side of town.

There are not a lot of things to do in San José del Cabo but its a very peaceful town and is a great choice for families. Even if you dont stay here, its worth visiting to get a feel for what Los Cabos used to be like. Theres a pretty plaza, a beautiful church, some interesting shops and plenty of good dining options.

Tip! Las Cazuelas de Don comes highly recommend for lunch and dinner.

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Best Ecotours In Cabo San Lucas

One thing we love about exploring the Los Cabos area with the kids is the abundance of wildlife. Its so easy to share special moments as a family watching whales, dolphins, sea lions and tropical fish. We do this two ways: family time at our favorite Los Cabos beaches and via responsible ecotourism.

There are many tours available as you walk through the marina in Cabo San Lucas, but not all are either worth your time and money or being operated responsibly. If you would like to experience the best of Cabo wildlife, be sure to choose a tour operator that operates sustainably and with an environment-first philosophy. Do your research in advance and book with a guide that is going to help you have a low-impact, respectful experience.

We actually have written a great article about the many types of ecotours in Cabo, from swimming with whale sharks to hiking in the mountains of Los Cabos. We have recommendations for vendors, dates for tours and more. Check it out!

Note: Viator is a great tour hub and does a lot of vetting before adding a tour operator to their database. While they arent perfect in their selection they have many good options for tours with kids in Cabo.

Here are some recommendations for good ecotours in Cabo San Lucas:

Wild Wet Fun Water Park

Top 10 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas | Shopping in Cabo, Sunsets, Nightlife & More!

What could be more fun than visiting a waterpark in Cabo when considering things to do in Cabo with kids? Luckily, there is Wild Wet Fun Water Park in the Los Cabos area. Its just a short drive from center Cabo and is designed to look and feel like a desert oasis. There are tons of slides, pools, and splash pads to entertain the entire family. There are even dedicated areas for smaller kids to enjoy themselves peacefully. If youre looking for an opportunity to have some wild, wet fun, add this to your list of things to do in Cabo with kids!

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Transportation Into Cabo From The Airport

We typically pre-arrange our transportation into Cabo San Lucas before weve arrived. Well either hire a Suburban or something similar that we can book online or well rent a car depending on our overall plan for our time in Cabo.

Tip: you can pay cash for direct transportation into Cabo San Lucas if youre not renting a car. Have enough cash on hand to get into Cabo. Bonus: often theres a beer or two for the adults along the drive.

Taxis are readily available and many will allow a stop at the grocery store if requested. They will give you lots of great information about their favorite things to do in Cabo with kids or where the hot spots are. Use their knowledge to form your vacation plan if you havent done it yet!

If you choose to do a group shuttle into Cabo, get clarification from the driver WHEN you will get to your hotel. If you are at the end of the line, you may be seeing a three hour tour vs 40 minutes. There are many hotels between the tourist corridor of Cabo and Lands End, so be sure that youre not the last to be dropped off.

Visit Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria is a stunning beach located a 14-minute drive from downtown Cabo. The beach is truly picturesque with pristine white sand, clear blue water, stunning rock formations, and a Bohemian themed restaurant serving delectable food and drinks. Its a wonderful family location, offering a more relaxed vibe where children can play in the sand and splash around in the water while you relax and soak up the suns rays. Its also an ideal setting for gorgeous family vacation photos, especially during the sunset!

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Swim With Whale Sharks

Whale sharks arent whales or sharks. Theyre actually the largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet long in size.

Theyre also very gentle creatures. They eat only plankton and krill, by opening their cavernous mouths very wide.

Between October and February, whale sharks gather to feed in the Bay of La Paz, about a two-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas.

And you can snorkel with these wondrous endangered species in La Paz on an all-day tour from Cabo

A spotter plane looks for the whale sharks from above, communicating their location to your boat captain.

When your guide yells Jump!, you leap into the water and swim alongside a giant whale shark, while peering down at it through your snorkel mask.

Whale sharks feed close to the surface, so whats amazing is that you swim almost within touching distance of them.

Read more: Swimming with whales sharks in La Paz is a bucket-list experience!

Cabo San Lucas Sailing Tour

Family Activities in Cabo San Lucas

There are so many amazing Cabo San Lucas things to do and as you might have noticed by now, most of them involve being in, on, or near the water. When you take a Cabo sailing trip, you get the best of all worlds!

There are so many types of sailing tours in Cabo to choose from, including Luxury sunset sail cruises, Romantic sunset dinner cruises, Family-friendly snorkeling cruises, Adults only Cabo booze cruises, and even the Cabo Pirate Ship cruise

Best Cabo sailing tours

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How To Get To Cabos San Lucas

Los Cabos International Airport is the primary airport for the Los Cabos area and serves approximately 3.35 million passengers annually, making it Mexicos seventh busiest airport. It hosts about 22 international and domestic carriers and more private jets than we have seen anywhere else. The international airport has made it easier for travelers from all over to hop a nonstop flight to the Los Cabos area.

You can arrange for a shuttle to pick up and take you to the resort corridor area, Cabos San Lucas, where all the major resorts are located.

Cabo San Lucas With Kids Everything You Need To Know

Weve been to Cabo San Lucas with our kids load of times, like, weve spent the equivalent of three months in Cabo as a family. You could say its our favorite family destination in Mexico. Since weve done it so much, weve decided its time we share our best tips for visiting Cabo with kids.

Ill say this right away, Cabo with kids is mostly about relaxation and swimming vs digging into Mexican culture and nature. There are lots of opportunities for that, but Cabo San Lucas really has built itself into a luxury destination more than adventure.

If youre looking for adventure, check out our articles about Quintana Roo and touring the Yucatan Peninsula.

What you’ll find…

  • Favorite restaurants in Cabo with kids
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    Explore The Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory

    Learn more about Mexican artisan production at The Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas! Kids will delight in witnessing skilled workers make incredible glass creations from just a few recyclable bottles. Additionally, you can learn more about how the technique is a sustainable practice for locals. Then, put your knowledge to the test. Spend the rest of your time blowing glass! Kids will delight at forming animals from funny shapes and colors. Afterward, you can even stop by the gift shop and buy a few souvenirs for the road. Be sure to visit in the morning if you want an authentic glimpse at the production process. Most activity dies down after 2:00 pm. Admission is free however, please note there are no demonstrations on Sundays. Families can book official tours to see the property, or you can visit solo. Many cruise and hotel tours stop at The Glass Factory.

    El Arco De Cabo San Lucas

    Things To Do in CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO (Camels, Flora Farms, Waterfall, Beaches & More)

    The Arch is a unique rock formation on the sea that you can see from Cabo San Lucas. Its famous for the place where you find it, between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. You and your family can appreciate this natures work of art from the safety of the shore or some mirador nearby. If everyone is feeling adventurous you can also take a cheap boat ride to go under and around this famous arch!

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    Ride The Surf In The Sun

    Whether youre a beginner boarder or an expert surfer, conquering the waves at Cabo will be the highlight of your vacation. First up is a beach lesson where friendly instructors will teach you some serious moves.

    Then its time to ride those ocean crests and put your new skills to the test. Youll be carving through the water like a pro in no time.

    Spend The Day At Medano Beach

    Looking for somewhere safe and easy to swim? Then head down to Medano Beach and settle in for a day of fun in the sun.

    Its popular but never feels crowded, thanks to the sand stretching for several miles along the coast. After swimming, kayaking or water skiing, you can re-energize at the beach bars and restaurants dotted along the bay.

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    Day Trips Around Cabo San Lucas

    Until youve booked two weeks in Cabo, you dont know how valuable a day trip can be. We often stack up our timeshare weeks to have more than a week of relaxation, but that can be a bit much when it comes to resort time or just walking around town. Our favorite day trips take us to San Jose del Cabo for exploring the estuary and historic town center, to Todos Santos to check out the Pueblo Magico and get a taste of old Mexico, and to La Paz for a fun Malecon and the most mellow beaches in BCS.

    Enjoying Resort Time In Cabo San Lucas

    4 Best Things To Do In (&  around) Cabo San Lucas for ...

    I think its a given that most families heading to Cabo San Lucas will be staying at a larger resort. Even the smaller, more boutique resorts are going to have everything a family needs to relax for a week. If youre like us though, we get antsy after a few days and need to keep busy. We are one of those families that leaves the resort for most dinners and several fun outings over the course of a week, but well still have dedicated time meant for relaxation.

    When staying at a Cabo San Lucas resort with kids, we like to mix things up and have fun on property in addition to relaxing. Our favorite activities when were at a resort, especially when were in Cabo with kids are:

    • Swimming pool time
    • Walking the beach looking for shells
    • Pool volleyball matches
    • Patio/yard games
    • And just hanging out

    We also do some activities that are specific to our own resort that we always stay at . We make time to go to the outdoor painting studio to do our own Mexican ceramic painting, which the kids love to do, and then sometimes well do the resort parties, such as the Mexican fiesta.

    Mexican Resort Kids Club: is it worth it?

    Depending on where you are staying there may be a kids club available for bigger kids Weve found this to be worthwhile when they have special event nights, but not for whole day experiences. We like to ensure that our kids are being active and creative, and in the different kids clubs theyve been to the leaders always seem to default to videos or video games.

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    Take A Sunset Cruise Around Lands End

    This is up there as one of the most unique things to do in Cabo. This sunset cruise is amazing! You will sail the night away under the sunset, whilst enjoying drinks and buffet food onboard. This is one of the best-rated attractions in Cabo. Its no wonder with the fun youll have. You can dance the night away to the music on the boat whilst watching the breathtaking sunset. You even have a chance to see a whale swim past your boat.

    Make sure you take your camera with you. But dont worry if you dont have one with you. The crew onboard take photos of the night and you can buy all the best shots on DVD for less than $20.

    You can book a sunset cruise here.

    Be Aware Of Timeshare Salespeople

    Yes, this is actually something Im going to teach you about right now. When you land in Cabo, in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, anywhere, there are timeshare sales people everywhere. You might not even realize it, but youre going to come in contact with somebody in your first hour in Mexico trying to sell you a timeshare.

    Note: we love our timeshare. We bought it in 2006 and still use it happily every year. Check out our article on timeshare ownership here.

    As you go through customs and exit, youll see people with clipboards and behind desks. Check out our article about effectively navigating timeshare sales pitches for more information, but know that you can just breeze by this crowd if you want to. Walk directly through the sales people to either your rental car agency desk if youve already arranged one, or out to the curb to grab a taxi or shuttle.

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